Bracelets Like Bond Touch (Bracelets Similar To Bond Touch)

Bracelets Similar To Bond Touch

Long-distance relationships are hard. There’s no way to argue with that. But, there are lots of ways to make sure that the distance isn’t too painful. And, thanks to technology, it’s never been easier for two people who love each other to stay in touch — even if they’re miles away from one another. That’s where bracelets similar to Bond Touch come in.

Bond Touch is a bracelet set designed specifically for long-distance couples so they can feel connected even when they’re away from one another. Each user wears a bracelet that will send a vibration and light signal whenever the other person holds their bracelet and taps it twice — even if they’re on different sides of the world!

It might not be quite as good as hugging your partner goodnight, but it definitely helps you stay connected. But Bond Touch isn’t the only option out there for couples looking for cool and innovative ways to stay in touch during their long-distance relationship (LDR).

Touch bracelets are a very unique niche with only a few brands offering decent products. The following 2 touch bracelet brands offer good alternatives to Bond Touch however I lean toward Bond Touch as being the best option.

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1. Hey Bracelet

The FeelHey bracelets work by connecting to your smartphone via Bluetooth and displaying the same colors as your loved ones’ bracelets. You can tap your bracelet to send a buzz and light up your partner’s bracelet, and they can do the same. You can also send messages t ough the app.

Billed as “the first haptic bracelet that allows you to feel your loved one’s touches from a distance,” the Hey Bracelet is a bit more complicated than the Bond Touch–and a lot less discreet.

As the name implies, both users must have the bracelets and be in contact with each other, either in person or on the phone. The idea is that when one person touches their bracelet, the other person feels it t ough their own bracelet.

As an example of how this might work in practice, consider this scenario: The bracelets are intended for couples who are apart for long periods of time–perhaps due to military service or a business trip. So let’s say you’re in New York and your partner is in London. You can’t see each other, and you’re missing each other terribly.

That’s where Hey comes in. When you miss your partner so much that you have to reach out and touch them, you simply tap your bracelet. Your partner will then feel the tap on his or her wrist and send back a response with a tap of their own. It’s like Morse Code for long-distance relationships.

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2. Talsom Bracelet

Those looking for a less expensive alternative to the Bond Touch bracelet will want to check out the Talsom bracelet. This sleek and stylish leather bracelet is available in either black or brown and is made from Italian leather.

It connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone to let you know when you receive a text, phone call, or calendar reminder. The Talsom also lets you know when your battery is running low, which can be very useful for those who spend a lot of time away from home.

When the partner wearing the Talsom bracelet touches it (or even just taps on it), the bracelet on the other partner’s wrist lights up and vibrates. If it’s not enough to get your attention, users can add a second touch to send a message or play a sound.

The messages sent between the two bracelets are encrypted and stored locally on each of them so they can’t be intercepted. In addition to sending messages between devices, the Talsom bracelet app also generates charts showing how often both partners touch their bracelets during the day, as well as which time of the day they use the most.

Each pair of bracelets can support up to t ee different connections, which allows each wearer to connect with more than one person if they choose. There’s also an optional location feature that enables users to find their phones using the bracelets or find their bracelets using their phones.

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In summary, while the Bond Touch bracelets might be new to the market, they certainly aren’t unique. There are several other long-distance bracelets that are similar in design and function.

A bracelet that keeps you connected to your loved one wherever you are. Bond Touch Bracelet has two parts, which connect to each other no matter the distance.

Every touch will be felt on the skin, just like a gentle tap on the shoulder or a reassuring hand on the arm. In other words, it’s like having a piece of your partner with you at all times.

A button on the bracelet lets you pick from seven colors and t ee vibration patterns. Color will appear in one of the bracelets, along with a slight vibration, when your partner touches theirs.

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