Pants Like Birddogs: 5 Pants Similar To Birddogs

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Birddogs pants are great for working out, or any active lifestyle. But they’re also really comfortable, so you can wear them anytime you want. You can even wear them in place of pants if you’re trying to dress up a little.

Birddogs are one of the first bottom-wear brands that made it cool to wear exercise pants all day. This brand has a unique style and fits, making them a great option for men who want to be comfortable while also looking stylish.

Infographic - Pants Like Birddogs

There are many brands out there that make similar products, but none like Birddogs! They offer the same quality at an affordable price point which makes them accessible even on a budget! Here are five other pairs of pants that have similar features as Birddogs:

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1. Lulu Pants

If you’re a fan of Birddogs shorts, you’ll probably like Lulu pants. Both brands have a similar premise: to create high-quality, comfortable clothes for athletic people. However, Lulus (Available on Amazon) is a great alternative to Birddog shorts because they’re more versatile. For example, you can wear them on the golf course or out to dinner with friends.

The best thing about Birddog shorts is that they’re comfy, and Lulu has done an excellent job of mimicking that quality in their own products. The ‘Lululemon ABC Pant Classic features premium fabric—it’s lightweight, sweat-wicking, and offers four-way stretch.

These features ensure that the pants move with your body seamlessly, which means you won’t be distracted by any uncomfortable bunching or pinching when you wear them.

Lululemon Align Pant 7/8 Yoga Pants (Midnight Navy, 10)

Plus, there’s a hidden pocket in the waistband for your keys and cards—you literally can’t ask for more from athletic pants!

Second, the material is different. Lulu’s tend to be more cottony, which makes them really comfortable, but they get really hot if you’re in warm weather or doing a lot of moving around. But with Birddogs, they’ve got that lightweight material that tends to dry quicker and stay cooler in warm climates.

Third and finally: There isn’t considerable versatility here with the fit of Birddog shorts because they only come in one size. Whereas with lulus you can choose different sizes based on your body type and whether you like your pants tighter or looser fitting.

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2. Prana’s Brion Pant

Prana (Available on Amazon) is a leading manufacturer of activewear for men, women, and children. Prana’s Brion Pant is their best-selling pant for men and offers a great alternative to Birddogs Pants, a hot new fashion brand that offers shorts with built-in underwear.

With its comfortable fit and durable stretchy material, the Brion Pant is a great Birddogs pant alternative for any man who wants to look good while doing yoga or working out.

The Brion Pant Is Extremely Comfortable

Prana’s Brion pant is designed with comfort in mind. The stretchy material is soft to the touch and feels light against your skin. This makes it great to wear when you want to be outside doing various activities, like hiking or playing sports.

prAna Brion Pant Dark Smoky Blue 30 34

It also makes them perfect for wearing indoors as well; they’re great when you’re doing yoga or working out at home because they move with you and don’t restrict your movements as other pants might do.

There’s a reason why Prana’s Brion Pant is a top seller

It has a classic, versatile look, it has pockets for all your guy stuff, and the price point is just right. These pants can be paired with anything from a t-shirt to a button-down to a sports coat, making them a great item for traveling.

The fabric is durable and flexible enough to wear on any adventure you have planned. In short, it’s an amazing product that has become one of our most popular items. But if you’re looking for something with more stretch and functionality, we suggest Birddogs shorts or pants.

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3. Duer No Sweat Pants

Duer No Sweat Pants (Available on Amazon) are good Birddogs pants alternative because they have the same look and feel as joggers, but are more breathable. The Duer No Sweat Pants are designed to be worn day-to-day, but also for working out.

The first reason why Duer No Sweat Pants are a good alternative to Birddogs is that they are more modest. While Birddogs Pants have a pocket specifically designed for storing a phone, Duer No Sweat Pants have pockets on both sides of the leg.

If you’re someone who would prefer not to flash your phone at everyone you walk by, then these pants might just be perfect for you.

DU/ER N2X No Sweat Pant Slim Fit, Black (34L X 33W)

The high-stretch fabric is extremely breathable and moisture-wicking, which keeps you cool and dry when you’re at the gym. They also have extra room in the seat and thigh to provide you with a comfortable fit that won’t restrict your movement during your workout.

The No Sweat Pants have a modern cut that goes straight down from the waist for a slim look that tapers at the leg. They go great with everything from sneakers to dress shoes.

You can wear them with a button-down shirt or a t-shirt, or even a hoodie if you want to go casual. If you’re looking for an alternative to Birddogs pants, we recommend checking out Duer No Sweat Pants!

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4. Lee Men’s Performance Series Pants

If you’re looking for a Birddog pants alternative, you might find that the Lee Men’s Performance Series Ultimate Comfort Fit Flat Front Pants (Available on Amazon) are a good fit. They have some features that are similar to Birddogs, but they also have some significant differences.

The Lee Men’s Performance Series Extreme Comfort Khaki Pant is another athletic pant with a built-in no-show liner that will keep your junk from bouncing around. While not quite as popular as Birddogs, they do have a few advantages that make them worth considering.

The fabric quality is much better than Birddogs

Birddog’s pants are made of cotton and spandex, which gives them a comfortable stretch. However, if you sweat a lot or are prone to stains, they won’t hold up that well over time.

The Lee Men’s Performance Series Extreme Comfort Pant is made of polyester and spandex, which means it will dry faster and the material will not be as prone to staining.

This makes it ideal for those who like to be active outdoors or work long hours on their feet because it won’t wrinkle easily as cotton does after being washed multiple times.

Lee Men's Performance Series Extreme Comfort Straight Fit Pant, Black, 36W x 32L

Lee Men’s Performance Series Pants have an elastic waistband

We tend to be the most comfortable when we can move around freely. There’s nothing worse than wearing pants that are too tight and restrict our movement. When your pants are too tight and you bend over, it can feel like your pants are going to rip at the seams.

If you’re someone who wants to go from sitting on the couch to doing some yard work or playing basketball with your kids, then you’ll want pants that will allow for free movement. That’s where the elastic waistband of the Lee Men’s Performance Series Pants comes in handy.

These pants stretch with you, so they don’t restrict your movement in any way. Whether sitting on the couch watching TV or playing basketball with your kids, you’ll be able to do it all without worrying about how tight or restrictive your pants are.


Lee Men’s Performance Series Pants are great for all occasions. These pants will work for any occasion, whether you’re going to a business meeting, a formal event, or just hanging out with your friends. They come in many different colors, including black and blue so there is something for everyone.

The fabric is soft yet durable making it perfect for any weather condition too! These pants are also available in both regular and big & tall sizes which means they can fit anyone from petite people to those who are 6’5″.

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5. Rhone Men’s Commuter Pants

If you’re looking for an alternative to Birddogs pants, Rhone’s Commuter Pants (Available on Amazon) are another great option for guys who want some extra room in the seat and thigh areas of their trousers. These pants are made from a super soft cotton blend and feature four-way stretch technology for ultimate comfort and performance.

They also come with an elastic waistband that has an internal drawstring closure so you can adjust the fit as needed—and unlike other “athleisure” brands’ offerings, there are no visible logos anywhere!

The main draw of these pants is the fact that they look like regular pants but also feel like sweatpants. That’s because they’re made of super soft and stretchy materials with moisture-wicking properties so they’re as perfect for exercising as they are for relaxing.

Rhone Men's Commuter Pant Slim Navy 31 Waist x 33" Inseam Pant with Moisture Wicking, Breathable, Stretch Fabric

They come in a variety of styles and colors, but what makes them so popular is the fact that they look so presentable that no one would ever assume you were just lounging.

  • Mesh pockets that allow you to store your belongings discreetly and securely while they dry quickly
  • A secure zippered pocket on the back of each leg so you can keep your valuables safe and close at hand with easy access
  • A water-resistant finish (DWR) on all fabrics allows them to stay clean longer and makes cleaning easier when needed

Rhone Commuter Pants are made with an advanced technology called Nimbus Performance Fabric- which means they are water-resistant, sweat-wicking, and quick-drying. This makes them perfect for working out at the gym, commuting to work (hence their name), or working in an office environment.

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Birddogs Vs Lululemon Pants

Are you trying to decide between Birddogs and Lululemon pants? Both brands offer high-quality, stylish athletic wear that is perfect for working out or just running errands.

I would opt for Birddogs because they are more affordable and in my opinion just as good…

But which one is the better option for you?

First… let’s talk about Birddogs. This brand is known for its comfortable and versatile pants, which feature a patented “hammock” system that helps keep everything in place.

They also have a sweat-wicking and odor-resistant fabric, making them perfect for working out. In addition to their signature pants — Birddogs also offers a range of tops, shorts, and accessories.

Lululemon, on the other hand… is a well-known and trusted brand that is famous for its high-quality athletic wear. They offer a wide range of pants — including their popular ABC (anti-ball crushing) pants, which are designed to give you maximum comfort and freedom of movement.

Lululemon also has a range of tops, shorts, and accessories, as well as a popular line of yoga mats and other equipment.

So, which brand is the better choice? It ultimately comes down to personal preference. Both Birddogs and Lululemon offer comfortable and stylish athletic wear that is perfect for working out or running errands.

However… Lululemon may be the more well-known and trusted brand, with a wider range of products and a loyal customer base. On the other hand — Birddogs may offer a more unique and innovative product with their patented “hammock” system.

When it comes to price — Lululemon tends to be on the higher end, with most of their pants priced around $100 or more. Birddogs… on the other hand, have a more affordable price point, with most of their pants priced around $60-$80.

Ultimately, the decision between Birddogs and Lululemon pants comes down to personal preference and budget. Both brands offer high-quality athletic wear that is perfect for working out or running errands, so it’s up to you to decide which one is the best fit for you.

In summary, Birddogs are a great pair of pants for working out and lounging around the house. They have a patented front pocket that holds your iPhone, wallet, and keys, so you don’t have to worry about losing anything.

The pants are perfect for lifting weights or doing yoga because they are stretchy and allow for a full range of motion.

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