Do Thermoelectric Dehumidifiers Work (Ivation Dehumidifiers Do)

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What Are Thermoelectric Dehumidifiers?

Dehumidifiers that use thermoelectric technology (more commonly referred to as Peltier technology) are very quiet because they have no moving parts however do they actually work?

According to customers of one of the most popular thermo-electric dehumidifiers, the answer is a clear yes!  Provided you use them in small spaces such as closets, bathrooms, bedrooms, RVs, small apartments, boats, dorms, office, laundry, and so.

A Thermoelectric dehumidifier is a type of dehumidification technology that provides homeowners and businesses with effective moisture control solutions. A thermoelectric dehumidifier allows for the separation of water into its liquid form, resulting in a much more powerful dehumidifying system, with higher efficiency than most other types of dehumidifier products on the market.

This makes it perfect for removing unwanted moisture from homes, basements, attics, crawlspaces, garages, boat cabins, and more!

To illustrate how impressed customers are with the ability of thermoelectric dehumidifiers to perform I have listed statement after statement from consumers of the Ivation dehumidifier declaring how great it works in a variety of situations…

Ivation Is The Most Popular ThermoElectric Dehumidifier

Ivation IVADM35 Powerful Mid-Size Thermo-Electric Dehumidifier – Quietly Gathers Up to 20 Ounces of Water Per Day


Ivation IVADM35 Powerful Mid-Size Thermo-Electric Dehumidifier - Quietly Gathers Up to 20 Ounces of Water Per Day - for Bath Room, Basement, Attic, Boats, Rv Ect - for Spaces Up to 2,200 Cubic Feet

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Do Ivation Thermo-Electric Dehumidifiers Work?

According To Customer – Yes They Do!


Finally! No More Damp Shoes And Clothes In My Closet


I love this little machine. An interior closet was almost impossible to keep dry and my shoes regularly grew little green gardens all on their own. This little machine went right to work. It is not at all noisy and I have not been surprised to see just how much water it pulls out of that closet! It is the perfect size for a walk-in closet plus dressing area/shower room/linen closet.


  • Works so well. No more mold in our closet.
  • We used it in our master bedroom closet. It is amazing how quickly it fills up with water. Before we had it I would find mold on my clothes…not anymore. It’s a great size too.
  • Great for a humid closet! it has a great size.
  • Use in bedroom/closet in back of the house. Prevents clothes from molding in dirty clothes hamper! Did not realize how much moisture is in the air!
  • Works exactly as advertised eliminates one container of water every 5 to 6 days unit in a large closet, very damp area.
  • I also have one in a downstairs closet that works great!! I like this product so much, that I bought it as a gift for my daughter. You won’t believe how well this machine works!!
  • In closets and bedrooms. It works. I can not believe how much water it removes from the air. We have had problems with mildew smells in the past, and wish I would have gotten one of these sooner.
  • It really keeps our walk-in closet dry. Eliminates odors and even the chance of mold. Highly recommended for smaller areas like closets.
  • Works perfectly for any small room. I use it for my closet, it keeps things very dry. I know longer have to worry about mold.

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Handled Moisture Like A Pro In Our Bedroom


I have it in my master bathroom that also includes a walk-in closet, and was tired of my towels smelling like mildew and never getting completely dry! But let me tell you this baby works great for my space and handles moisture like a pro!


  • Amazing Even 3yrs Later. I can’t believe how much it works it not only helps my bedroom but my house also.
  • I bought this for our bedroom. It has done an amazing job! I didn’t realize how damp it was until I saw the amount of water that was collected in the reservoir. It is very quiet when running also
  • Outstanding machine!!! Makes my room so much more comfortable to sleep in. For a bedroom, it works great. Can’t believe how much water it pulls out of the air every day.
  • Works perfectly for our damp bedroom. We live in the south where it is always humid, and this helps keep our room dry.
  • I don’t smell any mildew smell in the bedroom like I used to and find it very reassuring to know that it is running without any problems. I am very pleased.
  • OMG, this device is amazing. I live near the river. My bedroom felt clammy. Damp sheet and the papers in the room were damp. My bedroom is a 10×17 with a bathroom attached.
  • I have it in a bedroom and it does a great job of removing humidity from the air.
  • A wonderful little machine. I cannot believe the amount of water that it pulls from the air! It has taken the stale smell out of my guest bedroom. I have ordered another one for my bedroom.
  • Great little dehumidifier! I have it in the bedroom, & it does a really good job!

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Worked Great In Our Boat


Ivation IVADM35 Powerful Mid-Size Thermo-Electric Dehumidifier - Quietly Gathers Up to 20 Ounces of Water Per Day - for Bath Room, Basement, Attic, Boats, Rv Ect - for Spaces Up to 2,200 Cubic Feet

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  • I purchased this dehumidifier for our houseboat which has a moisture problem with all the windows fogged up with water dripping from them. I left the Ivation dehumidifier running all night and Sunday morning all the windows and sliders were almost completely fog-free.
  • Work perfectly inside my boat!!
  • It pulls a cup or more of water out of the inside of our boat every day. I upgraded my . We have no damp or mildew issues or smells. We have been living aboard since late August 2015. Cannot imagine doing without it.
  • Works great. I set it in the cabin of my boat and it does very well. I have to empty it every 4 days or so. I am sure to set the power supply out on a counter by itself to make sure it can get airflow.
  • It is the perfect size for my boat and is very quiet and performs perfectly as was promised!! I highly recommend this for anyone who needs a mid-sized dehumidifier!
  • I have two of these I have used on my boat for 3 years. They work perfectly and have never given me any trouble.
  • The dehumidifier has been running 24/7 in my boat for almost 2 weeks. It has dried out the very humid air in the cabin and is performing better than I expected for the price.
  • Works great, easy to drain, using it on my boat in humid Corpus Christi.
  • Excellent product, I use it in my boat cabin, and keeps everything dry and smelling fresh. Wish I would have found this earlier.

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Thermo-Electric Dehumidifier For Mobile Homes & RVs

  • We live in a single wide mobile home and have had a terrible time with mold. We bought one of these last year and set it up in a bedroom. We have not had any trouble with mold in that room since. So we recently bought 2 more of these and have them set up in the other 2 bedrooms.
  • I have two compressor type dehumidifiers for home use but I needed a smaller unit for the RV. I got busy and a week went by and was I surprised…..the reservoir was full and the unit had shut itself off. Yes, I am 100% pleased and highly recommend this unit.
  • One week in and we love it! Our new-to-us motorcoach has a musty smell, plus we live in a very rainy, humid climate and the Ivation is working amazingly well. Very quiet, fast-acting.
  • Had this at least a year and leave it on in my RV and it works great.
  • Using it in our RV and it works extremely well. Nice design, well made, not too large and lightweight (important in RV), easy to empty, but most importantly really pulls the moisture keeping the camper comfortable.
  • Works great to keep the inside of my RV dry. Live in Florida with ridiculous humidity in summer and before this, the inside of the RV would get really musty when not in use. A regular dehumidifier heats the inside way too much. This one is perfect!
  • This mid-size has worked great in our 30 ft camper this winter in Florida.
  • Works exceptionally well in a 28×8 camperv~1500 cubic’ (nominal), in the humid SE.
  • This thing works great! We are in the western North Carolina Mtns for the summer in our RV. Lots of humidity outside. We were concerned about mold and mildew damage in our coach. But not anymore!

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Great For Traveling And Camping

  • This actually works! I bought this for traveling and it fits nicely in my suitcase. We go to the tropics a lot and it is soo humid that we need this for camping.


Thermo-Electric Dehumidifier For Basement

  • This is an outstanding product that has worked trouble and maintenance-free for years. My basement will once more be excess moisture-free. I recommend.
  • Small in size, but big in work performed! Works so well we bought another one. We live in a basement and everything always felt damp, but now it’s a lot more comfortable. The new one will go into the bathroom/bedroom area.
  • We have 2 of these on opposite ends of our basement, which is mostly concrete and built into a hill. So it would stay damp all the time. They work great. They are sleek and fit the background nicely.
  • I use it in a 10′ x 10′ basement. Works well and fairly quiet.
  • It works as promised. My basement had mold all over the walls. After I installed it, the mold has disappeared.
  • Bought this unit for our basement which is 1,000 square feet. Works beautifully!
  • This dehumidifier is great, it works quickly. It is in my basement and does pretty well. It also works relatively quietly.


Working Well In Barn

  • Have been using this dehumidifier in my horse tack room. It works well, I empty a full container of water out of it about every 5 days. So far it is keeping the leather in the room from molding as the weather gets damper. Runs quietly.
  • I am very happy with this machine, enough that I intend to purchase more for other areas of my home and non-traditional “barn” to help with our humidity (and thus mold growth) problem. It’s small, efficient, and quiet. I recommend this machine and note that it works well for small areas.

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Works Very Well In Bathrooms


I don’t normally write but I felt this product warrants one. I have a small bathroom with 5 people taking showers. The mold and mildew was getting so bad I could barely keep up with it.  I bought this dehumidifier and within a week or so everything was under control.


  • Working very well in our oversized basement bathroom. I was skeptical that this was “heavy-duty” enough, but we could tell within the first day that it was making a difference.
  • It works great in my bathroom. The exhaust fan is broken so there is almost no ventilation. This dehumidifier keeps it from smelling like mold and mildew, and makes sure my towels are dry before the next shower!
  • FOLKS IT WORKS! I have a 5’X5′ bathroom. The amount of moisture it pulls from the air is Phenomenal I bought the Midsize.
  • Great dehumidifier! This quiet, little dehumidifier works wonders in my small, damp bathroom.
  • We leave this unit running in the bathroom at all times and it has really cleared out the excess moisture. Our towels are dry and we haven’t seen any new mold growth in the 3 weeks we’ve had it.
  • Works great so far. Use for a bathroom while taking showers and small rooms during humid months. Has worked exactly as described takes out crazy amounts of water.
  • Great for bathrooms! This dehumidifier does exactly what I need, working quietly to bring down the humidity level in my heavily-used bathroom. The storage capacity is ample so that it doesn’t have to be emptied more than every few days.
  • We’ve had our unit for about a year now and is still working great. Removes the excess moisture from our bathroom so the mirrors/window doesn’t fog up during a shower.
  • I can’t believe how much moisture this thing takes out of the air. It takes about a week to get full then shuts off. The noise is no louder than if you had your bathroom fan running full time. It’s definitely worth the purchase for a bathroom.

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My Most Important Office Furnishing

  • I can’t express to you how awesome it is. I use it in my office. I have to run a dehumidifier in my office 24/7 or else a distinct mildewy funk takes over in a matter of days and everyone starts asking what died in there. So for 2 years, this dehumidifier has worked 24/7 without a single problem.
  • Very Quiet. Very efficient. I keep this in my office at home. The size is very compact and does its job. Great price too.
  • I bought this to use in a 150 square foot basement office and it works great for that purpose. Very quiet and condenses close to a full tank every two days.
  • Have had this a few months in an office I rent and only use once per week. It is quiet and its obvious it takes moisture out of the air.
  • It’s working very well, used almost daily and 24/7 – dehumidifying a small office so artwork can be done.


Ideal For Dorm Rooms

  • Works great for dorm room and very happy with the product
  • I bought this for my daughters’ dorm room and withing 15 minutes it was collecting water and by the next day, you could tell the difference in the feel of the room. Works great.
  • Works great for a dorm room! 
  • I bought this for my daughter’s dorm room at college. So far, it has worked very well in removing the moisture in the air. It no longer feels damp in there.
  • Works wonders in my son’s college dorm. I would highly recommend this to everyone!

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Great For Small Apartments & Condos

  • I would get home from work and my sheets would be wet from all the moisture in my house. This little guy took care of that immediately. It works wonders for my whole apartment (I live in a small one-bedroom where everything is packed in super tight.) It’s pretty quiet and safe to leave on for days.
  • I have only had this product for a week but it really works well. I had no idea how much humidity my apartment produced in the summer. This dehumidifier can pull so much water, and create a clean smell in the air as well.
  • This is the BEST dehumidifier ever purchased! It is extremely quiet and takes such little space. We had a musty smell in our condo and this really works!! A must-purchase for those problem musty areas!
  • Has worked amazing for my small condo. I live in South Florida and it has helped greatly with the moisture inside.
  • This has helped keep down moisture in my top floor condo/apartment. I have had a decrease in my electric bill due to my a/c not having to work to chill super moist air!
  • I was having condensation issues with the windows in my 1 bedroom apartment. This dehumidifier has done wonders.
  • Works Wonderfully Well! After my sister’s apartment flooded, we got a couple of these to help pull the moisture out of the air, and boy oh boy do they do the trick.
  • This little dehumidifier is an awesome product, especially for a smaller house or apartment. Whisper quiet and works exceptionally well.
  • Great product for apartments! The product works great. The humanity in my living, dining, and kitchen area is lower.

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Works In Our Laundry Room

  • Purchased this for a Landry room in the attached Garage, it works!! Fills up almost in 24 hours.
  • LOVE LOVE LOVE this product. Pulled a lot of water out of my basement playroom and laundry room! It does the job! Very efficient and quiet.
  • Quietly reduced the moisture in my laundry room after my washing machine flooded the basement.
  • Works wonderfully in my laundry room without taking up much space.
  • Love this dehumidifier running it in my laundry room and it’s doing a great job. It’s not loud when running great for small rooms.
  • Tough little worker for my laundry room. It works hard and keeps going as long as I remember to dump out the water frequently.
  • This works great in my laundry room for keeping excess moisture at bay.

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In summary, as you can see from all of the customer comments listed above it is absolutely clear that the Ivation Thermoelectric Dehumidifier works and works very well.

You have to bear in mind this particular model is designed for small spaces. If you use it for the purpose it is designed for it indeed works.

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