Best Popcorn Machine For Home Theater Movie Nights

Do you like popcorn? Why not enjoy some at home using the Popcorn Maker Machine by Paramount. This medium-sized popcorn maker allows for even heat distribution and is coated with non-stick ceramic so you will have a mess-free experience…

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If you are looking to simulate the popcorn movie experience at home then this popcorn machine for the home theater makes popcorn that tastes like theater popcorn. You will have great family movie nights with this popcorn machine…

“The Best Popcorn Machine For Home Theater That Tastes Like You Were At The Movies”

Popcorn Maker Machine by Paramount

Popcorn Maker Machine by Paramount - New 8oz Capacity Hot-Oil Popper [Color: Red]
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What Reviewers Said About This Popcorn Machine For Home Theater:


 It Makes Enough Popcorn For 2 Big Bowls of Popcorn And It is Just Like The Movie Theater

I got this product for my media room and it has been absolutely frikin’ awesome. I consume copious amounts of popcorn and I pretty much only go out to see a movie so I can eat movie theater popcorn.

But now I have no reason to ever leave my house to bump elbows with complete strangers just to eat a metric ton of popcorn. I can do it from the comfort of my home and it’s sooo much less expensive than movie theater popcorn.

  • It is BETTER than movie theater popcorn.
  • I made a batch of popcorn with a 6oz pre-made pack and it tastes just like it came from a theater.
  • It’s the perfect addition to my movie theater family room I’m setting up in my downstairs.
  • I will definitely recommend this to anyone who loves movie theater popcorn.
  • Put one cup of kernels filled the oil butter in the pot, flip the switch on, and presto. Movie theater quality.
  • Almost used daily because this little popper is just like the theater ones and 110% better than a microwave!

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It Gives Us The Movie Theater Experience!

I love this popcorn machine. I use every time host family night. We put on a movie and pop popcorn. It gives us the movie theater experience!! I also bought the popcorn salt and butter. I feel like I’m in the theater each tome we make some.

  • We have a theater room and bought this machine for the fun of it. It makes good tasting popcorn as well!
  • Excellent quality movie theater popcorn.
  • Reminds me of the theater popcorn.
  • This is the popcorn machine you want for your home theater!
  • Movie nights with a popcorn machine feels like your actually in a theater.
  • Just like getting Popcorn at the movie theater.
  • We bought popcorn oil and flavor and every bowl tastes like theater popcorn.
  • I just use coconut oil and popcorn kernels with popcorn salt. Taste just like the theater popcorn.
  • We got it for the basement theater and use it frequently.
  • A great addition to our theater room works great and the kids love it easy to use.
  • And love the theater taste of the paramount popcorn we use, it’s the only popcorn we use.

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This Popcorn Machine is The Best Thing We Ever Got

All I can say is AWESOME!!!! I can see this bringing many joyful nights to my family. We have movie night every Friday, and now we don’t have to eat that terrible microwave popcorn anymore. 

  • This popcorn machine is the best thing we ever got. It works great and the popcorn is fresh after it is pop.
  • This product is the best purchase I have ever made.
  • Best popcorn machine ever.
  • This makes the best popcorn, better than the theatres.
  • Way better than microwave popcorn!!!
  • This machine surpassed my expectations. Great buy
  • Awesome better than I expected.
  • This is a great oil popcorn maker. Good size and makes popcorn pretty fast.
  • We absolutely LOVE this popcorn machine.
  • AMAZING!!! This popcorn maker is perfect for what I wanted it for.
  • I absolutely LOVE this popcorn machine.
  • The machine is sharp and goes well on the counter.

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The Best Home Popcorn Machine For The Money

Been wanting a popcorn machine for a long time. Great snack. The whole family loves it. Easy to use, easy to clean. And love the theater taste of the paramount popcorn we use, it’s the only popcorn we use. Thanks for making a quality machine at an affordable price.

  • For the price this thing is great.
  • Great buy for the price no issues setting up and arrived a day early.
  • For the price, you can go wrong! 
  • Good quality for the price.
  • For the price, it is worth every penny. Also, it is extremely easy to clean and set up only took a few minutes.
  • My wife loves it. Oh, we were satisfied with the price and the shipping was way faster than we expected.
  • For the price, it’s exactly what you would expect and it delivers the product you want.
  • Good price and large 8oz bags also fit!

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Another Excellent Home Popcorn Machine:


Olde Midway Vintage Style Popcorn Machine Maker Popper with Cart and 8-Ounce Kettle

Olde Midway Vintage Style Popcorn Machine Maker Popper with Cart and 8-Ounce Kettle - Black
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Popcorn machines are fun, but now you can take the party anywhere with this popcorn maker cart! This cart goes great with any countertop style popcorn machine.

The Cart can hold the machine as well as up to 30 bags of popcorn. Space is also available for oils and seasonings, so you and your family can quickly make a lineup of crisp popcorn in no time.


Reviewer Comments:


It’s been about a year since I bought this. I had this popcorn machine in my cart for months thinking about buying. That’s month of missed delicious theater style popcorn I missed out on. This thing is awesome!

I was actually surprised at the construction. For what it costs, the construction is solid, it’s easy to put together, and the kettle is heavy duty. I’m now a hero to my kids and family movie night is extra special!


  • Perfect for the home theater.
  • It has literally transformed my living room into a theater.
  • This is a really good buy and we have really enjoyed having movie theater popcorn anytime we want it.
  • Just like being at the theater.
  • It works well and popcorn smells and tastes just like the popcorn at the theater.
  • Great for movie theater popcorn lovers!
  • We eat popcorn every weekend and for family gatherings. This machine makes popcorn just like at the theater.
  • It was well worth the investment. I put it in my movie/game room and my entire family loves it.
  • I love it when my entire house smells like the movie theater.
  • Well built and it adds so much charm to the room.
  • I love everything about this popcorn maker.
  • It is stylish, great quality, cute, and perfectly balanced for any place in the home.
  • Bought the all-in-one popcorn Aggies and made movie theater-quality popcorn.
  • It’s delicious and it tastes just like I’m at the theater.

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In summary, the Popcorn Maker Machine by Paramount is our best popcorn machine for home theater that makes popcorn that tastes just like you were at the movies.

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