Is Capresso A Good Brand (Coffee Makers, Grinders, Milk Frothers)

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What Is The Capresso Brand Known For?

Capresso is a brand that needs no introduction as it is famous for its production of outstanding coffee maker products.

Capresso is one of the most popular and notable brands when it comes to manufacturing coffee grinders. Thanks to its commitment to quality, performance, and reliable service, Capresso has established a great reputation for itself.

Is Capresso a good coffee maker brand?

In fact. Many of the innovations you take for granted and use on day to day basis are the result of this companies innovation.

The Capresso coffee company is known for creating some of the best home coffee makers on the market. Their coffee makers are designed to be sleek, durable, and easy to use. Their goal is to give their customers an exceptional customer experience with every purchase they make, and the reviews from customers prove this.

Every time you press the brew button or insert a pod into one of their single-serve coffee machines, you will be amazed at how quickly it makes your coffee and how fresh it tastes.

Below I have provided some examples of some of the most popular Capresso products with a focus on customer comments about how they feel about the product and if they consider the company to be a reliable and trustworthy brand…

Are Capresso Coffee Makers Good?

Capresso makes a variety of popular coffee makers however they didn’t rate as well with customers enough for me to get overly excited about them with the exception of the following 5-cup mini drip coffee maker that is highly regarded…


Capresso 5-Cup Mini Drip Coffee Maker, Black and Stainless Steel


Capresso 5-Cup Mini Drip Coffee Maker, Black and Stainless Steel

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Example of comments from Capresso Coffee Maker reviews:


My husband wanted a small coffee maker that he can keep at work that makes good coffee. It’s difficult to find a smaller model that actually is very well made and that makes great coffee. This Capresso coffee maker is all of those things. This was the first time we ever heard of this brand, and of course the first time we tried it. We are now hooked. Fans for life. Capresso, don’t change a thing, and we will be returning customers for sure in the future.


  • I must say it’s better than some of the so-called higher price-makers I tried and if I had known this, I would have bought Capresso as my FIRST choice coffee MAKER not the last.
  • Glad I tried it, it’s a good little maker, makes good coffee, and well worth the money.
  • This is a well made, intelligently designed product. I’ve purchased Capresso products before and have never had a disappointing experience.
  • I found in Capresso everything I wanted. Some folks say they’ve never heard of the name brand CAPRESSO. I say they are missing out.
  • If you’re looking for overall GOOD value for money, small footprint, easy-clean, good tasting coffee with decent water temp, look no further than this Capresso!

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Are Capresso Espresso Machines Good?

When it comes to espresso machines Capresso has some of the highest regarding units on the market and as one customer said about the following machine, “Capresso turns out a consistently high-quality product and this one produces the best espresso yet”…


Capresso 116.04 Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Machine EC100, Black and Stainless


Capresso 116.04 Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Machine EC100, Black and Stainless

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Example of comments from Capresso espresso machine reviews:


We love and drink a lot of espresso in our family. We basically make 10-15 espresso everyday. This is the best espresso machine in the US market! I did not wanted to use capsules like Nespresso, I use real good Italian coffee and end of the day you have the best espresso for a few bucks every months!


  • We are big fans of Capresso, their US staff, support, and most of all this product.
  • Best Espresso/Latte/Cappuccino maker for the price.
  • The espresso comes out looking and tasting just like at a cafe- rich, strong, dark, with lots of crema.
  • Best homemade espresso.
  • The first cup of what I call Cappuchino/Latte was the best I’ve ever had.
  • One of the best things about the Capresso is that you can make as many cappuccinos as you want, one after another, without waiting for anything to re-heat or cool down or be cleaned and refilled!!

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Does Capresso Make Good Coffee Grinders?

Capresso really leads the charge when it comes to the best coffee grinders. They grind consistently, look good, are easy to use, and are also extremely durable lasting for many years…


Capresso Infinity Conical Burr Grinder, See-through bean container holds up to 8.8 oz of beans


Capresso Infinity Conical Burr Grinder, See-through bean container holds up to 8.8 oz of beans

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Example of comments from Capresso coffee grinder reviews:


Four years have passed? Holy cow. This thing has been with us through moves, wildfires, floods, droughts, cats and dogs living together, and mass hysteria, yet it keeps on going as though it’s right out of the box.


  • I’ve been using this grinder twice a day for 9 years and am making a long term report. What can I say- it works and it DOES have longevity.
  • Cleaning the Capresso grinder is much easier than my old grinder… just twist the hopper and pull the stationary burr.
  • Superb Burr Grinder for your coffee. Does an extremely consistent grind, relatively easy to clean. The conical burr is key to the quality – it is machined in Switzerland per Capresso’s web site and looks very precisely made.
  • It’s consistent, quiet, and easy to use. I use it for a variety of different grind sizes — Turkish, pour-over, and French Press — and it does an amazing job.
  • Folks, there IS a difference in coffee grinders and that difference affects how your coffee will taste. The Capresso model 565 is a heavy-duty commercial quality grinder. The $$$ difference is the quality of the internal parts that are used in the grinding process.

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Are Capresso Milk Frothers Good?

The Capresso milk frothers are outstanding and the following frother comes with cold, medium heat, and high heat settings so you can make the perfect hot chocolate, espresso, or latte…


Capresso froth Pro Milk Frother for Cappuccino, Espresso, Latte, and Hot Chocolate, 7″ x 5″ x 6″, Black/Matte Silver


Capresso froth Pro Milk Frother for Cappuccino, Espresso, Latte and Hot Chocolate, 7" x 5" x 6", Black/Matte Silver

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Example of comments from Capresso milk frother reviews:


Love this and use it every day for matcha lattes. Matcha tends to be lumpy, but my frother makes it perfect. I usually use matcha, soy milk, stevia, and cinnamon. I also add collagen powder, and sometimes other spices for a chai flavor.


  • This is an AMAZING little machine! It makes (hands down) the most OUTSTANDING hot chocolate I’ve ever made.
  • It is easy to clean up too.
  • I took mine into the office for a special Holiday Mingle and Jingle. I made over 60 hot chocolate’s and they were such a hit!
  • We’ve tried several frothers over the years. Our daughter, a true coffee enthusiast, recommended we try the Capresso froth, and it’s proven to be the best one by far.
  • It has three settings: cold, medium heat, and high heat. We use it mostly for lattes and cappuccinos, and it gets the frothed milk really hot — no need to preheat the cups.
  • I told everyone about these little gizmos especially because the hot chocolate is drinkable on the first pour!

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Capresso was founded in 1994. The brand’s name is a combination of cappuccino and espresso – everyone’s two favorite coffee drinks. It is a U.S. brand that continued to operate under its original owner for more than two decades.

But now it is owned by Jura AG – the Swiss coffee machine manufacturer giant. Capresso aims to bring high-quality coffee grinders and other coffee-related products to home consumers.

Many of the innovative Capresso products have been featured in magazines, on TV, and on the internet.

Over the years, Capresso has pioneered many industry firsts: the first electric burr grinder that uses sensors, the first standalone automatic milk frother, and the first integration of drip coffee maker with a conical burr grinder, to name a few.

Today, Capresso is a brand that remains well-recognized by anyone who loves coffee. It manufactures and sells coffee-related products in more than 50 countries.


What Makes Capresso a Good Brand?

We have already seen via this companies history and the impressive customer feedback about its products how well they perform. However, the following are some more key factors that make Capresso a good brand:


Recognized and Established Brand

As mentioned above, Capresso is a premier coffee machine maker brand and its products are known for their innovative functionality and design. The brand’s reputation grew even further after its merger with Jura AG.


Wide Range of Coffee Related Assortments

Capresso is well-known for manufacturing reliable coffee grinders. But this isn’t the only product the brand specializes in. It makes virtually everything you are looking for in the coffee industry.

Its current product line includes iced tea makers, water kettles, milk frothers, coffee grinders, espresso machines, coffeemakers, and coffee beans and care products.

Excellent Build Quality and Performance

Capresso coffee grinders have a stainless-steel build, making them very durable and long-lasting. They are also less noisy during operation, have zinc die-cast, and better grind consistency.

The brand’s popular burr grinders offer excellent performance and function with great precision every time.


Innovative Features at Affordable Price

All of the coffee machines offered by Capresso are dependable thanks to the various safety features. They also come with a host of unique systems and innovative features at an affordable price.

Not to mention most of them come with a one-year warranty as well. All these key aspects make them an attractive choice for beginners as well as experienced coffee enthusiasts.

Where To Buy Capresso Products?

You can see all of the Capresso products currently available and purchase them online from their website or at their Amazon Store.

For more than two decades, Capresso has been offering high-quality, reliable products in the coffee industry.

From its state-of-the-art automatic milk frother to innovative burr grinders and more, the brand has drastically changed the coffee-making game.

This brand also features on my best coffee machine brands list found here… Best Coffee Machine Brands: Good, Excellent, & Amazing Brands

So, if you are choosing Capresso for your next coffee-related product, know that you are buying a product from a legit company with a proven record for quality and customer service.

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