Discover Why Singles and Couples Love The Copper Chef Air Fryer

Copper Chef Air Fryer

The Copper Chef Air Fryer is a very fast cooking and easy-to-use air fryer that is ideal for singles or couples…

It is a very compact air fryer and it can do everything a bigger air fryer can do only in a much more convenient way for those who do not have large families!

7 Reasons Why Customers Love The Copper Chef Air Fryer!

Copper Chef 2 QT Air Fryer – Turbo Cyclonic Airfryer With Rapid Air Technology For Less Oil-Less Cooking


Copper Chef 2 QT Air Fryer - Turbo Cyclonic Airfryer With Rapid Air Technology For Less Oil-Less Cooking. Includes Recipe Book (Black)
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Here Is WhatconsumersHad To Say About The Copper Chef Air Fryer…


This Air Fryer Is Small And Simple, Just What I Wanted… It Works Great Just Like The Bigger Models But It’s The Perfect Size For 1 Or 2 People!


It’s not a huge appliance that takes up too much space, it’s the perfect size for throwing in a few handfuls of fries, potstickers, chicken nuggets for a snack. I’ve also used it for roasted potatoes and some small chicken wings. It cooks quickly and evenly. I love it!!!


  • Compact – Love the Size
  • I like that this one is compact and easy to store. It is the perfect size for me and my husband.
  • Love how small it is! Works fabulous
  • Great for single people or small items. Love the way it works.
  • I loved the size of the basket because it’s perfect for two people.
  • I have a larger air fryer for larger meals but this one is great for the small ones.
  • Very handy to use, easy to clean. I have a bigger air fryer/toaster oven but I use my 2 Qt fryer the most.
  • I really love this 1 – 2 person fryer. I have a larger one but purchased this one for myself.
  • I live alone and this is the perfect size for me.

Awesome and handy. I cook many things in this. It’s so easy and easy to clean up. Just the right size for 2 or 3 people.

  • love this air fryer perfect size
  • Love this air fryer. It’s on the small side but I don’t mind because I wanted it to be just that. Works great.
  • Love this unit, it isn’t so big and doesn’t take up so much counter space. Cooks wonderfully.
  • The little air fryer works great just right for heating or cooking for 1 or 2 people 
  • This thing is awesome! It is the perfect size for a one-person meal and does just what the claims say it will. Love it
  • Love the way it is compact. Saves space.
  • I love that it’s small, came in fun colors, and doesn’t need to preheat or take up tons of space.

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Very Simple Operation… The Copper Chef Air Fryer Is My Favorite Cooking Item!


It also makes great chicken wings and French fries! As anticipated, it’s small for two people but, on the positive side, it doesn’t take up much space. Extremely easy to use and to clean!love it!


Copper Chef 2 QT Air Fryer - Turbo Cyclonic Airfryer With Rapid Air Technology For Less Oil-Less Cooking. Includes Recipe Book (Black)
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  • Love this fryer, so easy to use and really comes in handy!
  • I bought two more one for my daughter for her college dorm and my sister for her teenage boys since it’s so easy to use.
  • So easy to use!!! Perfect for 1 person! A much healthier way to cook!!!
  • Love this cooker – easy to use ~ love the addictive crispiness it gives the food!!!
  • love this little air fryer. It is so easy to use. My grandson loves chicken tenders and tater tots.
  • My daughter-in-law loves it. Easy to use and clean.
  • I use it anytime I can. It’s so simple to use and easy to clean.
  • Cooks perfectly and is very easy to clean and use. 
  • love my air fryer it is easy and convenient to use and clean
  • Super easy to use and clean. Works great. Small enough for one person but yet big enough to cook well.
  • love my Air Fryer. It is easy to use.

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I Ordered 4 Of These As Christmas Gifts And Everyone Loved Them!


Crispy seasoned French fries, fried okra, tater tots, General Tso’s chicken, shrimp, and fish in half the time. I’m a believer. I love it and bought more as gifts.


Copper Chef 2 QT Air Fryer - Turbo Cyclonic Airfryer With Rapid Air Technology For Less Oil-Less Cooking. Includes Recipe Book (Black)
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  • I bought this as a gift for a dear friend. She loves it. Easy to use and she loves the color!!
  • Got it for a granddaughter in college. She loves it and says it is the perfect gift. Now she can cook and study at the same time.
  • love my air fryer and I gifted the same to my daughter who loves it a lot.
  • We purchase this as a gift. The feedback we have gotten from the recipient is over-the-top satisfied they love it.
  • I got this fryer for Christmas and love it! 
  • This was a gift for my Mom for Xmas and she loved it!

I purchased the Copper Chief air fryer as a gift for my sister. She loves it and said it’s easy to use and her food tastes good.

  • Bought it for my father-in-law for Christmas he loves it
  • We could not have been happier with this gift purchase.
  • Bought this for our son and his dorm mates and they love it.
  • I bought a second one for my son. He loved it too!
  • Love my air fryer. I bring it to work and share air-fried food with my co-workers.
  • My friend LOVES it!!! She uses it all the time and makes good food with it! Great buy!
  • I bought this as a gift for my bachelor brother. He loves it!

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I’m Eating Delicious & Healthy Food Thanks To The Copper Chef Air Fryer… I Love It!


I have made chicken wings breaded fish french fries sweet potato fries chicken breast and a few other things and they all come out fantastically! I love my copper chef!


Copper Chef 2 QT Air Fryer - Turbo Cyclonic Airfryer With Rapid Air Technology For Less Oil-Less Cooking. Includes Recipe Book (Black)
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  • Food comes out absolutely wonderfully.
  • I am ridiculously happy with everything I have cooked in here which includes Almond flour parm cha breaded chicken, cheese sticks, and pickles. Yum!
  • It actually cooks my chicken and breakfast sausage just how I like it, it’s amazing
  • This air fryer is amazing! Used it for sweet potato fries, and they were delicious, and it was because of how they were cooked.
  • I have cooked shredded hash browns, chicken, sweet potato fries, pork chops, and baked potatoes.
  • The first time ever using an air fryer and I’m hooked. I love it… the taste is great and easy to use the very nice unit at a nice price
  • love the Air Fryer, it makes food nice and crispy. It eliminates so much of the grease and is a much healthier way to eat. Everything comes out crispy!! I like the near oil-less cooking, but with the flavor of fried foods.
  • It’s perfect. Easy to clean, food tastes great, and the size is just right for my needs.

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Everything I’ve Cooked In Copper Chef Air Fryer Has Come Out Amazing… I Absolutely Love It!


I made bacon-wrapped cheese stuffed jalapenos, roasted Brussel sprouts with bacon and parm cheese roasted broccoli. So many possibilities for getting everything crisp without overcooking.


Copper Chef 2 QT Air Fryer - Turbo Cyclonic Airfryer With Rapid Air Technology For Less Oil-Less Cooking. Includes Recipe Book (Black)
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  • I cook my salmon in it from frozen it came out perfect
  • You have to try wings in this. It’s life-changing.
  • It was very easy to use clean up of product is easy made Cheese Quasdellias they were delicious.
  • Love the air fryer. Got a rotisserie chicken and heated it. It was just like freshly made. Wonderful for everything I have made.
  • love it. Everything tastes better. No messy stove or oven splatter.
  • Love the flavor it preserves and the taste
  • I absolutely love my air fryer. I can cook just about anything and everything in it.
  • Love this!! Made hubby some chicken wings and they were delish. Very easy cleanup and user-friendly.
  • Great product. Just the right size. Fits on the counter with plenty of room. Easy to use. Clean-up is very simple. Love it!
  • He says it cooks the best hamburgers, juicy and delicious! The clean-up is so easy.
  • Love this… makes great french fries. I am vegan so making cauliflower wings is perfect.

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I Absolutely Love This… Cooking Time Cut Less Than Half… Seals Flavor In The Food!


Great item, every kitchen (home, bay house, beach house, cottage, hunting camp, motor home, camper, ranch house, or mansion) should have one. It is Healthy, Fast, Easy to Use, and Very easy to Clean.


  • This makes it fast to cook them crispy and cleanup is 1-2-3.
  • This was a gift to our son and wife. They absolutely just love it. They are busy people and they had a perfect steak dinner in 5 minutes.
  • Cooks and browns food quickly.
  • like how fast it cooks my food.
  • This makes all things like Fries, tatter-tots, chicken nuggets, etc, fast to make. 
  • love it! Everything is cooked perfectly and in just a few minutes.
  • Chicken, shrimp. Fries and hamburger. Fast!

Fast- delicious- easy air-fried food. Chicken Wings are the bomb. Fast and Easy!

  • It eliminates frying oil and easy, quick meals for a small family. The recipe book is a plus for my different food options. Great buy.
  • Love how it reheats leftover purchased pre-fried chicken.
  • Also, like warming food up in it. It comes out crispy, unlike the microwave.
  • I especially like it for reheating carry out!
  • And it heats up pizza like it was fresh out of the oven(my fav) you won’t be disappointed!!
  • This little Copper Chef air fryer is great for reheating a leftover slice of pizza or a grilled cheese sandwich.

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It Is An Exceptional Value At The Lowest Price I Have Seen For An Air Fryer!


So happy I purchased this and the price was phenomenal!!love all my copper chef items.


Copper Chef 2 QT Air Fryer - Turbo Cyclonic Airfryer With Rapid Air Technology For Less Oil-Less Cooking. Includes Recipe Book (Black)
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  • loved the price as well!!!
  • Great buy for a great price.
  • LOVE my air fryer! It is hands down one of my favorite purchases this year! 
  • I love this product! It lives up to the hype. A good buy for the pricing if you are considering it.
  • Great Price! Absolutely PERFECT for The “TWO OF US”
  • I’m really glad I bought it! Can’t beat the price.
  • Not only is it at a great price with a helpful timer and easily adjusting temp it air fries them perfectly and they are always delicious.
  • I continue to experiment with my fryer and can say this is one of the best purchases I have ever made. Recommend Highly!
  • The Copper Chef is the best mini air fryer.
  • I’ve bought many air fryers for my hot dog cart. This is the best one yet.

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In summary, the Copper Chef 2 QT Air Fryer is one of the best inventions which promotes healthier eating.

It is an amazing kitchen appliance that can be used to prepare various kinds of foods such as steaks, chops, fish, and poultry along with vegetables, fruits, and deserts.

The Copper Chef 2 QT Air Fryer is the perfect mini air fryer for 1 or 2 people or for making those smaller quick and tasty snacks or meals.

All you need to do is just place the food in this fryer basket and air fry it. It leaves out the use of fats or oils so there are no bad odors. The results are not only tasty but also healthy.

Here Is A Quick Recap Of The Benefits Customers Mentioned About The Copper Chef Air Fryer!

  1. The Copper Chef Air Fryer is the ideal mini air fryer for singles or couples.
  2. It is very easy to operate.
  3. The Copper Chef Air Fryer is a fabulous gift idea.
  4. Your food will taste delicious and it will be healthy for you as well.
  5. The Copper Chef Air Fryer cooks food fast while retaining the flavors.
  6. It reheats food like pizza and takeaways to perfection.
  7. The Copper Chef Air Fryer is an excellent value for money.

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