Best Iced Tea Maker With Refrigerator Friendly Pitcher

Best Iced Tea Pitcher For Fridge

Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Maker is the go-to tea maker for making quick and easy large quantities of ice tea…

One of the major features of Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Maker is the clever compact design of the pitcher which makes it easier to fit into your fridge while holding the same volume as other more cumbersome brands!

Brew great-tasting iced coffee or tea from the comfort of home or office with the Mr. Coffee® 3 Quart Tea and Iced Coffee Maker…

6 Reasons Why Iced Tea Drinkers Love The Mr. Coffee Ice Tea Maker!

Mr. Coffee TM75RS-RB-1 3-Quart Tea and Iced Coffee Maker, Red



Mr. Coffee TM75RS-RB-1 3-Quart Tea and Iced Coffee Maker, Red
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Here Is WhatconsumersHad To Say About The Mr. Coffee Iced Tea And Iced Coffee Maker…


This Is A Great Iced Tea Maker! My Husband And I Both Drink Iced Tea Year-Round… This Is Easy To Use, Brew Time Is Pretty Quick, And The Tea Is Consistently Delicious!


If you like ice tea without the mess, this tea brewer is perfect. I drop in a couple of family size large tea bags (I use one from Tetley and one from Lipton), add water (the pitcher is marked for the right amount) and add three quarts of ice. Turn it on and forget it.


  • This is absolutely the best-iced tea maker I have ever used! I love it!
  • I love this Mr. Coffee Iced Tea maker. It makes excellent tasting Iced Tea and is easy to use with no leaks.
  • This is an excellent tea maker, and it’s super easy to use.
  • I absolutely LOVE this iced tea maker! I drink a LOT of iced green tea, oolong, Moroccan mint…etc.
  • With the Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Maker I am able to consume large amounts of tea rather economically while using top-quality whole leaf teas.
  • It tastes just as good as Dunkin tea, it’s more versatile since I can buy whatever flavor tea and syrup I want, I can control the amount of sugar, and it’s way cheaper.
  • The Mr. Coffee Iced Tea maker makes PERFECT iced tea. I use 10 regular-sized tea bags to brew the perfect gallon of tea.
  • Seven tea bags in the reservoir, push the button, and boom you have iced tea in a few minutes. I drink a LOT of iced tea so I expect to be using this thing a lot.
  • It works well and produces a well-flavored tea – just what we were looking for.
  • We go through a gallon or so of tea each day. This tea maker has made life easier.
  • This is our favorite iced tea maker.
  • I know iced tea isn’t hard to make, but this makes it so much easier.
  • No more boiling water on the stove. Just set it, let it go, and voila! iced tea. Add sugar, add ice and you’re done! Good for loose tea or tea bags.

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I Love It That This Makes Iced Coffee As Well And In Fact, I Use It For That More Often Than I Use It For Iced Tea!


Easy to use, fresh iced tea. Saving $$ on my iced coffee. Starbucks ground coffee + flavored creamer= love


  • I make 2 quarts of iced coffee each week and bring a thermos with an iced coffee with me to work every day, to drink as my afternoon coffee.
  • The coffee and tea both taste great and the machine is simple to use and keep clean.
  • I could even make coffee with this for iced coffee. I love this!
  • No more making coffee in the microwave or coffee pot, this thing is great!
  • The unit is easy to use and I have a constant stream of tea and Iced coffee.
  • So much easier than using a coffee pot.
  • I like everything about this ice tea/ice coffee maker.
  • Great ice coffee maker!

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The Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Maker Is So Easy To Use And The Tea Is Fabulous And For A Fraction Of The Price!


This thing works great! Love the color and how fast it is. My 2 year even knows how to do it because its that easy! Definately recomend for anyone who hates making tea or having tea bag bust on the stove.


  • Quick easy fresh tea!
  • Love it, so easy to make sweet tea, and just walk away while the machine does the work.
  • Easy to use and works perfectly. Great tea maker.
  • Love how easy it is to make great iced tea!
  • Super user-friendly and easy to operate!
  • Love how simple the unit is, makes brewing tea fast and simple.
  • Works perfectly! So easy to make a pitcher of iced tea.
  • Love how easy it is to make tea now and not worry about boiling over or forgetting and having burnt tea bags.
  • So easy to use and cheaper than buying bottled tea.
  • I love this iced tea maker, it’s so easy to use and store in the refrigerator.
  • The simple way to make ice tea.
  • Making iced tea/sweet tea is so easy and simple!!! Great product!!!
  • I bought this for my son who just got his first apartment. It is simple to use and doesn’t take up much space.
  • Love my easy-to-use iced tea maker. Settings are perfect for getting the right flavoring.
  • Worth every dollar. Simple device. Can brew WITHOUT ICE. Easy to clean. Easy to brew.
  • The Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Maker makes it easy to brew a pitcher of Iced Tea. Delicious and ready in just a couple of minutes!

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Big Tea Drinkers In My Home And This Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Maker Is A Quick And Easy Solution For Keeping Tea In The Refrigerator!


I love this ice tea maker! The tea tastes great and it’s so quick and easy to brew. How did I live without this for so long?! I cut out sodas and went full board water or ice tea. This tea maker made it a much easier transition for me. I highly recommend this if you’re an avid ice tea drinker.


  • We use 6 tea bags with one whole lemon squeezed and 3/4 chip Splenda in the bag and it comes out quick and delicious!!
  • Works great! Quick brewing and tea taste awesome.
  • Quick and convenient good iced tea.
  • I love this iced tea maker! Very easy to use to make a quick pitcher of tea!
  • We Love our Iced Tea Maker. It works great! It’s quick!
  • Quick and Painless Tea –  I usually make a fresh container of tea every 2-3 days and this is just perfect.
  • Inexpensive, quick, and easy way to make real iced tea with an amount of sugar and lemon that suits.
  • Love this thing! Super easy to clean and quick to brew!!!
  • Easy to use, very quick making tea, really good tasting tea.
  • This tea maker rocks, no mess like my old one. It’s fast and makes the right amount of tea for me to last all day long.
  • Amazing! Makes tea really fast. I like this new design.
  • Love how simple the unit is, makes brewing tea fast and simple.
  • It’s a great product in any style and makes a superb “pot” of iced tea.
  • Because of its speed, I can also use it for parties and BBQs, because it brews so fast (several minutes, allowing for a good drip).

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I Love This Iced Tea Maker … It Makes Delicious Iced Tea And Is Large Enough To Make Tea For Two For The Entire Week!


So far this one is my favorite. It works like all the others I’ve had— but this is a larger capacity— which I love now I don’t have to make tea but once a week— Yay for me!!


  • We go through iced tea so quickly we really need this large capacity.
  • The machine makes it easy to brew tea, and with a 3 qt pitcher, it produces a large volume.
  • Makes a large amount of tea. Used it for a party and guests loved it too!
  • Brews 3qts. Enough for a week or so.
  • Works great & makes just enough tea/coffee to last a week.
  • The 3 teenagers and I drink a lot of tea in this house, so we make a fresh 3-quart batch every morning.
  • This past summer was brutal. I purchased the Mr. Coffee Ice Tea Maker, 3 quarts in order to have a constant flow of ice tea to help get me through the heat.
  • I love the tea maker because it makes a lot of tea!
  • This one makes more tea which is great because as a family we drink a lot of tea.
  • Great tea maker. I haven’t had the three-quart one until now but I can definitely say it does everything it’s meant to. Great for the family as we drink a lot of tea at once.
  • Thank you for this wonderful product. Makes three quarts of tea in minutes.

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The 3 Quart Pitcher Fits Nicely Into A Refrigerator And Doesn’t Consume A Lot Of Space!


The other awesome perk of this tea maker is the design of the pitcher. It fits perfectly on the door of our fridge and even on a short shelf.


  • I love the square-shaped pitcher, it fits perfectly in my refrigerator.
  • This unit replaced another brand that I had that came with a glass pitcher. I won’t mention any names but let’s just say someone broke 3 pitchers while cleaning it in the sink. So needless to say, this one with its plastic pitcher is GREAT!
  • The soft plastic pitcher is an advantage, the hard plastic pitcher in my other one broke.
  • Like the pitcher much better than the round, brittle one with my previous pot. Goes through the dishwasher just fine without cracking!
  • This pitcher is also a better size than the previous one which was a lot less compact (but both make the same amount).
  • The pitcher is a good shape for the fridge. The spout pours easily into bottles or glasses.
  • This new model has a plastic pitcher that will not crack or break.
  • We bought this one because it fits on our refrigerator shelf. No trying to wrestle a tall pitcher in the door, it just slides right in.
  • The pitcher is compact and does not take up a lot of height space.
  • It is much quicker and the pitcher is much sturdier.
  • And pitcher pours easily without the mess. The construction and durability of the pitcher are fantastic. Better than the clear types I’ve had previously that cracked from use.
  • Love the shape of this tea maker’s pitcher!
  • I also like that the pitcher isn’t breakable like my old one was.
  • The new style pitcher works better. Not only for storing, but the material won’t crack like my old model pitcher. Highly recommend.

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In summary, the Mr. Coffee 3-Quart Tea & Iced Coffee Maker turns your favorite loose leaf teas into delicious iced tea and makes great iced coffee, too.

Mr. Coffee TM75RS-RB-1 3-Quart Tea and Iced Coffee Maker is a great ice tea maker and handy for making iced coffee as well!

That’s because it doesn’t just brew the perfect cup of hot tea — it also makes a full three cups of perfectly brewed iced tea in just minutes. You can then pour a full 12-ounce glass or enjoy its double-brew function and fill two glasses.


Here Is A Quick Recap Of The Benefits Customers Mentioned About The Mr. Coffee Iced Tea And Iced Coffee Maker!


  1. This unit is an excellent ice tea maker.
  2. Mr. Coffee Tea Maker has the added advantage of making iced coffee as well.
  3. This ice tea maker is so easy to use that even kids are using it.
  4. Mr. Coffee Tea Maker produces great tea quickly.
  5. This ice tea maker produces a large volume and for some, it can make enough tea for the entire week.
  6. The design of the pitcher is a big plus. It is more compact than other pitchers yet holds the same amount. Perfect for placing in the fridge.

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