Refrigerator Door Bins: Good Amazon Finds

Ever found yourself staring into your fridge, wondering where to put that extra bottle of ketchup or carton of milk? Well, I sure have, and that’s why we’re talking about the best refrigerator door bins today! These nifty little compartments can be lifesavers when it comes to keeping our fridges tidy and organized.

Now, let’s chat about refrigerator organization and kitchen storage. Picture this: You’ve just returned from the grocery store, arms full of yummy snacks, and you need somewhere to put them. That’s where door bins come in handy!

They’re not just regular shelves; they’re like magic pockets that can stretch to fit your tallest bottles and weirdest-shaped jars. And guess what? If you’re struggling with a small fridge, these bins are like superheroes, making the most out of every inch with their space-saving solutions.

But wait, there’s more! What if your fridge didn’t come with these amazing bins, or the ones you have are looking a bit sad and cracked? No worries! You can find replacement bins and universal door bins that can fit almost any fridge.

It’s like giving your fridge a super cool upgrade. And for all you detail-oriented folks, clear plastic bins let you see exactly what’s inside, so no more forgotten leftovers hiding in the back. Just imagine, no more mystery smells coming from the fridge – hooray!

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Chill Out with Style: The Upgraded Fridge Door Bin That’s Cool as Ice!

Hey there, fellow fridge fanatics! Are you ready to dive into the world of the upgraded DA97-12650A Door Shelf Basket Bin? This nifty little addition is like the superhero sidekick for your Samsung refrigerator. Let’s unpack what makes this gadget a must-have in your kitchen!

Upgraded DA97-12650A, DA63-07104A, DA63-06963A Door Shelf Basket Bin (Right Side) Compatible with Samsung RF260, RF261, RF263. Part number : AP5620330, 2692337, PS4176653 with 6 Refrigerator Magnets

Why This Fridge Bin is the Coolest Thing Since Sliced Bread

  1. Easy-Peasy Installation: You know how sometimes you need a PhD in Rocket Science to install fridge parts? Not with this one! It’s so easy to pop in, you’ll have more time for the fun stuff – like making ice cream sundaes!
  2. Fits Like a Glove: This bin is designed for the right side door of specific Samsung models (like RF260, RF261, RF263), so it’s like finding that perfect pair of shoes – but for your fridge!
  3. Spick and Span Material: The makers of this bin weren’t messing around. They used top-notch, eco-friendly materials that are safe and hygienic. No worries about weird chemicals hanging out with your veggies!
  4. Dimensions Decoded: It’s 12.8 inches long, and the depth varies a bit from left to right (7.3 to 7.87 inches). Plus, it’s 3.93 inches tall. It’s like having a custom-made suit, but for your milk cartons and juice boxes.

Cool and Creative Ways to Use Your Fridge Bin

For the FoodiesFor the Organized Ones
Chill your favorite snacksStore your meal prep containers
Keep those chocolate bars hidden (and cool!)Organize your condiments neatly
Perfect spot for cheese assortmentsSort your yogurts by flavor
Store your homemade jams and jelliesKeep your small fruits and veggies in sight
Cool place for your butter and spreadsLine up your juice boxes or water bottles
Make a mini beverage stationOrganize your salad dressing collection
Keep your deli meats and cheeses separateStore your kids’ lunch items for easy access
Have a dedicated spot for your baking ingredientsOrganize your dietary supplements and vitamins
Perfect for small containers of leftoversKeep your pet’s wet food fresh

The Scoop from Fellow Fridge Fanatics

Customers are giving a big thumbs up for how this bin just clicks into place and works like a charm. It’s like finding a treasure in the world of fridge organization.

However, some folks mention that the fit can be a bit like that one puzzle piece that almost fits but not quite – so double-check your fridge model to avoid any “Oops!” moments.

In summary, if you’re looking to jazz up your Samsung fridge and keep your eats neat, this door bin is your go-to gadget. It’s a small change that can make a big difference in your kitchen.

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Keepin’ It Cool: A Snazzy Solution for Your Fridge Woes!

Hey there! Today, I’m diving into the world of refrigerator organization. We’re checking out this neat door bin shelf compatible with Frigidaire or Electrolux refrigerators. I know, organizing a fridge can be as tricky as solving a jigsaw puzzle, but guess what? This little gem might just be the missing piece!

240323002 Refrigerator Door Bin Shelf Compatible with Frigidaire or Electrolux, Bottom 2 Shelves on Refrigerator Side, Single Unit, Clear, Replaces PS429725, AP2115742, AH429725,

What’s All the Buzz About?

This door bin shelf is like the superhero of fridge organization. Made for the bottom two shelves on the refrigerator side, it’s a clear, single unit that steps in to replace some tongue-twister part numbers like PS429725 and AP2115742.

Here’s the cool part: it’s got this clear look, so you can see all your snacks and drinks without having to move everything around. No more playing hide and seek with your yogurt!

Ideas for Usage

Creative Use CasesWhy It’s Awesome
Organizing Snack PacksEasy access for snack time!
Storing Drink Cans or BottlesKeeps beverages in order
Sorting CondimentsFind your sauces in a snap
Holding Fruit CupsQuick, healthy snacks ready
Keeping Kids’ Snacks SeparateAvoid those snack mix-ups
Storing Yogurt and PuddingGrab-and-go breakfasts
Holding Butter or CheeseEssential dairy, easy reach
Stashing Small Leftover BoxesNo more lost leftovers
Keeping Jams and JelliesSweet spreads at your fingertips
Organizing Salad Dressing BottlesSalad prep made simple

Let’s Talk Ratings

  • Ease of Installation: Customers are over the moon about how easy this bin is to install. Just snap it in place, no tools needed!
  • Fit and Compatibility: Make sure to check your fridge model, though. This bin’s like a picky eater – it only fits certain types.
  • Quality: It’s said to be even sturdier than the original. That’s like getting an upgrade for your fridge!
  • Value for Money: For what it offers, people are really happy with the price. It’s like finding a treasure in your couch cushions.

The Pros and Cons


  • Super easy to install – it’s like Lego for adults!
  • Fits perfectly for compatible models – like it was always meant to be there.
  • Made of quality material – tough enough to handle your heaviest mayo jar.
  • Clear design – no more mystery items hiding in the back.


  • Compatibility limitations – it’s not a one-size-fits-all, so double-check your fridge model.
  • Only fits in specific slots – it’s a bit of a diva in that sense.

Wrapping It Up

So, there you have it! If you’re looking to bring some order to the chaos that is your fridge, this door bin shelf might just be your new best friend. Just remember to check if it’s the right fit for your fridge model – it’s like making sure your shoes are the right size before going on a hike.

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Cool Storage Solution: The Handy Refrigerator Door Bin!

Hey there, fridge friends! Have you ever opened your fridge and thought, “Wow, I wish I had more space for my snacks and drinks”? Well, let me introduce you to the MONKEMON Refrigerator Door Bin. It’s like a superhero for your fridge, swooping in to save the day with extra space!

240323001 Refrigerator Door Bin, Refrigerator Side Shelf Replacement Part, (15.95in long), Fit for frigidaire kenmore, Replace AP2115741, PS429724, AH429724, 240323007, (DON’T fit freezer door)

Why You’ll Love This Fridge Bin:

This nifty little bin is not just a plastic box; it’s a space-making wonder! It’s about 15.95 inches long and fits snugly in your fridge door. It’s designed for specific models, so make sure it’s the right fit for your fridge. It’s like finding the perfect puzzle piece – satisfying and super useful!

Features and Fun Things You Can Do:

  1. Sturdy Storage: This bin is tougher than it looks. It won’t crack under pressure, so go ahead and load it up with those heavy milk jugs or juice bottles.
  2. Easy Peasy Setup: Installing this bin is a breeze. Just a few seconds and voilà! More space magically appears in your fridge.
  3. Fit for Frigidaire and Kenmore: It’s specially made for certain Frigidaire and Kenmore models. Like a custom suit for your fridge!
  4. Long-lasting: Built to last, it’s not just another flimsy piece of plastic. This bin is in it for the long haul.
  5. Keep Things Organized: No more lost cheese sticks or fruit cups. Everything has its place, making snack time a whole lot easier.

Creative Ways to Use Your Fridge Bin:

Use CaseWhy It’s Cool
1. Snack StationKeep all your go-to snacks in one spot!
2. Drink OrganizerLine up your sodas and juices neatly.
3. Condiment CornerAll your sauces and dressings, organized!
4. Breakfast BonanzaStore your yogurt and fruit for easy grab-and-go mornings.
5. Cheese and CharcuteriePerfect for storing fancy cheeses and meats.
6. Kids’ CornerKeep kiddo-friendly snacks within their reach.
7. Veggie VaultGreat for small veggies or fruit packs.
8. Dessert DrawerHide your sweets away from prying eyes.
9. Leftover LaneSmall containers of leftovers fit perfectly.
10. Beverage BoosterExtra room for those specialty drinks.

Real Talk: The Pros and Cons:

Thumbs Up:

  • Fits Like a Glove: Customers rave about the perfect fit. No more wobbly bins!
  • Strong as a Bull: It’s sturdy, so no worries about breakage.
  • Easy Installation: You’ll feel like a DIY pro putting this in.

Thumbs Down:

  • Model-Specific: It doesn’t fit all fridges, so check your model first.
  • Not for Freezers: Sorry, freezer fans. This one’s not for you.

In a nutshell, the MONKEMON Refrigerator Door Bin is a great addition to any compatible fridge. It’s like giving your fridge a mini makeover, and who doesn’t love that? Plus, think of all the extra snack storage!

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Buyers Guide: Refrigerator Door Bins – Organize Your Fridge with Ease

Refrigerator door bins are essential accessories that help you organize your fridge and keep your food and drinks easily accessible. They come in different sizes, shapes, and materials, and are designed to fit specific refrigerator models.

Types and Compatibility

Understanding Refrigerator Door Bins

Before you buy a refrigerator door bin, you need to know the type and compatibility of your refrigerator. There are different types of refrigerators, including side-by-side, French door, counter-depth, and bottom-freezer refrigerators, and each has a specific door bin design.

For instance, side-by-side refrigerators have tall and narrow door bins that can hold gallon-sized containers, while French door refrigerators have wide and shallow bins that can accommodate smaller items.

Counter-depth refrigerators have shallower door bins that fit flush with the fridge door, while bottom-freezer refrigerators have wider and deeper bins that can hold larger items.

To ensure compatibility, you should check the model number of your refrigerator and the dimensions of the door bin before making a purchase.

Measuring for Fit

Measuring the dimensions of your refrigerator door bin is crucial to ensure a proper fit. You should measure the length, width, and height of the bin, as well as the distance between the shelves and the door.

You can use a measuring tape or ruler to take accurate measurements, and ensure that the bin fits snugly and securely on the door. A loose-fitting bin can cause items to spill or fall out, while a tight-fitting bin can damage the door seal.

Material and Durability

Refrigerator door bins are made from different materials, including plastic, acrylic, and polycarbonate. High-quality materials are durable, long-lasting, and resistant to cracking, warping, or discoloration.

Plastic bins are lightweight and affordable, but may not be as durable as acrylic or polycarbonate bins. Acrylic bins are more durable than plastic bins and have a clear and shiny appearance, while polycarbonate bins are the most durable and can withstand high temperatures and impacts.

When choosing a door bin, you should consider the material and durability to ensure that it can withstand frequent use and hold heavy items without breaking or cracking.

Optimizing Your Refrigerator Storage

When it comes to storing food in your refrigerator, it’s important to make the most of the available space. By optimizing your refrigerator storage, you can keep your food fresher for longer and reduce food waste. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your refrigerator door bins:

Optimizing Your Refrigerator Storage

Adjusting for Space Efficiency

One of the easiest ways to optimize your refrigerator storage is to adjust the shelves and bins to suit your needs. If you have tall bottles or containers, adjust the shelves to create more space.

If you have smaller items, use the adjustable bins to create more storage space. By adjusting the shelves and bins, you can make the most of the available space and ensure that everything is within easy reach.

Organizing Tips

Organizing your refrigerator door bins can also help you optimize your storage space. Start by grouping similar items together, such as condiments, sauces, and dressings. Use clear bins to keep smaller items organized and easy to find.

Label the bins to help you quickly identify what’s inside. You can also use drawer dividers to create more storage space and keep items from rolling around.

When it comes to optimizing your refrigerator storage, it’s important to keep energy efficiency in mind. Make sure that your refrigerator is set to the appropriate temperature and avoid overfilling it.

By following these tips, you can make the most of your refrigerator door bins and keep your food fresh and organized.

Maintenance and Replacement

Keeping your refrigerator door bins clean and replacing them when necessary can help keep your fridge organized and your food fresh. Here are some tips on how to properly maintain and replace your refrigerator door bins.

Keeping your refrigerator door bins clean and replacing them when necessary

Cleaning Door Bins

Cleaning your refrigerator door bins is easy and should be done regularly to prevent spills and odors from building up. To clean your bins, simply remove them from the door and wash them with warm water and a mild detergent.

You can also use a dishwasher to clean them, but make sure they are dried thoroughly before putting them back in the fridge.

If you have spills or stains in your door bins, try using a mixture of warm water and baking soda to remove them. For tough stains, you can also use a mixture of warm water and vinegar. Just make sure to rinse the bins thoroughly with water afterwards.

When to Replace

Over time, your refrigerator door bins may become cracked, broken, or warped. If this happens, it’s time to replace them. Additionally, if your bins are discolored or have a strong odor that won’t go away, it may be time to replace them as well.

Finding the Right Replacement Bin

When looking for a replacement bin, make sure to measure the depth, width, and height of your current bin to ensure a proper fit.

You can also check with your refrigerator’s manufacturer to see if they offer replacement bins. Popular brands like GE, Frigidaire, Samsung, Whirlpool, and LG all offer replacement bins for their refrigerators.

If you’re having trouble finding a replacement bin, you can also check with customer support or look for third-party options that are compatible with your fridge. Just make sure to choose a bin that is clear and has enough space for your condiment bottles and dairy products.

Replacing your refrigerator door bins is a cost-effective way to keep your fridge organized and your food fresh. By following these simple maintenance tips, you can ensure that your fridge is always in top condition.

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