Best Portable Dog Grooming Table For The Money (Keeps Dogs Still)

Discover the best portable dog grooming table for the money. These tables are portable and ideal for professional and amateur groomers alike. Originally created for groomers, portable dog grooming tables are now commonly used in the home…

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If you are sick and tired of an aching back and keeping your dogs still while trying to groom them then you will be amazed at how much easier life will be with a great portable dog grooming table.

Whether traveling from house to house as a professional or grooming your dog at home the following portable dog grooming tables are the best for the money…

The Best Portable Dog Grooming Table For The Money

Go Pet Club Pet Dog Grooming Table with Arm


Go Pet Club Pet Dog Grooming Table with Arm, 30-Inch
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The Go Pet Club Pet Dog Grooming Table with Arm makes grooming all of your pets easy. These tables come with a grooming arm and leash loop that is easily attached to our table tops with a clamp.


Here Is What Reviewers Said About This Portable Dog Grooming Table:


The Best Portable Dog Grooming Table For The Money


  • Great price for this high-quality grooming table.
  • I was actually impressed with the quality considering the price of the table.
  • The price is awesome and the quality is impressive.
  • I got this for at-home or dog show use—and I was very surprised at the excellent quality for the price! 
  • I’m a professional dog groomer and I’m working a business at home and mobile with this table. It’s a steal and the best price you will find online.
  • Very sturdy- at a fantastic price point.
  • This is a good price for what feels like a well-made table.
  • The table is reasonably priced and it has already paid for itself.
  • I can’t believe this good quality table is that price, it is very sturdy and folds very easily.
  • It’s well made and well worth the price.
  • I’m a professional groomer and I have this table at home for small dogs and it serves the purpose for the price you can’t go wrong.
  • This table is well worth the money and makes the job much easier.
  • Great value for the money. It’s very strong & secure.
  • Much more durable than expected for the money!

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The Best Foldable Dog Grooming Table


  • It folds up and stores as easily as an ironing board.
  • Unfolds and folds up easily.
  • Really solid structure, easy to set up and then fold up and store.
  • The way you can fold up the table and make it compact for storing is a plus too.
  • This folding table is sturdy and is at a good working height.
  • It was easy to set up and takes up little space when folded down.
  • The table is very high quality, it’s durable, fold-able, and supported my dogs without trouble.
  • Very sturdy and I like that I can fold it up and tuck it under the bed when it’s not in use.
  • Folds up and stores in the hall closet when not in use.

Easily Transportable


  • It is lightweight enough and folds flat to be easy and portable to take to shows.
  • Works great, light easy to move or transport.
  • Saves my back and stores easily. If you groom your dog you need one!
  • I have fit an Australian Sheppard on it ( mind he was insanely well behaved) and it travels in the trunk of my car.
  • This is so well made and a great size for the home groomer or if you travel to shows.
  • It is lightweight enough and folds flat to be easy and portable to take to shows.
  • I have used this table 20+ times as I run a new mobile in-home grooming business. So far, we have absolutely 0 issues.

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Make Sure You Get The Haunch Holder As It’s A Real Back Saver


  • This table with the Shelandy Pet Haunch Holder is awesome, real back savers!
  • My wife groomed our two Shi Tzu doggies this morning, and she had no backache for the first time! And the dogs looked better than usual after their hair cuts.
  • When I put the dogs on the table and in the haunch holder, they stand still and let me groom them without a fight.


Grooming Dogs Is Much Easier With This Table


  • Before I purchased this table, it was impossible to hold them in one place. Now with this table, it’s easier to keep them in one place and standing while I groom them.
  • This makes it easier and quicker.
  • If I’d known how much easier having a grooming table would be, I would have bought one much sooner.
  • My dog is much quieter and easier to access on the table.
  • Just what you need to make grooming at home much easier.
  • It saves me so much time and it makes grooming my dog so much easier.
  • Grooming the dog has never been easier.
  • This makes grooming my two Coton de Tulear puppies so much easier.
  • It has really made grooming my cocker spaniel so much easier! If you groom your own pet you need this!
  • I have two small dogs, and this table has made grooming time so much easier!
  • This table is very sturdy, makes it way easier on my back (low back would ache after every cut), and makes my dog more accepting. Nowhere for him to go, so the cut goes faster.
  • It makes my clipping work easier than sitting on the floor. It allows me to stand to relieve pressure on my back from bending over.
  •  I am very happy that it is so easy to use and is making a big job easier for me and for them.

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Other Portable Dog Grooming Table To Consider:


Polar Aurora Pingkay Black 30″/36″/48″ Heavy Duty Pet Professional Dog Show Foldable Grooming Table

Polar Aurora Pingkay 36'' Black Heavy Duty Pet Professional Dog Show Foldable Grooming Table w/Adjustable Arm & Noose & Mesh Tray
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The Pingkay Black table is made of high quality and sturdy metal material for added durability.

It features a unique dog bone shape and goal post style legs that allows for easy fold up, making this a great table for both professionals and amateurs who need extra room to groom or train their pets.

With its 2 adjustable height levels, it can be used to groom almost any type of pet; furthermore, it is easy to assemble so you can start using it right away…


Reviewer Comments:


  • This is a great table, especially for the price.
  • For the price of this table, you surely can’t go wrong.
  • It is an amazing bargain for the price.
  • If you’re looking for a cheap priced product, extremely sturdy, and well made this is it! 
  • I am a groomer and this is a good quality table and a good price.
  • Superexcellent quality product for the price.
  • Amazing table especially for the price!!
  • An exceptionally nice folding table at an affordable price.
  • I can’t believe it is such a sturdy, well-made table for so little money!!
  • Well worth the money and would highly recommend it.

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Master Equipment Pet Grooming Table for Pets

Pet Edge Master Equipment Round Pet Grooming Table - Rotatable Black 18" Diameter Grooming Table Perfect for Small Dogs
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This sturdy, non-slip pet grooming table can be used on any surface while you’re grooming your pet.

The top of the grooming surface consists of a non-slip material, which will keep pets safe while you’re grooming them.

This table features a round shape that offers more efficient maneuvering around your pet, and also works best for bathing or clipping nails…


Reviewer Comments:


  • Money well spent! Very sturdy. I use this every single day to brush out my dog. It made blow-drying her a million times easier.
  • I bought this with additional harnesses to hold up the tush and this product has made my life SO much easier.
  • This pet grooming table is great!
  • With the leash, I can now work with two hands and not have to worry about holding my little dog.
  • I brush out my Havanese daily, so this table makes things so much easier.
  • This was definitely worth the money.
  • I love this for my schnauzer. If I put it on the floor after grooming her she stands on it like her stage. It is well worth the money!
  • This table has made it so much easier! She can’t squirm nearly as much when I put her on this.

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Go Pet Club Pet Dog Grooming Table with Arm, 36-Inch

Go Pet Club Pet Dog Grooming Table with Arm, 36-Inch
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The table features strong goal post style legs with rubber capped feet, making it easy to fold up for easy transport. The table adjusts to 40″ high.

The Go Pet Club 36″ grooming table’s adjustable grooming arm allows you to groom larger dogs from a standing position, providing convenience and the ability for brush application, low maintenance and flexibility.


Reviewer Comments:


  • If you are wondering if this particular table is easy to set up, sturdy and a good value for your money then I can also give a resounding yes.
  • This table is a great value for the money.
  • I do my dog’s toenails weekly and this makes life so much easier
  • This is great for grooming pets. It keeps them still and cooperative. It makes for a much easier job that is so much better on your back. The table is very sturdy. This is a good buy.

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Grooming Table for Dogs – Tables Stand Pet Supplies Best for Small Medium Large Dog

Grooming Table for Dogs - Tables Stand Pet Supplies Best for Small Medium Large Dog & Cat - Portable Restraint Holder w/Arm, Clamp & Hanging Noose Loop Adjustable Height Professional Groomer Station
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The Paws & Pals table top pet gate can be set up and folded down in minutes. The table top pet gate is made with a black powder-coated finish and is made strong with a metal frame.


Reviewer Comments:


  • This table was a great investment!! It paid for itself in one month of at-home grooming.
  • It works great for my three that are 45 pounds and under. It is very durable & sturdy, yet lightweight and easy to move around.
  • Struggled so much with dog’s nails previously, but now…what a HUGE difference and so glad we spent the money to do it!!
  • Easy on my tired back and much easier cutting for my Dog.
  • Works just fine and makes touch-up grooming much easier.
  • Grooming our 50lb Australian Shepard dog is now much easier. He now actually enjoys the attention of being combed out while standing on the raised, secure table.
  • This table is very sturdy for my 50-pound dog. So much easier for me to groom her because being on the table keeps her from pulling and wiggling.

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Yaheetech 32/36-inch Pet Dog Cat Grooming Table

Yaheetech Pet Dog/Cat Grooming Table Foldable Height Adjustable - 36-inch Drying Table w/Double Loops/Mesh Tray Maximum Capacity Up to 220lbs Black
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This table grooming arm is an ideal tool that allows you to wash, dry and trim your pet dog or cat conveniently.

High-grade stainless steel material, durable in use. Two grooming loops are attached to the arm to help you keep the pet in place on the table when you bathe, dry; Grooming arm height can be easily adjusted by the clamp to meet your needs…


Reviewer Comments:


  • This has made grooming my dogs so much easier on my back.
  • It’s very sturdy and simple.
  • So glad I got this and wish I had years ago.
  • We love this – it makes things so much easier when it comes to grooming the dogs.
  • It makes life so much easier.
  • I no longer have to struggle with my doggies to trim nails and coat.

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JY QAQA PET Pet Dog Grooming Table for Home with Adjustable Arm

JY QAQA PET 32" Professional Foldable Pet Dog Grooming Table with Adjustable Arm,Maximum Capacity Up to 220lbs
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Grooming arm height can be easily adjusted by the clamp to meet your needs.

It will raise the height of your pet so that you can reach him easily for bathing, trimming, drying, grooming or other things you want to do!

For this JY QAQA PET Pet Dog Grooming Table is a medium-sized table for the dogs and cats’ bathing, clipping, grooming etc.

They designed this pet grooming table on the base of ergonomics, with adjustable height by the handle…


Reviewer Comments:


  • It has made all the difference between hating dog grooming and loving it. The sturdy table even with leg extenders. I wish I had bought this table a long time ago.
  • This makes grooming so much easier.
  • Although our dog does not like being groomed, this table makes it much easier for us. The height is perfect.
  • My husband loves this table, it makes grooming our dog so much easier.
  • The sturdy table makes grooming my Standard Poodle a breeze! 

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LAZY BUDDY Dog Grooming Table, Pet Grooming Table, Heavy-Duty Grooming Table for Max Capacity 220-260 LBS

LAZY BUDDY Pet Grooming Table, Adjustable Height Heavy Duty Foldable Drying Desk, Portable and Non-Slip Foot,for Medium and Large Dogs and Other Pets, Max Capacity 220LBS
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Portable heavy-duty pet grooming table for dogs and cats, foldable to save space.

Easy to carry around and it’s so lightweight that one person can carry it. This is perfect for dog’s owners who travel a lot and need a sturdy pet grooming table in their hotel room without compromising on its portability.

It comes with a non-skid pad that will not scratch your floor, making this grooming table reliable all the time…


Reviewer Comments:


  • The equipment is very easy to use. It’s not expensive for what you get because it worked amazingly for my dog.
  • This makes it very easy to groom my dog at home and save not only money but time also.
  • This product is terrific. It makes grooming my dogs so much easier.
  • I have a back injury and this grooming table definitely is a lifesaver. 

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In summary, every portable dog grooming table on this page is very highly rated and have many very happy dog groomers using them.

However, by far the table that has the most comments about value for money is the Go Pet Club Pet Dog Grooming Table with Arm – it is for small to medium dogs and if you need a table for larger dogs you check out the other options we have listed.

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