Is Pura Vida A Good Brand? (Water Proof Pura Vida Bracelets )

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What Is Pura Vida Brand Known For?

Pura Vida means pure life in Spanish, the language of beach towns and tropical getaways…. And Pura Vida Bracelets are made to feel just that way: fresh and natural, representing a lifestyle of simplicity and joy.

Pura Vida bracelets are the world’s most beautiful bracelets and a fashionable way to stay active and raise awareness for charities.

Pura Vida is a good brand and they are actually making the world a better place by sourcing their bracelets from artisans in Costa Rica, El Salvador, and India.

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Quick Overview of Pura Vida:

Pura Vida is a brand based on a powerful idea… Buy Pura Vida products and help change the world…. Through your purchases, you can assist artisans in developing countries, while you enjoy products with a meaningful story. Pura Vida jewelry can be worn every day to remind you of your spiritual side.

Popular Products Include: 

More About Pura Vida

You can learn more about this brand from their About Page.

If you want to contact Pura Vida you can do so here.

What about Social Media? You can follow Pura Vida on FacebookInstagramTwitter, and Youtube.

Below I have listed some of Pura Vida’s most popular products so you can see how good this brand is…

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Pura Vida Jewelry Bracelets

With great colors and stylish dials, they look amazing with any attire…. These bracelets are also 100% waterproof so you don’t have to worry about getting them wet while you are swimming or showering.

Pura Vida guarantees that their bracelet will last you a long time due to its premium quality and construction.

Why Are Pura Vida Bracelets So Good

The Pura Vida Charm Bracelet is the perfect gift for somebody that loves jewelry and wants to give back…. Not only will you be getting something for yourself, but you’re also making a difference.

Every bracelet is handmade by the brand’s talented artisans that invest in their creative business…. The adjustable sizing means that anybody can wear this unique accessory.

Pura Vida Jewelry Bracelets – 100% Waterproof and Handmade w/Coated Charm

Pura Vida Jewelry Bracelets Bright Bracelet - 100% Waterproof and Handmade w/Coated Charm, Adjustable Band (Isla)

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Each bracelet is handcrafted in Costa Rica and enhanced with a silicone bead that allows it to float effortlessly in the water.

Enjoy swimming, bathing, or snorkeling knowing your favorite piece of jewelry will be just as beautiful when you remove it as when you put it on.

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Pura Vida Mood Bracelet

This Muted Bracelet is a quintessential accessory piece, designed to complement any outfit…. Created in the jungles of Costa Rica, this adjustable band is made from waterproof material and features a simple closure that attaches to our brand charm.

The metal finish changes tones based on the light source, however, they’ve added a rust coating to prevent tonal fading.

Pura Vida Jewelry Bracelets Muted Bracelet

Pura Vida Original Designs Sepia Bracelet - 100% Waterproof, Adjustable Band - Coated Charm Pendant, Cream

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The Pura Vida Jewelry collection is suited for both fashion-forward and classic tastes…. This mottled bracelet features a fashion brand charm, an adjustable band, and a water-resistant construction that makes it perfect to wear during your outdoor adventures.

The stunning Pura Vida Jewelry collection has something for everyone. These elegant and unisex bracelets are perfect for any occasion.

They are adjustable to fit most wrist sizes…. Both the silver and gold bracelets are plated for scratch resistance…. Each includes a water-resistant pouch and an exclusive brand charm…

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Pura Vida Wave Ring

Dive into a sea of endless possibilities with the Wave Ring from our Ocean Wave Collection…. The seamless design is inspired by an ocean wave cresting over the tide, for a look that’s endlessly elegant and unmistakably Pura Vida.

With its 925 Sterling Silver construction, this piece also represents a timeless gift that will always feel just right.

Pura Vida Wave Ring


Let the ocean be your guiding force and never forget your love of the water with this sterling silver wave cresting the tide ring…. Features a beautiful wave cresting over the tide.

The Sea Wave Ring is the perfect design to give your everyday look a touch of fun…. This gorgeous ring features a wave cresting over the tide, in an array of cheerful colors…

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Pura Vida Anklet

Fashion jewelry ideal for summer, this Pura Vida Anklet features a waterproof design that you can wear while swimming or boating.

This trendy anklet is made with waterproof wax-coated iron-coated copper charms, designed to withstand water and corrosion.

Pura Vida Anklet 100% Waterproof, Wax-Coated with Iron-Coated Copper Charm


Pura Vida Lost at Sea Anklet 100% Waterproof, Wax-Coated with Iron-Coated Copper Charm


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This anklet is waterproof…. You can have fun at the beach or shower…. Summer anklets & trendy anklets you can enjoy while swimming, boating, surfing, snowboarding, or even showering…. This one size fits all anklet…. It comes with an adjustable clasp.

The trendy anklets are lightweight, perfect jewelry accessories, and durable enough to withstand the surf and waves.

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Pura Vida Charm Bracelet

This Gold Wave OG bracelet is a true original! This stylish piece features a delicately braided band with an eye-catching centerpiece…. The lovely charm accentuates the bracelet, completing its strikingly colorful yet elegant look.

This colorful bracelet features a beautiful and eye-catching charm…. The braided band has a smooth feel that gives this bracelet a strong, sturdy quality.

Pura Vida Gold or Rose Gold Wave OG Bracelet – Gold Plated Charm

Pura Vida Gold Wave Bracelet w/ Plated Charm - Adjustable Band, 100% Waterproof - Strawberry


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Whether you’re pairing it with your favorite outfit or giving it as a gift, this is one multi-use bracelet that gets even better with wear!

This stylish piece features a delicately braided band that is embellished with an eye-catching centerpiece…. The lovely charm accentuates the bracelet, completing its strikingly colorful yet elegant look…. The chain link and lobster clasp complement any attire you choose to wear…

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Pura Vida Shoreline Anklet

The Pura Vida Wave Anklet features a highly polished finish that is bound to make a lasting impression…. Designed with five velvety silicone beads and a durable, high-quality clasp, this anklet is designed to wrap easily and comfortably around the ankle, while still fitting comfortably as an anklet.

This beach-ready anklet by Pura Vida boasts a delicate wave-shaped charm that’s crafted to resemble the ocean breeze.

Pura Vida Gold or Silver or Rose Gold Shoreline Anklet w/Plated Charm – Adjustable Band


Pura Vida Rose Gold Shoreline Anklet w/ Plated Charm - Adjustable Band, 100% Waterproof - Smoke Blue


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The strand of beautiful gold, silver, or rose gold beads is very adjustable and can be worn several ways…. Soak in the rays while wearing it, or add it to your jewelry box when you’re not on the shore.

Pura Vida’s ankle bracelets are designed to become a go-to piece for every occasion…. With interchangeable charms and adjustable, elastic bands, they’re a great gift idea or something special for yourself! Made of luxurious gold-plated sterling silver.

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Can Pura Vida Bracelets Get Wet?

The short answer is yes! While the bracelets are made of string, they are sealed with a water-resistant wax coating…. This coating allows you to get your bracelet wet without having to worry about ruining it.

However, keep in mind that the wax coating is not completely waterproof, so you should avoid soaking your bracelet in water for extended periods of time.

What Does Water-Resistant Mean?

The term “water-resistant” means that the bracelet may be exposed to water, but shouldn’t be submerged or soaked for a long period of time.

The bracelets can withstand rain and be worn while swimming or surfing, but they should not be left to soak in water since prolonged exposure may loosen the beads or threading.

Pura Vida Gold Bar Into the Waves Bracelet - Waterproof, Adjustable Band - Blush

How Do I Dry My Bracelet After Getting It Wet?

After getting wet, it’s important to allow your bracelet to dry before packing it away or wearing it again…. Moisture can cause the threading to stretch and break more easily over time if you wear it before it’s fully dried out.

You can wipe down your bracelet with a cloth and then lay it flat until completely dry, or use a hairdryer on low heat to speed up the process (just make sure you don’t get too close!).

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Why is Pura Vida popular?

Pura Vida rings are popular because they offer a wide range of styles, designs, and sizes so you can find something that matches your personal style.

The company is also popular because of its ethical standards and responsible resourcing…. They provide jobs for hundreds of artisans.

Do Pura Vida Bracelets turn your finger green?

Some people have claimed that their Pura Vida bracelets turned their fingers green after wearing them for several days or weeks at a time.

This may be due to chemicals found in jewelry manufacturing plants or other substances used during production.

It’s important to remember that this only happens if you wear your Pura Vida bracelet for long periods without taking it off for cleaning or inspection.

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Is Pura Vida a real store?

Yes, Pura Vida is an actual company that sells jewelry wholesale to retailers all over the world who want to sell their products in their stores or online at their websites…. They have in recent times even opened a real brick-and-mortar store.

What is Pura Vida made of?

Pura Vida bracelets are made from recycled plastic bottles collected from beaches and waterways around the world by our partner non-profit organization Ocean Wise Foundation (Canada)…. These bottles are then melted down into strands and woven together to create our distinctive bracelet designs.

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How do I keep my Pura Vida bracelet tight?

Pura Vida bracelets are designed to be worn above the wrist bone and so are comfortable for everyday use…. However, if you have a loose one, there is an easy way to tighten it up again.

First, make sure that the two ends of your bracelet are joined together (if they aren’t already) by sliding them together until they click into place. The two ends should be even with each other and form a circle when they are joined together.

Then, gently pull on one end of your bracelet until it has stretched out enough that the other end moves apart from its link with the original bracelet; this will cause a small gap between them which should be about 2 inches long.

Now you can move the two ends around until they meet up again at the point where they were originally joined together; this will cause them to reconnect and form a closed-loop again (as long as you haven’t stretched out too far).

How do you clean Pura Vida bracelets?

You can clean your Pura Vida bracelets by soaking them in warm water for 5 minutes or by hand washing them in warm water and soap…. Rinse thoroughly and dry completely before wearing again.

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Pura Vida Supports Community

Pura Vida Bracelets is a socially responsible company that supports the communities it works with around the world. Supporting the empowerment of more than 800 families who can count on a steady income thanks to the incredible success of Pura Vida.

Whether you’re getting ready for your next tropical vacation or just want to add some summer-ready gear to your look, these colorful and lightweight bracelets make a great addition to any outfit—and they make the perfect gift to give and get.

Composed of pure, natural, precious materials, Pura Vida’s bracelets are designed to bring out the most special moments in life – from walks on the beach to weddings and birthdays.

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In summary, Pura Vida offers a spectacular selection of handmade gold bracelets made by local artisans in villages across the world.

The company also contributes to various charities, including non-profits working to eradicate poverty in Africa and South America.

It has also been said that Pura Vida bracelets help bring unity to a family by getting everybody to wear the same color.

The company itself is good at staying on top of things and making sure orders get placed correctly…. They are committed to helping out local artisans and donating money to a variety of charities all over the world.

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