Best Cube Ice Shaver Machines: Good Amazon Finds

The NEWTRY Ice Shaver Machine and Letusto Shaved Ice Maker are top contenders for creating snow cones and slushies. The NEWTRY machine offers high power and speed, adjustable ice thickness, and safety features, while the Letusto machine is compatible with standard ice cubes, offers three ice thickness settings, and comes with a large cup. Both are perfect for adding a cool touch to your drinks and treats.

Chillin’ Like a Villain: The NEWTRY Ice Shaver Machine!

Snow Cone Summer Fun Awaits!

Hey there, ice lovers! Ready to dive into the world of frosty fun with the NEWTRY Commercial Ice Shaver Machine? This electric ice cube crusher is your ticket to becoming the coolest host around. Whether it’s for your summer bash or just to beat the heat, let’s shave some ice and make those tasty snow cones!

NEWTRY Commercial Ice Shaver Machine Electric Ice Cube Crusher Snow Cone Maker Thickness Adjustable 260lb/h for Small Ice Cubes Summer Parties Bar Use 110V US

What’s Cool About NEWTRY Ice Shaver?

  1. Power and Speed: With a 250W motor, this machine is a little powerhouse. It can crush a whopping 260lb of ice per hour. Imagine all the snow cones you can make with that!
  2. Size Matters: It’s pretty compact, measuring 17.1’’X15.7’’X11’’. Plus, it’s lightweight at 26lb. So, moving it around won’t be like a workout session!
  3. Ice, Ice, Baby!: The adjustable thickness feature is super neat. Whether you like your ice fine like fairy dust or a bit chunkier, just turn the knob and voilà!
  4. Safety First: The touch switch design means no accidental starts. It’s like having a little ice guardian angel!
  5. No Giant Ice Allowed!: Remember, only small ice cubes (2-3cm). Don’t try shaving your backyard iceberg; it won’t end well for the machine (or the iceberg).

Creative Ways to Use Your Ice Shaver:

For the Party AnimalsFor the Home Chefs
1. Classic Snow Cones6. Chilled Seafood Bar
2. Slushy Cocktails7. Fresh Veggie Platters
3. Ice Beds for Drinks8. DIY Ice Cream
4. Frozen Fruit Treats9. Chilled Soups
5. Ice Sculpture (Why not?)10. Frosted Salads

The Real Scoop: Pros and Cons


  • High-efficiency with 260lb/h capacity.
  • Easy to use and safe with the touch switch.
  • Adjustable ice thickness – customize your chill!
  • Portable and user-friendly.


  • Only for small ice cubes. Big cubes are a no-go.
  • Not for other foods – ice only, please!

Final Frosty Thoughts:

The NEWTRY Ice Shaver Machine is a summer must-have. It’s perfect for parties, family gatherings, or just when you want to treat yourself to a snowy delight. Just remember to stick to small ice cubes, and you’ll have a blast chilling out with your frosty creations! Happy shaving!

Letusto Shaved Ice Maker: A Cool Companion for Your Kitchen!

A Rainbow of Fun with the Letusto Ice Shaver!

Hey friends! Today, we’re diving into the Letusto Shaved Ice Maker. If you’re dreaming of snow cones, slushies, or just love chomping on crushed ice, this little blue (or pink) wonder might just be what you’re looking for. Let’s see what all the buzz is about!

Letusto Shaved Ice Maker - Slushie Machine Use Normal Refrigerator Ice Cubes, with Stainless Steel Blades for Snow Cone, Cocktails and Snow Flakes, Bingsu Ice Shaver (Blue)

Features of the Letusto Ice Shaver:

  1. Cool Compatibility: It plays nice with normal ice cubes. No need for special trays or shapes – just grab ice from your fridge!
  2. Mighty Motor: With a 20W motor, this machine makes quick work of ice cubes. Blink, and you might miss the magic!
  3. Choose Your Chill: T ee levels of ice thickness mean you can customize your ice just the way you like it.
  4. Safety First: It’s got a transparent safety lid and a push button, making it super easy and safe, even for kids.
  5. Cup’s Included: Comes with a large cup. More room for ice, more fun for everyone!

Creative Ideas for Using Your Ice Shaver:

For the FamilyFor the Creative Cooks
1. Homemade Snow Cones6. Chilled Gazpacho
2. Slushie Movie Nights7. Frosted Fruit Salads
3. DIY Iced Coffee Drinks8. Chilled Seafood Display
4. Flavored Ice for Drinks9. Decorative Ice Platters
5. Ice Crafts with Kids10. Frozen Herb Infusions

Let’s Talk Pros and Cons:


  • Compatible with standard ice cubes.
  • T ee ice thickness settings.
  • Easy to use and clean.
  • Safe for kids.


  • It can be loud while operating.
  • Some users report issues with durability.
  • Ice spray can be a bit messy.

The Icy Verdict:

The Letusto Shaved Ice Maker is a great pick for anyone who loves to add a bit of chill to their day. Whether it’s for snow cones on a sunny day or adding a special touch to your drinks, this machine is a cool addition to any kitchen.

Yes, it’s a bit loud, but that’s just the sound of fun in the making! Keep in mind to handle it with care, and you’ll have a frosty friend for a long time. Enjoy the chill!

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