Shirts Like Ivory Ella (5 Shirts Similar To Ivory Ella)

5 Shirts Similar To Ivory Ella

Ivory Ella is an online clothing store that was founded in 2015. The company donates a portion of its profits to the Save the Elephants organization, which works to protect elephants in Africa.

The shirts are bright, fun, and summery, and they’re perfect to wear on a hot summer day. This company is unique in that they have a cause behind the clothes, which makes them even more appealing.

The shirts are made from sustainable bamboo sources and other natural materials. They’re eco-friendly, adorable, and comfortable, and the proceeds go to a great cause. They’re available for men, women, and children.

If you love Ivory Ella but want some options, you’ve come to the right place. Here are five other companies like Ivory Ella that sell cute t-shirts:

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1. Life is Good

If you’re looking for an Ivory Ella alternative – either because you want to support different charities or because you just want more options when it comes to t-shirts and other clothing – here are t ee reasons why Life is Good (Available on Amazon) might be a good option for you.

It’s no secret that Life is Good is not a competitor to Ivory Ella. This company sells T-shirts that are inspired by the laid-back and effortless lifestyle of the surfers of Southern California.

However, even though Life is Good doesn’t sell clothes with elephants on them, there are still plenty of reasons why they are a good alternative to Ivory Ella. Here are the t ee biggest ones:

They have a huge selection of products to choose from

Ivory Ella has dresses, shirts, and accessories. But Life is Good has all that…and more! They have totes, hats, flip flops, dog toys, and more! Their collection is huge for a reason: Life is Good didn’t become the major brand it is today by selling only one or two items.


Life is Good Men's Vintage Crusher Graphic T-Shirt Hiking Jake, Darkest Blue, S


Life is Good also sells clothes for men and kids

If you’re shopping at Ivory Ella, you might be limited in terms of what you can buy if you have men or children in your life who would like something similar. Luckily, you won’t be limited when shopping at Life is Good because they sell clothes for men and children as well as women!

Life is Good also works with charities and donates 10 percent of its net profits

Not only does Life is Good work with charities, but it also gives back by donating 10 percent of its net profits to children’s causes across the country. The company started out as two brothers selling t-shirts from the back of their van, and they wanted to give back by helping kids who were facing tough situations.

Over time, they have been able to build out this original idea into a business that helps children in need across all 50 states.

They have more variety in colors and styles

Ivory Ella has a ton of different shirts, but they all have one thing in common — they’re all solid colors. For some people that’s great, but for others, it can get boring after a while.

Life is Good, on the other hand, has TONS of colors and patterns to choose from. You’ll never get bored with your wardrobe from this brand!

People love their shirts because they are stylish, beautiful, and made out of quality materials (mostly cotton).

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2. Project Social T

For many people, Ivory Ella has set a new standard for what social responsibility is not just for clothing brands but for businesses in general. However, there are other brands out there like Project Social T (Available on Amazon) that also support causes.

It’s hard to find a good alternative to the popular Ivory Ella line of clothing, which donates a portion of proceeds to Save The Elephants. Although they have lots of cute designs, their t-shirts run on the expensive side at times. This is why Project Social T is a great option as an Ivory Ella alternative.

Project Social T is a socially conscious brand that creates unique pieces with a focus on quality and style.


Project Social T Womens Utah Split-Sleeve Basic T-Shirt, Black, Small


They Give Back To Worthy Causes

Project Social T is not only an amazing online shop but it also donates at least 10% of its proceeds to charities such as the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Habitat For Humanity, and The Boys and Girls Club Of America, and Doctors Without Borders.

Not only can you pick out great clothes and accessories but you can also make a difference by shopping at Project Social T.


Project Social T designs are more fashion-conscious than what many might expect from charity-minded brands. The products are simple yet stylish, making them perfect for those who want to look good while doing good!

Their clothes are on-trend

When you buy apparel from Project Social T, you get on-trend pieces that come in a wide range of sizes and styles. From super soft tees to sweatshirts and cardigans, there’s something for everyone . . . even your pet!

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3. Mighty Fine

Mighty Fine is a brand that designs high-quality apparel for men and women who want to be comfortable without sacrificing style.

Mighty Fine Shirts offers lots of different styles and sizes. Ivory Ella is known for its simple t-shirt style and fit, but if you’re looking for other options like tank tops, hoodies, or children’s clothing, then Mighty Fine Shirts might be for you!

Mighty Fine Shirts supports other charities. When you buy from Mighty Fine Shirts, your purchase will benefit the World Wildlife Fund in addition to the Save the Elephants organization!

Mighty Fine Shirts is a great choice for gifts! Ivory Ella shirts are pretty pricey, so if you’re looking for an affordable alternative that still makes a huge difference, then check out Mighty Fine Shirts!

Mighty Fine Shirts Has Better Quality Products

When it comes to finding a good alternative to Ivory Ella, quality is crucial. Ivory Ella is known for its quality products, so you want to go with a company that can offer the same thing. Mighty Fine Shirts has the same focus on quality that Ivory Ella has.

Mighty Fine Shirts Has A Similar Charity Focus

Ivory Ella donates some of its proceeds to charity every time someone buys from them, and this is part of the reason why people love shopping from them. If you are looking for an alternative, then you will want to find a company that offers the same kind of service.

Mighty Fine Shirts does just that; they have a similar focus on charity, and this makes them a great choice if you are looking for an alternative to Ivory Ella.

Mighty Fine Shirts Has Competitive Prices

The last thing that you will want to do when it comes to finding an alternative is to pick one that has expensive prices. You should look into the prices of all of your options so that you can make sure that you choose a company that has reasonable prices.

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4. Alternative Apparel

If you’re looking for a good alternative to Ivory Ella, look no further than Alternative Apparel. Alternative Apparel is a brand that’s been around for over two decades and has made a name for itself by creating ethically produced and eco-friendly clothing that’s designed to be comfortable, stylish, and versatile.

Alternative clothing is great because they offer some of the most popular styles for men, women, and children. They have t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, tank tops, long sleeve shirts, shorts, and more.

Their style is very trendy and unique. You’ll find that the colors are beautiful and vivid. They use some of the highest quality materials around as well, so their clothes are made to last.

They also have a variety of cuts. This means that they have options available for people who like a baggier or slimmer fit in their clothes. It’s really nice to have options!

The Brand Is Committed To Ethical Production

Alternative Apparel takes pride in its commitment to ethical manufacturing. All of their products are made in the USA and they’re committed to paying fair wages to their employees.

The company also pledges to conserve water and reduce energy consumption during the manufacturing process, which makes them a great option if you want to support companies that care about the environment.

The Brand Is Committed To Giving Back

In addition to being a great option if you want to support ethical production practices, Alternative Apparel is also a great choice if you want to support a brand that gives back. They have partnered with dozens of charitable organizations t oughout the years, including KaBOOM!, CARE, the American Heart Association, and Good360.

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5. Social House

Social House is an LA-based brand that offers casual yet stylish clothes for women who love to relax and keep things simple (but don’t want to look too laidback). The brand’s quirky designs have made it one of the top brands for millennials.

Giving Back

Social House Shirts donates 10% of their total net profits to a variety of different causes including protecting the environment, animal rights, children’s issues, and even the military.

They have raised thousands of dollars for these causes and continue to do so today. Each month they highlight a cause for their customers to vote on which cause should be supported that month.

Social House Shirts’ donations go to more than just one charity for each cause. They find charities that are aligned with that month’s cause and donate money directly to those charities.

The money is not pooled together and spread out among all the causes. This allows them to focus their efforts on specific areas that need the most help each month.

Quality Materials

All of our shirts are made from 100% cotton material. This means that the fabric will not stretch or s ink after washing, and it will be very soft on your skin. We know how important it is to have comfortable clothing, especially when you’re going to be wearing it all day long!

Eco-Friendly Materials & Vegan Ink

Social House Shirts uses vegan ink and eco-friendly materials for their printed shirts and accessories. Their soft shirts are made from recycled polyester, organic cotton, and rayon from bamboo. The brand also offers American-made products, which you can find in their Made in USA collection.

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6. Wildfox Couture

Wildfox Couture is a Los Angeles, California based brand that specializes in vintage inspired tees for women and children. Its clothing is extremely soft and comfortable and each piece features unique designs that are appealing to the young adult demographic. The brand also makes sunglasses and fragrances in addition to its many different apparel lines.

Comfortable material

Wildfox Couture Shirts uses cotton material making the fabric soft, smooth and breathable. The cotton fabric is 100% quality guaranteed.

The cotton fabric is washed with enzymes and softeners so it will feel softer, more comfortable, and look more worn in after each wash. The pure cotton fabric is made from heirloom Egyptian cotton and natural dyes which makes it safe for our skin.

It is also s ink-resistant when washed and dried (please follow the wash instructions on the tag). Our shirts are machine washable in cold water.

Wildfox Couture Shirts have really cute designs

The best part about these shirts is that they have a lot of really cute designs that are suitable for women of all ages.

Wildfox Couture Shirts support a good cause as well

Similar to Ivory Ella, another reason why these shirts are so popular is that they support a good cause. A percentage of the proceeds from each shirt sold goes towards helping animals in need with Good Friends Animal Society which is an organization dedicated to helping homeless animals find homes.

Wildfox Couture Shirts has a wide selection of shirts available at different prices so there’s something for everyone here! You can find everything from tanks tops with cute sayings on them or even just plain white t-shirts if you’re looking for something more simple but still want to support a good cause while doing it!

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7. The Great Eros

The Great Eros is an intimate apparel brand based in New York City. Its products are handmade in Italy by master artisans who have been making lingerie for generations. The company’s products are both elegant and comfortable, making them perfect for everyday wear or special occasions.

The Great Eros sells multiple animal-themed t-shirts for men, women, and children. You can shop for all your family members at once!

The Great Eros shirts are a perfect alternative to Ivory Ella. Here are 5 reasons why:

Its mission statement is about donating to a cause. While that’s great for many, some of us don’t like to wear our causes on our sleeves. If you’re one of those people, you can wear The Great Eros shirts and feel proud that your purchase is helping support teens in foster care, who often age out of foster care with zero support.

The fabric is ethically sourced with no sweatshops involved. For many of us, it’s not just about the cause anymore; we want to know that the people making our clothes are treated fairly and paid well, and The Great Eros checks that box off too.

The designs are timeless and classic. If you’re like me, you shy away from trendy things (I have enough examples in my closet of things I wanted at one point but now cringe at). With their line of simple but chic tees and tanks, you can rest assured they’ll look just as good years from now as they do today.

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In summary, Ivory Ella’s clothing (Available on Amazon) is also designed by women for women. The founders analyzed how their customers dressed and created comfortable, stylish pieces that would work for everyone. The result was a line of clothes that were comfy yet still looked great — perfect for errands or lounging around at home on a lazy weekend.

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