Discover Top Athletic Wear Brands Similar to Lululemon

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In recent years, Lululemon has become one of the most popular athletic wear brands, offering high-quality products that combine both performance and style.

However, for those who are looking to explore other options for workout clothes, there are several companies like Lululemon that offer similar quality and style.

In this article, we will explore some of the top athletic wear brands that are comparable to Lululemon, providing you with a variety of options to choose from.

Athleta: A High-Quality Alternative to Lululemon

When it comes to athletic wear brands that are similar to Lululemon, Athleta is definitely a top contender. This brand offers high-quality athletic wear that rivals Lululemon in terms of both style and performance.

One of Athleta’s standout features is its commitment to sustainability. The brand uses materials such as recycled polyester and nylon, organic cotton, and Lyocell to create eco-friendly clothing that is both fashionable and functional.

But Athleta isn’t just environmentally-conscious; the brand also offers a wide range of athletic wear for women, including everything from sports bras and leggings to outerwear and accessories.

Athleta’s clothes are designed to be both comfortable and stylish, with many pieces featuring trendy details like mesh panels, cutouts, and bold prints.

Why Choose Athleta Over Lululemon?

While Lululemon is known for its high-end reputation, Athleta offers similarly high-quality athletic wear at a more affordable price point.

Athleta’s clothes are also designed with inclusivity in mind, with a range of sizes to fit different body types and styles that are meant to flatter a variety of shapes and sizes.

Athleta athletic wear

Overall, Athleta is a great alternative to Lululemon for anyone looking for stylish and sustainable athletic wear that won’t break the bank.

Outdoor Voices: For the Fun, Creative, and Inclusive

When it comes to athletic wear brands like Lululemon, Outdoor Voices is a relatively new contender on the market. Founded in 2014, this brand has already made a name for itself by offering sportswear that’s both functional and fun.

Outdoor Voices believes in the philosophy of “doing things” and encourages its customers to embrace the joy of movement. Their designs are not only stylish but also comfortable enough to wear all day, whether you’re running errands or going for a hike.

One thing that sets Outdoor Voices apart from other brands is their commitment to inclusivity. They offer a wide range of sizes and have been praised for their body-positive messaging.

Another unique aspect of Outdoor Voices is their color palettes. They often release collections in unusual shades like terracotta, lavender, and periwinkle. This adds to their playful image and sets them apart from other brands that stick to more traditional colors.

Outdoor Voices offers a variety of products, including leggings, tops, sports bras, and even swimwear. They also have a line specifically for men. Their prices are comparable to Lululemon, with leggings starting at around $75.

If you’re looking for athletic wear that’s functional, comfortable, and stylish, while also embracing the philosophy of fun and inclusivity, Outdoor Voices is definitely worth checking out.

Outdoor Voices hiking in colorful activewear

Best Sports Clothing Brands

What People Are Saying About Outdoor Voices:

“I love the designs, and the fact that it’s all about having fun while being active. The materials are also high-quality and durable.”

– Rachel, 28

“I appreciate the body-positive messaging and the range of sizes offered. It’s great to see a brand that’s inclusive for all body types.”

– Sarah, 34

Sweaty Betty: Premium Athletic Wear Comparable to Lululemon

If you’re looking for premium athletic wear comparable to Lululemon, look no further than Sweaty Betty.

This London-based brand has been making waves in the activewear world since its founding in 1998, offering high-quality workout clothes that are both performance-driven and stylish.

Like Lululemon, Sweaty Betty uses innovative fabrics and design techniques to create workout clothes that are both functional and fashionable.

From leggings and sports bras to jackets and accessories, Sweaty Betty has everything you need to elevate your workout wardrobe.

What makes Sweaty Betty stand out?What are some popular Sweaty Betty products?
Performance-driven: Sweaty Betty’s products are designed to help you get the most out of your workouts, with features like sweat-wicking materials, four-way stretch, and supportive waistbands.Power Leggings: These leggings are a best-seller for a reason, with their sculpting and supportive fit. They come in a range of colors and prints to suit your style.
Stylish: Sweaty Betty’s products aren’t just functional; they’re also stylish. Whether you prefer bold prints or classic neutrals, Sweaty Betty has something for everyone.All Day Backpack: This backpack is perfect for carrying all your gym essentials, with compartments for your water bottle, laptop, and shoes. Plus, it looks great too.
Inclusive: Sweaty Betty offers a range of sizes to fit every body type, and their products are designed to be comfortable and flattering for all.Super Sculpt High Waisted Yoga Leggings: These leggings are designed to give you a streamlined silhouette and stay in place during even the most intense yoga sessions.

Another thing that sets Sweaty Betty apart is their commitment to sustainability. The brand uses eco-friendly materials like recycled polyester and is working towards more sustainable and ethical practices in all areas of their business.

If you’re looking for premium athletic wear that rivals Lululemon in terms of quality and style, Sweaty Betty is definitely worth checking out. With their focus on performance, fashion, and sustainability, they’re sure to become a go-to brand in your workout wardrobe.

Sweaty Betty premium activewear

Fabletics: An Affordable Alternative to Lululemon

For those looking for a more budget-friendly option, Fabletics is a great alternative to Lululemon.

This brand offers a wide range of athletic wear options, from leggings and sports bras to outerwear and accessories, all at prices that are significantly lower than Lululemon’s.

One of the unique aspects of Fabletics is its membership program, which offers exclusive discounts and perks to members.

Members can also take a style quiz to receive personalized recommendations for outfits tailored to their preferences and workout routines.

Despite its affordable prices, Fabletics doesn’t skimp on quality. The brand’s products are made with high-performance materials and designed with both fashion and function in mind. Fabletics’ leggings, in particular, are highly praised for their fit and durability.

Whether you’re just starting out in your fitness journey or are a seasoned athlete, Fabletics offers a range of sizes and styles that are sure to meet your needs.

And with prices that won’t break the bank, it’s no wonder Fabletics has become a top contender in the world of athletic wear.

Fabletics workout clothes

Fabletics offers a wide range of affordable and stylish workout clothes.


Nike is one of the top athletic wear brands similar to Lululemon in terms of quality and style.

The company’s commitment to innovation and performance-driven products makes them a great alternative for those looking for workout clothes that can withstand intense training sessions.

Nike’s range of activewear includes leggings, shorts, tops, sports bras, and outerwear for both men and women.

One of Nike’s standout products is their Dri-FIT technology, a moisture-wicking fabric that pulls sweat away from the skin, keeping you dry and comfortable during even the most intense workouts.

The brand is also known for its trendy designs, with bold colors and unique patterns that are sure to turn heads.


In addition to their activewear line, Nike also offers a wide range of sneakers designed for various sports and activities. Whether you’re a runner, basketball player, or just looking for a comfortable shoe to wear while running errands, Nike has you covered.

Athletic Wear Brands Like Lululemon: Gymshark

Gymshark is a popular brand that offers trendy and stylish workout clothes, making it a great alternative to Lululemon. Founded in the UK in 2012, Gymshark has quickly gained a loyal following thanks to its focus on quality and design.

One of the standout features of Gymshark is its use of innovative fabrics and technologies, such as moisture-wicking and seamless designs.

These features make their clothes perfect for high-intensity workouts, giving you the support and flexibility you need to perform at your best.

Another reason to consider Gymshark is their commitment to sustainability. The company uses recycled materials in their clothing, and they are also working to reduce waste and lower their environmental impact.

Gymshark Workout Clothes

Gymshark offers a wide range of workout clothes, from leggings and sports bras to shorts and hoodies. They also have collections specifically designed for activities such as weightlifting and yoga.

One unique feature of Gymshark is their influencer collaborations, where they partner with fitness influencers and athletes to create limited-edition collections. These collaborations often sell out quickly, so be sure to keep an eye out for new releases.

Beyond Yoga

Beyond Yoga is a premium yoga apparel brand that offers high-quality workout clothes similar to Lululemon. Their clothing is designed to provide maximum comfort, support, and style during yoga sessions and other low-impact activities.

One of the unique features of Beyond Yoga is their commitment to body positivity and inclusivity. They offer a wide range of sizes, including plus sizes, so everyone can feel comfortable and confident in their activewear.

Beyond Yoga’s clothing is made with premium fabrics that are both soft and breathable. Their technology ensures that their clothes maintain their shape and prevent shrinking or color fading, even after multiple washes.

In addition to their yoga apparel, Beyond Yoga also offers workout clothes for other low-impact activities like Pilates and barre. Their designs are made to be versatile, so they can be worn inside and outside the gym.

If you’re looking for premium yoga clothes that rival Lululemon in terms of quality and style, Beyond Yoga is definitely worth checking out.

Beyond Yoga premium yoga apparel

Alo Yoga

For those who prioritize quality and comfort in their yoga practice, Alo Yoga is a brand worth considering. With a focus on high-performance, premium fabrics, Alo Yoga’s products are built to last.

The brand offers a wide range of yoga apparel, including leggings, bras, tops, and outerwear. Their collections have a modern and stylish aesthetic, similar to Lululemon’s offerings.

Alo Yoga’s leggings, in particular, are a standout product. The Airbrush Legging, made from Alo Yoga’s signature sculpting fabric, is a customer favorite. The Moto Legging, featuring unique detailing and a compression fit, is another popular option.

In addition to their quality products, Alo Yoga places a strong emphasis on sustainability and ethical production. They use eco-friendly materials where possible and prioritize fair labor practices.

Alo Yoga

Overall, Alo Yoga is a great alternative to Lululemon for those seeking premium yoga apparel. Their high-quality products, modern designs, and commitment to sustainability make them a top contender in the athletic wear market.

Outdoor Retailers (REI, Patagonia)

If you’re looking for athletic wear that’s built to withstand the elements, outdoor retailers like REI and Patagonia are great places to start. These brands offer high-quality outdoor athletic wear that can handle everything from a light hike to a strenuous mountain climb.

REI’s Co-op line includes a variety of athletic wear options for both men and women, with an emphasis on sustainability and eco-friendly materials. From moisture-wicking tanks to breathable trail shorts, REI has everything you need for your next outdoor adventure.

Patagonia is another popular brand that offers high-quality athletic wear for outdoor enthusiasts. Their clothes are designed to last, with a focus on durability and functionality. Plus, Patagonia is committed to sustainable and ethical production practices, making them a great choice for conscious consumers.

When it comes to selecting outdoor athletic wear, it’s important to consider factors like weather conditions and activity level.

Look for moisture-wicking fabrics that can keep you cool and dry during warm weather hikes, or insulated layers that can help you stay warm during a cold weather excursion.

Outdoor Retailers

REI vs. Patagonia

Both REI and Patagonia are top choices for outdoor athletic wear, but there are some key differences to keep in mind. REI has a larger selection of affordable options, while Patagonia is known for their high-end, high-performance apparel.

REI also offers a generous return policy, allowing you to return items within a year of purchase, while Patagonia offers a lifetime guarantee on their products. Ultimately, the best choice will depend on your individual needs and preferences.

FAQ: Finding Athletic Wear Brands Similar to Lululemon

Are there any other brands that offer high-quality athletic wear like Lululemon?

Yes, there are many other brands that offer high-quality athletic wear similar to Lululemon. Some top options include Athleta, Outdoor Voices, Sweaty Betty, Fabletics, Nike, Gymshark, Beyond Yoga, Alo Yoga, and outdoor retailers like REI and Patagonia.

What makes these brands similar to Lululemon?

These brands are similar to Lululemon in terms of their emphasis on performance, comfort, and style. They offer premium athletic wear that is designed to support you during your workouts and help you look and feel your best.

Are these brands affordable?

Some of these brands, like Fabletics, offer more affordable options compared to Lululemon. However, many of these brands are still considered premium and may have higher price points. It’s important to evaluate the quality and value of each brand’s products to determine if they are worth the investment for you.

Can I find yoga apparel from these brands?

Yes, many of these brands specialize in yoga apparel and offer high-quality options similar to Lululemon. Beyond Yoga and Alo Yoga are two brands in particular that are known for their premium yoga clothes.

Which brand should I choose?

Ultimately, the best brand for you will depend on your personal preferences, budget, and workout needs. It’s important to research and try out different brands to find the one that works best for you. Consider factors like comfort, fit, performance, and style when making your decision.

Can I find plus-size options from these brands?

Many of these brands offer inclusive sizing options, including plus-size options. Outdoor Voices, Athleta, and Fabletics are a few examples of brands that have a wide range of sizes available.

Do these brands offer men’s options?

Yes, many of these brands offer men’s options in addition to women’s options. Nike and Gymshark are two brands in particular that are known for their men’s athletic wear.