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Bracelets Like Livestrong (3 Bracelets Similar To Livestrong)

3 Bracelets Similar To Livestrong

The Livestrong bracelet is a silicone wristband that was developed by Nike and the Lance Armstrong Foundation (LAF). The wristband is yellow in color, 1/2-inch wide, and embossed with the LAF’s “Livestrong” motto.

The wristband was created as a fundraising item where people would purchase the wristband for $1.00 each with all proceeds going to the LAF.

The popularity of the Livestrong bracelet (Available on Amazon) has spawned many imitators. For example, there are now pink bracelets available to raise money for breast cancer research.

There are also red bracelets to raise money for AIDS research, blue bracelets for colon cancer research, and orange bracelets to raise awareness of hunger in Africa and other issues and causes.

So let’s take a look at some of these Livestrong alternatives…

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1. Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelets

Breast cancer awareness bracelets (Available on Amazon) have special designs for breast cancer patients, doctors, friends, and family. Each silicone wristband stands for the strength of breast cancer patients, the hope of family and friends. And each bracelet is custom made with your own message on it.

It shows your love and support for breast cancer patients by wearing our breast cancer awareness bracelet. Each bracelet is engraved with courage and hope words. You can even have your name on it to show support to yourself or others. Hope you never be diagnosed with this terrible disease.


80 Pieces Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelets Pins Pink Ribbon Set Includes 40 Pink Ribbon Pins and 40 Breast Cancer Awareness Rubber Bracelets for Public Event Charity Recognition Fundraiser Activities


These breast cancer awareness bracelets have special designs, each silicone bracelet written on strength, hope, dream, love, faith, and courage. The color of the words is pink and the background is black. Breast cancer awareness bracelets are hot selling items at low prices. It’s a great way to express your support for breast cancer patients.

When you wear this bracelet you will feel the energy of its message and share that energy with everyone around you. It will help boost your confidence and give you a sense of peace when faced with difficult situations. The bracelet also serves as a reminder to be strong in your faith and trust in God no matter what life t ows your way.

Wearing a pink ribbon in honor of breast cancer awareness shows your support for the sisters, mothers, wives, and friends who have won their battles and those that are still fighting.

These bracelets are perfect for fundraisers and events to raise awareness or funds for breast cancer research.

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2. Autism Awareness Silicone Bracelet

This silicone wristband is designed to be a sleek and stylish autism bracelet item for any event. Use these bands to raise money and awareness for autism, or to show support for someone you love.

The Autism Awareness Bracelet (Available on Amazon) is made of 100% high-quality silicone. This silicone wristband is designed to be a sleek and stylish autism bracelet item for any event.

It can be worn by anyone, whether you are an adult or a child. For children, this bracelet is especially useful for school events, sports events, and other activities. This also makes a great practical gift for friends and family members.


Fundraising For A Cause | Autism Awareness Silicone Bracelet – Inexpensive Asperger’s & Autism Awareness Rubber Wristband - Autism Jelly Bracelet (1 Bracelet)


This autism awareness bracelet features a small imprinted message “Light it up blue” on the main body of the bracelet and the name “Autism” on the backside of the bracelet with a puzzle piece design in the middle which represents Autism Awareness.

The Autism Awareness Silicone Bracelet is a great way to show your support for those with autism. Autism is the fastest-growing developmental disability. Each year, the number of children diagnosed with autism continues to increase.

This bracelet can be used at fundraisers, walks, or simply to raise awareness. It features the puzzle piece logo that is associated with autism and has been worn by millions worldwide. In addition to its stylish design and unique colors, this bracelet is also durable and flexible. Once you put it on, it’s tough to take off!

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3. Cancer Awareness Bracelet

Cancer is a disease that affects all of us. The fight against cancer is one that must be fought by all of us. We are proud to offer a complete line of cancer awareness products made from the highest quality materials. All of our products are handmade in the USA, so you can buy them with confidence.

Cancer Awareness Bracelets (Available on Amazon) – A great way to show your support for all kinds of cancer awareness campaigns. These bracelets are high-quality silicone wristbands that feature an inspirational message or the name of a loved one who was lost to cancer or survived the disease.

Cancer Awareness Bracelet is a symbol of hope. It is a symbol of inspiration, faith, and support. It is made of Surgical Grade Stainless Steel and it comes in many different colors. The Cancer Awareness Bracelet is one of the most popular items in our cancer store.


Cancer Awareness Bracelet by Hidden Hollow Beads, Fundraising Campaign, Stretchy Fits Most, 6mm


It is also one of the most successful cancer awareness fundraising products in our cancer awareness merchandise collection. For more information on how to order your cancer awareness bracelets, please contact us today!

The Cancer Awareness Bracelet was created to help raise money for research, education, and support for those living with cancer.

Each bracelet has a personalized message that can be hand-stamped onto the bracelet. Choose from over 50 different messages including: “I am a survivor”, and “I am fighting for my life” or write your own message. The Cancer Awareness Bracelet is available in many different styles and colors to fit your individual needs

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In summary, The Livestrong bracelet trend has moved from Lance Armstrong to some of the biggest names in sports.

On Oct. 2, 2009, Armstrong announced that he would no longer be involved with Livestrong, but the bracelet remains a part of popular culture — and is often seen worn by celebrities who aren’t necessarily cancer survivors or advocates. They include President Barack Obama and actress Sarah Jessica Parker.

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