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Shoes Similar to Rick Owens (8 Rick Owens Alternatives)

Shoes Similar to Rick Owens

Rick Owens shoes are a minimalist’s dream. From the low-top sneakers that have become his signature to his many iterations of the wedge sneaker, Owens’ designs are streamlined, subtle, and cool. While he does offer more embellished options, these are the shoes we keep coming back to.

Want to add a touch of edgy style to your wardrobe? Look no further than Rick Owens. This designer is known for his avant-garde style and trendsetting designs. But, with a price tag that can only be described as jaw-dropping, we’re guessing you can’t afford to splurge on these items. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

While Rick Owens sneakers may be tough to get your hands on (and even tougher to afford), there are some similar alternatives that may appeal to you if you want to achieve the same aesthetic without breaking the bank.

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8 Shoes Similar to Rick Owens

Rick Owens is a name that resonates with women who are looking for some comfortable yet fashionable shoes. This designer has been known to create some of the most unique and outrageous styles ever seen in the fashion industry, including a pair of sneakers that feature an eye-catching black leather upper with gold trim.

Let’s look at some Rick Owns alternatives…

1. Adidas Superstar Sneakers

Adidas has long been one of the most popular shoe brands among celebrities and athletes alike. They have recently released their line of Superstar sneakers (Available on Amazon) which feature an all-over print that resembles Rick Owens’ signature style. These shoes are available in several different colors including black, white, gold, and red.

They both have a simple silhouette, with no crazy embellishments or stitching. Very basic and clean.


adidas Originals Women's Superstar Sneaker, White/Black/White 7.5


They’re both made from flat leather and suede. The Rick Owens pair has a little bit more of a velvety finish on the leather versus the shiny finish on the Adidas pair, but that’s a subtle difference.

Both have rubberized toe caps that provide extra protection against wear and tear, as well as a reinforced heel counter — those pieces in the back that wrap around the heel and prevent it from slipping out of the shoe while walking.

While the Adidas Superstar Sneaker doesn’t have a high-fashion aesthetic, what makes it such a good alternative to Rick Owens sneakers is its low price point and minimalistic style.

The shoes are made from leather and rubber, with the iconic Adidas stripes at the sides and a shell toe that adds a touch of pop culture street cred to any outfit.

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2. Nike Air Max 97 Ultra 17 Sneakers

The Nike Air Max 97 Ultra 17 sneakers (Available on Amazon) are an excellent alternative to the Rick Owens Geobasket sneakers in terms of looks and price.

The Nike Air Max 97 Ultra 17 sneakers feature a unique silhouette reminiscent of the original sneakers. They also include a full-length airbag, ultra-light upper, and welded overlays that give them a clean design.

The sneaker is currently on sale at several retailers for $130, which is much cheaper than the $1,200 price tag on the Rick Owens Geobasket sneakers.


Nike Mens Air Max 97 Running Shoes (10)


It’s no secret that many people have a longstanding love affair with Nike’s Air Max sneakers, especially the Air Max 97s. The shoes first came out in 1997 and were designed by C istian Tresser. The sneakers are known for their futuristic style with wave-like lines that give them an aerodynamic appearance.

The ‘Ultra’ moniker of this style denotes the new-age feel of the kick that boasts a lightweight design and comfortable construction. The silhouette is ready for all seasons, having been designed with a breathable mesh upper and perforated accents at the toe cap and side panels.

In terms of colorway, this pair has a very sporty vibe in its choice of black, ant acite, and white hues t oughout. The head-turning element comes in the form of an iridescent heel cage that is sure to draw attention whether you’re on or off the street.

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3. Gucci Ace Embroidered Lace Up Sneakers

Although the Rick Owens sneakers have a cult following, with their signature chunky sole and minimalist design, they are not exactly the most affordable.

If you’ve been looking for a more reasonably priced alternative, Gucci has something for you. They have released their own version of the Rick Owens sneakers, called the Ace Embroidered Lace Up Sneakers.

Gucci’s version (Available on Amazon) retains the same shape and silhouette of the Rick Owens sneakers but with added fun details like embroidered lace-ups at the back and red and green stripes around the midsole.

The Gucci Ace Embroidered Lace Up Sneakers are available at SSENSE in two colors – black and white – which will go with anything in your wardrobe.

There are lots of reasons why you should buy Gucci Ace Embroidered Lace Up Sneakers.

For the first reason, Gucci Ace Embroidered Lace Up Sneakers have a classy and casual look that goes great with any outfit.

The second reason is that people can’t tell that they’re not real leather. They look expensive and are very comfortable on your feet.

A third reason is that they have a waterproof sole so you don’t have to worry about getting them wet in the rain or snow!

Lastly, if you’re looking for something with more padding around the ankle, then these shoes are perfect for you because they have an extra layer of cushioning to protect those sensitive areas like your Achilles tendon or heel bone from getting banged up while walking longer distances without feeling weighed down by too much weight on each step!

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4. Nike Air Max Plus Tn Ultra Sneakers

The Nike Air Max Plus Tn Ultra Sneakers (Available on Amazon) are a refreshing alternative to Rick Owens’ Geobaskets and chunky sneakers. The Nike Air Max Plus Tn Ultra Sneakers have a similar silhouette, but they are much more affordable and are better looking, in my opinion.

If you have been following sneaker trends in recent years, you may have noticed an influx of chunkier silhouettes and soles. This trend has been popularized by brands such as Balenciaga and Rick Owens, who have released extremely oversized versions of their sneakers, including the Triple S and Geobaskets.

Nike Men's Air Max Plus Triple Black, Black/Black/Black, 9.5

One of the reasons why some may neglect this particular model is because it’s seen as a “dad shoe,” or something that older people might wear. But we’re here to tell you that this sneaker is actually pretty cool, and you might want to cop yourself a pair.

For starters, the Air Max Plus Tn Ultra is one of the most comfortable sneakers on the market today – especially if you’re used to wearing sneakers with Flyknit uppers. Its mesh upper is extremely soft and breathable, so your feet will feel nice and snug inside.

As it turns out, the Nike Air Max Plus Tn Ultra Sneakers are not only cheaper than Rick Owens’ sneakers, but they’re also arguably better looking.

First of all, the Nike Air Max Plus Tn Ultra Sneakers come in black, white, and red colorways, which match perfectly with any outfit you may be wearing. Secondly, the sneaker features a perforated side panel for extra breathability, as well as a rubber outsole for added traction.

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5. Saint Laurent Court Classic SL/06 Sneaker

Rick Owens sneakers are everywhere and they are expensive. But there are alternatives that are cheaper and equally cool at Saint Laurent.

The Rick Owens sneaker is popular, to put it mildly. The designer’s expensive, high-end take on the classic gym shoe was once favored by fashion insiders, but today it’s a streetwear staple. It makes sense — the subculture has long embraced Rick Owens’ brand of gothic luxury and his overstated sneakers are no exception.

Fortunately for those looking for a more wallet-friendly pair of chunky sneakers, Saint Laurent offers its own version with its Court Classic SL/06 silhouette. The SL/06 has a similar look to the Geobasket with its multi-panel upper and aggressive sole unit.

The Court Classic SL/06 comes in two colorways: black and white. Both feature suede paneling on each side along with full-grain leather elsewhere on the upper. The sneaker sits atop a thick rubber sole unit with Saint Laurent branding on the tongue and heel.

While they don’t come cheap, Saint Laurent Court Classic SL/06 sneakers are still a great alternative to Rick Owens’ Geobasket styles if you’re looking for a luxury footwear option.

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6. Balenciaga Speed Mid-Top Sock Trainers

The Balenciaga Speed Mid-Top Sock Trainers are the latest release from the brand, and they have quickly gained popularity amongst streetwear enthusiasts. The shoe is a mid-top sock-style sneaker, made with a stretch knit upper, neoprene tongue, and with an elastic band at the collar that reads “BB” in white.

The shoe has a sleek design reminiscent of Rick Owens Geobaskets and other high-end designer sneakers. They are available in an all-black colorway as well as white/black colorway. The black version features a black sole and a white logo on the side, while the white version features a white sole and a black logo on the side.

Rick Owens’ signature leather sneakers are a cult fashion staple. The past couple of seasons has seen the rise of his Geobasket and Geot asher styles, which have become streetwear staples. But they are expensive…

Luckily, Balenciaga has released some cheaper alternatives for those looking to get in on the chunky sneaker trend without breaking the bank. The Balenciaga Speed Mid-Top Sock Trainers are available at a fraction of the price, but they look just as good.

The French brand has dubbed these shoes “sneakers with socks,” and they come in a range of vibrant and neutral colorways that will go with pretty much any outfit in your wardrobe — whether it be jeans or a suit.

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7. Givenchy Urban Street Low Top Leather and Suede Trainers

Givenchy’s urban street sneakers are a stylish addition to any man’s wardrobe, but they can also be a great style alternative to Rick Owens’ coveted sneakers.

The Givenchy trainers have a rounded toe, lace-up fastening, padded ankle, and paneled design, just like the Rick Owens sneaks.

They are obviously very similar to the Rick Owens but in a much more affordable price range. They feature an all-black leather upper with suede toe caps. The white rubber sole gives it a contrasting pop, and I think it’s the perfect style for any sneaker lover out there.

The shoes are made from a combination of leather and suede and feature a chunky rubber sole with a wave design along its bottom edge. The laces are tonal (i.e., they match the color of the shoe) and there’s an embossed logo on the heel counter.

Givenchy Urban Street sneakers are available in black, grey, or white leather with contrasting suede panels on the sides and toes, but they also come in more eye-catching colorways such as red/black, yellow/black, or blue/white combinations.

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8. Gucci Rhyton Sneakers With Interlocking G Logo

The Gucci Rhyton Sneakers With Interlocking G Logo is a good alternative to the Rick Owens Geobasket. The shoes are constructed from leather and feature an interlocking G logo, debossed across the sneaker. Gucci’s Rhyton Sneakers With Interlocking G Logo features distressed detailing t oughout the uppers.

The Geobasket is one of the most popular sneakers from Rick Owens. The high-top sneaker features a dual strap closure system and a unique sole, which gives it a chunky appearance.

The Geobasket has been highly sought after by sneakerheads and is one of the top sneakers in the Rick Owens range.

The Rick Owens Geobasket vs Gucci Rhyton Sneakers With Interlocking G Logo is one of the most popular sneakers from Rick Owens. The high-top sneaker features a dual strap closure system and a unique sole, which gives it a chunky appearance.

The Geobasket has been highly sought after by sneakerheads and is one of the top sneakers in the Rick Owens range.

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In summary, If you’re into high-end, edgy fashion, you probably know the work of Rick Owens. His clothing is dark and dramatic, with a modernist aesthetic that appeals to people who want to walk on the wild side.

Rick Owens’ clothing line is expensive, though — not surprising for a designer who’s renowned for his innovative, cutting-edge styles. But you don’t have to shell out hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars for the look — at least when it comes to shoes.

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