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15 Online Antique Stores: Top Places to Buy Antiques Online

Antiques are a great way to add personality and charm to your home. But if you’re looking for antique-style items for sale online, where do you start? Here are 15 of the best places to find vintage treasures online:

1. Ruby Lane

Ruby Lane is an online marketplace for antiques, collectibles, and vintage items. The site has a vast selection of different types of goods that have been sold by independent sellers (no direct affiliation to Ruby Lane).

This includes everything from jewelry to paintings, clocks to furniture, and more. Some items even come with certificates of authenticity! If you’re looking for unique pieces that can’t be found anywhere else then Ruby Lane may be the right place for you!

One thing you’ll notice when browsing t ough Ruby Lane is how vast their selection is.

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2. Artfire

Artfire is the optimal place to shop for vintage, antique and collectible items. With a wide range of categories to browse and thousands of sellers offering everything from furniture and kitchenware to jewelry and art, there’s something for everyone.

The site has even more to offer buyers than just a massive selection of inventory; it also features an interactive map that allows you to see exactly where each item was sold!

3. Rejuvenation

Rejuvenation is a large online antique store that offers antiques from all over the world. They have items from many different time periods and countries, so whether you’re looking for something old or new, they can probably satisfy your needs.


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4. Bonanza

Bonanza is a marketplace for antiques, collectibles, and art. The site’s community of sellers can share their collections with customers who are looking for authentic items to add to their home decor.

The website offers a search function that locates items based on price, size, and condition, which are also noted when you select an item.

For example, if you’re looking for something small in good condition, you can easily find it by entering those parameters into the search bar at the top of the page (or clicking on “advanced,” then choosing your parameters).

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5. Rehab Vintage Interiors

Rehab Vintage Interiors is a great place to find antique furniture. They have a wide selection of vintage pieces, including everything from dining tables to sideboards and armoires.

If you’re looking for something specific, their search tool allows you to filter your results by price range or style. You can even sort the results based on color!

Rehab Vintage Interiors has everything you need to add style and character to your home or office. Whether you’re looking for a vintage sofa, an antique dresser, or something else entirely, you’ll find it at Rehab Vintage Interiors.

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6. Modern Antiquarian

Modern Antiquarian is a website that sells antique furniture and home goods. They sell everything from vintage to modern, with a wide range of items available for purchase. If you’re looking for something specific, this might be the place for you!

7. Red Line Vintage

Red Line Vintage is an online vintage and antique dealer based in Los Angeles, California. They sell a wide range of items, including vintage jewelry, vintage clothing, vintage home decor (like lamps and mirrors), vintage lighting fixtures, and even vintage art!

Red Line Vintage has been buying and selling antiques for over 25 years. They specialize in all sorts of things from the 1920s t ough the 1970s, meaning that if you want to buy a new piece for your apartment or find something old as part of a home renovation project (or just because it’s pretty), Red Line Vintage can help you out!

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8. Omerohome

Omerohome is a Japanese online store that sells antique and vintage items. For example, you can find everything from old kimonos to traditional tea bowls on this site. The best part is that they accept international orders and ship worldwide!

If you want to buy Japanese antiques or vintage items online, Omerohome is the place for you. In fact, it’s one of our top places to buy authentic antiques online in general!

9. Tara Shaw Antiques

If you’re looking for a wide selection of antiques and vintage items, look no further than Tara Shaw Antiques.

Tara Shaw Antiques is a family-owned business that was established in 1986 by its namesake owner, Tara Shaw. It has become one of the most popular online antique stores with over 10,000 unique items on offer at any given time.

The company also has t ee brick-and-mortar locations, two located in New Jersey and one in Pennsylvania, where customers can visit to shop for antiques or pick up items they purchased online.

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10. TIAS Antique Marketplace

TIAS Antique Marketplace is an online marketplace for antiques and collectibles. It has over 1 million listings for antiques and collectibles. The company also offers a free app for iOS and Android.

The app allows you to browse TIAS’s inventory on your phone or tablet, which is a great way to find items without having to look at their site directly. On top of that, the company has a mobile website so you can easily access its inventory from any device!

11. The Good Mod

The Good Mod is a great place to buy mid-century and vintage furniture. You can also find plenty of lighting, kitchenware, home decor, collectibles, vintage clothing and accessories, toys (including Barbies), and more at this online antique store.

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12. Antiques and Chatchkes

AntiquesandChatchkes.com is a unique site that offers items from a variety of sellers, all with extensive knowledge in the antique trade.

The site’s owner and operator, Mark Goldberg, has been buying and selling antiques since 1966. He runs his business out of New Jersey with the help of his wife who assists him with purchasing and shipping each item.

The shop sells unique items such as vintage dolls, vintage clothing, silverware sets, mirrors, and home decor – anything that can be considered an antique or vintage piece of furniture or décor will find its way onto this website!

13. Just Vintage Home

Just Vintage Home is online vintage furniture and home decor store that carries a variety of vintage furniture. They sell antiques, vintage furniture, and some newer products for your home as well.

Just Vintage Home specializes in selling antique or vintage pieces from the 1920s to the 1970s. If you’re looking for some old-school style for your living room or dining room, this store can help you out!

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14. Sotheby’s Auction House

Sotheby’s auction house is a global, high-profile enterprise that has been in the business of selling art and antiques since 1744. The company is headquartered in New York City, but it also has offices around the world, including 40 countries. Sotheby’s has more than 200 offices in 70 countries around the globe.

Sotheby’s was founded by Samuel Baker who was born in London to a wealthy family.

He spent most of his childhood as an apprentice at his father’s dry goods store and later became a partner at another firm before founding Sotheby’s with two partners named John Robarts and John Wilson Croker who helped him expand their business from provincial auctions to international ones.

15. Mercari (App)

Mercari is an app that allows you to buy and sell second-hand items. It’s a great place to find antique items, especially if you’re looking for something specific. Mercari has a wide range of items and it’s easy to use.

The best thing about Mercari is that it’s super easy to post things for sale, so you can get the ball rolling right away without any hassle.

The app also has a good reputation and allows users to buy/sell safely with zero risk of fraud or cheating since payment between buyers/sellers takes place directly t ough Paypal or Venmo (a secure payment platform).

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