Stores Similar to Rei (8 Alternative Outdoor Retailers)

Rei is the world’s leading outdoor retailer offering the highest quality products to those who love the outdoors. No matter what your adventure or passion is, Rei will provide you with every item you will ever need or want for the great outdoors.

They offer an extensive variety of clothing, footwear, and accessories for men, women, and children. Rei also offers a wide selection of camping equipment, climbing gear, cycling equipment, travel gear, and more.

As good as Rei’s perhaps you want to find an alternative. Let’s look at some other excellent providers of outdoor clothing and equipment that are similar to Rei.

Infographic - Stores Similar to Rei

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1. Campmor

The Campmor Shop is a popular outdoor store selling camping gear, hiking clothes, backpacks, and other outdoor gear.

Campmor and Rei are two camping gear companies that offer similar products to outdoor enthusiasts. Both of these companies have been around for decades and have built a reputation for quality products and excellent customer service.

In addition to selling hiking clothes and backpacks, the company also offers an extensive selection of tents, sleeping bags, and other types of accessories such as headlamps and water bottles that can be used while on an outdoor adventure or camping trip.

What makes Campmor so good is the number of products they have from the top brands in the industry such as:

Columbia, Darn Tough, Eureka, Fjallraven, GSI Outdoors, Keen, Kelty, Marmot, MERRELL, MSR, Nemo Equipment, Oboz, OOFOS, Osprey, Outdoor Products, Outdoor Research, PATAGONIA, Prana, Ray-Ban, Salomon, Smartwool, Smith, SockGuy, Terramar, THERM-A-REST, The North Face, Toad&Co, Thule, Under Armour, Wigwam, Yakima, and Yeti.

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2. Backcountry

The Backcountry Shop is a specialty outdoor store. Like Rei, the Backcountry Shop is known for its knowledgeable staff, excellent customer service, and wide selection of products.

The Backcountry Shop carries everything you need for your next adventure. They have an extensive selection of outdoor gear, clothing, and footwear from big brands such as Patagonia, Arc’teryx, and The North Face to the small and undiscovered.

They also offer a wide range of outerwear styles including jackets, fleeces, shells, and vests. You can find all manner of hats, gloves, scarves and more too.

Backcountry also sells packs for backpacking, climbing, and skiing along with sleeping bags and tents too!

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3. Moosejaw

Moosejaw is a specialty outdoor retailer that sells products ranging from clothing, footwear, and accessories to camping gear and backpacks. In addition to its online store, Moosejaw also has physical stores located t oughout the United States, Canada, and Europe.

Moosejaw sells products from so many top brands in the world that they are too numerous to list here. They have hundreds and hundreds of brands to choose from that you can see here.

How Is the Moosejaw Shop Like the Rei Shop?

Both companies offer high-quality products at competitive prices. The Moosejaw shop offers customers one-stop shopping for all their outdoor needs while the Rei shop offers customers a wide range of outdoor gear from top brands such as Patagonia and Arc’teryx.

Both companies have strong customer relationships with their customers who enjoy shopping with them because they provide excellent customer service, excellent product quality, and competitive pricing on all their products.

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4. Bass Pro Shops

Bass Pro Shops is known for being a retail store that sells outdoor gear and fishing gear. Bass Pro Shops also has a large selection of hunting supplies, clothing, and camping supplies.

Bass Pro Shops offers the best selection of hunting gear, fishing tackle, camping supplies, and outdoor clothing at affordable prices without sacrificing quality or service standards that make them stand out from other competitors like Cabelas or REI (Recreational Equipment Inc).

Why Are Bass Pro Shops Like REI?

REI is another popular outdoors retailer that shares some similarities with Bass Pro Shops. Both companies sell products for activities like hiking, camping, and kayaking – but they also offer gear for less extreme pursuits like skiing or biking (for example).

In addition to selling products, both companies also offer classes that teach people how to use their gear properly (and safely). They also have educational programs that help children learn about nature and conservation.

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5. MEC

MEC is Canada’s largest outdoor retailer. It sells products that are designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor activity—clothing, footwear, and gear that can help you get outdoors and stay there.

They provide quality gear and clothing for hiking, camping, snowsports, running, yoga and cycling.

The MEC Shop is very well known for its outdoor equipment. They have a huge variety of outdoor gear and clothing, including tents, sleeping bags, and backpacks. They also carry a wide selection of bags to carry all your new gear in!

The MEC Shop is like Rei because they both carry high-quality products that are also environmentally friendly. However, Rei is more expensive than MEC because it carries only fashionable items, whereas MEC carries many different types of clothing including athletic wear, casual wear, and even formalwear – all at reasonable prices!

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6. Enlightened Equipment

Enlightened Equipment makes some of the finest backpacking gear on the market. They have a reputation for quality and innovation, and their fans are legion.

Enlightened Equipment makes ultralight backpacking gear that is designed to be as light as possible without sacrificing strength or comfort.

Their tents, sleeping bags, pads, and packs are all made from high-end fabrics that are waterproof and breathable, so you can stay warm even in wet conditions.

One of their most popular products is the quilt, which is a sleeping bag alternative made from down or synthetic fill and thin material.

Quilts are lighter, more compressible, and less expensive than traditional sleeping bags, making them ideal for backpacking.

They’re also warmer than silk sleeping bags because they don’t trap body heat as standard sleeping bags do. Enlightened Equipment makes two types of quilts: the Revelation and the Enigma.

The Revelation is an over-the-top quilt that has an opening on both ends so that it can be used as a blanket during warm weather or as a blanket during cold weather by using only one end of it. The Enigma is a top-quilt that can be used with any bottom insulation system (sleeping pad or under quilt).

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7. Mont-Bell

Mont-Bell is a Japanese company that specializes in creating high-quality, lightweight outdoor gear. All of their products are designed to be as light as possible while still offering maximum protection from the elements.

The company’s products are known worldwide, and they’re especially popular among backcountry hikers and climbers who need reliable gear that won’t weigh them down.

The Mont-Bell Shop also offers many other products like jackets, pants, shirts, and shoes. All these items are made with advanced materials that will keep you dry even when it gets wet outside!

They have a large range of sleeping bags, backpacks, bags, camping gear, cookware, poles, footwear, and accessories.

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8. Rock Creek Outfitter

Rock Creek Outfitters is a classic family-owned business and is a great example of how to build a brand. They have a strong, clear message that resonates with their customers.

Their target audience is made up of people who love the outdoors, appreciate well-made products, and want to support local businesses.

They offer the best brands in the industry, like Patagonia and Black Diamond, as well as their own private label line of boots, bindings, and snowboards. They also have a large selection of helmets, goggles, and apparel for all seasons.

They specialize in backpacking, camping, hiking, skiing, and snowboarding. Whether you are a first-time camper or an experienced backpacker, Rock Creek Outfitter has everything you need to make your trip more enjoyable.

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