Best Steam Iron That Doesn’t Leak (Never Burn Your Clothes Again)

A Steam Iron With An Anti-Drip Function

If you are looking for a steam iron that doesn’t leak or burn your clothes then we present to you the clothes iron that consumers specifically said they don’t leak…

There are many possible reasons why iron leaks or spits. Sometimes the steam is leaking through the soleplate, sometimes it is escaping from under the water tray, sometimes it is coming out of the soleplate holes. But one of the main reasons that iron leaks or spits are insufficient heat.

A leaking iron is the most annoying thing, and it can be most exasperating to try to find out why iron is leaking. Some irons leak from the beginning and some start leaking after a while, but they all leak if you don’t know how to use them properly.

A leaking iron can also result from the poor design of the iron. A leaking iron wastes water and energy and makes a mess on your clothes and floors. Some irons leak even when they are on their storage base, so it is important for you to know how to test the functionality of your steam iron.

But based on customer feedback the Beautural Iron has the most positive comments about no leaking…

Best Steam Iron That Doesn’t Leak And Has Safety Features So You Never Burn Clothes Again

BEAUTURAL 1800-Watt Steam Iron with Digital LCD Screen

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An Electrical Iron That Doesn’t Leak!

The steam function helps remove wrinkles and creases from all kinds of fabrics and can be turned on or off depending on how much steam you want.

The BEAUTURAL 1800-Watt Steam Iron also has an anti-drip function to prevent water from dripping onto your clothes when you remove them from the fabric surface. And it automatically turns off when not in use for up to 30 minutes after being idle.

The BEAUTURAL 1800-Watt Steam Iron also has a pause button to prevent accidentally burning your clothes; it also shuts off automatically after 30 minutes of nonuse to help conserve energy. The swivel cord makes this iron easy to use and the ultra-lightweight design makes ironing easier than ever before.


BEAUTURAL 1800-Watt Steam Iron with Digital LCD Screen, Double-Layer and Ceramic Coated Soleplate, 3-Way Auto-Off, 9 Preset Temperature and Steam Settings for Variable Fabric
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Here Is What Consumers Said About This Steam Iron That Doesn’t Leak:

This is hands down the best Iron that I have used it heats up fast the blast of steam is awesome and best of all no leaking water. You will not be disappointed with this product…

  • No leaking of water from the spout or holes on the ironing surface.
  • It works well and does not leak and functions as much as good as more expensive models.
  • I normally have to iron 3 cotton shirts and then refill however with this iron was able to do 8 shirts and still had water left. In addition, it never leaked once! 
  • It does not leak out water and removes wrinkles in one stroke.
  • I found the cord length to be generous and I did not experience any leaking.
  • This one is heavier, creates lots of steam, doesn’t leak, and irons like a son of a gun.
  • It does not leak and irons really nicely.
  • The most important thing is that it is working fine. No leak
  • It heats quickly and the water doesn’t leak out.
  • 2 months of weekly use and still working well with no leaks.
  • It doesn’t leak on my clothes like my previous iron either.
  • No leaking, a nice jet of steam on its own by the setting, and when the steam button is used.

LOTS of steam… and steam is adjustable little to LOADS of it… NO leaks or sputters… heats up very fast.

  • It heats up so quickly, generates plenty of steam, and has a very smooth plate so glides over the clothes easily and most important – absolutely no leaking.
  • This iron is working great! No leaking and puts out a good amount of steam.
  • I love the fact it doesn’t leak
  • This iron gets nice and HOT! And it doesn’t leak. Ever!
  • Since I’ve had Beautural I haven’t had a leak
  • The cord is the right length for her, heats up VERY quickly, and doesn’t leak water all over her clothes!
  • It holds a good amount of water without leaking.
  • This iron is great! It doesn’t leak, it’s a nice solid weight and all the different material settings are a big bonus and you will use them.
  • This is the best iron I’ve ever had no leaks no spills easy to regulate temperature and great price it doesn’t get any better.

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A Steam Iron That Doesn’t Burn Your Clothes!

It features a clear-view LCD screen, so you can easily choose from the 9 preset modes without having to guess at the right temperature for each fabric type.

The temperature can be set automatically depending on the type of fabric you are ironing. A steam shot button provides continuous steam so that your garments will be wrinkle-free and smooth after every use.

This BEAUTURAL model also has an automatic shutoff feature so that you do not have to worry about accidentally leaving the iron on while it is unattended.




BEAUTURAL 1800-Watt Steam Iron with Digital LCD Screen, Double-Layer and Ceramic Coated Soleplate, 3-Way Auto-Off, 9 Preset Temperature and Steam Settings for Variable Fabric

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It didn’t ruin my kurtis(indian attire) also like the fact that it would turn off automatically if you leave it unmoving on ground facing for long time so reduce the burn possibility and heats up quickly…

  • There has excellent heat distribution. No burning clothes because of hot spots.
  • It has a double-layer coated soleplate which prevents cloths burning and adds more to the iron quality.
  • Safe to use without burning the fabric.
  • This iron works fantastic heats up fast wrinkle-free in only two passes over pants doesn’t burn.
  • Love how it gives you an ideal setting so you don’t have to worry about burning your clothes or making sure the temperature isn’t too high.
  • Just as described and no messy sole plate burn
  • It is so easy to set it to the right temperature with the backlit screen dial and don’t worry about damaging the clothes.
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This Clothes Iron Is So Easy To Use!

The handle of this BEAUTURAL model has been ergonomically designed for comfort and ease of use, ensuring that you have a comfortable grip while ironing even the toughest fabrics. The water tank is clear so that you can check at a glance how much water is left in the tank.

You can also easily fill the iron with water when needed because it has a large opening on the back of the iron that makes filling simple. It heats up quickly and works very well at getting out wrinkles! If you are looking for a great iron that will work well, look no further!

The anti-drip feature helps to prevent water from dripping outside of your garment as you work to achieve perfectly pressed clothing.



BEAUTURAL 1800-Watt Steam Iron with Digital LCD Screen, Double-Layer and Ceramic Coated Soleplate, 3-Way Auto-Off, 9 Preset Temperature and Steam Settings for Variable Fabric

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This iron has so many great features including an easy-to-read digital screen, 9 heat settings, easy cleaning mode, large ironing surface, etc. I have always purchased distilled water for my irons but the directions state to use tap water…

  • The display and controls are intuitive and easy to master. 
  • It is easy to use and I can easily see how much water is left in the tank.
  • The iron has 9 different modes, very easy to select fabric type and temperature.
  • And the self-clean option makes it so easy to use and upkeep.
  • This iron does everything I need! It is easy to use and heats up quickly. Best iron I have owned.
  • I am impressed with this iron, the first thing I realized is super easy to use. 
  • The iron soleplate is extremely smooth for an easy glide.
  • It is easy to use, It has several preset temperatures, just follow that.
  • The temp control is easy to use and the fill for the water is very accessible especially since they provide a small cup.
  • This iron heats up quickly and makes ironing a breeze.
  • I like this iron, it is easy to use and has a decent weight.
  • The variety of temperatures makes ironing various materials easy.
  • This iron feels heavy-duty and professional. The water reservoir is larger than any iron we’ve had before. The temperature is easy to adjust and holds a consistent heat to get all our ironing done.

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The Best Steam Iron For The Money!

The BEAUTURAL 1800-Watt Steam Iron has a clear view LCD screen that allows you to select your fabric type and always iron with the right heat. It incorporates 9 preset modes including the basics like Cotton, Wool, Linen, and Jeans as well as other unique modes such as silk and even children’s clothes.

With its durable design, this iron can last for years of daily use. With its attractive price, the BEAUTURAL 1800-Watt Steam Iron is a great bargain for your money!

The BEAUTURAL 1800-Watt Steam Iron is a professional-quality iron that lets you relax and enjoy your ironing, knowing that you’ve got the perfect temperature for any fabric type.


BEAUTURAL 1800-Watt Steam Iron with Digital LCD Screen, Double-Layer and Ceramic Coated Soleplate, 3-Way Auto-Off, 9 Preset Temperature and Steam Settings for Variable Fabric

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I combed through hundreds of and am glad I gave this VERY cost-effective iron a try. It heats up quickly, produces plenty of steam, and has all the features of a Rowenta at a third the price…

  • Worth the money. Lightweight and easy to use. Works like magic
  • I liked the price, the features, and it had the increased power I was looking for.
  • Great iron for money
  • For the money, awesome iron. Excellent results!
  • The best iron for your money everything works as it should.
  • So far it looks like a dependable iron and the price is amazing. 
  • Buy this. Great money-saving alternative over a Rowenta.
  • Best Buy for the money. Feature-rich.
  • I finally found this one and based on the regarding no leaking and price, was ecstatic that I had found my iron for the next 20+ years. 
  • Heads above the rest! I believe that this iron is very reasonably priced for its quality.
  • This iron is made well. It feels sturdy, gets up to temperature quickly, and does a great job getting the wrinkles out its good value for the money.
  • Finally, I found an iron that smooths linen and cotton well, and the price doesn’t bite.
  • Great purchase at a really affordable price, I’ve spent more than double on others and was not this impressed.

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Other Steam Irons That Don’t Leak:


Maytag M400 Speed Heat Steam Iron & Vertical Steamer with Stainless Steel Sole Plate


Maytag M400 Speed Heat Steam Iron & Vertical Steamer with Stainless Steel Sole Plate, Self Cleaning Function + Thermostat Dial
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I am tempted to say this is the best iron I’ve ever owned! It heats beautifully, it’s lightweight but not flimsy, and most of all, it doesn’t LEAK!! Love it, I highly recommend this for anyone who has been through a dozen other brands over the years. This is the one…


  • The best feature has not leaked water on clothes.
  • Reduces ironing time.
  • The iron glides nicely, doesn’t leak, doesn’t spray, and as I said, gets wrinkles out of dress shirts very quickly and easily.
  • This iron doesn’t leak, it turns itself off. I love it.
  • I’ve been using it for several weeks now and haven’t had any leaking issues or any other problems.
  • This iron gets really hot so it’s great on natural fibers and provides lots of steam without leaking a drop. 
  • The iron heats up very quickly, doesn’t leak, and doesn’t leave starch particles on my clothes.
  • Has done a very nice job of handling all of my work clothes without leaking, burning, or leaving the clothes shiny from the heat.
  • This model had the most consistently positive on multiple websites.
  • I’ve used it for quilting and sewing projects going on for 6 months now and it’s performed flawlessly.
  • It heats fast, NEVER leaks or drips water, and has lots of settings.

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ABOX Garment Steamer, Travel Steamer for Clothes


ABOX Garment Steamer, Steamer for Clothes, 1300W Steam Iron, Handheld Steamer with Removable Water Tank, Travel Steamer with 40s Fast Preheating
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This little steamer is Awesome! Gets the toughest wrinkles out like a breeze and very quickly. Biggest plus is no water leaking or dripping on the clothes at all. Works 10 times better than any iron I’ve used…


  • I can place my clothes anywhere ( this is especially convenient for me during the morning rush hour) without any fear of burning the surface.
  • Compact design heats up really quickly and the best is ceramic touch, which will not burn the clothes.
  • No leaks, quick to heat up… I really like it.
  • Best steamer EVER!
  • I have tried everything and this is by far the best one and easy to travel with!
  • It doesn’t leak and love the iron feature too!!

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HOMEVER Steamer for Clothes, 1300W Clothing Steamer


HOMEVER Steamer for Clothes, 1300W Clothing Steamer,Powerful Handheld Garment Iron Steamers, Horizontal and Vertical Ironing 4 in 1, 40s Fast Heat-up,Portable Mini Steamer for Home and Travel, Red
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I absolutely love the steamer. It turns on fast and there is no leaking of water on my shirts. It is small size. You can take it as a travel steamer just in case you need to wear professional attire when you go traveling. The price is very reasonable…


  • I like the design of this product and easy to travel with.
  • It doesn’t burn cloth and can either use as traditional iron on a board or use free-standing.
  • A safe thing to know is your clothes will never burn if the steamer is left on them.
  • This is a perfect travel iron that is easy enough for me to use and get the wrinkles out of anything.
  • A steam iron that doesn’t burn clothes and I actually love the design.
  • Pulling out this little travel iron is faster and easier and works great.
  • Just steam on the hanger.
  • Quick and easy to use!
  • Small and portable, great for travel.
  • It produced a good amount of steam in less than a minute.
  • This is going to save me so much time.

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Mueller Steam Iron, Large Water Tank, Nonstick Stainless Steel Soleplate


Mueller Steam Iron, Large Water Tank, Nonstick Stainless Steel Soleplate, 8 Ft Power Cord, 3 Way Auto Shut Off, Retractable Cord, Self Cleaning Function
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I’ve had a great experience with this iron. It does not burn or scorch my shirt. It heats up very quickly and provides the perfect about of steam. I was able to get the wrinkles out of my dress in minutes…


  • Nice burst of steam from the steam button, heats up quickly, doesn’t leak
  • This steam iron is awesome.
  • The design is great, size and weight allow me to quickly eliminate wrinkles while smoothly going over my clothes.
  • It is very easy to use, quickly heats up the water and produces a pretty decent amount of steam.
  • This allows me to work with ease and effortlessly, which is greatly saving my time.
  • It doesn’t burn or leave watermarks like some irons do, which is great.

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Vremi 1800 Watt Steam Iron for Clothes


Vremi 1800 Watt Steam Iron for Clothes - Nonstick Ceramic Sole Plate, 350 mL Water Tank, 8 Foot Power Cord, 3 Way Auto Shut Off and Self Cleaning Function
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As soon as you pick this iron up, you can tell that it’s quality made. It has a long cord as well as a temperature setting. On the side of the iron is a small see through part very similar to what drip coffee makers have to see the water level. This shows you how much water is inside the reservoir to use for steaming…


  • I enjoy the steaming settings and it does not burn your clothes.
  • This iron has many adjustable temperature settings which means that it should not burn anything on the bottom.
  • It steams well.
  • The special soleplate gives it a smooth glide.
  • There is also a safety feature that stops the heat after being inactive for 15 minutes.
  • This is by far the best iron I have ever owned and for a much better price.
  • Heats evenly and fast.
  • Many settings for all types of fabric.
  • Solid enough for all my needs even jeans.

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Shark Professional Steam Iron, Garment Steamer with Fabric Selector


Shark Professional Steam Iron, Garment Steamer with Fabric Selector, Auto-Shut Off and Stainless Steel Soleplate, 1800 Watts (GI505), Gold
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Best iron ever! I’ve owned dozens of irons (and used dozens more) over the years and this one is the best. Irons better and faster than any iron I have used in the past…


  • The wattage is higher, but there are several settings to keep one from burning their clothing.
  • It doesn’t leak at all and gets the wrinkles out quicker than my Rowenta.
  • I have not had a problem with leaking at all.
  • It really gets the wrinkles out of the fabric.
  • And it doesn’t leak water.
  • So much better than some other name-brand irons that cost twice as much!
  • The water tank is big and holds plenty of water and does not leak.
  • It heats up quickly, I’d say in about a minute, it steams just like you’d expect and there are no leaks when you fill it. 

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In summary, all of the steam irons above are very highly regarded however when it comes to the best steam iron that doesn’t leak we couldn’t go past the BEAUTURAL 1800-Watt Steam Iron as our number 1 choice, especially considering the other features of these excellent clothes iron also has.

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