Shirts Like Homage (5 Shirts Similar To Homage)

5 Shirts Similar To Homage

Homage has been making high-quality T-shirts for over a decade. The company has amassed a cult following for its retro prints and soft fabrics, so it’s no surprise that its inventory is almost always sold out.

While the Homage brand is known for its quality, there are other great companies making shirts just like Homage. Some of these companies feature similar designs, while others have different graphics but still share that same vintage-inspired feel.

While the Homage brand is known for its quality, there are other great companies making shirts just like Homage. Some of these companies feature similar designs, while others have different graphics but still share that same vintage-inspired feel. Here is a list of 5 shirts similar to Homage:

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1. Ripple Junction Shirts

Let’s be honest: Homage shirts are great. They have a huge selection of tees from practically every sports team and pop culture entity you could ever want. If you like wearing t-shirts, Homage is probably going to be one of your favorite places to buy them.

But Homage isn’t the only place where you can get great t-shirts. Ripple Junction (Available on Amazon) has an amazing lineup of officially licensed graphic tees that not only deliver in terms of quality but also tend to be more affordable than what you would find at most other stores.

Here are t ee reasons why Ripple Junction is a good alternative to Homage t-shirts:


Ripple Junction Men’s Vintage The Office Dunder Mifflin T-Shirt, Navy


A variety of options

When it comes to t-shirts, one size does not fit all. The best shirts will offer designs that appeal to a wide range of consumers with different tastes. Ripple Junction offers a variety of designs from pop culture favorites like Dr. Who, Futurama, and The Big Bang Theory, as well as movies like Star Wars and the Lord of the Rings series.

Low prices

Another reason to consider Ripple Junction is its low prices. A simple search will yield plenty of comparison results between Ripple Junction and other popular brands like Homage. In most cases, you’ll find that what you can get at Ripple Junction costs around half as much as you would pay anywhere else. That means more shirts for your money!

Nice designs, good fit

Ripple Junction shirts come in a variety of designs and sizes. Both men’s and women’s shirts are available. Sizes go up to 4XL for men, with the range starting at small. For women, the smallest size is medium while the largest is 3XL. Note that the sizes may vary depending on the shirt design. But overall, they’re true to size.

The shirt designs themselves are quite impressive with a wide range of pop culture references, including cult favorites like Star Wars, Marvel superheroes, and Disney characters. You’ll also find clever parodies like “I’m With Cupid” and “Talk Nerdy To Me.”

But what makes these shirts stand out is their artistry. The prints look pretty nice so you can wear them proudly without having to worry about looking cheap or tacky.

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2. Salty Crew Shirts

Salty Crew (Available on Amazon) specializes in apparel and accessories for the ocean-minded individual. Their shirts are all durable, comfortable, and made to last. They’re perfect for water sports and just hanging out by the beach or pool.

Even though they are best known for their technical fishing apparel, they have recently started to produce a line of casual apparel that is perfect for everyday wear.

If you love Homage shirts but are looking for an alternative, check out Salty Crew. Here are t ee reasons why they may be a great option to try:

Salty Crew is far less expensive than Homage

Homage is known for its vintage designs on a wide variety of shirts and other products, including hats, bags, water bottles, and more. While these designs are cool and you can often find them on sale on their website, they’re still usually much more expensive than Salty Crew shirts.


Salty Crew Bruce Short Sleeve Tee Black MD


Made For The Sea

There’s no question that Salty Crew ships and t-shirts are built for the sea. In fact, they’re one of the few apparel companies actually made with sea lovers in mind.

Sure, there are plenty of other brands that have nautical themes and might offer some items on the side, but they aren’t really made with the sea in mind. They’re just using it as a theme to make money.

You want to be sure you choose apparel that is made specifically for salt lovers like you and me. Otherwise, you may be getting ripped off for something that isn’t even made for your lifestyle. You don’t want to do that!

Similar Designs

Salty Crew and Homage are different brands with very similar styles. Both feature brand-name clothing that uses high-quality materials for a great fit. Salty Crew apparel tends to be more durable and generally more high-end, whereas Homage apparel tends to be more versatile and better for casual use.

However, the two brands feature very similar designs, especially when it comes to their T-shirts. Both brands try to keep things simple and straightforward by using solid colors mixed with subtle prints, patterns, and logos. The color palette of both brands is also quite similar, as they tend to stay away from dark or overly bright colors in favor of neutral or pastel colors.

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3. YITAN Shirts

Yitan is a new t-shirt brand that offers some unique products. They are already getting a lot of buzz and people are buying their shirts.

They are designed by talented artists. When you buy a YITAN shirt (Available on Amazon), you feel like you’re wearing an artwork. This is because each garment has been carefully designed by professional artists who have years of experience under their belt.

They know what they’re doing and they’ve spent countless hours perfecting the designs so they look just right when printed on t-shirts.


YITAN Women Graphic Cute T Shirts Girl Tees Wine Red Large



Yitan offers shirts that are made from 100% combed cotton. This is the best fabric for making t-shirts because it’s soft, durable, and breathable. The quality of the materials and the stitching are great and they hold up really well to wear and tear.


The style of the shirt is really cool. I like the fact that they offer different designs with each shirt so you can get something that’s more your style instead of just a plain old boring tee. The designs are also printed on high-quality vinyl which means they won’t fade or peel off even after many washes.


I’ve tried on several different kinds of t-shirts before but none were as comfortable as Yitan’s tees. They have a great fit and feel so comfortable against my skin that I don’t even notice them while wearing them all day long!

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4. Crazy Dog T-Shirts

Crazy Dog T-Shirts (Available on Amazon) is the online home to some of the most hilarious t-shirts you’ll find. If you’re looking for a shirt that will make everyone laugh, then Crazy Dog is your go-to place.

Crazy Dog T-Shirts are a good alternative to Homage shirts because they also produce retro-themed shirts, they have more affordable prices, and they offer customization options.

While Crazy Dog T-Shirts might not be the first place people look to when they’re shopping for a Homage shirt alternative, it’s a great store to check out if you’re looking for a fun and unique vintage-style t-shirt that’s inspired by popular TV shows, movies, and pop culture.


Mens Hide and Seek Champion T Shirt Funny Bigfoot Tee Humor Cool Graphic Print (Dark Heather Grey) - L


A Greater Variety Of Designs

Homage specializes in selling shirts with designs relating to specific brands and entities. For example, you can buy an homage shirt that is related to your favorite brand of beer or your favorite sports team.

Crazy Dog T-Shirts specializes in selling funny t-shirts that have humorous designs on them. For example, you can buy a shirt for yourself or for the man or woman in your life that says “This guy needs a beer.”

The designs on the shirts at Crazy Dog T-Shirts are usually funny quotes on various topics such as relationships, drinking, getting older, being single, and more.

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5. CHILL·TEK Shirts

CHILL·TEK shirts (Available on Amazon) are designed for customers who have a casual interest in the past but are looking for ways to pay homage to the iconic brands and events of the past in a subtle way. Here are 3 reasons why CHILL·TEK shirts can be a good alternative to brand name tribute shirts:


As mentioned earlier, Homage T-shirts stand out because of their designs. They mold these designs on their shirts with high-quality screen prints that will not fade after laundering them several times or even when exposed to strong sunlight.

CHILL·TEK shirts also feature high-quality screen-printed designs that will not fade after washing them severally or when exposed to sunlight.


CHILL·TEK Mens 80s Shirts Retro 90s Party Shirt for Men Funky Hawaiian Beach Shirt Vintage 8090s Button Up Shirt, Large



Homage T-shirts are made from a blend of cotton and polyester which makes them soft, breathable, and comfortable to wear in any weather condition.

CHILL·TEK T-shirts are also made from blends of cotton and polyester which makes them soft and comfortable to wear in any weather conditions. It is also worth noting that these shirts fit well on men’s bodies without feeling

It’s Made From 100% Cotton

If you’re looking for an everyday shirt that’s comfortable and durable, look no further than our CHILL·TEK shirt. Because it’s made from 100% cotton, it’s going to be lightweight and breathable without sacrificing durability or quality. And because we’ve designed these shirts with a unisex fit in mind, they’re perfect for both men and women.

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In summary, Homage is a unique company in the t-shirt market. They have a focus on selling locally-themed shirts that show off your pride for where you live. For example, they have shirts for Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, New York City, and many more cities and states.

This is a great idea because it makes their shirts instantly recognizable. People know that their t-shirts are about their city or state.

They offer a wide variety of designs for both men and women. And if you don’t see what you like, you can even customize your own shirt with the design that suits you best.

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