Pants Like Lululemon ABC (5 Pants Similar To Lululemon ABC)

5 Pants Similar To Lululemon ABC

The Lululemon ABC pants are the holy grail of dress pants. They are super comfortable and can be worn casually, or dressed up to go with a nice top and heels.

Lululemon’s ABC pants are one of the most popular women’s athletic pants on the market. They’re loved for their versatility, comfort, and flattering fit.

However, their ABC pants are a little bit pricey for people who are just starting out with yoga or who might not be sure about how often they’ll be practicing. If you’re looking for something similar but more affordable, check out these five options.

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1. Duer Pants

Duer (Available on Amazon) is a Canadian brand that makes “Smart Clothing” based on their unique fabric technology called Live Lite Fabric. Using this fabric technology, they were able to create pants that feel like it’s not even there when you wear them. And these pants are the best for busy people who are always on the go.

Here are some of the reasons why I think Duer pants are a good Lululemon ABC Pants alternative:

Duer pants have pockets

One of the things that I really like about Duer pants is that they have pockets! The pockets sit higher on your behind and they close properly so you don’t have to worry about keys or phones falling out of them. On top of that, the pockets have diamond-shaped openings which make them look very stylish and modern!

They’re slimmer t ough the thigh

In a friendly tone: Lululemon ABC Pants are notoriously loose from the knee down, making them look baggy and unflattering. Duer pants have a slim fit that makes them look much better on people who usually have problems finding good-looking pants because of their body type.


DU/ER N2X No Sweat Pant Slim Fit, Black (34L X 33W)


The fabric stretches when you move

Duer pants are made from stretchy material that moves with you – they won’t bunch up or feel uncomfortable when you’re sitting down or bending over.

Duer Pants Are Extremely Comfortable

Duer Pants are so comfortable you can wear them all day without getting uncomfortable. They’re made out of a lightweight cotton-nylon blend that’s very soft and stretchy, so they feel like a second skin.

The waistband is wide and flat, which means it won’t dig into your stomach when you sit down. I also love that the legs aren’t too tight or too loose – they’re just right!

Duer Pants Look Great On Men And Women

Duer Pants look great on both men and women, which makes them perfect for people who want to share clothes with their significant other or friends/family members! The fit is slim but not too slim (think skinny jeans), so they flatter any body type from slender to curvy.

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2. Banana Republic Pants

If you’re looking for a good alternative to Lululemon’s ABC pants, then you should consider Banana Republic’s Straight Fit Pant (Available on Amazon). They cost less than half the price of the ABC pant and have many of the same features. They’re built with stretch, so they fit snugly but don’t restrict movement.

One of the main reasons I love the Lululemon ABC pants is because they look good on pretty much everyone. Well, these pants from the Banana Republic also have that same effect.

They look great on tall, thin, and curvy women alike. They are also very flattering for your bum! No weird muffin top here!


BANANA REPUBLIC Factory Mens Aiden Stretch Slim Fit Chino Pants (Navy, 34x32)


On most people, they’ll fall right above the ankle, which is perfect for wearing with flats or heels—they won’t bunch up or get caught under your foot when you walk.

The fabric is treated with a stain-repellent finish so that accidental drops of coffee on your way to work won’t leave a permanent mark. And they’re thick enough that they’re not see-t ough (the bane of any woman’s yoga routine), but thin enough that you can wear them comfortably in any season.

Because they’re versatile. The Lululemon ABC pants technically dress pants, but in reality, they can easily be worn with a tee-shirt or even a bathing suit. They’re perfect for travel and going to the beach or pool.

Because they’ve got plenty of style options. The Lululemon ABC pants come in one style: cropped pants. Banana Republic’s Crosby pants come in 6 different styles and colors, including a bright floral pattern and a color block stripe that is similar to the coveted Lululemon ABC pant pattern.

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3. CRZ YOGA Men’s Stretch Golf Pants

The CRZ YOGA Men’s Stretch Golf Pants (Available on Amazon) look very similar to the Lululemon ABC pants. They feature the same slim fit, but without the drawstring waistband.

They also come in several different colors, so you can get the exact shade you want. One drawback is that they don’t offer as many sizes as Lululemon does.

The CRZ YOGA Men’s Stretch Golf Pants are a great alternative that has plenty of similarities for those in need of a high-quality pair of pants for golf or other athletic activities.

It comes in t ee different colors – black, grey, and navy – and is made from a blend of premium spandex fabric. It has four pockets to store your wallet and everything else you may need during the day.


CRZ YOGA Men's Stretch Golf Pants - 35" Slim Fit Stretch Quick Dry Ourdoor Thick Golf Work Pant with Pockets Black 34W x 35L


If you’re looking for a comfortable pair of pants that are good for any occasion, then the CRZ YOGA Men’s Stretch Golf Pants will be perfect for you.

These pants look great no matter what your style is and will keep you feeling fresh t oughout a long day on the course or out running errands around town with friends.

They are made from a quick-dry, stretchy material that keeps you comfortable during your full range of motion.

You don’t want to be wearing pants that are slow to dry when you’re sweating. You also don’t want to be wearing pants with a fabric that doesn’t move with you while you’re practicing yoga or working out.

Luckily, the CRZ YOGA Men’s Stretch Golf Pants are made with a soft and smooth 4-way stretch fabric that is both breathable and quick-drying. This means you can relax and be comfortable while doing all the things you love to do.

They have a slim fit that looks good on every body type but doesn’t restrict your movement at all.

The key here is that these pants have a slim fit without being too tight at all. They look great on men of all shapes and sizes regardless of how tall they are or how muscular they are. It’s really hard to beat a pair of pants that can look good on anyone, especially ones as well priced as this pair of pants!

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4. OLIVERS Apparel – Classic Sweatpant

If you are a fan of the Lululemon ABC pant, you’ll definitely want to give the OLIVERS Apparel – Classic Sweatpant (Available on Amazon) a try.

They are made from soft and durable 4-way stretch fabric with an anti-stink treatment that repels odors, stains, and sweat, which means that no matter what you put them t ough (and believe us when we say we’ve put them t ough A LOT), they will come out looking as good as new!

They are very comfortable.

These sweatpants are made with the same material as their All Over Shorts which I have been wearing for well over a year now and love. Their shorts have a 4-way stretch, moisture-wicking, anti-odor material that fits like a glove and is extremely comfortable.


OLIVERS Apparel, Classic Sweatpant - Temperature Regulating, Odor Resistant Sweatpant (Large, Grey Marle)


These sweatpants have the same exact material and thus fit exactly as their shorts do. The only difference between these sweatpants and their shorts is that these sweatpants also have an elastic waistband whereas their shorts don’t have one at all (they only have a drawstring).


The French terry fabric is just as soft as Lululemon’s version while still being strong and durable. It also comes in an array of different colors and patterns so you can find the perfect pair to suit your style.


These pants provide the same slim fit as the Lululemon version but with an elastic waistband that makes them more comfortable to wear t oughout the day (or night!). Plus they have pockets on both sides for easy access when needed most.

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5. Rhone Commuter Pants

The Commuter Pant (Available on Amazon) is made of a lightweight fabric that can go from work to yoga (and back again) without looking wrinkled or worn out.

Walking into the office after a long day at work can be nerve-wracking enough, you need pants that are comfortable, functional, and always look the part! The Commuter Pants travel well too, they don’t wrinkle and they can be washed in your hotel sink if needed.


Some people might feel the Lululemon is a little cheeky and too tight. The Rhone pants have more room in the back and front, the material is a bit thicker so you don’t see t ough them when you bend over, and I feel that they fit a little bigger.


Rhone Men's Commuter Pant Slim Khaki 36 Pants with Moisture Wicking Japanese Stretch Fabric



You can wear these pants to work or to the gym without feeling like you need to change your outfit. They look just as good paired with a blazer or sweater as they do with a tank top or sports bra.

They have pockets

Rhone pants have deep pockets that are perfect for holding your phone while you’re on the go. This can be very convenient because you don’t have to worry about leaving it behind, and your hands are free while carrying out your daily tasks.

They come in different sizes and colors so you can find something that suits your style perfectly

No need to worry about whether or not these will fit into other clothes in our closet, because they come with an elastic waistband or adjustable drawstring waistband (depending on which model).

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In summary, The Lululemon ABC pants are a wonderful, versatile, and flattering option for all kinds of activities. They’re made from a technical, stretchy material that makes them ideal for wearing to the gym, but they look polished enough to wear to work or out to dinner.

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