Can You (And Should You) Crush Ice In A Cuisinart Food Processor?

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We all know what a wonderful tool a food processor is in the kitchen and we all want to save as much countertop space as well. So we don’t want different appliances for different jobs. Surely a food processor can do it all?

However, as wonderful as a food processor is it can’t do what a good blender can do and the same works in reverse a good blender can’t do what a good processor can do.

Now both tools will do a reasonable job of replicating the other but will fall short on doing it right and the same even goes for the outstanding Cuisinart Food Processor.

So… Can You Crush Ice In A Cuisinart Food Processor?

The short answer is yes you can. The power of the Cuisinart motor also makes it more than capable to crush ice. But as the title of this post suggests. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

The Cuisinart, and indeed any other food processor, can do a reasonable job of crushing ice. The results will depend on the blades you use but you can get a reasonable result. However, your food processor is not really designed for ice crushing.

Food processors, like other kitchen machines, were clearly designed for chopping, shredding, or pureeing food, not for crushing ice. If crushing ice and making smoothies is your number one priority you should get a dedicated blender because it will do a better job.

That being said, check out this video where they crush the ice with no problems whatsoever with the Cuisinart:


Let’s look at some things that can go wrong when using a food processor to crush ice…

Can Ice Damage Cuisinart Blades?

Food processors are amazing kitchen tools that give you a lot of freedom to prepare food quickly and easily. However, an integral part of the machine is its blade.

You need to make sure that it is in top condition, otherwise, your machine will not work properly. In order to keep your blade razor-sharp, it is important that you use your processor machine only for what it was intended.

You might get away with doing it a few times here and there however consistently using the Cuisinart food processor to crush ice will result in damage to the blades and the bowl.

Now let me tell you Cuisinart have some pretty tough blades but you want them to remain sharp and in prime condition.

Can Ice Damage A Food Processor Bowl?

Just think how much damage to the bowl will happen with sharp pieces of ice whizzing around inside it at high speeds.

It will end up scratched and that in turn will not only look ugly it will make the bowl hard to clean when you use the food processor for the things it is actually designed for.

I know first-hand how using the wrong equipment can lead to unwanted damage. There is an enormous amount of force generated by these machines and that is what makes them so good.

However, it is also the very same force that makes it worth your while to avoid putting things in them that you shouldn’t.

How Do I Crush Ice In A Cuisinart Food Processor?

After seeing all of the reasons you shouldn’t do it. If you still want to do so here is how it’s done…

Crushing large chunks of ice in a Cuisinart food processor (or any food processor) can be difficult.

The best way to crush ice is to pulse the ice very briefly first and then, if needed, add a bit more time for bigger chunks.

A food processor will melt some of the ice because of the heat coming from the motor. So when you have pulsed the ice to the crushed size you will have to pour it throw a strainer to get rid of the water.

Why Is Crushed Ice Better Than Cubed?

Most ice you get at the store is in the form of cubed ice. You may be wondering why crushed ice is better. It’s easier to chew, and the flat surface has more contact with your teeth than cubes.

That’s because cubes are mostly air. Also, crushed ice melts slower in your mouth allowing for a longer cool burst on your taste buds.

When freezing cubes you have to wait until they melt into the drink to enjoy the real flavor, whereas crushed gives you instant gratification.

Crushed ice is often preferred to cubed ice when making drinks because it melts more slowly. That means you can enjoy a frosty beverage for longer, without it getting watered down.

It’s also better for cocktails with lots of flavors, like margaritas. Cubed ice melts quickly and dilutes the flavors of the mixers, so they can’t be tasted as well.

Crushed ice keeps your cocktail shaker cool and ready to go for hours. It also serves to gently agitate the ingredients inside the shaker, helping break down the fruit pulp and release more flavor.

Science proves that crushed ice is better than cubes when it comes to chilling your drinks. It’s more porous which allows it to absorb more alcohol and water from your beverage, creating an invigorating, intense experience.

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In summary, you can crush ice in a Cuisinart Food Processor however you are much better off using the right tools for the job.

So the verdict is… No! You should not be attempting to crush ice in a Cuisinart food processor. This will cause damage to the machine and invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty.

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