Is Delonghi A Good Brand? (Coffee Machines & Home Appliances )

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What Is The Delonghi Brand Known For?

Delonghi is an Italian manufacturer of a wide range of small home appliances…

Each one of their products is designed and manufactured according to strict compliance to processes that were developed in 1902 when the company was founded in a small family workshop in Italy…

Is Delonghi a good espresso machine

Delonghi is a very good company that has been able to build a very strong brand over the 110-plus years in existence by designing and manufacturing only the highest quality small appliances.

The company is known worldwide for its high-quality products and the Delonghi brand is considered to be among the best in the business.

Below I have provided an example of some of Delonghi’s best-selling products with a focus on what customers think of the Delonghi brand, service, and quality…

Delonghi Is A Good Brand For Espresso Machines

Delonghi is famous for its coffee machines and has manual espresso machines, super-automatic espresso machines (you can see this one below), all-in-one coffee machines, drip coffee makers, and other specialty coffee makers as well. You can see all of their excellent coffee machines at their online Amazon Store.

Welcome to the golden age of the coffee, with De’Longhi—the premium choice for coffee aficionados the world over. Our fully automated ESAM3300 Magnifica Super-Automatic Espresso & Coffee Machine makes you feel like you are in a coffee shop every time you use it.

The De’Longhi Magnifica Super-Automatic Espresso & Coffee Machine is a sophisticated upgraded model of the traditional espresso maker. It combines compact design with detailed programmability, effortless maintenance, and simple cleaning.

When it comes to espresso machines, “super-automatic” means that at one push of a button, it grinds whole beans, tamps the grind, and sends pressurized near-boiling water through the grind to make the espresso coffee…



De’Longhi ESAM3300 Magnifica Super-Automatic Espresso & Coffee Machine


De'Longhi ESAM3300 Magnifica Super Automatic Espresso & Coffee Machine

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Example of comments from Delonghi reviews:


I bought this exact model in Feb 2008. Still working perfectly. My niece swears it makes the most perfect coffee in the world when she comes to visit. This exact machine was offered for the first time on Amazon back in 2001. Folks, that is 19 years ago and it is STILL a hot item on Amazon. New models have not pushed it aside. I would recommend considering that piece of info if you are looking to invest in a solid good expresso machine.


  • This is one of the best purchases I have ever made! Some people will spend $500.00 on a paddleboard or kayak and not use it every day. I figure, since I look forward to this every day, it is well worth it!!!
  • Delonghi makes a great product and their customer service is awesome.
  • This is my second DeLonghi Super-Auto Espresso maker. The brand is high quality and the coffee tastes delicious.
  • DeLonghi is a super brand. I recommend them in every way.
  • I have had my DeLonghi for ten years and it works great with no problems. Makes great coffee.
  • As my wife will attest, I’ve owned a multitude of coffee makers during our 50+ years of marriage and this is by far the best of them all.
  • I make coffee for us every morning and it is consistently great!
  • Best purchase I’ve made. Easy to use. Makes better lattes than any coffee shop. We use this at least 5 times a day, and the whole family loves it.
  • I love this Delonghi coffee/espresso machine! I know it may appear to be pricey but as I said, I had my first one for 7 years. And it makes the best tasting coffee!
  • There is nothing I don’t love about this machine but the best thing is the coffee it makes – rich, full-bodied coffee that is filling and satisfying.
  • For that reason, you actually end up using less coffee and creates even more value for the consumer.

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Is Delonghi A Good Brand For Appliances?

Delonghi has many high-rated kitchen appliances including air fryers, convection ovens, toaster ovens, indoor grills, deep fryers, electric skillets, panini press, slow cookers, a stove-top safe pot, and more.

You can see all of the appliances currently available from their online Amazon store. (Direct link to the appliance section)

But the below indoor grill is an example of what they have to offer

The Delonghi BG24 Perfecto Indoor Grill is a large capacity grilling machine featuring an all-metal construction and controls for 100% taste safety. The featured non-stick cooking grate and drip tray are dishwashers safe for quick cleanup and this roomy indoor grill offers 1300W of even heat for perfect cooking each and every time.

The Delonghi BG24 perfecto indoor grill gives back time by allowing you to cook dinner for your family in under 30 minutes. You will be able to use the basting tray that comes with the grill to keep your vegetables moist and to drip extra sauce.

This indoor grill features a porcelain enameled cast “pizza stone” cooking grid with push-button LP ignition and flame control, as well as side handles for easy removal of the removable warming rack.


Delonghi BG24 Perfecto Indoor Grill


Delonghi BG24 Perfecto Indoor Grill, Black

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Example of comments from Delonghi reviews:


This is the second Delonghi BG24 grill in our family. The first was a gift to our youngest married daughter and this one was a Christmas gift for our married son. He wanted one after using the first one while on a family vacation. This grill really does it all and is a pleasure to use. Our daughter uses it at least 4 times a week for cooking their evening dinners. Get it…’ll love it!!!!


  • DeLonghi is the best brand for the kitchen.
  • I purchased this as a requested gift for my daughter and she just loves it! She loves the brand because she has other items of theirs and they are of good quality and made well.
  • The size of this grill is what I like best, it is also a brand I can trust.
  • Another Great Delonghi Product. It is well made and you will get your money’s worth.
  • I have always been a fan of DeLonghi products. The design is very professional & always meets my expectations. Great size for cooking 4 of anything.

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Are Delonghi Air Conditioners Good?

Delonghi has quite a few different choices for you when it comes to portable air conditioners. You can see all of the options currently available from their online Amazon store. (Direct link to the portable air-con section)

Here is an example of one of Delonghi’s most popular portable air-con…

Keep cool this summer with the Delonghi 3-in-1 Portable air conditioner, dehumidifier, and fan. Perfect for those who want to have unlimited control over the temperature of their home, Delonghi’s 3-in-1 air conditioning system is a perfect choice!

Equipped with wheels and a remote to make it easier to transport, you can now cool any room in your home quickly and easily. This unit also comes with a handy LCD display with timer settings so that you know just how long you’ve been keeping your home cool!

This 3-in-1 portable air conditioner, dehumidifier, and fan feature remote control and wheels to help you easily move it from room to room. The compact design is ideal for keeping your space cool, and the adjustable thermostat dial lets you select your own preferred setting…


De’Longhi 3-in-1 Portable Air Conditioner, Dehumidifier & Fan + Remote Control & Wheels, 600 sq ft, Extra Large Room


De'Longhi 3-in-1 Portable Air Conditioner, Dehumidifier & Fan + Remote Control & Wheels, 600 sq ft, Extra Large Room, 8500 (DOE) / 14000 BTU (ASHRAE), Dark Gray, PACN285GN

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Example of comments from Delonghi reviews:


I believe De’Longhi Is it one of the best windowless air conditioners. It cooled my extra size bedroom to the point where you would think it was winter. It is not overly loud. It is less expensive to use it for the bedroom at night then use the entire central air conditioning system for the home. If you want something that really cools down this is the unit you need. I recommend it to everybody.


  • Needed to cool a basement apartment with a boiler room venting into space. Performs flawlessly.
  • This thing works beautifully. These portables never do that great of a job but this one does.
  • Our first floor is almost 800 square feet, and this bad boy comfortably cools about 600 of those square feet.
  • Great product, does a great job and kept us cool and comfortable. Liked that it came with a cover when not being needed.
  • It can be easily moved room-to-room, as the unit has wheels. The remote is a bit of luxury, quite welcome. No water or condensation issues, after months of use. I like this for the notion of gifting, too.

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Is Delonghi A Good Heater Brand?

Delonghi has compact ceramic heaters, tower heaters, convection panel heaters, bathroom heaters, capsule heaters, portable fan heaters, and oil-filled radiator heaters. You can see all of the options currently available from their online Amazon store. (Direct link to the section for heaters)

Here is an example of one of Delonghi’s most popular heaters…

Designed for heating medium to large-sized rooms perfectly comfortable, the De’Longhi radiator space heater delivers advanced comfort with convenient features. The thermostat is adjustable and has an LED display which allows you to choose the temperature you want to enjoy.

A solid and reliable heater with a large, easy-to-read temperature dial and an adjustable thermostat, the De’Longhi oil-filled radiator space heater is equipped with a safety auto-shutoff feature for extra peace of mind. This well-built model features a durable exterior, strong carrying handles, and a foldaway design for added portability.

This energy-efficient heater with auto-capacity control automatically regulates airflow in different modes. It has a protective system safety stop and anti-overheating protection to prevent overheating of the room.


De’Longhi Oil-Filled Radiator Space Heater, Quiet 1500W, Adjustable Thermostat


De'Longhi Oil-Filled Radiator Space Heater, Quiet 1500W, Adjustable Thermostat, 3 Heat Settings, Timer, Energy Saving, Safety Features, Nice for Home with Pets / Kids, Light Gray, TRD40615E

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Example of comments from Delonghi reviews:


Got it one a few days ago because my wife who is from Europe recommended this specific brand. My wife set it for only 70F in our bedroom and the heat it was given was amazing! No sound at all, no forced air that dries out my sinuses all the time. This works amazingly for spaces with tall ceilings as our ceilings are 12 feet high.


  • Quality brand name and works very well.
  • This is absolutely the very best I have ever used. It took a couple of days, but it is now heating my 25′ sq cathedral ceiling living room.
  • It is so quiet I forget that it is on.
  • The Man Cave was dropping into the low 40’s or high 30’s. Was looking around for the best portable heater for my situation. This Heater right here is it.
  • Best heater ever. The oil is enclosed and never needs to be refilled or dealt with, so don’t let that bother you.
  • This provides a gentle natural-feeling, non-drying heat, and warms a large space with no fan or noise.
  • It’s nothing short of fantastic and so much better than any electric or ceramic heater I’ve ever used that it’s like night and day.
  • If I have to do some work in my garage in the winter, this heater makes the space comfortable and keeps it that way beautifully.
  • I’m never going back to any other kind.
  • The best oil radiator self-contained unit we have ever used to heat our 250 sq ft shop. The timer feature is great, turns the unit on an hour before I get there so I walk into a warm shop, very nice

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Top 5 Reasons To Like Delonghi Made Products

We have already seen from the history of this company along with the excellent customer feedback and high ratings its products have received so now let’s look at some other reasons that make Delonghi impressive…

DeLonghi Manufacture Only The Highest Quality Products

DeLonghi has been designing and manufacturing products since 1902 in a small town in Italy. Using only the highest quality materials to produce every unit. The business has always been a small appliance focused from the beginning with their heaters and air condition units.

As time went by and after they incorporated the business in 1950, they started to expand their product lines. But they always stayed true to the small appliance market by the use of mergers and acquisitions.

This also gave them access to production facilities in China after acquiring the Kenwood company, which is a British small appliance manufacturer that fit in perfectly with De’Longhi’s market position.

By the use of acquisitions and mergers, De’Longhi, S.p.A has been fully able to maintain the highest quality standards by owning the production facilities. Currently, they have 13 production facilities and a total of 30 subsidiaries throughout the world. They have truly become a multinational corporation.

Today, De’Longhi, S.p.A is well known worldwide for its gourmet coffee and espresso machines. Each one is a great way to bring your favorite coffee shop flavor without needing to hire your own personal barista.

De’Longhi Products Include:

  • Coffee and Espresso Machines
  • Countertop Convection Ovens
  • Countertop Deep Fryers and Grills
  • Portable Convection Panel Heaters
  • Portable Radiant Heaters
  • Portable Air Conditioners

Delonghi Stands 100% Behind All Of Their Quality Products

As with any company that has been in business for 100-plus years, you can be assured that there is a real good reason why they have lasted so long.

Delonghi appliances are designed to meet all your needs and exceed your expectations. From ovens to refrigerators, they provide the performance and dependability you are looking for at the perfect value.

One of the primary reasons why De’Longhi. S.p.A has been around for so long that they fully back everything that they design, make, and sell.

Whether you consider their 100% satisfaction guarantee, warranty replacement policy, and return policies all are designed to reassure the customer that they will be completely satisfied.

To help ensure that its customers and prospective customers have a good experience with its products De’Longhi created a really good customer service department.

They are able to help with any questions regarding any of their products. They can help explain how to use certain products or make suggestions about which products are best for any situation.

Delonghi Is A Family Business At Heart

No matter how large they have become, they are still a small, family-run business at heart. With family members still holding key leadership roles, including Chairman and Vice-Chairman.

There is just something special about working for a family-run business, the way that they approach many things from a business perspective sets them apart from many other corporations.

Even though much of their growth has come through mergers and acquisitions they still managed to keep much of the same corporate governance philosophies as in their original core business.

This permeates throughout the whole company, from top to bottom. This helps them to be able to continue to design and produce top-quality products that stand out against some of the top small appliance brands in the world.

This same philosophy should help to sustain them and their brand for many decades to come.

Delonghi Includes Unique Features In Their Products

When it comes to designing their small appliances, they imagine exactly what a user of its products would want and go that extra mile to include it.

Many times this is what helps to separate De’Longhi apart from even the more established brands from around the world.

Take their coffee makers for instance, regardless of how you like your coffee, there is a De’Longhi machine for you. Whether you want the simplicity of a single cup, pod-style coffee brewer, or looking for a sophisticated, bean to cup machine and everything in between.

They have a model that will give you everything you could want in a coffee machine and more.

All of their small appliance model lines have the same attention to detail and unique feature appointments that will help set De’Longhi apart from all of its competition.

Over The Years Delonghi Has Stayed True To Their Small Appliance Roots

From its humble beginnings as a small, industrial parts maker, to one of the top small appliance manufacturers in the world, De’Longhi has remained true.

In a business world that creates multi-market conglomerates, it also has room for businesses that are able to stick to a singular focus and still become a corporate giant.

They have excelled in designing and manufacturing small appliances like coffee makers, heaters, air conditioners, food preparation machines, and so many other household appliances that are being used in homes all across the globe.

This is a testament to the commitment to excellence that you will find at De’Longhi.

By using strategic planning and smart merger and acquisitions of companies Delonghi has been able to expand into other small appliance markets. It allowed them to also expand their manufacturing capabilities and allowed them to propel themselves ahead of their competition.

In summary, Delonghi has a history of making products to help you get the most out of life. From their coffee makers to their range hoods and air conditioning units, Delonghi prides itself on leaving its customers satisfied with their purchases.

Their brand is built on developing innovative products that enhance your life, and they take great care to ensure that the products they develop fit the lifestyles of all their consumers.

When you know that a brand takes pride in developing high-quality items, it increases your confidence in every product they make.

This brand also features on my best coffee machine brands list found here… Best Coffee Machine Brands: Good, Excellent, & Amazing Brands

This is why it is very important for any business to protect its reputation and Delonghi has done exactly that by continually producing highly rated appliances that consumers love. So much so the very name Delonghi is associated with class and quality.

So, yes indeed DeLonghi is a very good company that you can purchase safely from knowing you will get consistent quality, great innovation, and friendly customer support if you ever need it.

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