Is OFM A Good Brand For Home Office Chairs And Computer Desks

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What Is The OFM Brand Known For?

Originally founded in 1995, OFM is a good brand for office furniture in the United States. OFM offers most of its services online, which is why some people get suspicious of their offerings. However, as you will see below there are many reasons why you can trust the OFM brand…

So what makes OFM a good brand?

It is the quality of their products especially compared to the price that makes OFM a good brand! OFM does not only offer high-quality products, but they also do it with consistency. All customers can enjoy the same type of product with almost no difference whatsoever.

OFM offers all kinds of office furniture products. You can buy different types of products such as chairs, tables, Case goods, and lighting, etc. They also sell a large range of office accessories as well.

Below I have provided some examples of the best OFM products with a focus on customer comments about how they feel about the product and if they consider the company to be a reliable and trustworthy brand…

Is The OFM A Good Brand For Racing Style Office Chairs?

This OFM gaming chair is hugely popular and very highly rated by consumers. It is ideal for long work hours or gaming sessions. Luxurious and comfortable at a price that is very reasonable…


OFM ESS Collection GAMING CHAIR WHITE, Racing Style


OFM ESS Collection GAMING CHAIR WHITE, Racing Style

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Example of comments from OFM:


It is very comfortable and supports your body perfectly. I have always suffered from back problems as a child. I have sat in this chair several times to do schoolwork at his desk. I was able to sit for long periods of time and when I was done I had no pain at all. I have decided to purchase another one when we move to our new home. You will NOT be sorry with this purchase.


  • These are seriously comfy and a much better value than the generic office brand chair. Great for people who sit on their hind-ends all day.
  • Looks just like the pictures, unlike other brands.
  • It is extremely comfortable to sit in for long periods of time and has armrests that can be folded upwards when not needed.
  • This chair is amazing! It has good lumbar and neck support and is pretty hard so I don’t need to worry about slouching great buy!
  • We bought a bunch of these to sit around a tabletop gaming table. Everyone loved them and they are comfortable for long gaming sessions.

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Is The OFM A Good Brand For Executive Office Chairs?

This OFM fabric executive office chair is comfortable for long days of computer work. It is heavy-duty with padded arms and ergonomic support. People are amazed at the quality of this chair for the price and as a bonus, it looks good too…


OFM ESS Collection Plush Microfiber Office Chair


OFM ESS Collection Plush Microfiber Office Chair, in Tan (ESS-3082-TAN)

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Example of comments from OFM:


Very comfortable! The fabric is very comfortable, and breathes, unlike leather. If you sit at a desk for long periods at a time, you’ll be happy with this chair.


  • Was really surprised at the quality of this chair. I feel I got my money’s worth. It’s very comfy, the microsuede fabric feels nice and it gives me the lumbar support I desperately need.
  • I spend hours at my desk for both work and gaming, this chair offers great support and is very comfortable for the amount of time spent using it each day/evening.
  • This is a fabulous chair. I sit for long hours for work and I need support for my lower back. This chair offers great lumbar support.
  • Plush cushioning and armrest cushioning, a lockable recline function, and heavy-duty casters that are safe for all floors including hardwood/laminate.
  • This is a quality chair and it’s just beautiful as well. The padding is nice and thick. You can adjust the rocking motion to lose or not to rock at all. It’s very easy to adjust the height of the chair also.

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Is The OFM A Good Brand For Mesh Office Chairs?

If you prefer mesh office chairs and many do because of the cooling breathability they provide then this very budget-friendly OFM mesh office chair is ideal. As one customer summed up best… “I never thought I could find a really sturdy and comfortable office chair for this price.”


OFM ESS Collection Mesh Back Office Chair, in Black


OFM ESS Collection Mesh Back Office Chair, in Black (ESS-3001)

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Example of comments from OFM:


I don’t think you could find anything better. Chairs are comfortable to sit in, adjustments are easy. I really like the fact that the chair is mesh, so you don’t get sweaty when you sit it them. Overall couldnt be happier. Products like this make shopping on Amazon a pleasure!


  • I don’t see a lot of for tall people, so I thought I’d leave one. This chair fits great at my home desk, and it supports me nicely.
  • It adjusts easily. It’s more comfortable than my (more expensive) desk chair at work, and roundly outperforms the SAYL chair, which is pretty but not made for hours of computer work.
  • I do not write unless I really think the product is great. I find this product to be great, and indeed potentially life-altering in the way it has improved my personal workflow. And it looks good, it rolls good, shipping good, all that stuff good.
  • Bought this for my “Man Cave” and it is great. The price is right and the quality is top-notch. The chair is comfortable, easy to adjust, and is just the right size for this 225 lb guy.
  • This is is exactly what I was looking for now that I am working at home. I was able to assemble it in less than 10 minutes and use it right away. Love how easy it is to adjust the height and the seat is very comfortable. Perfect for the price!

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Is The OFM A Good Brand For Office Desks?

The OFM office desk is ideal if you are working from home and you are tight on space. This minimalist desk fits in small rooms yet still has enough work area for two monitors…


OFM ESS Collection Office Desk, 2-Drawer, Driftwood


OFM ESS Collection Office Desk, 2-Drawer, Driftwood

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Example of comments from OFM:


I really do love this desk! It’s quite quaint, but works very well for my small house. We don’t have much room, and this provides enough. It has a minimalist look with functional drawers that store more than they appear to. They are very wide and deep. The color is beautiful, as well.


  • I would recommend getting this desk as a workspace. It’s sturdy and comfortable.
  • We wanted a more narrow desk to take up less room. We needed two of them for our office. They are perfect. Love the drawers.
  • Bought this due to having to work from home. It fits my two monitors and keypad on the top.
  • If I ever go back to the office, I’ll use it as a vanity so def a good use of my money!
  • It is a sturdy desk, fits my laptop and printer.
  • Drawers are roomy, holds paper, printer cartridges, and other office supplies.
  • Ideal for my small space. Better value and quality than I was seeing at the box stores.

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 The OFM Upholstered Home Office Chair Is… CUTE!

Yes, as highly as this chair is rated one of the most recurring comments was about how cute is and how much better it looks than one of those normal ugly office chairs. This is a great chair for short people and in particular ladies who absolutely love it in a “girly office”…


OFM ESS Collection Upholstered Home Office Desk Chair


OFM ESS Collection Upholstered Home Office Desk Chair, in Grey (ESS-2085-GRY)

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Example of comments from OFM:


Desk chairs can be sooo expensive and ugly, so I was thrilled to find this inexpensive, cute chair for my home office. It was easy to assemble, it’s comfortable, helps me to sit up nice and straight, and it’s very chic.


  • I wanted to get a comfy, functional chair for my desk space but I usually don’t like the typical desk chair look. This is perfect, it’s comfortable, supportive, the height adjusts and it was super easy to put together.
  • I adore this chair! I got it for my crafting area, which I spend a lot of time in… I can sit and work on things for longer now without it killing my back!
  • It’s comfortable and height adjustable which is handier than some would think when you are short.
  • I love sitting in it when I work. It’s not one of those typical kinda ugly office chairs and that’s what I really like about it too. It’s chic and cute for my girly office.
  • Recently purchased this chair for my home office. It is comfortable enough for me to sit in for 6+ hours and I think it is so cute/fashionable.

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The OFM Executive Side Chair Is Ideal For Short or Elderly People!

The OFM Great office chair for those who have carpets and is an excellent multi-purpose chair that people are using in a variety of ways including a computer chair, conference room chairs, waiting room chairs, craft chairs, and more. This chair is particularly good for short people, has a wide seat for big people, and is ideal for the elderly because it is easy to get in and out of…


OFM ESS Collection Bonded Leather Executive Side Chair with Sled Base


OFM ESS Collection Bonded Leather Executive Side Chair with Sled Base, in Black (ESS-9015)

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Example of comments from OFM:


I work from home on a computer for up to 12 hours per day and wanted something comfortable that also had enough room for me to move around in or sit with my legs crossed. I am short (5’2) and this is the first office chair I have had that I can sit all the way back in and have my feet firmly on the ground as well so great for any back issues.


  • Excellent chair for short persons and particularly for the elderly. Comfortable, easy to sit, and stand from it.
  • I purchased two of these chairs at the recommendation of my elderly family members Physical Therapist.
  • The arms on the chair are excellent for assisting them to sit and stand from the chair.
  •  Also, the chair is a bit lower to the ground so one can transition easily from their walker to sitting in the chair with ease.
  • The perfect chairs for my office conference room. They look good and everybody thinks they are comfortable.

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Here are some more reasons why OFM is a good company…


Ships & Delivers On Time:

OFM is one of the rare few brands that ship on the same day that you order from them. OFM understands that on-time delivery drives better collaboration with customers and ensures that customers will be more likely to buy from a brand again if the product is received in due time.

By not only meeting but also exceeding customer’s expectations with same-day shipping, OFM can make customers happier. Being able to ship on the same day as the order is the biggest redemption point of OFM.

Affordable Shipping:

OFM claims and it is a fact that the shipping from their brand is considerably lower than many other high-end or premium brands. Though OFM only deals in the United States, it has become a popular option for many outside the country as well.

Good Customer Support:

OFM understands that being close to their customers is the best way to bring about business.

Here are some of the ways that OFM offers good customer support to their customers:

  • Up-to-date – OFM promises to keep the customer up-to-date with their order’s information and tries to stay with them until the product has been successfully delivered. They even ask for customer afterward to figure out whether the customer liked the product or not.
  • Multiple distribution centers – In order to meet the market’s demand, OFM has placed distribution centers all over the United States. This not only improves the time it takes for an order to reach the destination but also ensures that there is enough stock for everyone.

Where To Buy OFM Office Furniture?

You can see all of the OFM furniture offerings currently available and purchase them by going to their online Amazon store.

OFM sells extremely high-quality products, such as full mesh chairs and even gaming/office chairs that have a headrest.

Among even the worst of customer, almost no one has complained about a lack of quality in their products. This makes them a reliable company when it comes to buying office equipment. 

All of these factors only point to the fact that OFM is a good brand if you are looking for high-quality office furniture at an affordable price point.

There might be cheaper options available, yes, but OFM offers serious & potentially unparalleled value for the money.

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