London Fog Luggage Review: The Good, Bad, and Chic

After reading a Lucas Luggage Review, I thought it was high time to dive into the world of London Fog Luggage Reviews. Let’s get straight to the point: if you’re all about vintage design and faux leather accents, London Fog is your jam.

Their bags are like the runway models of the luggage world, with plaid patterns and telescopic handles that make you feel like you’re in a 1950s travel ad. But don’t let the looks fool you; these bags pack a punch in functionality too, featuring spinner wheels and expandable compartments for all your packing needs.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “What about durability?” Good question. The limited warranty might raise a few eyebrows, especially if you’re the kind of traveler who considers scuff marks a personal offense.

While London Fog luggage may not laugh in the face of wear and tear, it’s more than capable for your occasional weekend getaway or business trip. Just maybe don’t take it on an Amazon rainforest expedition; it’s water-resistant, not waterproof.

So, should you ditch your Lucas Luggage for a London Fog set? If you’re someone who prioritizes style and convenience, absolutely. From carry-ons to checked baggage, London Fog offers a range of options that are both lightweight and eye-catching.

Plus, their packing cubes and travel accessories are just the cherry on top. In a sea of monotonous luggage, London Fog is a breath of fresh, well, fog.

LONDON FOG Bromley Softside Expandable Spinner Luggage, Black, Carry-On 20-Inch

The “Is TSA Flirting with My Luggage?” Test: How Smooth is That Inspection Dance?

When it comes to breezing t ough airport security, you want a piece of luggage that’s as smooth as a James Bond introduction. The good news? London Fog luggage generally makes it easy for TSA agents to do their thing.

With TSA locks and easily accessible compartments, your luggage is pretty much asking for a swift pat-down and a “have a nice flight” nod. So, if TSA loves it, you’re already off to a good start, saving you from those infamous airport headaches.

The “Stairmaster: Luggage Edition” Challenge: Can You Lug it Without Breaking a Sweat?

Listen, elevators break and escalators are often a no-show when you need them. That leaves you, your two legs, and a staircase. Time for the Stairway to Heaven challenge. London Fog luggage comes with smooth spinner wheels and a telescopic handle, which usually makes for an easy drag up and down stairs.

But let’s keep it real: if you’re packed for a month-long trip in a weekend bag, no brand can save you from huffing and puffing.

London Fog luggage comes with smooth spinner wheels and a telescopic handle

“Fluffy’s Travel Necessities” Rating: Is Your Fur Baby a London Fog Fan?

Traveling with pets can sometimes feel like preparing for a toddler’s birthday party—chaotic but cute. The big question: is London Fog luggage up to the task?

With expandable compartments and pockets that you can actually reach without a struggle, it’s pretty good for stashing pet essentials like treats or toys. However, it doesn’t offer specialized pet-friendly features. So, while it’s not a pet paradise, it’s definitely more than just bearable for your furry friend’s needs.

The “Where’s Waldo: Luggage Edition” Quotient: Can You Find It When It Decides to Play Hide and Seek?

We’ve all been there: standing at the luggage carousel, watching everyone grab their bags while yours is nowhere in sight. The Lost and Found Quotient with London Fog luggage is a mixed bag (pun intended).

While they don’t come with built-in GPS, some pieces do have unique identifiers that could help you reunite with your runaway bag. So, no, it won’t send you its location, but its distinct vintage design and plaid patterns might make it easier to spot in a sea of black bags.

The “Tetris Master” Challenge: Can It Handle Your Odd-Shaped Souvenirs?

You’re on vacation and see a giant sombrero or an oversized snow globe that you just have to have. The “Will It Fit?” Game is all about testing the limits of expandable compartments and packing cubes that London Fog luggage offers.

The verdict? It’s surprisingly accommodating. You might have to play a little luggage Tetris, but you can usually make those awkward souvenirs fit without a hassle.

London Fog Brentwood II 15" 2-Wheel Under The Seat Bag, Blue, Carry Inch

The “Latte Lifeguard” Test: How Does It Handle Your Coffee Fumbles?

It’s early morning, you’re rushing to catch a flight, and—oops!—your coffee takes a leap of faith right onto your luggage. Time for the Coffee Spill Test. London Fog luggage generally has water-resistant material, but it’s not entirely stain-proof.

So, if you spill your latte, act fast. A quick wipe should take care of minor spills, but if you let it sit, you might be dedicating your bag to the coffee gods for good.

The “#TravelGoals or #TravelFails?” Test: Is Your Luggage Ready for Its Close-Up?

Who doesn’t want to look like a travel influencer with their chic luggage in an airport OOTD? When it comes to being Social Media Worthy, London Fog luggage is pretty much a natural-born Instagram star.

With its vintage design, faux leather accents, and plaid patterns, you’re not just traveling; you’re making a style statement. So go ahead, snap that selfie with your luggage—no filters needed!

The “Sharing Is Caring, But Not That Much” Score: Can It Keep the Peace in Shared Spaces?

If you’re going on a trip with a sibling or a buddy, the last thing you want is to bicker over whose underwear is whose. London Fog comes with expandable compartments and multiple pockets that act like little boundaries for your belongings. It may not prevent all Siblings Fights, but it’ll certainly keep your stuff from crossing into enemy territory.

London Fog comes with expandable compartments

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The “Sleepwalker’s Packing Challenge”: Can You Pack While Counting Sheep?

It’s 3 AM. Your flight is in a few hours. You’re running on fumes and desperately t owing stuff into your bag. The 3 AM Packing Test is all about how idiot-proof your luggage is when you’re barely awake.

Thanks to London Fog’s telescopic handles and spinner wheels, you can pretty much drag it around half-asleep without tripping over yourself. Plus, the easy-to-access pockets mean you’re less likely to forget essentials like your passport or, you know, pants.

The “Mother Earth’s BFF or Frenemy?” Stamp: Is Your Bag a Planet-Saver or a Planet-Betrayer?

Look, we all want to be heroes in the story of planet Earth, right? But when it comes to the “Eco-Friendly” Stamp, London Fog luggage doesn’t exactly lead the charge. The brand doesn’t make a big deal about using eco-friendly materials or ethical manufacturing.

So, if you’re the type to bring your own grocery bags and compost your leftovers, this might be a sticking point for you.

The “SnackPack” Compatibility Test: Can You Bring Your Gourmet Adventures Home?

You’re a foodie, and you’ve found some epic local treats. Now what? The “Foodie” Compatibility Test is all about how well your London Fog luggage can handle your gastronomic souvenirs.

While it doesn’t offer a dedicated cheese or wine compartment (a man can dream, right?), the expandable compartments and packing cubes do make it easier to stash your edible treasures safely.

LONDON FOG Chelsea 25" Expandable Spinner, Rose Gold

The “When the Going Gets Tough” Buffer: Can It Take a Beating and Keep on Rolling?

We all have those days when everything goes sideways. You’re late, you’re running, and oh look, a puddle—time for the “Bad Day Buffer” test. London Fog luggage is water-resistant, but it’s not built to be dragged t ough a monsoon.

The spinner wheels and telescopic handles can handle a quick dash, but if you’re going t ough puddles or snow, expect some wear and tear. It’s not invincible, but it’s not a delicate flower either.

The “Grab and Go, Zombies Are Coming!” Scenario: Would This Bag Make Your Survival Kit?

Okay, the zombies are coming and you’ve got a split second to grab one thing. Would London Fog be your go-to? The “Zombie Apocalypse” Scenario is a fun way to gauge the luggage’s versatility.

With its expandable compartments and multiple pockets, you could definitely stash a variety of essentials, from canned food to maybe even a small baseball bat. However, it’s not exactly built for rugged, end-of-the-world conditions, so maybe don’t count on it as your only survival gear.

The “Will It Fit or Will I Quit?” Challenge: How Space-Savvy Is This Bag?

You’ve seen it—people struggling to jam their bag into the overhead bin while everyone watches. Don’t be that person. In the Fitting Room Challenge, London Fog generally does well.

Its carry-ons are designed to fit standard overhead bins, and the checked luggage can fit comfortably in the trunk of most cars. Whether it’s an overhead bin mockup or a locker, this luggage is usually a space-friendly choice.

In the Fitting Room Challenge, London Fog generally does well.

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The “Is It Fort Knox or an Open Book?” Test: How Burglar-Proof Is Your Bag?

No one wants to think about theft, but it happens. The “Stranger Danger” Test is all about how secure your London Fog luggage is. While it may not be a Fort Knox, it does offer TSA locks and zippers that aren’t easy to tamper with in a hurry. So, while it may not be 100% theft-proof, it’s definitely not an easy target for quick grabs.

The “Plays Well with Others” Assessment: Can Your Luggage Be a Team Player?

Traveling often involves juggling multiple bags, especially if you’re with family or friends. The “Family Reunion” Test looks at how well London Fog luggage can play nice with other bags.

Generally, the telescopic handles and flat tops make them fairly easy to stack or attach to other pieces. So, if your travel crew’s got a mishmash of bags, your London Fog piece won’t be the awkward one in the group.

The “MacGyver or Call the Pros?” Test: Can You Be Your Own Luggage Mechanic?

You’re on the move and—snap!—a wheel comes off. Time for the DIY Repairability test. London Fog luggage isn’t exactly built for easy at-home repairs. While minor issues like a stuck zipper might be DIY-able, something like a busted wheel probably means you’re making a pit stop at the repair shop. So, if you’re a MacGyver at heart, this might not be the luggage for you.

London Fog luggage isn't exactly built for easy at-home repairs.

The “Is It a Smart Bag or a Dumbbell?” Rating: How Much Tech Can It Pack?

In an age where even your toothbrush can connect to Bluetooth, how does London Fog fare on the “Tech Geek” Rating? Well, don’t expect it to charge your phone or play your favorite podcast. It doesn’t come with built-in USB ports or a slot for a power bank. It’s more of a classic charmer than a tech whiz.

The “Grandma to Kiddo” Usability Exam: Is This Bag an All-Age Star?

When it comes to luggage, one size doesn’t fit all—especially when you’re talking about age. The Senior and Kid-Friendly Test is all about how easily different age groups can use London Fog luggage.

Thanks to those spinner wheels and telescopic handles, it’s generally easy for both older adults and kids to maneuver. However, some pieces can be a bit heavy when fully packed, so keep an eye on that if strength is an issue.

The “Rock Concert or Library?” Acoustic Test: How Loud is Your Bag on the Go?

You’re rolling your suitcase t ough a quiet hotel hallway at midnight. Is everyone going to know you’ve arrived? Time for the Sound Test. London Fog’s spinner wheels are generally pretty quiet, especially on smooth surfaces. So, while it might not be library-level silent, it’s definitely not going to get you any noise complaints.

Frequently Asked Questions

London Fog luggage's warranty

Got any clues on London Fog luggage’s warranty scene?

London Fog generally offers a limited warranty on their luggage. This usually covers manufacturing defects but not wear and tear from regular use. So, if you find a rogue zipper or stitch out of place when it’s fresh from the store, you’re likely covered.

Can I snatch up some London Fog luggage at Macy’s?

You bet! Macy’s is actually one of the prime spots to grab London Fog luggage. They often carry a wide range of styles and sizes, so you can pick something that suits your travel vibe.

What’s the buzz on London Fog luggage ratings?

People generally give London Fog luggage high marks for style and functionality. However, some folks mention that the durability could be better. So, if you’re a casual traveler, it’s a thumbs-up. For frequent fliers? Maybe dig a bit deeper into reviews.

So, how fab is London Fog luggage really?

If you’re into classic, vintage-inspired designs, London Fog is pretty fabulous. Plus, they’ve got features like spinner wheels and expandable compartments. Still, “fab” might depend on what you’re looking for. Are you about style or long-lasting toughness?

London Fog luggage—hot or not?

In the style department, totally hot. If you’re aiming to strut t ough the airport like it’s a fashion runway, London Fog is your go-to. Quality-wise, it’s a mixed bag—great for some, less so for others.

London Fog vs. Samsonite: Who wins the luggage showdown?

Samsonite generally takes the cake for durability and longevity. If you’re a globe-trotter, you might lean that way. London Fog, though, wins on the style front. So, it really comes down to what you value more: durability or lookin’ good.

Does London Fog luggage laugh in the face of wear and tear?

Eh, not so much. While it holds up well for occasional travel, constant jet-setting might leave it looking a little ragged. You might see some scuffs or handle wear quicker than you’d like.

Is London Fog luggage the real deal in quality?

The quality is good but not mind-blowing. It’ll serve you well for weekend getaways and short trips. If you’re planning an around-the-world adventure, maybe look for something built like a tank.

Born and raised in the USA—does this apply to London Fog luggage?

Nope, most London Fog luggage is made overseas. The brand itself has roots in the United States, but the manufacturing typically happens elsewhere.

Is London Fog luggage eye-candy or what?

Totally, if you’re into that classic, elegant look. The brand often uses faux leather accents and plaid designs that make your luggage stand out in a sea of black bags.

Can London Fog luggage brave a downpour?

Some pieces are better at handling a little rain than others, but overall, they’re not fully waterproof. A light drizzle? Probably okay. Torrential downpour? Get a luggage cover.

Where’s the hot spot to score some London Fog luggage?

Macy’s, Amazon, and even the London Fog website are all solid bets. Plus, you can sometimes find good deals at discount stores like TJ Maxx.

What’s the homeland of London Fog luggage?

Despite the British-sounding name, London Fog originated in the United States. However, the manufacturing usually takes place in other countries.

Who’s the genius behind London Fog luggage?

London Fog has been around since 1923 but started as a clothing company, primarily making coats. They later expanded into luggage. So, while there’s no single “genius” behind it, it’s got a long history of evolving with fashion and travel needs.

Conclusion: The Final Verdict on London Fog Luggage

And there you have it, folks! We’ve put London Fog luggage t ough the wringer—from its Social Media Worthy aesthetics to its DIY Repairability (or lack thereof). Whether you’re a tech geek, a dedicated foodie, or just someone who wants to get from Point A to Point B without losing your sanity, now you’ve got the full scoop.

Is it perfect? Nah. But it’s got a whole lot going for it, especially if you value style and convenience. So go ahead, give London Fog a whirl on your next adventure—you might just find it’s the travel buddy you never knew you needed.

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