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Bracelets Like Lokai (5 Bracelets Similar To Lokai)

If you are a bracelet or jewelry lover, then you have definitely heard of Lokai bracelets. They’re very popular at the moment, and many people are wearing them.

Ditching Lokai? Find your balance with stylish & meaningful bracelets. Explore brands like Jstyle & SPUNKYsoul for inspiration, or try MagnetRX for magnetic therapy & pain relief. Customize your look & intentions with MengPa's natural gemstones, Jovivi's variety, or Believe London's affirmations.

Meaningful Bracelets Like Lokai: Find Your Balance with Purposeful Jewelry

Looking for an alternative to Lokai bracelets? These brands offer stylish and meaningful bracelets that empower you to find balance and purpose in your life:

1. Jstyle Hematite Bead Bracelet: Crafted with powerful hematite beads, known for their grounding and balancing properties, this bracelet brings calmness and serenity to your everyday life.

2. MengPa Mens Beaded Bracelets: Made with natural gemstones and wood, each MengPa bracelet carries a unique meaning and intention. Choose from themes like strength, courage, and inner peace to find the perfect reminder for your personal journey.

3. SPUNKYsoul Bracelet: Express your individuality and empower yourself with SPUNKYsoul’s inspirational bracelets. Featuring positive affirmations and meaningful symbols, their designs motivate and inspire you to reach your full potential.

4. MagnetRX Hematite Magnetic Therapy Bracelet: Combining the power of hematite with magnetic therapy, this bracelet promotes pain relief, improved circulation, and overall well-being. Find natural support for your physical and emotional balance.

5. Jovivi Hematite Bracelets: Jovivi offers a wide variety of stylish and affordable hematite bracelets. Choose from different bead sizes, designs, and colors to find the perfect accessory that complements your personal style and intentions.

6. LOYALLOOK Magnetic Hematite Therapy Beads Bracelet: Experience the combined benefits of hematite and magnetic therapy with this bracelet. The adjustable design ensures a comfortable fit, while the powerful beads promote relaxation, stress relief, and improved sleep.

7. Believe London Hematite Magnetic Therapy Bracelet: Embrace the power of positive affirmations with Believe London’s bracelets. Featuring inspirational words engraved on hematite beads, these bracelets serve as a daily reminder to believe in yourself and your dreams.

No matter your individual needs and preferences, these brands offer a diverse selection of meaningful bracelets to help you find your balance and live life with purpose. Explore their collections and discover the perfect bracelet to inspire, motivate, and empower you on your journey.

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1. Jstyle Hematite Bead Bracelet

All the Lokai bracelets have a hematite bead on each end. Hematite has magnetic properties, which means it can help reduce stress and anxiety by balancing your body’s energy levels.

In ancient Chinese culture, hematite was often used in jewelry because it was believed to provide balance and harmony to the wearer’s life t ough its magnetic properties. It also helps improve blood circulation in your body, which is another benefit of wearing this kind of bracelet.

Jstyle hematite bead bracelets (Available on Amazon) have strong magnetic properties. This means they can be used as a form of magnet therapy. It’s believed the magnets inside the bracelets may help stimulate the blood flow to your body, which can help reduce pain and stress.

These magnetic properties may also help improve your energy levels, making you feel more alert and focused during the day.

Jstyle 4Pcs Hematite Bead Bracelet for Men Women 8mm Tiger Eye Stone Beads Bracelet Elastic Natural Stone Bracelet Bangle

The bracelets also look amazing, so they can be worn with any outfit. You don’t even need to worry about them clashing with your other accessories because they go with everything!

  • They’re also made from stainless steel which means they won’t tarnish or fade over time like other metals do when exposed to sunlight or water for long periods of time (i.e., swimming).
  • The Jstyle Hematite Bead Bracelets are made of hematite stone and beads that promote the balancing of body energy, blood pressure, and circulation.
  • The Jstyle Hematite Bead Bracelet is a combination of high-quality matte onyx stones and hematite beads made from natural iron ore.
  • This combination promotes balance in your body energy, blood pressure, and circulation.
  • This one-of-a-kind bracelet is designed with 8mm beads with an adjustable band design to fit any wrist size.

The Jstyle Hematite Bead Bracelets come in 6 different color designs that you can mix and match to fit any outfit or mood you have for the day. You can wear all 6 bracelets at once for a bolder look, or wear them individually for a more casual style to complement your daily wear.

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2. MengPa Mens Beaded Bracelets

The MengPa brand (Available on Amazon) provides some of the best-looking bracelets that rival Lokai in their style and uniqueness. If you are looking for beaded bracelets that can give you a clean and sophisticated look, then there is no doubt that you will love MengPa mens beaded bracelets.


MengPa men’s beaded bracelets are not just fashionable accessories but are also made in a very elegant manner. The materials used in making these bracelets are carefully selected to ensure that they can deliver the sleekest and most elegant look.

These bracelets come with different kinds of beads, stones, and charms so you will have a lot of options to choose from. If you want to look your best, wearing any of these bracelets can surely help in a big way.

MengPa Mens Beaded Bracelets Matte Lava Rock Volcanic Stone Beads for Women Stretch Bracelet Brown Tiger Eye Fashion Jewelry US4543C


Another advantage of MengPa mens beaded bracelets is that they are more affordable than other designer brands without sacrificing quality. You can get a beautiful bracelet for less than $16 but the quality is still amazing.

This makes it possible for everyone to own one or more of these amazing bracelets without having to spend too much money.


The durability of these men’s beaded bracelets is also something worth mentioning. Their beads, stones, and other components are all very durable and they can last for years even when worn regularly.

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3. SPUNKYsoul Bracelet

SPUNKYsoul bracelets (Available on Amazon) are very stylish with a variety of colors and designs available to choose from, including infinity bracelets, magnetic hematite beaded bracelets, and more sporty-looking silicone bracelets. They make great gifts for any occasion for both men and women.

SPUNKYsoul believes in bettering the world t ough its products by donating 10% of its profits to charitable organizations that support causes such as education, health issues, etc.

So if you buy SPUNKYsoul bracelets, then you will be directly contributing to a better world and thus making your purchase a PUNK for a good cause whereas there is no such thing with Lokai bracelets as it does not donate any profits to charity.

SPUNKYsoul Purple & Green Fluorite Lotus New Beginnings Bracelet Hematite for Healing Stack Bracelet Set Collection

SPUNKYsoul Bracelets Are Better Quality

While both bracelets are made from silicone, the Lokai bracelets are cheaper in quality than the SPUNKYsoul bracelets. The SPUNKYsoul bracelets can be stretched to fit over your hand and not cause a problem. They will still return to their normal size after being taken off as well.

The Lokai bracelets do not stretch which means that when you put them on, they can cut off circulation to your hands and wrists.

If you are in search of a durable bracelet then you should go with the SPUNKYSsoul options. The SPUNKYSsoul bracelets can be worn all day without any issues or problems at all while the Lokai bracelets need to be taken on and off all day long because of the lack of durability.

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4. MagnetRX Hematite Magnetic Therapy Bracelet

MagnetRX bracelets (Available on Amazon) are more affordable than the Lokai bracelet, but still offer a beautiful and stylish look for both men and women. In addition to the style, here are a few reasons why MagnetRX hematite magnetic therapy bracelets make a great alternative to Lokai bracelets.

They are a lot more comfortable than Lokai Bracelets.

Lokai bracelets are made of plastic and have 2 beads that give it weight, one is black and one white which represent the highs and lows of life. The problem with this bracelet is that the bracelet itself does not bend and can become uncomfortable over time.

This is the main complaint of many people who have purchased Lokai Bracelets with most people saying that after wearing them for a few months they start to get very irritated by them and have to remove them.

MagnetRX® Hematite Magnetic Therapy Bracelet - MAX Strength Natural Pain Relief and Healing Stones - Beaded Magnetic Hematite Bracelets (Double Strength 8mm)

The MagnetRX Hematite Magnetic Therapy Bracelet on the other hand is much more comfortable to wear because it is made out of metal and one size fits all thanks to its expandable design.

The reason why this makes it more comfortable than Lokai bracelets is that you don’t have to squeeze your wrist into a tight band nor do you have to deal with an unbending metal band digging into your wrist.

Instead, you can simply slip the MagnetRX bracelet on your wrist, adjust it so that it fits comfortably, and then forget about it until you want to take it off again later in the day!


MagnetRX bracelets claim to help relieve pain from many different causes, including art itis pain and pain from over-exertion in sports or other activities. They’ve also been used successfully to lower cholesterol levels, control blood pressure and promote circulation.

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5. Jovivi Hematite Bracelets

If you’re looking for a Lokai bracelet alternative, you should consider a Jovivi Magnetic Hematite Bracelet (Available on Amazon). The beads used in Lokai bracelets are not natural. They are plastic molded beads that are coated with mud from the Dead Sea and water from Mount Everest.

The beads used in Jovivi bracelets are natural hematite stones. Because of this, it may be more beneficial to wear a hematite bracelet than it would be to wear a Lokai bracelet. The reason being is that hematite is a stone that promotes balance and offers protection against negative energy. If you’re into crystal healing then you know how beneficial this could be.

Both Lokai and Jovivi bracelets have black beads that represent being centered and white beads that represent hope, but some of the other colors vary.

Jovivi 2 Pcs Hematite Black Obsidian Tiger Eye Stone Bracelets for Men Women 10mm Natural Round Gemstone Beads Beaded Healing Crystal Triple Bracelet for Protection, Good Luck

For example, Lokai has pink beads that represent love, but Jovivi has green beads that represent health. These differences mean you can pick a bracelet that fits your needs better than their competitor does.

In addition to their standard bracelets with black and white beads, Jovivi also sells chakra sets of seven different color beads on a single bracelet – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.

When you buy one Lokai bracelet you get a single bracelet with some mud and water in it. With Jovivi bracelets, you get 6 bracelets with mud and water in them!

This is a great deal because if your friend sees your bracelet they may want one too! So instead of buying 2 or 3 Lokai bracelets, you can buy one pack of Jovivi bracelets and share them with your friends without breaking the bank!

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6. LOYALLOOK Magnetic Hematite Therapy Beads Bracelet

LOYALLOOK Magnetic Hematite Therapy Beads Bracelets (Available on Amazon) is an affordable alternative to Lokai bracelets.

Lokai bracelets are all the rage right now and have been for a while. But what many people don’t realize is that there is another, a more affordable bracelet that uses the same type of stones that Lokai bracelets use.

LOYALLOOK Magnetic Hematite Therapy Beads Bracelets are made with hematite beads and lava rock beads, just like Lokai bracelets. The difference is that LOYALLOOK Magnetic Hematite Therapy Beads Bracelet costs a fraction of what Lokai bracelets cost.

LOYALLOOK 3Pcs Men Women Reiki Healing Bracelet Energy Natural Tiger Eye Stone Magnetic Hematite Therapy Beads Bracelet Elastic Rope

These bracelets are made with two types of beads: hematite beads and lava rock beads. The hematite beads are used to help balance your body’s magnetic field while the lava rock beads help to absorb oil and smell from your skin so they stay fresh longer.

The bracelet also comes in t ee different sizes to fit any wrist or ankle size: small (5″ diameter), medium (5-1/4″ diameter), or large (5-3/4″ diameter). They also come with an adjustable band that can be worn on either side of your wrist.

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7. Believe London Hematite Magnetic Therapy Bracelet

If you wish to wear something unique, then you should surely consider buying hematite magnetic therapy bracelets from Believe London (Available on Amazon). They are not only affordable but also have amazing health benefits.

Here are 3 reasons why Believe London hematite magnetic therapy bracelets are a good alternative to Lokai bracelets:

They Come in a Variety of Designs

The most obvious reason why you should buy Believe London Hematite Magnetic Therapy Bracelet is that they come in a variety of designs. Different people have different needs and requirements, which means that each person will need a different type of bracelet. You do not have to worry about this at all because Believe London has got you covered on this front.

Believe London Mens Womens Hematite Magnetic Therapy Bracelet | Strong Stretch | Precious Natural Stones Healing Blue Cat Eye (8 Inch)

Believe London Bracelets Are More Than Just a Fashion Statement

Believe London bracelets are not just for fashion, they also have health benefits. The magnetic hematite beads are said to increase oxygen flow to the body and help reduce inflammation, ease joint pain, and relieve stress and anxiety. These bracelets are made from real high-quality hematite beads. Lokai is known for its cheap plastic beads.

Believe London Magnetic Therapy Bracelets Are More Durable!

Believe London bracelets have a stronger magnetic clasp than Lokai bracelets so they will not fall off as easily as Lokai bracelets. The clasp on Lokai bracelets often comes apart and breaks because they are made with cheap plastic instead of metal like Believe London bracelets.

Believe London Magnetic Therapy Bracelets Are Great For Men And Women!

Believe London magnetic therapy bracelet can be worn by both men and women because they come in different sizes, unlike Lokai which only sells one size that can be worn by men or women and end up being too big for some women and too small for some men.

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In summary, Lokai bracelets are all the rage right now, and for good reason: they’re a simple yet powerful reminder to strive for balance in life, to keep your head up when things are going great, and to keep your head from imploding when things aren’t going so great.

While the Lokai bracelet is by far the most popular “mantra” bracelet (and for good reason), there are plenty of other options that can serve as an equally good reminder.

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