Shoes Similar to Brooks Ravenna: Stepping into Comfort

When we talk about a legacy in the world of running shoes, Brooks Ravenna often jogs comfortably in our conversations. It’s not just a shoe; for many, it has been a trusty companion mile after mile, a testament to the blend of support, comfort, and durability that runners crave.

With a loyal following, the Ravenna series has become a benchmark for what a reliable running shoe should feel like.

But as with all good tales, change is the only constant. The Brooks Ravenna series, with its lineage from Ravenna 7 to the Ravenna 11, has evolved, and in some cases, handed over the baton to newer models.

Runners who’ve been loyal to their Ravennas have found themselves at a crossroads—where to turn when the shoe that has been with you t ough every sprint and marathon is no longer the same?

The aim of this post is to lace up and jog t ough the myriad of options available. We’ll explore shoes that match the spirit of Brooks Ravenna, for those of us who are not just looking for a similar fit but for that familiar ‘click’ our feet know and love.

This isn’t just about finding a shoe with similar specs; it’s about capturing that elusive feeling of slipping on a pair of Ravennas and knowing you’re ready for whatever the track, treadmill, or trail t ows at you.

Why Runners Choose Brooks Ravenna

Why Runners Choose Brooks Ravenna: A Snapshot

Let’s break down the appeal:

FeatureBrooks Ravenna
StabilityModerate stability for overpronation
CushioningBalanced and responsive
FitSnug midfoot and spacious toe box
DurabilityHigh-mileage reliability
VersionsMultiple updates from Ravenna 7 to Ravenna 11

The table shows us the winning formula that has made Ravenna a go-to. As we explore alternatives, these are the pillars we’ll be looking for in other shoes.

In the following sections, we’ll put on our detective hats and hunt down the successors that may fill the Ravenna-shaped void in our running routines. From the Brooks Adrenaline GTS series, known for its similar vibe, to hidden gems from other brands like Asics and Hoka, we’ll uncover a list of worthy contenders.

So, strap in and get ready for a journey t ough the best alternatives that strive to continue the legacy of the Brooks Ravenna.

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Understanding the Brooks Ravenna Appeal

The Brooks Ravenna wasn’t just another shoe on the rack; it was a symphony for the feet, a perfect harmony of control and cushion that made it not just popular, but a staple. So what was it about this shoe that created such a following? Let’s dive into the soul of the shoe to understand its appeal.

Understanding the Brooks Ravenna Appeal

The Foundation of a Fan-Favorite

Brooks Ravenna won hearts with its no-nonsense approach to stability and support. Designed for runners who needed a slight nudge in their gait without the rigidity of traditional stability shoes, Ravenna was like the Goldilocks of running footwear—just right. Here’s what made it click:

Key FeatureDescription
Just-Right StabilityBioMoGo DNA midsole offering a perfect blend of cushioning and corrective support
Adaptive CushioningResponds to individual stride, weight, and speed
Transition ZoneOptimized to create smooth heel-to-toe transitions
Adjustable SaddlePulls from the heel to wrap the midfoot securely
Breathable UpperMesh material for a lightweight and airy feel

It was this concoction of features that made runners repeatedly reach for Ravenna on race day and training sessions alike. Whether it was the Brooks Ravenna 7 with its energetic rebound or the Ravenna 11 with its modernized fit, each iteration brought something special to the table.

The Discontinuation: An End of an Era

Despite its popularity, Brooks made the tough decision to discontinue the Ravenna line. For many in the running community, it felt like losing a trusted coach; it wasn’t just a shoe but a part of their running identity. This left a void, not just on the shelves but in the hearts and soles of its loyal wearers.

Brooks Ravenna won hearts with its no-nonsense approach to stability and support. Designed for runners

The Quest for Alternatives: Finding the New Sole-Mate

The discontinuation sparked a marathon of sorts—a quest for a worthy alternative. Runners weren’t just looking for a shoe that ticked off technical features; they sought the ‘Ravenna Feeling’—that intangible element that made the miles easier and the sprints more joyous.

Ravenna QualityDesired Alternative Trait
Stability without RigidityA shoe that corrects stride subtly
Cushioned ResponseMaterials that provide a springy lift with each step
Smooth TransitionsA sole design that promotes natural movement
Secure FitAdaptable fit technology to snugly secure the foot
Airy ConstructionLightweight and breathable materials

In our search for the Ravenna’s spiritual successor, we’ll measure candidates against these benchmarks. It’s not just about finding a shoe; it’s about rediscovering that unwavering partner for the running journey ahead.

As we move forward, we’ll lace up various candidates, put them t ough their paces, and see how they stack up to the legacy of Brooks Ravenna. The aim is clear: to find that blend of comfort, control, and enduring performance that Ravenna runners have come to know and love.

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The Closest Contenders: Adrenaline and Ghost

Finding a shoe that steps up to the Brooks Ravenna’s legacy is a bit like seeking a sequel to a classic film. Will it hit all the right notes? Let’s examine Brooks’s own lineup—specifically the Adrenaline and Ghost models—to see if these can be the successors we’re looking for.

Brooks Ravenna vs. Brooks Adrenaline: The Stability Saga

Brooks Ravenna vs. Brooks Adrenaline: The Stability Saga

The Brooks Adrenaline GTS (Go-To Shoe) series could be considered a close relative of the Ravenna. Here’s how they compare:

AspectBrooks RavennaBrooks Adrenaline
StabilityKnown for moderate stability ideal for slight to moderate overpronators.Offers high stability with GuideRails support, great for runners who need more pronounced support.
CushioningBalanced cushioning with a responsive feel.Soft and plush cushioning, possibly more than Ravenna, thanks to the DNA LOFT crash pad.
FitSecure midfoot with roomier toe box.Similar secure fit, but some might find it snugger than Ravenna.
TransitionSmooth heel-to-toe transition.Also known for smooth transitions, albeit with a slightly different feel due to extra cushioning.
PopularityLoved by many but now discontinued.Continues to be a flagship stability shoe for Brooks.

For those who loved Ravenna’s stability but are open to a bit more cushioning, the Adrenaline could be the new go-to. It’s like meeting a new friend who reminds you of an old one—you find familiarity but with a fresh perspective.

Brooks Women’s Adrenaline GTS 23 Supportive Running Shoe - Crystal Grey/Villa/White - 9 Medium

Brooks Ravenna vs. Brooks Ghost: The Cushioned Cruiser

Now, what about the Brooks Ghost? This model strides into the scene with a reputation for cushioning and comfort.

AspectBrooks RavennaBrooks Ghost
StabilityModerate stability.Neutral shoe, with less focus on stability and more on cushioning.
CushioningResponsive and balanced.Plush and luxurious cushioning, great for those who prioritize a soft ride.
FitDialed-in fit that’s both secure and spacious.Comfortable fit, though potentially less snug in the midfoot than Ravenna.
TransitionDesigned for efficient transitions.Also excels in transition, but the plushness may alter the sense of ground contact.
PopularityOnce a crowd-favorite, now sunsetted.A perennial favorite, especially for those who don’t require corrective support.

The Ghost might appeal to those who are less concerned with stability and more with a cushioned, cloud-like experience. It’s akin to swapping out your trusty old sports car for a luxury sedan—the ride is different, but the quality is undeniable.

The Evolution Within: Brooks Ravenna 10 vs. 11 and 9 vs. 11

The Evolution Within: Brooks Ravenna 10 vs. 11 and 9 vs. 11

When Brooks updated the Ravenna line, each version brought subtle but significant changes. Let’s see what set them apart:

VersionBrooks Ravenna 9Brooks Ravenna 10Brooks Ravenna 11
CushioningFirm and responsive.Introduced additional cushioning without losing responsiveness.Refined cushioning for a balance of softness and energy return.
Upper DesignTraditional mesh.Single-piece mesh with a sleeker look.Updated mesh for better breathability and structure.
StabilityConsistent with previous models.Introduced GuideRails for targeted support.Continued the use of GuideRails for a non-intrusive support system.
Overall FeelA classic performance feel.A step towards a more modern, streamlined design.The final form with the best of stability and cushioning.

These iterations showed an evolution, with the Ravenna 11 being the culmination of Brooks’s efforts to perfect the line. It was less about revolution and more about refinement.

While the Brooks Adrenaline and Ghost present themselves as potential heirs to the Ravenna t one, they do so with their own unique flair. The Adrenaline could be the choice for those who crave more support, while the Ghost beckons to the cushion-loving crowd.

As for the differences between the Ravenna iterations, they reflect a journey of improvement, a shoe always striving to better itself for its runner. Each version had its charm, but all shared the Ravenna spirit—a blend of comfort and support that made the miles fly by.

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Beyond Brooks: Exploring Asics and Hoka Options

Brooks Ravenna may have left a Brooks-shaped footprint in our hearts, but the world of running shoes is vast and varied. For runners seeking to branch out, there’s a world beyond Brooks that beckons with promising alternatives.

Asics and Hoka One One are two such brands that have made waves among the running community, and they just might have what it takes to fill the Ravenna-shaped gap.

Beyond Brooks: Exploring Asics and Hoka Options

Brooks Ravenna vs. Asics GT 2000: The Sturdy Challenger

Asics GT 2000 series has been the poster child for stability in the Asics lineup, often lauded for its dedication to keeping runners on the straight and narrow. Here’s how it stacks up against our beloved Ravenna:

AspectBrooks RavennaAsics GT 2000
StabilityOffered a balanced level of stability for mild overpronators.Comes with dynamic duomax support system that’s great for overpronation.
CushioningBioMoGo DNA midsole provided a responsive ride.Gel technology and FlyteFoam offer a plush yet responsive cushioning.
FitA snug midfoot fit with a roomy toe box.Known for a secure fit, especially in the heel and midfoot area.
TransitionSmooth heel-to-toe transition.Also provides a smooth ride with its Impact Guidance System.
DurabilityReliable for high-mileage runners.Renowned for its durability and long-lasting build.

For those who’ve trusted Ravenna for its stability but are on the lookout for something new, the Asics GT 2000 could be a solid match. It’s a bit like swapping your favorite coffee blend for a new one—different, but with the potential to become the new favorite.

Hoka One One Women's Gymnastics Shoes Running, Black, 7

Finding the Hoka Equivalent to Brooks Adrenaline

Hoka One One has been the new kid on the block in the running world, but it’s made a significant splash with its maximalist cushioning approach. Let’s see which Hoka model might parallel the Brooks Adrenaline, which is often considered a sibling to Ravenna in terms of stability:

AspectBrooks AdrenalineHoka Equivalent
StabilityGuideRails holistic support system for overpronation.The Hoka Arahi series, with its J-Frame™ technology, offers stability without excess weight.
CushioningSoft and plush, courtesy of DNA LOFT.Hoka’s signature thick, soft EVA midsole delivers a cushioned ride.
FitSnug and secure, especially around the midfoot.Hoka’s Meta-Rocker design provides a snug fit with a unique rolling step.
TransitionSmooth and natural heel-to-toe transition.Smooth transition, slightly altered by the Meta-Rocker for a “rocking chair” movement.
PopularityA long-standing go-to for stability seekers.Rising star for those seeking a balance of cushion and stability.

The Hoka Arahi might be the ticket for former Adrenaline fans who are ready to embark on a new journey. With its plush cushioning and innovative stability features, it’s like discovering a new hiking trail that has its own set of stunning views, different yet equally rewarding.

Finding the Hoka Equivalent to Brooks Adrenaline

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When venturing beyond the Brooks universe, Asics and Hoka offer their unique take on stability and comfort. The Asics GT 2000 may win over runners looking for a firm and controlled experience, akin to a well-orchestrated symphony.

On the flip side, Hoka’s offering, particularly the Arahi, may captivate those in pursuit of cushioning akin to running on clouds, with just enough stability to keep them grounded.

Both options present a new chapter for runners seeking the essence of what made Brooks Ravenna a favorite, whether it’s the familiar stability with a twist or a completely new cushioning philosophy.

The transition might require a leap of faith, but it could very well lead to discovering a new running companion that’s just as reliable, if not more exciting, than what we’ve bid farewell to.

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A Glance at Glycerin and Launch

As the Brooks Ravenna takes a bow and exits the stage, we find ourselves searching the Brooks family tree for relatives that share the Ravenna’s DNA.

Among them, the Brooks Glycerin and Brooks Launch stand out as potential bearers of the Ravenna torch. But how do they compare to the shoe that so many runners have come to know and love?

Brooks Ravenna vs. Brooks Glycerin: The Luxurious Cousin

Brooks Ravenna vs. Brooks Glycerin: The Luxurious Cousin

The Brooks Glycerin is like the luxury sedan of running shoes, boasting the plushest ride in the Brooks lineup. Here’s how it measures up to the Ravenna:

AspectBrooks RavennaBrooks Glycerin
StabilityProvided moderate stability suitable for mild overpronators.Designed as a neutral shoe, focusing more on cushion than stability.
CushioningOffered a balanced, responsive feel.Known for its super-soft DNA LOFT cushioning, delivering a premium experience.
FitSnug midfoot and a roomy toe box.Plush interior with a stretchy upper that adapts to the foot’s shape.
TransitionEngineered for smooth transitions.May feel more luxurious but slightly less nimble during transitions.
PurposeA versatile shoe for various types of runs.Ideal for those who prioritize comfort on long runs.

Switching from the Ravenna to the Glycerin could be likened to trading a versatile multitool for a specialized instrument. You might miss the Ravenna’s utility, but the Glycerin’s opulence is a comfort you’ll quickly get used to.

Brooks Women’s Glycerin StealthFit 20 Neutral Running Shoe - White/Black/Cream - 8 Medium

Brooks Ravenna vs. Brooks Launch: The Energetic Sibling

On the other side of the spectrum, we have the Brooks Launch—a shoe known for its lightweight build and energetic response. It’s the spirited sibling in the Brooks family, built for speed and agility.

AspectBrooks RavennaBrooks Launch
StabilityBalanced stability for those with mild overpronation issues.Primarily a neutral shoe, with an emphasis on speed and flexibility.
CushioningCushioning that offers a responsive ride.Lean cushioning with a springy, road-feel experience.
FitComfortable fit, tailored for long-distance support.Lightweight fit designed for speed, may not provide the same level of support on long runs.
TransitionSmooth and stable heel-to-toe transition.Built for quick transitions and a fast toe-off.
PurposeSuited for runners who need a mix of support and speed.Good for those aiming for a lightweight and faster-paced shoe.

Adopting the Launch after the Ravenna is like swapping your trusted hiking boots for a pair of agile trail runners; you’ll notice a newfound lightness in your step, ideal for those tempo days or races.

When it comes down to the Glycerin and the Launch as alternatives to the Brooks Ravenna

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The Choice Between Comfort and Speed

When it comes down to the Glycerin and the Launch as alternatives to the Brooks Ravenna, the decision is essentially between indulgent comfort and exhilarating speed. Here’s a quick comparison to help illustrate the choice:

Brooks RavennaBrooks GlycerinBrooks Launch
All-rounderHigh comfortHigh energy
Moderate stabilityPlush cushioningLightweight build
Versatile trainingLong-distance runsSpeedwork and races

The Glycerin will woo those who run for the joy of sinking into each step, while the Launch will attract those who want to feel swift and unfettered.

Both the Glycerin and the Launch offer divergent paths from the road paved by the Ravenna. The Glycerin extends an invitation to luxuriate in comfort with each mile, while the Launch challenges you to quicken your pace and chase the wind.

In the end, whether you’re yearning for the embrace of plush cushioning or the t ill of speed, Brooks has engineered shoes that stand ready to accompany you on your running journey—each with its own personality, and perhaps, each with a bit of that Ravenna magic we all seek.

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The Run for Good: Alternative Running Shoes

With the Brooks Ravenna no longer gracing the shelves, the race is on to find a worthy substitute that not only fits the foot but also fills the void left in the hearts of its loyal wearers.

The search for alternatives isn’t just about finding a replacement; it’s about capturing the essence of what made the Ravenna special. So let’s sprint t ough a curated list of running shoes that rise to the challenge.

The Contenders in the Post-Ravenna Era

The Contenders in the Post-Ravenna Era

While no two shoes are exactly alike, some have stepped up as viable substitutes, capturing elements of Ravenna’s beloved blend of stability, support, and responsive cushioning. Here’s a roster of alternatives that could take the lead:

Shoe ModelSimilarity to Brooks RavennaUnique Features
Brooks Adrenaline GTSGuideRails support system offers stability akin to Ravenna.Plush DNA LOFT cushioning for a softer ride.
Asics GT 2000Comparable stability with a focus on overpronation correction.Gel cushioning and FlyteFoam for a responsive yet plush experience.
Hoka One One ArahiJ-Frame™ technology provides support without excess weight.Meta-Rocker geometry aids in smooth transitions, reminiscent of Ravenna’s efficiency.
Saucony GuideMedial support for stability, suitable for mild to moderate overpronators.EVERUN topsole for continuous cushioning t oughout the run.
Nike Air Zoom StructureOffers a degree of stability and cushioning similar to Ravenna.Flywire cables in the upper for a locked-down fit.
Mizuno Wave InspireFan-shaped Wave plate offers stability without compromising flexibility.U4ic midsole for optimal shock reduction and durability.
New Balance 860Dual-density midsole provides support for overpronation, much like Ravenna.TRUFUSE cushioning combines responsiveness with long-term durability.

Each of these shoes brings something to the table: some lean more into cushioning, others into stability, but all strive to offer that balanced ride that Ravenna fans are searching for.

What Replaced Brooks Ravenna?

What Replaced Brooks Ravenna?

The official successor to the Brooks Ravenna can be found within the Brooks family—the Brooks Launch GTS (previously known as the Ravenna). The Launch GTS continues the legacy with the introduction of GuideRails support, a technology that was fine-tuned t ough the Ravenna line.

Brooks RavennaBrooks Launch GTS
Provided a perfect middle-ground for cushioning and stability.Maintains a similar ethos with added GuideRails for support.
Targeted runners seeking a responsive and reliable ride.Aims to deliver a quick, springy ride with a touch of stability.
Known for its accommodating fit for a variety of foot shapes.Offers a streamlined fit with a breathable and adaptive upper.

The Brooks Launch GTS doesn’t just take over where the Ravenna left off; it’s been re-engineered to offer the same balanced experience with a fresh take on stability and speed. It’s like a familiar tune with a new rhythm—different, yet strikingly reminiscent of the original masterpiece.

The quest for shoes similar to the Brooks Ravenna is more than a search for new soles—it’s a pursuit of that irreplaceable feeling the Ravenna gave its runners. Whether it’s the new Brooks Launch GTS or other brands’ offerings, each alternative carries a spark of the Ravenna’s spirit.

For those who ran mile after mile with the Ravenna, these contenders don’t just offer a new beginning—they represent a continuation of a running journey that the Ravenna started. The baton has been passed, and the run goes on.

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The New Names on the Track: Brooks Ravenna’s Successors

When Brooks decided to retire the Ravenna, a collective sigh could be heard from its loyal fan base. But in the world of running shoes, evolution is the name of the game.

The Ravenna didn’t just get a new name; it passed its baton to a fresh line that promises to keep its spirit alive. Let’s lace up and explore the successors that are vying to become as beloved as the Ravenna once was.

The New Names on the Track: Brooks Ravenna's Successors

Unveiling Brooks Ravenna’s New Identity

The Brooks Ravenna has morphed into the Brooks Launch GTS. GTS stands for “Go-To Support,” and the Launch series has taken up the challenge of filling the Ravenna’s shoes, quite literally. Here’s what the new kid on the block brings to the track:

Brooks RavennaBrooks Launch GTS
Balance of cushioning and stabilityThe BioMoGo DNA midsole maintains responsive cushioning
GuideRails holistic support systemGuideRails support carries over, providing holistic stability
Airy and adaptive upperA new air mesh upper that promises even more breathability
Midfoot transition zoneA rapid transition design for quicker heel-to-toe movements
Versatile for different types of runnersAims to cater to both the loyal Ravenna runner and newcomers

The Brooks Launch GTS is not just a replacement but an upgrade. It retains the core characteristics of the Ravenna and enhances them with the latest technology and design improvements.

Discussing Brooks Ravenna 11 Replacement Options

For those who had a long-standing relationship with the Brooks Ravenna 11, finding a replacement might feel like a daunting task. However, several options have emerged as potential successors:

Replacement OptionWhy It Might Be The One
Brooks Launch GTSThe direct descendant, with GuideRails support system and a new, breathable upper.
Brooks Adrenaline GTSFor those who want more support, with a DNA LOFT crash pad for a softer landing.
Brooks GhostIf you’re seeking more cushioning and a neutral ride, the Ghost could be your new partner.
Brooks Glycerin GTSThe plushest option with GuideRails, for those who want to indulge in cushioning while still enjoying the Ravenna-like support.

Each of these models carries a piece of the Ravenna’s essence, whether it’s the balanced support, the responsive cushioning, or the comfortable fit.

The Brooks Ravenna’s transformation into the Launch GTS series is a testament to Brooks’ commitment to innovation while respecting the past. The new names on the track, including the Launch GTS, the updated Adrenaline, and the ever-comfortable Ghost and Glycerin, are more than just replacements; they are homages to a classic, reimagined for today’s runner.

They invite us not to dwell on the loss of the Ravenna but to embrace the journey ahead with shoes that are familiar yet excitingly new. The legacy of the Ravenna lives on, not just in name, but in the stride of every runner who takes to the track in its successors.

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Stability and Style: Is Brooks Ravenna Right for You?

The Brooks Ravenna series has long been the unsung hero for runners seeking a harmonious blend of stability and responsiveness.

But with its discontinuation, you might be wondering if it was the right shoe for you, and if so, what now? Let’s dive into the stability that Ravenna offered and line up some alternatives that could take the baton from here.

Stability and Style: Is Brooks Ravenna Right for You?

Addressing the Stability of Brooks Ravenna

Yes, Brooks Ravenna was indeed a stability shoe, but it offered a unique take on the category. It wasn’t just about correcting overpronation; it was about guiding your stride with a gentle nudge rather than a forceful shove. This made it a go-to for runners who needed support but didn’t want to compromise on the natural feel of their run.

FeaturesBrooks Ravenna
Support TypeStability for mild to moderate overpronation
CushioningResponsive with a touch of softness
MidsoleBioMoGo DNA for a personalized ride
GuideRailsHolistic support focusing on knee alignment
OutsoleBlown rubber for durability and traction

Brooks Ravenna’s approach to stability was like a skilled coach: it was there to guide you when you veered off track, but it trusted you to run your own race.

Mizuno Women's Wave Inspire 19 Running Shoe, Black/Silver, 9.5

Offering Alternatives for Similar Support

For those who’ve grown accustomed to the guiding hand of the Ravenna, here are some stability shoes that promise a similar experience:

Alternative ShoesStability FeatureCushioningGood For
Brooks Adrenaline GTSGuideRails support systemDNA LOFT for a soft landingRunners who prefer a plush feel
Asics GT 2000Dynamic DuoMax support systemGel technology for shock absorptionRunners who like a firm, controlled ride
Saucony GuideMedial post for overpronationPWRRUN foam for a smooth runThose who want a balance of support and responsiveness
Mizuno Wave InspireWave plate technology for stabilityU4ic midsole for comfort and performanceRunners looking for a durable and responsive shoe
New Balance 860Dual-density midsole for supportTRUFUSE for responsive cushioningRunners seeking a reliable workhorse

Each of these options echoes the Ravenna’s commitment to stability without overcorrecting, offering a similar vibe to what Ravenna enthusiasts have come to cherish.

Was the Brooks Ravenna the right shoe for you? If you prized stability without stiffness and a cushioned ride that still let you feel the road, then yes, it was. And while the Ravenna itself might not be an option anymore, the essence of what it offered lives on in these alternatives.

They’re like different flavors of your favorite coffee; the base notes are the same, but the top notes offer a new twist. So whether you’re loyal to Brooks or ready to branch out, there’s a stability shoe waiting to pace you t ough your next run with the same assurance that Ravenna provided.

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Practical Tips: Choosing Your Perfect Pair

Finding a shoe that fits your feet as well as your running style can feel as personal and intricate as choosing a wand in the world of wizardry—it’s got to choose you too. If you’ve been running in Brooks Ravenna and loved them, or if you’re on the hunt for a shoe with a similar vibe, here’s a practical guide to help you select your next perfect pair.

Guide on Selecting Shoes Like Brooks Ravenna

Guide on Selecting Shoes Like Brooks Ravenna

The magic of Brooks Ravenna was in its balanced support—enough stability for mild overpronators without the bulk often associated with motion control shoes. So, when looking for something similar, keep an eye on these features:

  1. Stability: Look for shoes that offer support for mild to moderate overpronation.
  2. Cushioning: You want a pair that provides a responsive feel without being too plush or too firm.
  3. Fit: An ideal shoe should have a snug midfoot and a spacious toe box.
  4. Transition: Seek out shoes with a smooth heel-to-toe transition for a natural stride.
  5. Durability: High-mileage runners need shoes that can withstand the wear and tear of training.

Practical Advice for Different Runner Needs

When selecting your next pair, consider these practical tips tailored to different types of runners:

Runner TypeShoe FeatureReason
High-mileage RunnerDurability & CushioningYou need a shoe that can go the distance and protect your joints with good cushioning.
SpeedsterLightweight & ResponsiveA lighter shoe with less cushioning will help you maintain your pace without dragging you down.
Casual JoggerComfort & FitYour runs are about enjoyment, so look for a shoe that feels good from the first step.
Trail RunnerGrip & StabilityUneven terrain calls for shoes with superior grip and stability features to prevent rolling ankles.
New RunnerFlexibility & SupportAs you find your stride, you’ll want a shoe that offers support but also allows for natural foot movement.

Step-By-Step Guide to Choosing Your Shoes

  1. Understand Your Gait: Visit a specialty running store for a gait analysis or try the wet foot test at home to determine your arch type.
  2. Consider Your Mileage: Factor in how many miles you run per week—this will influence the level of cushioning and durability you need.
  3. Try Before You Buy: Always try on running shoes at the end of the day when your feet are at their largest.
  4. Wear Proper Socks: Bring the socks you intend to run in when trying on new shoes.
  5. Test Them Out: Many stores have treadmills—take advantage of them to get a feel for the shoes.
  6. Think Long-Term: Consider how the shoes will perform as they break in and as your running evolves.
  7. Don’t Skimp: Invest in quality. Your feet, knees, and back will thank you later.

Choosing a pair of running shoes in the post-Ravenna world means considering what made those shoes your go-to and seeking out those same qualities elsewhere. It’s about knowing your run, understanding your needs, and respecting your feet.

With the right pair, every run can feel as familiar and as t illing as the first time you hit the pavement in those beloved Ravennas. Remember, the perfect shoe isn’t just about the fit—it’s about how it fits into your running life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the running shoes similar to Brooks Ravenna?

What shoe replaced Brooks Ravenna?

The Brooks Ravenna was succeeded by the Brooks Launch GTS. The “GTS” stands for Go-To Support, indicating that it’s designed to offer the same level of stability and performance that Ravenna wearers came to love. It retains the essence of the Ravenna with updated features for a fresh, supportive ride.

What are the running shoes similar to Brooks Ravenna?

There are several running shoes on the market that provide a similar experience to the Brooks Ravenna:

  • Brooks Adrenaline GTS: Offers GuideRails support with a soft DNA LOFT cushioning.
  • Asics GT 2000: A stable shoe with GEL cushioning and a responsive feel.
  • Saucony Guide: Provides support for overpronation and comes with EVERUN topsole cushioning.
  • Mizuno Wave Inspire: Uses Wave plate technology for stability and has a U4ic midsole for comfort.
  • New Balance 860: Offers a dual-density midsole for support and is equipped with TRUFUSE cushioning.

Do Brooks shoes run true to size, and how does that affect my choice?

Most Brooks shoes are designed to run true to size. However, it’s always important to get fitted properly, as sizing can be affected by the model of the shoe, the width of your feet, and the type of running you’ll be doing.

Always try on shoes with the socks you plan to run in and leave a thumb’s width of space in the toe box for optimal fit and comfort.

What is the Brooks Ravenna heel drop, and why does it matter?

The Brooks Ravenna typically featured a heel drop of 10mm, which refers to the difference in height between the heel and the forefoot. Heel drop can affect the way your foot strikes the ground and can be a matter of preference for many runners.

A higher heel drop can lead to a more heel-centric strike, while a lower heel drop can promote a midfoot or forefoot strike. It’s important to choose a heel drop that complements your natural gait and provides the comfort and support you need.

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As we reach the finish line of our quest to find the Brooks Ravenna replacements, it’s clear that while the Ravenna itself may have taken its final lap, its spirit endures in a new lineup of worthy successors.

From the Brooks Launch GTS to the latest from Asics, Saucony, Mizuno, and New Balance, the options are robust and ready to meet the demands of runners who cherished the Ravenna's unique blend of stability and responsiveness.

From the Brooks Launch GTS to the latest from Asics, Saucony, Mizuno, and New Balance, the options are robust and ready to meet the demands of runners who cherished the Ravenna’s unique blend of stability and responsiveness.

Let’s not view the retirement of the Ravenna as the end of an era, but as a starting gun for the next race. Embrace the evolution in running shoe technology and give these suggested alternatives a try.

They may not be the Ravenna, but they could be your new personal best. Remember, the best shoe for you is out there—it might just take a few trial runs to find it. So lace-up, hit the track, and discover the next shoe that will accompany you on your running journey.

Best In Footwear.

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