Portable Fire Pit For Backyard That Doesn’t Burn Grass

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You Can Put This Fire Pit On Grass

Discover the best portable fire pit for the backyard that doesn’t burn your grass. This popup fire pit is lightweight, never rusts, and has a heat shield that leaves no trace of a fire.

It looks fabulous in your backyard or on your patio and is the perfect portable fire pit to take on camping trips.

Fire pits are great sources of backyard fun. They mesmerize kids and grownups alike with their warmth, light, and crackling sounds. Fire pits also serve as the perfect places to cook hotdogs and marshmallows.

The Best Portable Fire Pit For Backyard That Doesn’t Burn Grass or Rust & Is Perfect For Camping


Pop-Up Fire Pit | Portable and Lightweight | Fullsize 24 Inch | Weight 8 lbs. | Never Rust Fire Pit | Included Heat Shield for Leave No Trace Fires


Watch the following video presentation by the creator of this product and you will see a full demonstration of how portable it is, how easy it is to set up, how to correctly set it up, and how quickly it is to set up, and some great tips as well…

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A Portable Fire Pit That Doesn’t Burn Grass!

The Pop-Up Fire Pit is a portable fire pit that you can take and use anywhere. It includes a carrying case so you can easily transport it from place to place, and it’s foldable so you can move it around your backyard as needed. When you’re finished using the fire pit, simply pull on the attached handles, and it will neatly fold into a square shape. The carrying case makes it easy to store under your bed or in your closet.



Pop-Up Fire Pit | Portable and Lightweight | Fullsize 24 Inch | Weighs 7 lbs. | Never Rust Fire Pit | Heat Shield Optional for Leave No Trace Fires (Pop-Up Fire Pit)

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Here Is What Consumers Said About This Portable Fire Pit For Backyard:

The pit is perfect for our occasional backyard fires! (My husband didn’t want to damage our grass or install a permanent pit, but I really wanted my kids to experience the fun of roasting hotdogs and smores occasionally–plus it’s a great way to clean up backyard tree debris and have fun at the same time!) This pit is the perfect middle ground for us, and everyone is happy…

  • With the open screen design and heat shield, the fire is very easy to start and the heat shield helps protect the surface underneath the fire pit such as grass, patio, etc.
  • The heat shield works 100%, just follow the instructions and you won’t have burned grass or a melted heat shield.
  • Get the heat shield option, when you put your hand underneath it there is absolutely no radiant heat so it protects the grass or whatever surface you put it on.
  • I had a Cub Scout Pack campout on a ballfield and couldn’t make a proper fire pit. This saved the grass and saved the day!
  • Easy to set up and put away. My dry grass did not catch fire.
  • The heat shield works…you can put your hand under the heat shield and you don’t feel the heat at all. 
  • I was skeptical about the heat shield, but after my friend stuck her hand under the pit and there was no heat, I went from yeah right to that’s awesome!

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A Portable Fire Pit For The Backyard That Doesn’t Rust

We have a fairly small backyard, and I wanted to be able to have fires on nice evenings without having to deal with a cheap (and mostly immovable) fire pit. My previous pit stayed too hot to move after the fire, it scorched the grass and was flimsy and prone to rusting.

This pit solves all of those issues wonderfully. I can quickly build a fire, and just as quickly extinguish it and put the cooled-down pit away in the garage afterwards…

As well as being convenient, the lightweight design also makes it incredibly easy to move from place to place. The steel construction means that this fire pit will last for many years and will not rust making it long-lasting and durable.


Pop-Up Fire Pit | Portable and Lightweight | Fullsize 24 Inch | Weighs 7 lbs. | Never Rust Fire Pit | Heat Shield Optional for Leave No Trace Fires (Pop-Up Fire Pit)

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I love the fact that it is mostly made out of aluminum so it won’t rust and also makes it lightweight. The most pleasant surprise was how quickly it cooled down after use.

  • It was cool enough to touch and move around within 2-3 mins of dumping the burned wood.
  • I purchased the popup pit for my backyard and to take tailgating and camping.
  • It holds great fire to sit around at the campsite or backyard and makes clean up easier.
  • I especially like the lightweight aluminum and stainless steel construction for use on the water (no rust). 
  • This works fantastic. Set it up in my backyard and it has proven durable and I have had really nice fires in it.
  • I love how I can bring the firepit to state parks and have it in my backyard for making smores with family!
  • Super fun! Great start if you are thinking of a backyard fire pit but not easy to make the commitment to construction. Easy up and down. Safe.

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It’s A Very Good Portable Fire Pit For Camping

This item is extremely handy for camping, tailgating, fishing, hunting, or any outdoor activity where you need to get a fire going quickly.

I bought this because we were going camping where above-ground fires are mandatory. It assembled easily, packs up the same size as a camping chair, and sturdily held a roaring fire that was the envy of all of our camping neighbors…

The unique design allows it to be packed down to a fraction of its original size and stored away in the included carry bag, which makes it ideal for camping trips, outdoor concerts, and anywhere you want to enjoy a fire.


Pop-Up Fire Pit | Portable and Lightweight | Fullsize 24 Inch | Weighs 7 lbs. | Never Rust Fire Pit | Heat Shield Optional for Leave No Trace Fires (Pop-Up Fire Pit)

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For car camping, at your home, a party in the park, or on a river canoe/raft trip this bad boy is amazing. We love camping & especially good campfire. 

  • Everyone we have shown it to says it a great idea. We’re very happy with this purchase. Camp on!
  • I love this fire pit. I used it to cook my food while camping (my friend bought the grill and I bought the pit), it takes up minimal space and outperforms the non-portable fire pits. 
  • It cools down very quickly which is nice for having to pack up quickly.
  • Very satisfied with this “fire pit!” Have a small camping trailer and was looking for the “perfect” fire pit. This is the one.
  • Bought this and set it up for a 3-day camp. It worked amazingly and got many compliments.
  • We got this for a last-minute fall camping trip and so glad we did. We can also utilize it in our backyard during the cold winter nights.
  • This fire pit is definitely a must-have for camping. 2 thumbs up.
  • Best fire pit I’ve ever used.
  • We camped in the mountains in December and had lots of fires for extended periods of time.
  • The mesh allowed air to flow through making the starting of the fire so easy.
  • As the fire burned, the continual airflow made for fantastic campfires. 
  • This pop-up campfire pit exceeded expectations. It is the solution if you are looking for a portable campfire pit. 
  • The family and I love this fire pit! So easy to set up and break down, takes up less space than a camp chair. 
  • It is the best campfire pit in my experience. Needs very little wood. Easy start—no more smoke.
  • This is one of the best investments for camping and family gatherings. So easy to assemble and the fire begins easily

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A Portable Fire Pit For RV Owners And For The Beach

The Pop-Up Fire Pit is the first truly portable wood or charcoal-burning fire pit. It is made with aircraft-grade aluminum, stainless steel hardware, and powder coated finish that is stronger than any other portable fire pit for outdoor use.

We bought this for our RV and it’s perfect. Easy to pop up and down. Stores easily in carrying case. Easy to clean. Lightweight so it doesn’t add extra weight to our camper…

The design incorporates a patented safety feature that keeps it closed when not in use. When you are ready to enjoy your fire pit, simply lift the handle and the lid pops open.


Pop-Up Fire Pit | Portable and Lightweight | Fullsize 24 Inch | Weighs 7 lbs. | Never Rust Fire Pit | Heat Shield Optional for Leave No Trace Fires (Pop-Up Fire Pit)

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The Pop-Up Fire Pit features four collapsible legs that fold down into two hard rubber feet that keep it secure on even the wettest grass or softest beach sand.

The Pop-Up Fire Pit is a great tool for camping, beach trips, bonfires at a friend’s house, or any other outdoor destination.

  • This is awesome for RV owners. We use it often and we love it. Very easy to set up, and takedown.
  • Excellent little pit for RVer’s and camping where you need to have a fire pit for a campfire. I used it to cook my food as well while camping.
  • Very useful for RV travelers. So far satisfied with the performance.
  •  I purchased this because we frequently camp in RV parks where you can supply your own fire pit but I didn’t want something that would take up a lot of space in my storage compartments.
  • We bought this for traveling in an RV, and I prefer using this to even firepits at the campground! It’s easy to set-up, and because it has airflow underneath it, it starts quickly and burns pretty much completely.
  • Totally impressed! I can put the bag on the back of my Ebike to take to the beach. Easy setup. 
  • We used this to have a fire on the beach. It was so nice. Very impressed with this product.

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Other Excellent Portable Fire Pits:


KINGSO Outdoor Fire Pit 22” Patio Fire Steel BBQ Grill Fire Pit Bowl with Mesh Spark Screen Cover


KINGSO Outdoor Fire Pit 22'' Patio Fire Steel BBQ Grill Fire Pit Bowl with Mesh Spark Screen Cover, Log Grate, Poker for Camping Picnic Bonfire Patio Backyard Garden Beaches Park
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This added for family time in the backyard. Very lightweight and can be easily stored. It came with everything needed and was very easy to assemble. Good for heat while outdoors and smores with the friends and family. The size is perfect for our small backyard and not bulky at all. For the price I paid its totally worth it…


er Comments:


  • I’m so excited to have this in my backyard, now that the weather is turning!
  • My kids and I try to spend time outside, and this will draw us out, even when it’s dark and cold.
  • It was extremely easy to put together, and we’ve used it every night since we got it on Friday.
  • Works great in my backyard!
  • We bought this because we don’t have a fence and things that we leave out mysteriously disappear overnight. Love how easy to move this is.
  • Once cooled down one of us can move it into the basement with ease.
  • And looks great when people come over on these early spring days.
  • We wanted one large enough for our whole family to sit around, with guests and this fits the bill perfectly!
  • I think for the price it’s a great deal and brings a little ambiance as you sit around it in your lawn chairs enjoying the night.
  • So worth the money !! Easily assembled Lightweight and the perfect size to sit around and have a few drinks after a long day’s work!!

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Camp Chef Redwood Port. Pro Fire Pitt


Camp Chef Redwood Portable Propane Fire Pit
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I got this fire pit for my husband for his birthday, after seeing a freind with one. He is like a kid in a candy store!!! Totally insane about this campfire. He uses it day and night….just like being at a campground. You can use it on grass and it doesn’t affect the grass; on your deck…etc. When you go camping and fires are forbidden due to fire danger….these are ALLOWED because they are contained. AND….you don’t have to worry about putting it out…just turn the dial and shut it off…


er Comments:


  • I really like this fire pit with the bag.
  • It’s great for my backyard and when I travel.
  • A great camping and backyard fire pit.
  • Our grandgirls loved to make smores in the backyard.
  • We use the fire pit in our tiny backyard to be able to sit out after dark and talk, a great way to shut the TV off.
  • We had a family dinner last week and for dessert we did smores… How good does it get?
  • We will pack it around with us in our RV, so we can have a campfire ANYWHERE…ANYTIME.

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Heininger 5995 58,000 BTU Portable Propane Outdoor Fire Pit


Heininger 5995 58,000 BTU Portable Propane Outdoor Fire Pit
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I am impressed by the size of the flame, and the heat it puts off, yet we had it on green grass, and it was cool on the underside and did not cause the grass to turn brown at all…


er Comments:


  • Whether you’re looking for a backyard fire pit or a dedicated travel unit that can take the use and abuse, this is the one for you.
  • It gives off a lot of heat and perfect for camping or hanging out in the backyard. Great buy!
  • It’s the perfect size for a quick easy weekend camping trip or taking it to the cabin (which we plan on doing).
  • I’ve used it while on camping trips and backyard chillin’ for a year now. Works flawlessly every time.
  • It’s also perfect for the backyard on the colder winter nights.
  • Easily the greatest backyard item EVER!!
  • This fire pit had NO heat under it and does not burn our grass.

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Outland Firebowl 870 Premium Outdoor Portable Propane Gas Fire Pit with Cover & Carry Kit

We have finished doing further research on this one and it is an amazing portable fire pit and you can read more about it here… Best Portable Propane Fire Pit (Warm Camp Fire Without The Smoke)

Outland Firebowl 870 Premium Outdoor Portable Propane Gas Fire Pit with Cover & Carry Kit, 19-Inch Diameter 58,000 BTU Auto-Ignition
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No smoke and no chopping you can use it under fire restrictions as well in your backyard…


er Comments:


  • We can also use this in our backyard during the fire season.
  • I will definitely be recommending this to anyone/everyone who enjoys camping!
  • This gizmo has led to a whole new evening routine of “fire pit moments” in our backyard when the sun goes down
  • We’ve already used this in our backyardLove that there’s no mess from wood to clean and takes way less room to pack.
  • The flame looks almost like a Wood burning fire and gives a nice heat.
  • We use it the last year for camping in California when fire restrictions are in place and in our backyard when it’s spare the air is alert and it’s still like new.
  • Very little heat created below the pit did not burn the grass
  • I would recommend this fire pit for backcountry camping for sure.
  • It was nice to be able to place our camp-fire where we wanted it as opposed to where the campsite fire ring was located.

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Outland Firebowl 863 Cypress Outdoor Portable Propane Gas Fire Pit with Cover & Carry Kit


Outland Firebowl 863 Cypress Outdoor Portable Propane Gas Fire Pit with Cover & Carry Kit, 21-Inch Diameter 58,000 BTU
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Wow, this fire bowl really exceeded our expectations! We immediately put it to use, in the backyard, camping at the beach, camping at a state park! It has been moved, used and thoroughly enjoyed! This was a gift for my husband and we LOVE campfires, fire pits, etc. unfortunately having asthma it put a damper on any wood burning action. This fire bowl has brought us back to being able to enjoy flames without the smoke, embers and mess of a typical fire. Easy set up, turn it on and instant enjoyment! Time for bed, just turn it off – no worry about burning embers…


er Comments:


  • We’ve been approached everywhere we bring it wanting to know where to buy one!
  • Love! Great for our backyard and to take camping.
  • Best of all, no smoke!
  • We have roasted smores over our fire pit with no issues.
  • I am sensitive to wood-burning fires thanks to asthma, plus we have many “no burn days” in our area, so this was the perfect solution for our family.
  • Perfect for backyard get-togethers or taking camping.
  • No smoke, no wood gathering. No sparks.
  • When you are prohibited to light a standard campfire, most of the time they’ll still let you use gas fire.

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Rootless Large Portable Outdoor Fire Pit: Collapsing Steel Mesh Fireplace


Rootless Large Portable Outdoor Fire Pit : Collapsing Steel Mesh Fireplace - Perfect for Camping, Backyard and Garden - Carrying Bag Included
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Perfect for small fires on the patio. We have many large oaks on our lot – an endless supply of twigs. This firepit is perfect for burning a pile of twigs while I de-stress with a glass of wine in the evening…


er Comments:


  • It’s also large and sturdy enough that I’m going to use it in my backyard too instead of the heavy Weber kettle-style fire pit.
  • After trying it out in my backyard last night, I am even more impressed with this little pit!
  • Not one single ash fell through the mesh overnight, and clean up was very easy – I dumped the ashes into my big outdoor fire pit, then took a small brush to clean the mesh.
  • I got this for our outdoor patio and it is a perfect size.
  • We have friends over for s’mores and just hanging out on the patio and it’s perfect.

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Sunward Portable Outdoor Patio Propane Fire Pit with 19 Inch Fire Bowl


Sunward Portable Outdoor Patio Propane Fire Pit with 19 Inch Fire Bowl, Includes Lava Rocks, Lid, Carry Handle and Weather Resistant Bag, 58,000 BTU
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This fire pit is awesome! It puts out a great deal of heat and is absolutely beautiful. We have camped with it twice and have fielded several inquiries from fellow campers. The first place we used it did not allow wood fires and our neighbor remarked that he thought we were breaking the rule because the flame looked just like a real wood burning campfire. I love the convenience of being able to pack it into the included bag and put it right inside our camper for traveling…


er Comments:


  • A great fire pit, using it while camping and at home also, like it that is 58,000 BTU in such a small package.
  • Now we get to enjoy a fire in our campsite and smell the wood from other campsites without compromising my lungs.
  • The bonus is that we have been using it on our deck this winter…we love it.
  • Good for the Patio but Camping also. Many areas do not allow a wood-burning fire.
  • Great portable fire pit. Bought it to use camping when wood fires are not permitted.
  • It comes with everything you need including a carrying bag. All you need is a propane tank.
  • Perfect for our weekend camping trips!! Nice flame

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Pop-Up Fire Pit – Portable Outdoor Fire Pit and BBQ Grill


Pop-Up Fire Pit - Portable Outdoor Fire Pit and BBQ Grill | Packs Down Smaller than a Tent | Two Carrying Bags Included | X-Large Grilling Area (Fire Pit, Heat Shield, and Quad-Fold Grill Included)
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Seriously, stop researching and comparing other portable fire pits. This is the one. Super portable, easy to set up, and works as well as (even better than) the description states. I was honestly impressed with the overall design and build-quality…


er Comments:


  • We’ve used this twice on our deck so far. it really works great!
  • We put together a multi-course meal and every last item was cooked on the Campfire Defender Pop-Up Pit and Grill.
  • No wobbling under the weight of a cast-iron skillet, a pot of boiling water, and a handful of other items on the grill grates.
  • Tons of room to cook for a family of five.
  • We removed the grates and tossed on a few more logs after dinner for a solid campfire for the rest of the evening.
  • When we broke camp, everything was easy to clean and tucked back into the carrying cases for the next outing.
  • This fire pit and grill has already earned a permanent spot in our camping kit.

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Fire Sense 62133 Sporty Campfire Portable Gas Fire Pit


Fire Sense 62133 Sporty Campfire Portable Gas Fire Pit, Mocha
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Purchased this to use on RV camping trips. It’s the perfect size for travel and a great way to enjoy a campfire at places that don’t allow wood fires. We’ve used it for roasting smores and hot dogs…


er Comments:


  • It was very helpful during camping when it was fire season as no fires were allowed.
  • But with this propane unit, it is a safe burn with no flying ambers.
  • We didn’t have to miss out and the kids got to roast their marshmallows.
  • Easy to carry and store.
  • No more wood fires in many campgrounds. Propane is easy on and then off at the end of the evening. No more waiting for the wood to burn down before going to the tent.
  • Great for camping, no need to carry all that heavy wood laden with bugs and dirt.
  • No smoky campfire smell. We use it often.

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What To Put Under A Fire Pit On Grass?

You can place a fire pit directly on top of the grass. However, certain precautions are required to make sure that there is no damage to the grass.

Safety is, of course, the primary concern but you also want to prevent damage to the grass. Fortunately, there are several ways to not only protect the grass but also keep everyone safe.

There are a number of different things that you can use as a protector for grass and a stabilizer for your fire pit. The following are some recommendations…

Fire Pit Heat Shield

As the name suggests, a heat shield is a barrier that is specifically made to shield a surface from heat damage. It can be used on any type of flooring, e.g. wood, concrete, grass, etc.

Once you have put the heat shield under your fire pit, you won’t have to worry about it damaging your grass.

Heat shields are easily available on the market and most of them provide a barrier for up to 2,000 degrees. They are fairly cheap as well.

A great example of a fire pit heat shield is the following…


Titan Great Outdoors Fire Pit Heat Shield for Fire Ring


Titan Great Outdoors Fire Pit Heat Shield for Fire Ring

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The fact that this fire pit heat shield is elevated from the ground is an added advantage to look for when buying a heat shield.

This particular fire pit heat shield not only can protect your grass it is excellent for patios, wood decks, and other areas you want to stop burning.

Fire-Resistant Mat For Fire Pit

Heat shields offer great protection but they are a little bulky. If you are looking for something easier to maneuver, then it is recommended that you consider a fire-resistant mat.

Fire-resistant mats are highly portable, making them a great product to put under a fire pit on the grass.

They are relatively larger though. In fact, some of them are larger than heat shields. So, keep your specific needs in mind when buying one.


Ember Mat | 67″ x 60″ | Fire Pit Mat | Grill Mat | Protect Your Deck, Patio, Lawn or Campsite from Popping Embers


Ember Mat | 67" x 60" | Fire Pit Mat | Grill Mat | Protect Your Deck, Patio, Lawn or Campsite from Popping Embers

Click image to view on Amazon


What is especially good about this ember mat is how portable it is and how many different circumstances you can use it.

This fire pit mat will not only stop your grass from burning it can also be used on decks, patios, balconies, and is ideal for camping sites.

Brick Pavers or Patio Slabs

Using brick pavers or patio slabs is a simple and cost-effective solution. You can pick up a few at your local hardware store and put them under your fire pit.

After using the fire pit, don’t forget to move them off the grass so that there is no risk of grass damage.

While moving them is not really mandatory, it is a good practice because it minimizes the risk of compression or other undesired effects on the grass.

Other Options

If you don’t want to buy anything extra to put under your fire pit, then you will be glad to know that there are other options available.

However, keep in mind that you risk damage to your grass by not putting anything under your fire pit.

Eventually, the excessive heat will lead to your grass turning an undesirable brown color.

Soak the Ground with Water

Soaking the ground with water is the easiest and the cheapest solution to preventing damage to the grass.

It is a viable solution because as the fire pit starts to heat up, the water evaporates before any damage can be done.

You will need to make sure that the grass is liberally soaked and not too much saturated that it becomes waterlogged.

Otherwise, it may not be able to provide a sound, solid place to put a fire pit.

Move the Fire Pit Around

If you put the fire pit in a single location, it will lead to compression, hence damaging your grass.

So, you should move it around the yard to avoid compression and make sure that it is in a safe location.

Further reading: Is Quechua A Good Brand? (Outdoor Clothing & Camping Equipment)Is Kobalt A Good Brand? (Reliable Tools For The DIYer & Tradies), and Is Alpine A Good Brand? (Very Good Speakers, Subwoofers, Radios)

In summary, you can make a case for just about any of the portable firepits mentioned above as they are all very good products.

However, we are sticking with the Portable and Lightweight Pop-Up Fire Pit as our best portable fire pit for backyards as it fits all of our requirements including the very important fact that it doesn’t burn your grass.

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