Bracelets Like Pura Vida (5 Bracelets Similar To Pura Vida)

Welcome to the world of Pura Vida bracelets! Maybe you’ve heard of them, maybe not… Either way, they are a company that makes gorgeous, handmade bracelets and donates a portion of their proceeds to charity.

The bracelets are marketed as a symbol of friendship and goodwill… They are also promoted as “a reminder that your life is good, so embrace it.”

But Pura Vida (Available on Amazon) isn’t the only brand in the game… So if you are looking for something similar from other brands here are my top 5 Pura Vida alternatives…

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1. Long Tiantian

Pura Vida bracelets are a great way to accessorize your outfits while supporting charitable causes. However, if you’re looking for something that is a little different, Long Tiantian bracelets (Available on Amazon) are a great alternative.

These bracelets are made with the same intention as Pura Vida bracelets, but they have more unique designs and colors. They come in different colors like gold, silver, green, blue, pink, black, and rainbow. They also have many different styles such as single wrap bracelets, double-wrap bracelets, and anklets.

There are many reasons why Long Tiantian bracelets make a better choice than Pura Vida bracelets. Here are 3 reasons why:

String Bracelets for Women Wave Bracelet for Surfers Braided Rope Friends Woven Adjustable Bracelets Waterproof Handmade Bracelet Sets (F)

Long Tiantian Bracelets Are More Colorful Than Pura Vida Bracelets

If you’re someone who likes to add some variety to your look each day by wearing different colored accessories with each outfit then you’ll love how versatile Long Tiantian bracelets can be. Unlike the Pura Vida bracelet’s basic color options which include mostly solid colors like purple and white, Long Tiantian has a lot more colorful options like gold, silver, and rainbow.

The bracelets are made of different materials than Pura Vida bracelets

Most of Pura Vida’s bracelets are made of rope and waxed string, while a majority of Long Tiantian’s bracelets are made of cloth and cotton strings that he salvaged from old clothes and bedsheets. Both companies offer bead designs as well in their collections which are also handmade but they differ in materials used to make these beads: Pura Vida uses clay while Long Tiantian uses recycled paperboard and newspaper strips shaped into beads.


The craftsmanship and attention to detail used in the creation of the Long Tiantian bracelets make them a good alternative to Pura Vida bracelets.

The bracelets are made by hand using t eads of high-quality cotton and polyester. Each bracelet can be worn with any outfit, whether casual or formal. They are perfect for both men and women.

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2. Hicarer

If you’ve been looking for handmade bracelets that are both affordable and stylish, then look no further than the Hicarer Mens Women’s Braided Leather Bracelet (Available on Amazon).

Both brands offer a wide range of colors, patterns, and styles for both men and women. Both the Pura Vida and Hicarer bracelet lines come in several widths. For the most part, the Pura Vida bracelet is wider than the Hicarer bracelet.

The Hicarer Bracelet Is More Unique Than The Pura Vida Bracelet

As mentioned before, many people have jumped on the Pura Vida bandwagon, which means that there is a good chance you will run into someone who has the same bracelet as you do. However, with a Hicarer bracelet, this is unlikely to happen since there are fewer of them out there and the company is not as well-known as Pura Vida just yet.

Hicarer 31 Pieces Surfer Strand Wave Bracelet Adjustable Waterproof Handmade Friendship Wax Wrap Bracelet Anklet Sunflower Braided Beach Bracelet for Teen Girl 19 Star Moon Knuckle Ring (Chic Style)

Hicarer Bracelets are Made by Artisans

The Pura Vida brand is so popular because it is handmade by artisans and helps support communities in Costa Rica. Many people are looking for alternatives to this product to provide more opportunities for similar artisan communities.

Hicarer bracelets are handmade by artisans from around the world who use traditional techniques to make these bracelets. By buying these bracelets, you can help support these local artisans and their communities.

Bracelets are also a good alternative to Pura Vida jewelry because they are made from natural materials that do not contain any chemicals or toxins. The fabric is actually 100% cotton and hand-woven by skilled artisans in Guatemala using traditional methods that date back hundreds of years.

This ensures that each piece is one-of-a-kind and unique to its wearer! Hicarer’s bracelet collection features both solid colors with geometric designs as well as multicolored striped patterns for added flair!

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YANCHUN Bracelets (Available on Amazon) is the perfect Pura Vida alternative. YANCHUN Bracelets feature a custom-designed slider clasp that is just as easy to put on as it is to take off. So, if you need a bracelet that you can wear all day, every day, YANCHUN is your go-to!

YANCHUN Bracelets can be worn by anyone. The sliding clasp allows each bracelet to be worn by both men and women. One size fits all!

YANCHUN Bracelets feature the world’s only interchangeable charms. All of our bracelets feature interchangeable charms that allow you to customize your look in seconds. Simply slide the charm off one bracelet and slide it onto another!

YANCHUN Bracelets for Teen Girl Boho Anklet Bracelets for Girls Mountain Anklet Summer Beach Bracelet (A: Blue-Sunflower-Angle)

Mix and match different colors and styles to create new combinations each time you wear them. With over 100 different charms to choose from, there’s no limit to what YANCHUN Bracelets allow you to do.

YANCHUN bracelets are the perfect way to accessorize your wrist. We sell handmade braided bracelets made from soft waxed cotton t ead. There are t ee main types of bracelets that we offer:

Solid Color Bracelets – These simple, solid color bracelets allow you to make a bold statement with just one bracelet. You can choose from our classic black or brown, or take a look at some of the more vibrant options like blue, red, green, and purple.

Striped Bracelets – Our striped bracelets come in many different combinations of colors, allowing you to mix and match your outfit with ease. Our most popular striped bracelet is our “Friendship” bracelet because it is bright and colorful. We also offer many other colorful striped bracelets as well as neutral ones like black and white.

Charm Bracelets – If you want something a little fancier than our solid color and striped bracelets, take a look at our charm ones instead!

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4. Starain

Pura Vida bracelets are a great piece of accessory that is not only fashionable but also gives back to the community. The Pura Vida brand has created an entire lifestyle, and there are other brands that align with this type of idea. Starain (Available on Amazon) is one of these brands, and they have created gorgeous bracelets that give back to the planet in a variety of ways.

Starain creates all different styles of bracelets, including their own brand of Pura Vida bracelets, and they have many different items other than just their bracelets. They have a core belief that the power of nature is what we should be using to help our planet.

STARAIN 12Pcs Handmade Beaded Anklets for Women Girls Boho Colorful Beads Ankle Bracelets Beach Foot Anklet Set


The quality of the materials used in Starain bracelets is just as good as that of Pura Vida. In fact, many people prefer them because they feel more comfortable to wear. They are also available in different sizes, so you can find one that fits your wrist perfectly.


Starain offers many different designs that aren’t available with Pura Vida – and they’re all equally beautiful! You can get anything from classic to modern styles with these bracelets.

They come in a ton of cute styles

We carry a few different styles of Pura Vida bracelets but even more Starain styles! Our favorite Starain pieces are the classic woven styles in bright colors and fun patterns (like this one), but we also have some gorgeous beaded options with semi-precious stones (like this one). There’s sure to be something for everyone!

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5. Ubjuliwa

Ubjuliwa bracelets (pronounced oo-boo-lee-wah) are the perfect Pura Vida alternative if you’re looking for something a little different. They’re not just pretty, they can help you manifest your goals and dreams t ough intention setting.

They’re sustainably made

Ubjuliwa bracelets (Available on Amazon) are made from recycled bullet casings, which are collected by women in Kenya. The bracelets bring the women income and provide them and their families with food, water, housing, and education.

The casings are melted down, then formed into beads, and strung on elastic or leather bands. The women also make earrings, necklaces, and other recycled jewelry items.

Ubjuliwa 6 Sets Bohemian Stackable Bead Bracelets for Women Men Stretch Multi Layered Bracelet Set Multicolor Jewelry(C)

Each bracelet comes with a card that tells the story of the woman who made it and her family. It also comes with an affirmation card that can be used to help create an intention for your bracelet.

They are handcrafted in Costa Rica

Pura Vida bracelets are no longer made in Costa Rica due to their growth as a company. The reason they have become so popular is that they were founded in Costa Rica with the intent of helping local artisans make a living by selling their products. It’s one of the main points of their origin story. As they have become more successful and moved towards mass production it is no longer possible for them to make all of their bracelets in Costa Rica.

Ubjuliwa Bracelets are still made locally by artisans in Costa Rica. We are proud to continue this tradition and the tradition of supporting local artisans by creating jobs where we can.

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How Pura Vida Bracelets Are Made

Pura Vida bracelets are handmade by artisans in Costa Rica using high-quality, durable materials. The process of making these popular bracelets begins with the selection of materials, which include colorful t eads and various charms and beads.

Once the materials have been chosen, the artisans carefully measure and cut the t eads to the appropriate lengths. Next, they tie the t eads together using a special knotting technique to create the base of the bracelet.

Once the base of the bracelet has been completed, the artisans begin adding charms and beads to the bracelet using a needle and t ead. The charms and beads are sewn onto the bracelet, ensuring that they are securely attached.

After the charms and beads have been added, the artisans carefully trim any excess t eads and then apply a coating to the bracelet to help protect it from water and wear.

The final step in the process is quality control, where the finished bracelets are carefully inspected to ensure that they meet the high standards of Pura Vida.

Overall, the process of making Pura Vida bracelets is a labor of love that requires skill, attention to detail, and a dedication to craftsmanship. Each bracelet is a unique, handcrafted work of art that represents the Pura Vida lifestyle and philosophy.

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In summary, The Pura Vida bracelets are very good for when you are playing sports or just for fun. You can get them wet because they do not get destroyed or broken. If you want to get a bracelet, order one! The bracelets are cheap, too!

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