Shower Chairs For Hip Surgery Recovery (Confidently Shower)

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If you are preparing for or recovering from a hip replacement hip surgery, or just have pain in your hips these 5 shower chairs will help you confidently shower during your recovery…

It is nice to be able to shower feeling safe with a sturdy product that you can rely upon and both the person with a bad hip and the carer will appreciate these chairs.

If you are in a hurry:

Our best overall is the Drive Medical Transfer Bench

The second choice is the Drive Medical Premium Series Shower Chair

And third is the Medline Shower Chair Bath Seat

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Drive Medical Transfer Bench

The Drive Medical shower bench has the most 5-Star ratings from people who are recovering from hip replacements. In fact, it has almost 3 times more “happy hipsters” than our second-placegetter.

When you consider, this shower seat was also our clear winner as the Best Shower Chair For After Knee Surgery it is starting to emerge as the best shower chair for all of your needs…

Drive Medical Plastic Tub Transfer Bench with Adjustable Backrest

Drive Medical Plastic Tub Transfer Bench with Adjustable Backrest (color may vary)

What Customers Recovering From Hip Surgery Said About The Drive Medical Plastic Tub Transfer Bench:

I Started Using It One Week After A Total Left Hip Replacement And Absolutely Love It!

This has been wonderful! It was stable, so I never felt it would tip over even though it was half in and half out of the tub. I was still pretty weak after the surgery and it was so nice to shower sitting on the bench. Amazingly, all the water stayed in the tub!

I Bought This For My Mother To Use After Her Hip Surgery…

  • Very sturdy and the wide seat with the back provide more safety than many other shower seats. The option to sit on it brute getting into the shooter is good. I was worried it would be too big for her small tub and bathroom but it worked out great.

 The Same Chair Used In Many Hospitals…

  • My mom had hip replacement surgery. We bought this item for her tub/shower. It’s lightweight, easy to assemble, and study. She was nervous about using a shower transfer bench as she is overweight, but she felt comfortable with this bench. The same one was used at the physical therapy rehab center she went to after the surgery.

You Can Rely On This Product…

  • When you are recovering from hip replacement, you want products that are sturdy and confidence-building. It is easy to slide across and high enough to traverse across my high-sided bathtub. Handles and suction cups are incredibly useful. The seat holes help with drainage after a shower.

A Must Have For Post-Hip Surgery…

  • I recently had hip replacement surgery and needed a transfer bench seat so I could easily get into the bathtub without having to raise my leg over the tub, which would have been very painful and extremely unsafe. I am still using the bench since my surgery 5 1/2 weeks ago.

Stable Help For In The Shower…

  • We bought this product because my husband just had hip replacement surgery, and it’s a very good product. The incremental adjustments allow you to offset between the height of the floor and the base of the tub.

Just What The Doctor Ordered…

  • This chair was perfect after my Mother’s hip surgery. It gave her the ability to slide into her bath in a safe and secure manner. Suction strength is great …it takes two hands to loosen to move it.

A Necessity With Broken Hip…

  • My physical therapist recommended this after I broke my hip. It is very sturdy and works exactly as expected.

Huge Help For My Hip Replacement Surgery…

  • So happy my therapist recommended it. Helped me so much! Broke my hip. I’ve recovered but keeping it for another month or so safe first!!

This Is A Keeper…

  • I bought this bench for my healing period after a hip replacement. But, it felt so luxurious to sit comfortably while scrubbing myself, I am going to continue using it once I am healed.

Can’t Imagine Not Having It…

  • This was a “must-have” after my hip replacement. I feel totally secure using it to get in and out of the shower and it gives me a solid seat while showering. Highly recommend it.

Drive Medical Premium Series Shower Chair

The same brand also comes in second place with its more standard shower chair that has arms and a backrest.

Drive Medical Premium Series Shower Chair with Back and Arms

Drive Medical Premium Series Shower Chair with Back and Arms

What Customers Recovering From Hip Surgery Said About The Drive Medical Premium Series Shower Chair:

I Just Had Hip Surgery And This Is So Helpful In The Shower!

Also, my youngest uses it as a step stool for brushing her teeth. It comes apart easy but stays sturdy while you need it up.

I Bought This For My Mother To Use After Her Hip Surgery…

  • I feel very confident having my 70-year-old mother use this (after having hip surgery).

Bought This For My Stepfather Who Was Having Hip Surgery…

  • Easy to assemble. He didn’t want to use it but had to admit it was a lifesaver. 

Love The Assistance This Provides In The Shower…

  • I just had a total hip replacement and my husband has chronic back issues.

Now A Permanent Fixture In Our Shower…

  • It is so nice to have a chair in the shower we have decided to keep it there, even though my husband has recovered from his hip surgery. The chair can be easily removed, but it is very handy to have in the shower.

Perfect For My Father Who Fell And Broke His Hip…

  • Worked perfectly for a post-hip surgery shower. Light, easy to maneuver, stable. Easy to put together and to adjust.

Great Shower Chair…

  • Works great for 91yo Mother In Law recovering from a broken hip. She loves it! makers, her feel very secure showering.

Dad Is Confident Taking Showers Now…

  • Bought it for my elderly parents after dad broke his hip. He is quite confident taking showers now. Good quality and sturdy.

It Has Been Invaluable…

  • We like the back on it, no mistake, and sit back too far. The arms make it easier to get up. My husband just had both hips replaced and will soon be doing both knees. It is sturdy and adjustable.

Perfect After Hip Surgery…

  • My mother had hip replacement surgery so we ordered this chair. It came in a timely manner. It was easy to assemble and worked well for what we needed.

Safe From Falling…

  • After my wife recovered from surgery for a broken hip, we needed some way to do showers that would be safe from falling. This chair has worked very well and she will continue to use it even when she is fully healed.

Medline Shower Chair Bath Seat

The Medline Shower Chair takes third place but is quite a distance behind our second chair as far as comments about hip recovery are concerned.

However… still more than enough to get it into the third spot and to show it is a reliable shower chair for people with hip issues.

Medline Shower Chair Bath Seat with Padded Armrests and Back

Medline Shower Chair Bath Seat with Padded Armrests and Back, Great for Bathtubs, Supports up to 350 lbs

What Customers Recovering From Hip Surgery Said About The Medline Shower Chair:

I Bought This Chair For Showering And It Is Much Better Than Expected!

I fell and fracture the top of my femur around the hip prosthesis. So no weight bearing for up to six weeks. I recommend this shower chair without reservations.

This Is A Winner In My Book…

  • I was afraid at first I had tried two other chairs I have a broken hip and a knee replacement so I have to be very careful but I found this chair to be extra sturdy and I can shower safely.

I Fell And Broke My Hip…

  • Quality safe product for the shower. Home health suggested I get this item, for shower safety. We decided to raise the seat and back up some, what a difference. Now very comfortable.

The Chair Is Perfect For Her To Use In The Shower…

  • I purchased this chair for my 80 y/o Mother that had broken her hip. I also purchased a shower head holder that suction cups to the wall so she can reach out without having to try and hold it. It is a perfect match!

Very Helpful Post Hip Replacement Surgery…

  • I purchased this bath chair to allow me to take a shower while recuperating from a broken hip.


  • Much needed after having hip replacement surgery! I could take care of myself with little to no help.

Can Have Showers Again…

  • This chair was small enough to fit in our shower yet large enough to fit my husband’s large frame. It was perfect for helping my husband take a shower after his hip replacement.

 Got Us Through A Broken Hip…

  • My mom broke her hip, this has been the most useful and helpful change to her home.

Reliable Chair…

  • A great sturdy chair is needed for after my husband’s hip surgery.


  • Got this for a loved one recovering from hip replacement surgery. They love it. It is very sturdy, and the handles are great. It was pretty easy to assemble and has a quality feel. Very sturdy.

Vaunn Adjustable Shower Chair

Back in the fourth spot is the Vaunn shower chair and we are getting towards the bottom of the pack now as far as a shower chair for hip surgery is concerned. However, while comments are few the results were good.

Vaunn Adjustable Shower Chair

Vaunn Medical Tool-Free Assembly Spa Bathtub Adjustable Shower Chair Seat Bench with Removable Back

What Customers Recovering From Hip Surgery Said About The Vaunn Adjustable Shower Chair:

Perfect For Use After Hip Surgery!

Bought it for my 87 year old Mom who broke her hip and had a hip replacement. She loves it. She didn’t want to sit on anything hard for fear of pain but she was super comfortable in this chair and the safety eased her mind.


  • Did just what it was supposed to. Perfect for hip replacement recovery.

This Chair Has Assisted Me Greatly…

  • I am recovering from hip replacement surgery and the bath chair has been a big help (if you can not step into the tub by yourself, see about getting the other kind of bath chair that allows you to slide across the seat and into the tub).

Worked Very Well…

  • Got this for my mom when she broke her hip, worked well in the shower and tub, either halfway in or all in. All four legs are adjustable which makes it great for uneven surfaces too.

Has Worked Well For My Needs After Hip-replacement Surgery…

  • Wonderful product! Just had hip surgery and it is sturdy and was easy to put together.

Perfect Aid For Shower For Elderly…

  • Being used all the time in the shower for the elderly people who broke a hip in three places.

Post-Surgical Wonder…

  • Extremely helpful during recovery from a hip replacement. Very stable and easy to move around. I would be lost without it.

Vaunn Spa Bathtub Shower Lift Chair

The same brand that finished in fourth place has this chair as well that has made our top 5 list…

Vaunn Medical Spa Bathtub Shower Lift Chair

Vaunn Medical Tool-Free Assembly Spa Bathtub Shower Lift Chair, Portable Bath Seat, Adjustable Shower Bench, White Bathtub Lift Chair with Arms

What Customers Recovering From Hip Surgery Said About The Vaunn Adjustable Shower Chair:

Using This Shower Chair After A Total Hip Replacement1

This chair feels comfortable to sit in. I was able to shower with distant supervision the first time and have used it twice in the first week since the surgery.

This Is Such A Great Thing To Have…

  • I have very bad hip arthritis and am going to have a joint replacement soon. It’s been getting harder and harder to stand in the shower. This shower chair is so great! My life is so much better now that I can take a shower and not be in extreme pain!

I Can Safely Shower…

  • Exactly what we needed for safety in the shower during recovery and rehab of hip surgery. The chair is dependable and sturdy. I really like the draining seat for water to not collect.

Great Product…

  • Just what I needed for a hip replacement….you can take the back off if you do not want to use it… surprisingly comfortable seat and the product dries fast and is sturdy and easy to put together

Ideal Post-Op Shower Chair…

  • Exactly what we needed for use in the shower after total hip replacement. Sturdy. Especially useful to have it height-adjustable and to have arms.

Recently Had Hip Surgery And This Was My Best Friend…

  • Bought this for post-hip surgery, and it is not only secure in our shower but very comfortable in use.

It Made My Shower So Much Easier…

  • I used this chair after my hip surgery! It is really a lifesaver for me! It is lightweight but sturdy, and easy to clean!

Quick Overview of Facts

  1. Shower chairs are designed to provide support and stability for individuals recovering from hip surgery.
  2. They are typically made of lightweight materials such as plastic and aluminum and feature non-slip feet for added safety.
  3. The chairs are adjustable in height, allowing the user to find a comfortable position for bathing.
  4. The chairs also feature armrests and backrests for additional support and comfort.
  5. The chairs are designed to be easily cleaned and dried after use.
  6. The chairs are also designed to be easily transported, making them ideal for use in the home or in a hospital setting.
  7. The chairs can be used in a shower or bathtub, and some models feature a removable seat for use in the tub.
  8. Some models feature a reclining backrest, allowing the user to rest comfortably while bathing.
  9. The chairs are designed to be comfortable and supportive, helping to reduce the risk of falls and other injuries.

How do shower chairs for hip surgery recovery help patients?

Shower chairs for hip surgery recovery can be a great help to patients who are recovering from hip surgery. These chairs provide a safe and comfortable way for patients to bathe without putting too much strain on their hips. The chairs are designed to be adjustable, so they can be adjusted to the patient’s height and weight, as well as the type of hip surgery they have had. This allows for a more comfortable and secure bathing experience.

How do they improve safety during showering?

Improving safety during showering is an important part of maintaining a safe and healthy home. There are a variety of ways to improve safety during showering, including installing grab bars, using slip-resistant mats, and setting the water temperature. Grab bars are one of the most important safety features to install in a bathroom. Grab bars provide stability and support for those who are unsteady on their feet, allowing them to safely enter and exit the shower.

How easy are they to use?

The ease of use of a product or service depends on a variety of factors, including the user’s level of experience, the user interface design, the complexity of the task, and the availability of documentation or tutorials. For novice users, the most important factor is usually the user interface design. If the interface is intuitive and easy to understand, then the product or service will be easier to use.

How do they help patients conserve energy?

Conserving energy is an important part of patient care, as it can help patients to stay active and healthy while managing their medical condition. Healthcare providers can help patients conserve energy in a variety of ways. First, healthcare providers can help patients to understand the importance of conserving energy. They can explain the benefits of conserving energy, such as improved overall health and an increased ability to participate in activities.

Who needs a shower chair after hip surgery?

Anyone who has had hip surgery may need a shower chair. This is especially true if the individual is having difficulty standing for long periods of time or is unable to stand at all. The shower chair provides a safe and secure way for the individual to bathe without putting too much strain on the hip area. Shower chairs come in a variety of styles and sizes to accommodate different needs.

Who uses shower chairs for hip surgery recovery?

Shower chairs are often used by individuals who have recently undergone hip surgery as part of their recovery process. These chairs provide a safe and comfortable way for individuals to bathe without putting any strain on their hips or other areas of the body that may still be healing. Hip surgery is a major operation that can involve a variety of procedures, such as hip replacement, hip resurfacing, and hip arthroscopy.

What are the benefits of using shower chairs for hip surgery recovery?

Shower chairs are an invaluable tool for those recovering from hip surgery. They provide a safe, comfortable, and secure environment in which to bathe, and can be used to help with a variety of tasks related to hip surgery recovery. The most obvious benefit of using shower chairs for hip surgery recovery is that they provide a safe, comfortable, and secure environment in which to bathe.

What are the different types of shower chairs for hip surgery recovery?

There are several types of shower chairs available for hip surgery recovery. Depending on the type of surgery and the patient’s individual needs, the right chair can help make the recovery process easier and more comfortable. The first type of shower chair is a standard shower chair. These chairs are designed to provide stability and support while the patient is showering.

In summary, the first product on our list had by far the highest number of comments about how well it performed with hip issues.

The second product also did very well and it is by the same company but with a different design that may suit your circumstances better – especially if you have a smaller shower.

The third product is well worth considering also. However, it is a fair way back, as far as comments are concerned, in our third spot, but still a long way ahead of numbers 4 and 5.

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