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Pants Like Dockers (5 Pants Similar To Dockers)

5 Pants Similar To Dockers

When you think of Dockers, you think of a quality pair of khakis that will take you from the office to drinks with friends. When you see those iconic little brown squares, you know you’re getting pants that are equal parts comfort and style.

Dockers became synonymous with business casual, but today their influence has become even more widespread as casual Fridays have given way to casual every-days. The Docker Pant has been a hit with men who like a comfortable fit with a bit of room in the waist and leg.

Because of its popularity among businessmen and professional athletes alike, there have been many imitators who have tried—and some have succeeded—to create a Docker alternative. If you are looking for a new pair of pants, read on to find 5 pants similar to Dockers.

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1. Bonobos Pants

The Bonobos brand (Available on Amazon) is known for its great fit, and this is the primary reason why the brand makes a great Dockers pants alternative. All Bonobos pants are made with a slim fit that flatters most men, and this slim fit is what gives Bonobos pants their flattering and stylish look.

Bonobos pants have all the qualities of a great pair of dressy pants: they fit well, their designs are fresh and stylish, and they look great on every guy. But unlike some other trendy brands, Bonobos never lets its fashion get in the way of function.

The brand designs its clothes with workwear in mind—not only do they look great at the office, but they’re also comfortable enough to wear all day long.


Bonobos - Mens Stretch Washed Chino 2.0 Pants, Size: 34W x 32L, Color: The Khakis


Men who wear Dockers often find themselves with ripped pants in embarrassing places such as the crotch, backside, and inner thighs.

On the other hand, Bonobos pants are made of much higher quality fabric than Dockers; they’re sturdy and durable without being unnecessarily thick or heavy.

These pants are designed to be long-lasting and will maintain their shape, color, and integrity even after years of use (as opposed to months, which is what you can expect from most other brands).

If you’re looking for an alternative to the cheap Dockers brand but don’t want to spend a fortune on expensive designer clothing either, then try out some Bonobos men’s trousers! You’ll love how well they fit your body type and how well they hold up over time.

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2. Dickies Chinos

Those looking for a smart, stylish alternative to Dockers will find a great option in Dickies chinos (Available on Amazon). In fact, these pants have several advantages over Dockers that make them an excellent choice for the modern man.

Dickies Chinos are a Good Dockers Pants Alternative because of their Fit. Many men that wear khakis often complain about them being too short or too long. If you are in search of a good pair of chinos that won’t ride up when you are sitting, then Dickies Original Work Pant is the perfect fit for you.


Dickies mens Flex Active Waist Washed Chino - Slim Taper Fit Pants, Rinsed Black, 34W x 30L US


Dickies Chinos are made from sturdy cotton twill fabric that stands up to almost anything you t ow at it, which makes them very suitable for work or play. Whether you work in an office or a construction site, Dickies will keep you covered and looking good no matter what happens.

A lot of people like the look of Dockers because they have extra room in the seat and thigh areas. Unfortunately, not everyone likes this style, which is why you should try Dickies chinos.

Dickies have the same sort of fit in their pants as Dockers, which means that they are roomy and comfortable while still looking professional and sophisticated. You can wear them with your favorite shirt or blazer and still feel just as confident when you walk into work each day.

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3. J.Crew Chino Pants

If you’re looking for a good Dockers pants alternative, then look no further. J.Crew’s chino pants (Available on Amazon) are just as stylish, comfortable, and versatile as Dockers pants while being more durable and well-fitted.

They come in a similar range of colors and styles as Dockers. You can find khakis in a wide variety of shades from both companies (and even some patterns like plaid), but J.Crew has a wider selection of blue and green hues—perfect for summertime!


J.Crew Mercantile Men's Straight-fit Stretch Chino Pant (34W x 32L, Baywood Brown)


More importantly, both brands offer slim-fit chinos in addition to the traditional straight fit. Skinny chinos are an easy way to look trendy without sacrificing comfort or versatility –  you can wear them everywhere from class to the office to nights out on the town.

They’re made from quality material that holds up well over time. Dockers are known for their durability–they’re considered the “standard” for good reason–but J. Crew pants are just as solid at lasting t ough the years, especially if you take care to wash them inside out and hang them up to dry instead of tossing them in the dryer. They may even last longer than Dockers because they’re less likely to pill or fade with time.

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4. Levi’s Tapered Chino Pants

A pair of Dockers pants are a classic staple in any man’s closet. However, if you are looking for a Dockers pants alternative, there is one that stands out from the rest. The Levi’s 501 Men’s Original Tapered Chino Pants (Available on Amazon) are an excellent choice for any guy looking for something different. Here are t ee reasons why:

They’re Unbelievably Comfortable

The Levi’s Tapered Chino Pants are made of 100 percent cotton twill material, which makes them extremely comfortable to wear. They also feature a “sits low on the waist” style and have an adjustable waistband, so they fit perfectly no matter your shape or size.


Levi's Men's XX Standard Tapered Chino Pants, Mineral Black - Stretch, 34W x 30L


These tapered chino pants also offer two front pockets with two back pockets and one coin pocket—perfect for anyone who likes to carry around a lot of essentials on their person.

You’ll be surprised at how much you like the clean look of these pants

The Levi’s Chino Tapered Fit comes in a variety of colors and they fit well with all types of tops, from polos to button-down shirts.

They can even be worn with dress shoes if you want to dress them up a bit. And another thing: these pants have a timeless look that will make them as stylish next year as they are this year!

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5. Goodt eads Comfort Stretch Chino Pant

Goodt eads Comfort Stretch Chinos (Available on Amazon) are a great Dockers alternative. They’re the same style, and feature many of the same qualities as Dockers Alpha, but are available at a much lower price.

If you’ve been searching for cheaper, yet high-quality chinos that offer comfort and durability, Goodt eads Comfort Stretch Chinos might just be the answer.

The Goodt eads Comfort Stretch Chino Pant is a bit of a hybrid. It takes the classic look of Dockers Alpha but adds some benefits that aren’t present in their classic style.


Goodt eads Men's Straight-Fit Washed Comfort Stretch Chino Pant, Khaki, 36W x 30L


It features a comfortable waistband, which means it comes with an elastic band on its interior that makes it adjustable. This is perfect if you tend to wear your pants at different heights t oughout the day – you can get them to fit perfectly each time you put them on.

Goodt eads Comfort Stretch Chino Pant also has a side seam pocket with button closure, which means your items will be extra secure when they’re inside.

This is perfect if you store important items in your pockets while you walk around (like your wallet or phone).

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In summary, Dockers pants are a highly popular style of men’s pants. They are generally classified as khakis or slacks, meaning they are neither dressy nor casual.

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