Backpacks Like Vera Bradley (5 Vera Bradley Alternatives)

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5 Backpacks Similar To Vera Bradley

Vera Bradley is a well-known brand of bags and accessories. They make all sorts of different bags and backpacks, including some that are very popular with college students.

The Vera Bradley Iconic Backpack is one of the most popular Vera Bradley bag styles. It is available in a wide variety of colors and patterns (both regular prints and limited editions) and can carry a large amount of stuff comfortably. The backpack is also made from durable, easy to wipe clean fabric.

Some people love the look of Vera Bradley bags (Available on Amazon) but don’t want to buy something as expensive as a real Vera Bradley bag. If you’re looking for Vera Bradley-like backpacks, you’ve come to the right place!

1. Leaper Backpack

Leaper backpacks (Available on Amazon) are made of nylon or canvas. They are durable and water-resistant. The shoulder straps are padded for comfort. They are also adjustable to fit different body types. Some of their backpacks have extra padding on the shoulder straps and back, which makes them more comfortable to carry.

Since Leaper specializes in backpacks, they have a wide variety of styles to choose from. If you’re looking for something cute, check out their polka dot print or star print backpacks. If you want something more classic, go for the solid color ones like black or brown. If you want something fun, try one with a cartoon character on it like Hello Kitty or My Little Pony!


Leaper Floral School Backpack for Girls Travel Bag Bookbag Satchel Dark Blue


They also come in different sizes so there’s something for everyone: mini (kids), small (women), medium (men), large (unisex). The larger sizes have more room inside while the smaller ones don’t weigh as much on your shoulders when carrying them around all day long!

Leaper Backpack has More Designs and Colors than Vera Bradley

One of the main reasons for buying a bag is because we like its design and color. We want it to match our clothes or moods. If you want more options for designs and colors, then you should choose the Leaper bag instead of the Vera Bradley bag.

Leaper backpack comes in many unique designs that are not available in any other brands. Moreover, Leaper bags come in all kinds of colors such as Blue, Pink, Black, Red, Green, Purple, and even multicolor designs such as polka dots or floral patterns. You can choose the right design and color that fits your style and moods.

2. Kemy’s Canvas Backpack

The Kemy’s Canvas Backpack (Available on Amazon) is a good Vera Bradley alternative. It has several things going for it, including its durability, its looks, and its price.

The first thing that you need to know about the Kemy’s Canvas Backpack is the fact that it is made out of canvas. This means that it will be able to withstand the abuse that most backpacks get on a regular basis. It also means that it will be able to hold up in most weather conditions.

Another thing that makes this backpack a good Vera Bradley alternative is the fact that it is very durable. Since it is made out of canvas, you can expect it to last for quite a long time.


Kemy's Mens Canvas Backpack Leather Rucksack for Men Travel Backpacks Vintage Bookbag with Laptop Compartment Rustic Large Unisex Gifts Khaki


This also means that you can use it as a substitute for your Vera Bradley bag if you need one. You can even buy another one if you want to carry all of your things around with you at once.

Another thing that makes this backpack a good Vera Bradley alternative is the fact that it is very stylish. It comes in a variety of colors and designs so you can match them with just about anything in your closet

Kemy’s backpacks are fun and functional. They are available in many different prints and styles. The color designs are inspired by Vera Bradley’s unique look. But Kemy’s aren’t just for the ladies! Men can enjoy these durable bags as well.

The most obvious reason why Kemy’s Canvas Backpack is a good Vera Bradley alternative is the fact that it is just as stylish, if not more so. The company’s backpack has two large pockets on the front to put your phone, wallet or other smaller items in. It also has a zipper pocket at the top of the bag and one on the inside.

The backpack itself is made from durable canvas that can withstand everyday wear and tear. There are two adjustable straps on each side, which allow you to find the perfect fit for your body type.

3. JanSport Air Cure Backpack

The JanSport Air Cure Backpack (Available on Amazon) is the most perfectly designed backpack for a laptop. The corners have padding and it’s the perfect size to carry everything you need. It’s also very lightweight so you can carry everything you need without having to worry about being weighed down.

This backpack features padded back and shoulder straps, a breathable mesh, and an elastic waist strap that you can use to help distribute the weight of the backpack on your shoulders and back.

It has a large main compartment that opens via a drawstring closure with a cover flap that snaps closed. It also has several pockets, including side water bottle holders, pen pockets, and an organizer pouch in the front pouch.


JanSport Cool Student, Blue Ditsy, One Size


  • JanSport Air Cure Backpacks have a design that makes them easy to carry. They’re not too bulky, not too heavy, and they have padded air cells that provide padding for your notebook computer.
  • They’re lightweight and strong enough to withstand even the most rigorous use. They can handle a few bumps, bruises, and even water spills and still be in pristine condition after many years of use.
  • They’re made from high-quality materials so they’ll last for years to come. You won’t find any cheap plastic or metal in these backpacks!

This backpack has an ergonomic design, which makes it comfortable to carry around on a daily basis, even if you have a full load of books or other items inside your bag.

The straps are padded so they don’t dig into your shoulders even after several hours of use. It also features S-curve shoulder straps so it fits better against your body’s natural shape.

When it comes to storage space, JanSport Air Cure has double the storage space per cubic inch compared to Vera Bradley backpacks! It has a large main compartment with multiple slip pockets as well as two side water bottle pockets and two front stash pockets with zipper closures.

4. Snowy Fox Backpack Purse

If you are looking for a small backpack purse, Snowy Fox is a good Vera Bradley alternative. It is made of very soft and high-quality vegan leather.

The bag has a small size to carry only the essentials like your wallet, phone, keys, and other personal items. The bag also has an interior pocket with a zipper to keep your valuables safe.

This bag is made in Italy from fine leather. It features adjustable straps and a top handle for easy carrying. The interior has two sections separated by a divider with two slip pockets on either side for cell phones or other small valuable items.

The quilted cotton used for Snowy Fox Backpack Purse is made in China but the quality is equal to Vera Bradley. It lasts very long, it doesn’t tear and it doesn’t fade its color easily even with frequent washing. So there’s really no need to pay more for something that has the same quality as the cheaper one.

5. Coofit Backpack

This bag is made from high-density cotton canvas. It features adjustable shoulder straps, a top handle, and a faux leather front pocket that snaps shut.

The interior has one large main compartment that can hold a book or binder. There is also an interior zipper pocket and two open pockets to help organize smaller items in the bag.

Coofit backpack is practical, fashionable, and affordable.

This bag comes in 4 different patterns so there should be one that catches your eyes. All of the patterns are very nice and suitable for everyday purposes. The bag has 2 straps and a handle for carrying options. The straps are adjustable as well.

Coofit backpack has a good quality, durable waterproof canvas fabric with PU leather trimming and metal hardware. It looks stylish and classy, yet it’s very affordable compared to Vera Bradley bags.

They’re both really cute and colorful.

You know what they say, “What’s outside looks as good as what’s inside.” And when it comes to backpacks, they need to look good — because they’re going to be carried around most of the time.

As such, there is an abundance of backpacks out there that are super cute and practical at the same time. But if you want your backpack to stand out from the crowd, then Coofit backpack is for you.

Coofit backpack comes in various quirky designs that will surely make heads turn on your way to school or work. It’s also available in different colors so if you’re looking for something monoc omatic or with splashes of color, then Coofit has got you covered!

In summary, The Vera Bradley backpack is among their most popular bags to date. It is available in a wide variety of fun prints and styles. It is not only very functional but also very stylish as well.

There are many other brands that make backpacks similar to Vera Bradley. If you are looking for a backpack that is just as stylish as Vera Bradley but at a more affordable price point, these brands will be perfect for you.

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