9 Reasons Why Kingston Brass Is A Good Brand (Kitchen & Bathroom)

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What Is The Kingston Brass Brand Known For?

As a market leader in home and commercial decor, the Kingston Brass product line includes faucets, showerheads, accessories, bathroom sinks, and toilets that are perfect for completing any remodeling project.

If you are looking for a high-quality, affordable kitchen faucet, fixture, or other accessory or furnishing, Kingston Brass is a brand you should know about…

Within the home faucet market, Kingston Brass (Available at Amazon) is known for its solid brass and innovative designs. They are well-known for manufacturing reliable home fixtures. It offers the quality of craftsmanship and attention to detail that homeowners look for in a modern, innovative product.

9 Reasons Why Kingston Brass Is A Good Brand

The Kingston Brass brand is known for manufacturing high-end bathroom accessories that are available in various finishes including modern, traditional, coastal, and transitional.

1. Dedication to Quality

One of the reasons that Kingston Brass is a good brand is because of its dedication to quality and customer service. For them, this is not just a business. It’s about bringing their customer’s top-notch products with great customer service every time. They value their customers and want you to enjoy your shopping experience as well as your new products.

2. Wide Selection of Products

Kingston has a wide selection of products that they carry in various styles. Their lines include Victorian, Tudor, Vintage, Apothecary, Classic, Early American, Arts & Crafts, Mid-Century Modern, and more!

No matter what style of home you live in or what type of décor you have in your bathroom or kitchen they carry something that will match it perfectly. They also carry many different types of faucets from kitchen faucets to tub fillers. So no matter what type of faucet you are looking for they have got you covered!

Kingston Brass KS1977AX 8 in. Widespread Bathroom Faucet, Brushed Brass

3. Quality Brass Construction

The items made by Kingston Brass are made out of quality brass construction which makes them long-lasting and durable to get through years of use without fading or wearing out quickly as other brands might do over time.

4. Reasonable Prices

One of the major concerns of people when purchasing plumbing items is the price. But with Kingston Brass, you’re assured that you will get what you paid for. All their faucets and fixtures are reasonably priced so that you don’t have to break the bank to purchase quality products.

5. Excellent Customer Service

Kingston Brass offers excellent customer service to all its clients. They know that each customer has different needs, which is why they make sure that they deliver efficient solutions to each client’s specific requirements. Their customer service representatives are friendly and always ready to help you with whatever query or concern you may have regarding their products or services.

Kingston Brass KB1975AX Heritage Widespread Lavatory Faucet with Metal Cross Handle, Oil Rubbed Bronze,8-Inch Adjustable Center

6. Excellent Craftsmanship

Kingston Brass is a company that only uses high-quality materials to produce its items. All their products are handcrafted to ensure that they are long-lasting and durable. They also come with a finish that can last for years without chipping or peeling off.

7. Unique Design

With Kingston Brass faucets, you will find elegant designs that will make your bathroom more luxurious. Their wide selection of faucets includes modern pieces as well as traditional ones so you will surely find something that fits your style preferences. This is great if you want to update your bathroom without having to change everything in it.

8. Easy Installation

One of the reasons why many people choose Kingston Brass is because all their bathroom fixtures can be easily installed by homeowners themselves. No professional installer is needed.


Kingston Brass KS1271ALBS Heritage Bridge Kitchen Faucet, 8-9/16", Polished Chrome


9. Durable Materials

The quality of a product is very important because it determines how long it will last. With Kingston Brass bathroom fixtures, you can be sure they are made from high-quality materials so they will last longer than other brands in the market today.

Below I have provided some examples of the best Kingston Brass products with a focus on customer comments about how they feel about the product and if they consider the company to be a reliable and trustworthy brand…

Is Kingston Brass A Good Brand For Bathroom Faucets?

Kingston Brass covers every faucet type and style you need for your bathroom including widespread faucets, centerset faucets, wall mount faucets, mini widespread faucets, vessel faucets, bidet faucets, single hole faucets, basin tap faucets, and bridge faucet.

And the entire range of Kingston Brass bathroom faucets receives high praise from customers.

The following is an example of one of the highly-rated faucets Kingston brass sells in this category…


Kingston Brass KB601PX Restoration 4-Inch Centerset Lavatory Faucet with Porcelain Cross Handle


Kingston Brass KB601PX Restoration 4-Inch Centerset Lavatory Faucet with Porcelain Cross Handle, Polished Chrome

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Example of comments from Kingston Brass:


This just adds a bit of old fashioned beauty to our older home. Love the handles, so easy to grip and turn on/off the water with wet slippery hands. Hubby installed with no screaming! LOL! Looks good, works well, and we are very pleased.


  • I think this is the favorite part of my bathroom! Love this faucet. My contractor said it was easy to install. And it looks amazing.
  • The price was awesome, the quality is great and I love the way they look.
  • This faucet is absolutely beautiful! It gives my bathroom that vintage, and antiquated style I wanted while being completely functional.
  • I love the polished, old fashioned styling of this faucet. It looks beautiful in my bathroom and works excellently.
  • Love the faucet. This added some vintage touch to my existing retro sink. High-quality item.

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Is Kingston Brass A Good Brand For Tub & Shower Faucets?

Once again, Kingston Brass has you covered with whatever faucet you need for your bathtubs or showers.

Products include wall-mounted clawfoot tub faucets, Roman tub faucets, freestanding tub faucets, deck-mount clawfoot tub faucets, tub, and shower faucets, shower only faucets, shower systems and combos, hand shower heads, shower arms and flanges, and of course shower heads…

As with all of the Kingston Brass faucets, these faucets are very highly rated by customers and they function as well look fabulous. The following is an example of one such Kingston Brass tub faucet…


Kingston Brass KS266SN Vintage Wall MountClawfoot Tub Faucet


Kingston Brass KS266SN Vintage Wall MountClawfoot Tub Faucet, 6-Inch Adjustable Center, Brushed Nickel

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Example of comments from Kingston Brass:


Kingston Brass fixtures are made to the highest standards of quality. The polished chrome gave that extra touch for our modern vintage bathroom renovation. The plumber who installed this fixture said it was fairly easy to work with and didn’t encounter any issues doing so. We loved the tub fixtures so much that we also purchased two sink fixtures to match!


  • THIS IS AN AMAZING FAUCET! It’s sturdy and beautiful. Looks like a million bucks! I installed it myself, much to my husbands’ dismay, but I did a good job if I may say so myself!
  • GORGEOUS and works well.
  • I looked for a tub (only) faucet that had a handheld. Most were extremely expensive. This one looks and feels expensive but didn’t break the bank.
  • We have installed several Kingston Brass products in our home now and we have been very happy with them.
  • Very nice faucet. This brand seems to be sturdier than most. We’ve purchased several pieces of Kingston brass and been very pleased.

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Is Kingston Brass A Good Brand For Kitchen Faucets?

People love the functionality and the elegance of Kingston Brass kitchen faucets. You can find the following faucets… bridge, wall-mounted, pot filler, water filtration, widespread, bar prep, centerset, two-handle, pull-down, pre-rinse, one handle, and pull out…

As with all of the Kingston Brass faucets, these faucets are very highly rated by customers and they function as well look fabulous. The following is an example of one such Kingston Brass tub faucet…


Kingston Brass KS1273ALBS Heritage 8-Inch Kitchen Bridge Faucet with Brass Sprayer, Antique Brass


Kingston Brass KS1273ALBS Heritage 8-Inch Kitchen Bridge Faucet with Brass Sprayer, Antique Brass

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Example of comments from Kingston Brass:


This faucet is everything it said it was and more. Stunningly beautiful, solid brass, brushed nickel finish. It was easy to install, we installed it in a 67 year old farm sink. The water pressure was perfect. There have been no leaks or any other issues with it. Definitely worth the money.


  • This Kingston Brass kitchen faucet was our second purchase. The previous one was installed on a Kohler apron front sink 4 years ago and has been flawless.
  • Kingston faucets are solid brass with a thick chrome finish.
  • The weight alone compared to all the other major brands is telling.
  • The valves have zero play, they open easily with one finger and show no signs of leaking.
  • I will never buy another brand of faucet. Period.

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Kingston Brass Also Sells Kitchen Sinks?

Kingston Brass also sells bathtubs and has plenty to choose from including clawfoot, alcove, pedestal, freestanding, drop-in, and various combos. The following is an example of one such Kingston Brass bathtub…


Kingston Brass Gourmetier GKUS16168 Undermount Single Bowl Bar Sink


Kingston Brass Gourmetier GKUS16168 Undermount Single Bowl Bar Sink 16x16x8 (LxWxD) Brushed Stainless Steel

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Example of comments from Kingston Brass:


I would recommend this sink if you are looking for a large, deep, no divider undermount sink. We like the fact that it does not have a divider – you can put large pots and pans in the sink to soak. Also does not seem flimsy… the stainless steel is thick enough to give substantial feel to it.


  • This was the perfect sink for our kitchen remodel, wide and deep but not too wide and deep.
  • It’s so nice to be able to put large pots or baking sheets all the way into the sink. It is also very lightweight.
  • This sink is exactly what I wanted. It is absolutely fabulous for the price.
  • Fantastic sink at a good price. Almost like a small bathtub compared to my old sink.
  • I love the size, I love that it’s a single basin rather than a double basin.
  • This sink is PERFECT! It’s durable and beautiful.

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What Makes Kingston Brass a Good Brand?

Following are some key factors that make Kingston Brass a good brand:


Kingston Brass History

Kingston Brass was founded in 1998 by a team of sanitation professionals. It is a California based company that manufactures high-quality and reliable kitchen fixtures, accessories, faucets, and more.

Faucets are the main product the brand is well-known for and it’s not surprising why. Since its launch, it has focused on manufacturing some of the best faucets in the market.

Making the customers’ needs its top priority, Kingston Brass has been on its journey to improve their customer’s faucet experience.

From its inception, the brand has consistently been innovating. It began as offering its products locally but now has expanded with a reputed online presence.

They managed to succeed due to sharing the philosophy that offering high-quality products is the key to the plumbing market.

Kingston Brass is one of the few brands that manufacture their kitchen faucets with solid brass. Today, they carry over 20,000 items in inventory. The brand continues to improve its products based on customer suggestions and.

Durability and Reliability

Kingston Brass is a brand known for reliability. All its products feature amazing construction. They are problem-free and leak-free. Furthermore, they are also very durable and less susceptible to wear and tear.


Design and Aesthetics

Not only are Kingston Brass products durable, but they also look incredible. No matter which product you get, you can rest easy knowing that it will complement your kitchen environment well. Most of the product offerings are available in both classic and contemporary design options.


High-Quality Materials

Kingston Brass is committed to safety first. Hence, all of their products are certified long-lasting, and safe. All of the materials used in manufacturing these products are safe to use, top of the line quality and tested, and guaranteed long-lasting.


10-Year Warranty

Kingston Brass products come with a limited 10-year warranty. This warranty is valid for products sold in the United States and it ensures that any faulty product or part you send to them will be replaced at no extra cost.


Superior Customer Care

Kingston Brass cares about their customers and it shows in their superior customer support service. If you have any questions about their products, finishes, warranties, etc., you are assured that their qualified customer service team will answer them.

Where To Buy Kingston Brass Products?

You can see all of the Kingston Brass products currently available and purchase them by going to their website or at their excellent online Amazon store.

Overall, Kingston Brass is a really good brand and it would be a great decision to opt for their products, particularly their faucets.

No matter your design preference, a product from this brand will become a centerpiece in your kitchen.

Not to mention their product pricing is quite attractive, even for items that feature unique finishes. All in all, Kingston Brass is certainly a brand that is worth its consumer praise.

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