Backpacks Like North Face (8 North Face Backpack Alternatives)

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Backpacks Like North Face

The North Face backpack is an obvious choice for students, hikers, and professionals alike. If you are looking for a backpack that will last you a long time, then this brand is one of the best choices you can make.

The backpacks designed by North Face can be used for camping, hiking, traveling, and many other activities. You can carry these good-looking packs on your back while exploring the world.

If the North Face backpack (Available on Amazon) does not have the features or look that you want, there are plenty of other brands out there that have similar quality and functionality. The list below includes backpacks like North Face.

1. Kelty

If you’re looking for a good North Face backpack alternative that can keep up with your outdoor adventures and can still withstand the wear and tear, then you should consider Kelty.

The Kelty brand (Available on Amazon) was created in 1952 by Dick Kelty who became a pioneer in pack making. He introduced innovative materials and technologies to make packs more durable, stable, and comfortable.

Since then, the Kelty brand has become synonymous with quality and innovation in making high-quality backpacks that continue to meet the needs of hikers, campers, and climbers around the world.

Kelty Redwing Backpack, Hiking and Travel Daypack with fit-pro adjustment, custom torso fit & more

And while North Face is a household name when it comes to backpacks, Kelty has also made a name for itself as a dependable alternative.

These backpacks are ideal for hiking, camping, travel, and everyday use. Kelty backpacks offer good value for money and come in a wide range of designs for men, women, and children.

You might think that because Kelty bags are so much cheaper than other brands, they won’t be as durable – but you’d be wrong! These bags are made out of nylon and heavy-duty fabrics that won’t tear or rip easily.

2. Teton Sports

If you’re looking for a North Face backpack alternative, Teton Sports (Available on Amazon) offers a great lineup of outdoor backpacks.

The North Face has been synonymous with outdoor gear for decades, but they aren’t the only game in town when it comes to making great outdoor packs.

Teton Sports has been making affordable, high-quality outdoor gear since 1982. From tents and sleeping bags to camp stoves, trekking poles, and water bottles – Teton Sports makes all the equipment you need for camping and hiking, as well as backpacks to carry it all in.

TETON SPORTS Internal Frame, Hunter Green, 55L

There are dozens of different Teton backpacks available for all kinds of outdoor activities. Whether you’re looking for a hydration pack for trail running or a large hiking backpack to take on long treks, there’s a backpack from Teton Sports that will suit your needs and fit your budget.

The backpack comes with an adjustable torso suspension system, which can be adjusted to fit your height (it’s important to have a well-fitted backpack, especially if you’re planning on carrying it around for more than 10 hours).

3. High Sierra

The High Sierra backpacks (Available on Amazon) is actually quite comparable to The North Face backpacks in many ways.

They are durable and made of high-quality materials, they have lots of compartments and pockets, they are comfortable to wear on your back, and they are waterproof and able to withstand harsh conditions outdoors. They’re also usually less expensive than The North Face backpacks.

High Sierra Curve Backpacks have more pockets than the North Face Borealis backpack. You can store things in your main compartment, laptop sleeve, organizer compartment, and water bottle pocket.

One of the main advantages of buying a High Sierra backpack instead of a North Face one is the price. The cost of these products varies significantly based on the type and features of the backpack, but generally speaking, it costs less to buy a High Sierra product than it does to buy one from North Face.

High Sierra Pathway Internal Frame Hiking Backpack, Pine/Slate/Chartreuse, 90L

Many people prefer the cheaper alternatives because it means they can spend more money on their trip instead of on equipment.

Another reason why High Sierra is better than North Face is that they offer similar quality at a lower price point.

The High Sierra Loop Backpack has many features that make it as good as any North Face backpack. It comes in several different colors including black, blue, and red. It also has several different sizes to choose from including small, medium, and large.

The main compartment opens fully so you can access all your stuff easily without having to dig through the bag to get what you need.

The High Sierra pack also offers an external zippered pocket which is perfect for storing small items like pens, pencils, or keys. The top-loading design gives you easy access to everything inside so you don’t have to fumble around trying

4. Deuter

North Face backpacks and Deuter packs (Available on Amazon) have a lot in common. They are both well-regarded brands that produce high-quality products for outdoor enthusiasts. The North Face is currently the more popular brand, but Deuter is no slouch either.


The Deuter Aircontact Lite 65+10 SL is made from durable fabrics and has thick padding in all the right places. It’s comfortable on your back, but not so much so that it feels like you’re carrying a soft pillow on your shoulders.

The frame is made from lightweight aluminum that can take some serious abuse. It also has a reinforced material at the bottom to help protect against wear and tear.

Deuter Unisex_Adult Futura Pro 42 El Hiking Backpack, Black (Black Graphite), 42 L


The Deuter Aircontact Lite 65+10 SL packs quite a lot into its 65+10 liter capacity. It’s large enough to hold all of your gear but small enough that you won’t feel like you need to carry an extra bag just to fit everything in. This means it’s perfect for both day hikes and extended trips

Deuter has a wide variety of hiking and trekking backpacks in different sizes and styles. This enables every person to find the perfect backpack that will fit their needs.

5. JanSport

You can find JanSport backpacks (Available on Amazon) in almost any color imaginable and they easily meet the needs of most consumers. Whether you are an adult who needs a durable backpack for hiking or you are a student searching for a backpack that will last you through your college career, JanSport has the right product for you.

One of the best features of JanSport is the fact that they have tons of pockets. This makes it really easy to organize all your stuff and keep everything where it needs to be. It’s also nice because you don’t have to dig around inside trying to find something.

JanSport Far Out 40 Hiking Backpack - Versatile Laptop Tech Pack, Dark Slate Ripstop, 40L

Simple Design

Jansport Backpacks are designed with simplicity in mind. It is not difficult to understand that you can buy a Jansport backpack without having to worry about anything else. The simple design of the backpack is what makes it so popular among students and teenagers.


Jansport is known for making backpacks that are extremely durable and comfortable to use every single day. If you want a backpack that will last for several years, then this brand is definitely for you.

In addition, you can also find some models that have been made with reinforced stitching, which means that the backpack will be able to withstand a lot of wear and tear without any problem at all. If you use your backpack on a daily basis, then this feature is a must-have for you.

6. Osprey

Osprey (Available on Amazon) is considered a good alternative to The North Face because it is much more affordable, while still maintaining a high-quality standard and performance.

In fact, many outdoor enthusiasts have come to love Osprey backpacks better than The North Face.

They look great

Osprey has a knack for making their backpacks look good without sacrificing function. You don’t see a lot of bright colors or complicated designs, but what you do get is a clean, simple look that fits well with different kinds of clothing styles.

Osprey Packs Hikelite 26 Hiking Backpack, Black, One Size

Their harness systems are among the best in the industry

Most backpack manufacturers have an adjustable harness system that ensures a comfortable fit for people of all sizes. While The North Face has made strides in this department, Osprey still leads the pack when it comes to comfort and adjustability.

Innovative Features

The Osprey Farpoint has many innovative features that make it a great choice:

A spacious design with many pockets and compartments to keep all of your travel essentials organized and in place.

A day pack that zips off from the main compartment so you can carry it as a backpack within a backpack when needed.

A safe and secure zip-away suspension system with straightJacket compression straps that hold everything in place when you’re running for the train or hiking up a mountain path! This feature also makes it easy to attach the bag to your luggage handle for easy roll-through transit.

7. Gregory Mountain Products

Gregory Mountain Products (Available on Amazon) has been making quality backpacks since 1977 and they’ve been doing an excellent job of it ever since. They have some fantastic products aside from their backpacks as well, such as daypacks, sleeping bags, and hiking poles.

The Gregory brand has many more backpack styles to choose from than the North Face brand does.

They have a larger selection for men, women, and children as well as an extensive line of hydration packs (backpacks with built-in water bladders). So if you can’t find what you’re looking for in a North Face backpack check out Gregory.

Gregory Mountain Products Men's Paragon 68 Backpacking Backpack , Smoke Grey, Medium/Large

Gregory backpacks are made with more advanced technology than North Face backpacks in some cases.

For example, the Gregory Whitney 65 is a 65-liter pack that weighs only 3 pounds 6 ounces! Its ultralight design uses materials like carbon fiber suspension systems and “Spaceframe” frame sheet technology to keep pack weight at a minimum. That same pack from the North Face weighs 4 pounds 5 ounces – almost a pound heavier!

8. Fjallraven

When you search for a good backpack alternative, you’ll often come across Fjallraven and The North Face.

While The North Face has been around longer, Fjallraven (Available on Amazon) is steadily gaining popularity. But why are they so popular? They’re simple, durable, and stylish.

Good Quality Backpacks

Fjallraven makes very high-quality backpacks that are built to last. While they may cost more than traditional backpacks, you can tell the difference in quality right away. They also come with detailed instructions on how to care for your backpack, which further prolongs its life.

Fjallraven - Abisko Hike 35 Backpack, Navy

Both brands offer a wide variety of backpacks with designs for different uses. Both brands make laptop-style backpacks as well as hiking-style backpacks as well as traditional school-style backpacks.

The durability of both brands is very similar. Both brands use high-quality materials that are designed to last for multiple years.

Why Choose Fjallraven Over The North Face?

Fjallraven has a wide range of products to choose from including casual backpacks, travel bags, and even dog accessories. But importantly, they also have high-quality backpacks that are designed specifically for hikers. If you’re looking to get into hiking or simply want a reliable backpack that can withstand years of abuse, then Fjallraven won’t let you down.

In summary, The North Face has a wide selection of backpacks for men, women, and kids. They are known for their quality backpacks designed with features that make them perfect for hiking and other outdoor activities.

These backpacks come in different sizes, designs, colors, and styles. Some have a lot of extra pockets and compartments while others are more simplistic in their design. If you are looking for a durable backpack with all the features you need to enjoy your next adventure then look no further than this brand!

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