Executive Office Chairs With Footrest (Executive Chair )

Best Office Chair With Footrest

Executive chairs are the best seats for the office. Office furniture is not just there to make your office more attractive, but it’s also a symbol of authority. Every good business owner will put her best foot forward to attract customers and investors by providing a good ambiance in their office area…

When you think of an executive chair, chances are good that you’re picturing a plush, imposing office chair that has high back and plenty of cushioning. This is the most opulent office chair of all, and it’s designed to look simply remarkable with its executive-style design and superior materials.

The Executive Office Chair is perfect for meeting rooms, conference rooms, and reception areas. This elegant chair features a molded shell design on a self-leveling two-wheel steel base. With its high back, plush seat and headrest, and thickly padded arms, it provides long-lasting comfort for hours of sitting…

What Exactly Is An Executive Chair Anyway?

There are many different options when deciding on what type of executive office chair to buy. The main difference is between task, mid-back, and executive chairs; task chairs are smaller than the other two and best for occasional use while executive chairs tend to be larger and provide more support. Mid-back chairs fall in between, providing the best back support and being a good option for people who spend a lot of time sitting at their desks.

An executive chair is at the top of the line in terms of ergonomics. These chairs usually have back and head support, adjustable arms, an internal frame, and a mechanism that allows you to change the height of the seat. These chairs are designed for the most comfortable experience while you work all day, so they can cost hundreds more than a mid-back or task chair.

So choose an executive office chair for the ultimate in comfort, a mid-back office chair to support you better over long hours spent sitting, a task chair for a smaller frame that’s more accommodating for shorter sessions.

What Makes A Chair An Executive Chair?

As one of the most expensive types of office chairs, executive chairs provide comfort and superior support to their users. Executive chairs are always more extravagant in design compared to other kinds of office chairs, which is why they’re always the ones who catch people’s attention when they enter an office area.

The defining element of an executive chair is its high back, which allows for the head and upper back to be supported in a more ergonomic manner than lower chairs. The backrest also comes in varying degrees of slope from vertical to almost horizontal, depending on the manufacturer’s design.

Executive chairs are often available in multiple sizes with different prices and features, ranging from basic models that only have the most necessary features to top-level models that come with power provisions, a multitude of adjustments allowing users to find just that perfect fit, and even specialized features such as massagers or lumbar heating pads.

Are Executive Chairs Comfortable?

The executive chair supports and adjusts to your body’s natural position, thanks to a full-swing mechanism that allows freedom of movement from neck to heels. High-quality faux leather upholstery envelops you in comfort while the adjustable headrest keeps your head from falling forward during extended meetings.

The executive swivel chair is not only a long-lasting product but also gives you maximum comfort and support. This ergonomic office chair will not let you down when it comes to supporting your back, neck, and back.

Executive chairs are designed to give you the comfort you deserve. From the contoured lumbar padding to our innovative tilt and tension control system, these chairs will ensure that your upper and lower back experience the right amount of support at all times.

Let’s take a look at some of the best-rated executive office chairs that also have footrests…

Bonzy Executive Chair

When it comes to comfort, nothing beats floating in your favorite armchair. Bonzy features three different positions of ergonomic design that conform perfectly to your body. This is not just an ordinary task chair. Bonzy has a contoured lumbar support cushion molded into the backrest’s inner side which keeps you comfortable and relieves back pain while sitting.

Whether it’s an important gaming tournament or a marathon work session, the Bonzy has got you covered. Featuring a 300 lb weight capacity and exceptional lumbar support, the Bonzy gives you great comfort all day, and all night long. The chair tilt and massage settings allow you to adjust to your specific needs, and the detachable head pillow serves as a comfortable cushion to lean back on when you need to relax.

The Bonzy gaming chair computer office chair ergonomic desk chair is suitable for you to play computer games, watch TV, do work, and have a rest. It will make your space more modern and elegant. It is the perfect chair to have if you want to make your office or living room look more stylish while providing ultimate comfort at the same time…


Executive Swivel Chair Adjustable Rolling Task Chair

Bonzy Home Gaming Chair Computer Office Chair Ergonomic Desk Chair with Footrest Racing Executive Swivel Chair Adjustable Rolling Task Chair (Black&Grey)
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Whether you’re gaming or working, this irresistible racing executive Swivel Chair is perfect for sitting pretty.  With a padded seat and backrest that’s racecar inspired, it sports an ultra contoured design that will change the way you think of chair comfort.

The Bonzy Home Computer Gaming Chair offers an innovative way to comfortably sit at home and work. The adjustable seating solution positions your body for optimal support combined with luxury and comfort, while the ergonomic design allows adjustment to users of all shapes and sizes.

Sure, it looks fast–thanks to ultra-suede black and red contrasting cushions and footrest–but with soft padding and double-wheel casters at the base that allows you to move effortlessly, you’ll be comfortable while playing some quality time on your games console.


er Comments:

  • I work from home and have had no pain in this chair from long hours of work.
  • Out of everything I searched for, this is the only gaming/office chair whose arms actually move with the back as you recline.
  • More comfortable than a normal office chair. It offers better support and movement.
  • I like how it reclines back all the way and is pretty comfortable.
  • The neck pillow is a welcome bonus, and the chair is so comfortable that my back problems went away within a week.


So the Bonzy Home Gaming Chair is the ultimate chair for your desk, whether you’re just reading emails or crushing enemies in League of Legends. The ergonomic design provides lumbar support, and the height-adjustable headrest and reclining function let you find the perfect position for taking a break from work.

This ergonomic chair allows you to adjust it to your needs, whether you’re playing games, working at your desk, or watching TV.

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YOURLITEAMZ Executive Chair

A comfortable and healthy environment promotes effectiveness. You will be focused and at your best while working, studying, or gaming with this plush gaming chair. The ergonomic design of the chair ensures that you can focus on your work without strain with an adjustable chair back that enables you to easily change the seated posture, offering support from 5 different angles.

Easily adjustable to any position as you desire! Sit upright and in a low slouch position; all positions are supported. Backrest is at range of 180 degrees swivel. Adjust the angle of chair back, move the armrests up and down, adjust tilt and height of lumbar support, move back rest depth, plus it still supports 360 degree rotation (swivel). The chair suits all body types: perfect for both fat people and skinny people!

Every chair should be made to improve the comfort of your body while providing high-level support and doing work, this YOURLITEAMZ Gaming Chair has the capacity to do all that for you, plus an extra footrest if you wish to have it. The PU leather covering offers quality durability and safety from any possible liquid spill…


High Back Ergonomic Adjustable Swivel Executive Computer Desk Task Chair for Adults

Video Gaming Chair Racing Office - PU Leather High Back Ergonomic Adjustable Swivel Executive Computer Desk Task for Adults Large Size with Footrest,Headrest and Lumbar Support (Black+Blue)
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This ergonomic chair goes beyond the basic computer chair in quality. It is the first gaming chair designed to be an all-around seating solution that can fit any gaming, computer, work, or study space. The additional headrest and footrest mean that it gives you a more comfortable posture when doing these activities over an extended period of time.

Get comfortable with our high quality, soft and durable, breathable leather seating. Sit back and relax. Our chair also offers adjustable lumbar support which ensures prolonged use of the chair is not a burden on your back. The chair is stylish and ergonomic, providing comfort while maintaining its aesthetic appeal.

Enjoy total comfort and support for the upper body and lower back; High-quality PU leather, breathable mesh design, promotes air circulation for long hours of use. Precisely designing according to ergonomic principles – at an affordable price, it provides a perfect balance between support and relaxation. The wider base provides added stability to prevent rocking.


er Comments:

  • The footrest is solid and comfortable. More than I was expecting actually. Armrest Padding is very good.
  • Very comfortable and like the footrest, reclining features.
  • Great chair if you have to work all day. 
  • I use it to relax in the evening and watch TV as well as to work on the computer. I like the footrest
  • Now I can kick back with my feet up and watch a movie in comfort or sit comfortably to do office work or computer work.
  • This chair is great, just what I needed to spend hours at the computer.
  • The chair is well made, moves very easily when you want but stays in place when it needs to.
  • Easy to adjust to ease your bones every few hours.


A high back office chair is suitable for most office environments. With dense foam upholstered seat and your lumbar support, it is well suited for a long time sitting. The casters can move more freely in the office and you can enjoy free movement. A good wheeled backrest will be comfortable when moving your chair, even if the floor is not smooth.

It features a padded shoulder which could prevent a chance of harming materials such as clothes, and sides of arms with a thickened sponge to protect the edge of work table or work desk should prevent wear out partly from friction with a desk at the same time it is extremely comfortable to sit on it.

And finally, slim yet wide enough to be suitable for all body types, this chair comfortably cradles your lumbar region and allows you to sit for longer periods of time without soreness.

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Blue Whale Executive Chair

Built to be an office chair for the long haul, this gaming chair is extra comfy, and ready to take on your next marathon of a gaming session. Adjustable armrests and a 360-degree swivel make it easy to get comfortable in your chair, while the retractable footstool adds just that little bit of extra support so you can kick back longer or stretch out in the evening.

This is a magnificent office chair. The Blue Whale Gaming Chair with Adjustable Massage Lumbar Pillow offers an ergonomic design for back support and ease of use tailored to the modern day gamer. The chair fine tunes your position while playing your favorite games with adjustable armrests, tilt lock, and a 360-degree swivel which can be locked into position.

And with its durable, dual-point lumbar massage function and soft, fashionable design, this office chair will ensure your total comfort while you take on the world–or at least whatever’s around the corner…


Blue Whale Gaming Executive Desk Chair with Retractable Footrest


Blue Whale Gaming Chair with Adjustable Massage Lumbar Pillow Retractable Footrest and Headrest Racing Ergonomic High Back PU Leather Office Computer Executive Desk Chair 8239

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The ergonomic PU leather gaming desk chair is perfect for computer and gaming, providing you with increased blood flow and a deeper breath load. Relax your back as the rollers softly bombard your back with a calming vibration massage in order to relax your muscles.

The Whale is a high-class gaming chair with an elegant design.  With the adjustable lumbar support and comfortable headrest, this chair has no comparison in ergonomic support. You will love the dual-massage vibration cushions on the back that help you relax completely after a long day at work.

This gaming chair can meet all your needs of gaming chair, office chair, or home decoration. Adopting ergonomic design and quality materials, this comfortable gaming chair can effectively decrease your stress when you are enjoying a long time sitting at work or playing games.


er Comments:

  • If you’re looking for a comfortable chair to use for gaming and while working long hours, then you should buy this chair.
  • The quality is incredible, it supports my back very well, sitting for long hours while studying and working isn’t painful anymore.
  • The dual cushions can support both lower back and neck spines simultaneously, so really helps for a long time sitting, and are perfect for resting.
  • It feels very sturdy, but still very comfortable for long hours at a time.
  • This is a stellar and comfortable chair that is worth the price; I can enjoy my long hours on the computer while staying comfortable with its adjustable recliner.


Built to last, the Blue Whale gaming chair is made of high-quality PU leather, and features an integrated frame for stability. It also comes with an adjustable massage lumbar pillow, retractable footrest, and headrest, allowing you to get comfortable in a variety of positions. The internal high-density thickened sponge offers better support and adjusts to your body’s unique shape.

The special design of this comfortable computer chair can give you the ultimate gaming experience, after a day full of work, the adjustable headrest and lumbar massager will give you the maximum relief. If there are flying or shooting games that need to stand up, the footrest will be extended automatically and the height of the footrest can be adjusted according to your needs.

The armrests of the office chair have greatly lowered pressure on the shoulder improving your comfort by 20%. And the adjustable nylon base can hold more weight between 100kg-200kg, making it the most suitable game chair for men, women, and kids.

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DESINO Executive Chair

With a classic, racing style design, this multi-functional chair is ideal for any office or workspace. The molded lumbar support and generously padded seat ensure you stay comfortable throughout the day. Padded armrests mean you’re supported no matter which position you find most comfortable. In addition, adjustable tension control lets you find your perfect angle of recline.

The DESINO gaming chair (flagship model) is a one of its kind. High back computer chair, office swivel chair, gaming seat, reading chair, and even a baby seat, the DESINO really does it all! What makes this the world’s best computer chair is not just its versatility, but also the unique features it holds.

As well as being stylish both outside and in, the DESINO offers an elaborate range of fully customized adjustments allowing you to sit more efficiently and comfortably than ever before…


Racing Style Ergonomic Executive Office Leather Chair with Footrest and Adjustable Armrests

DESINO Gaming Chair Racing Style High Back Computer Chair Swivel Ergonomic Executive Office Leather Chair with Footrest and Adjustable Armrests (Blue)
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Desino Gaming Chair is a great choice for long time sitting and provides all-day comfort. With headrest and lumbar support, you can lean back and relax. It features a metal base with a 360° swivel function which allows you to turn in any direction easily.

DESINO Red color Racing Style High Back Computer Chair is an ideal chair for workplace, laboratory, shops and more. It is made of high quality material that is sturdy and durable enough to use for a long time. The ergonomic seat design offers you a full support on your back, providing you a healthy sitting posture.

The chair’s design helps maintain proper lumbar support. A sturdy armrest and well-padded seat provide extra comfort for a long time sitting…


er Comments:

  • I strongly recommend it if you sit in front of the computer for a long time.
  • This chair has firm support, ideal for a long time sitting.
  • I have no trouble sitting for long hours in this chair.
  • It also helps with lower back pain and is great for long hours of gaming.
  • This chair is perfect for sitting for long periods of time.
  • Easy to assemble and really comfy for long periods.
  • It’s amazing how it has everything that you need to be comfortable for long periods at a time when I’m on my PC.
  • I bought this chair for my husband who is 6ft tall. This chair fits him perfectly, providing great support for the head/neck and lumbar area. He works long hours from home and so far he thinks the chair is very comfortable.

The DESINO Gaming Chair provides you with perfect ergonomics due to its adjustable armrests, which can fit your height and range of motion perfectly. Moreover, the chair has soft PU leather padding which ensures use in a comfortable and sanitary way.

This executive chair is an innovative design and you can adjust the height of the footrest. Adjustable armrests can not only protect your joints but also be suitable for your arm height and range of motion, making your user experience more comfortable and convenient. An integrated head pillow can be adjusted according to your height, giving you a better visual field.

Plus the upholstered PU leather makes the appearance elegant and comfortable. Enjoy the comfortable experience provided by this chair. It will be your best choice for work, study or entertainment.

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Ansuit Executive Chair

Looking for the most comfortable computer chair? Look no further. This Ansuit gaming chair is actually suitable for multiple purposes; with its adjustable headrests, lumbar cushions, and footrests, your back and neck will thank you for the break during those long study sessions or workdays.

The Ansuit chair has a strong loading capacity, high flexibility and comfortable. Meanwhile it has the advantages of reducing the pressure on back, waist, shoulders, elbow and wrists. And you can comfortably control your PC. The game chair mainly uses high-quality steel to ensure its load-bearing capacity. Its leather armrests are padded with comfortable sponge. It is very easy to fold, move and storage after use.

Perfect for kids, teens, and adults! With sturdy construction and a thickly padded seat, this game chair was made with comfort in mind. Multiple features allow for hours of gaming without feeling sore or uncomfortable. You will never want to leave your seat…


Executive PC Chair with Headrest, Massager Lumbar Support & Retractable Footrest

Office Desk Chair Gaming Chair High Back Computer Chair Ergonomic Adjustable Racing Chair Executive PC Chair with Headrest,Massager Lumbar Support & Retractible Footrest (Gray)
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The ergonomic design of this chair is perfect, especially for people with back problems due to the curvature of the spine. This chair provides great support for your spinal column, and because it is a mid-back-support chair, you don’t have to have lumbar support.

The ANSUIT Gaming Chair for Adults office chair is a great addition to your home office or gaming station. Built with quality padding and a reclining backrest, the adjustable lumbar cushions provide comfort over extended periods. The rocker base lets you recline in style, and the headrests even move up and down! This ergonomic design helps alleviate muscle strain and tension. Take the load off your back with this sleek, modern chair from Massage Chair.

The chair sits closer to an actual swivel chair than other gaming chairs do. The armrests are not too close to you so you have plenty of room to move freely in order for your hand movements not to be hindered. This will definitely be a top choice for you if you want something that has a little bit more style than the other basics.


er Comments:


  • When working more than 8 hours a day I didn’t feel uncomfortable.
  • The chair has very soft leather, adjustable armrests, and a fluffy lumbar pillow and headrest.
  • I am very satisfied with this purchase because It’s really comfortable to sit on.
  • Using it for work and gaming felt great for both.
  • It has a cool footrest and swivels.
  • Very comfortable I will be using it for my office not gaming, great back support; it helps with the back posture a lot as well
  • I bought this chair because it was on the cheaper side. But I have to say it is the most comfortable chair I have ever purchased.
  • You can sit in it for hours without feeling uncomfortable! I don’t just use the chair for gaming, I use it as my chair to do makeup in as well.

The Ansuit executive/gaming chair features a unique design, which is suitable for a wide range of users. The high back and lumbar support together with the smooth-rolling base give continuous comfort during extended periods of use. And this game chair is suitable for watching TV, playing video games, reading or doing office work.

This Ansuit Computer Chair provides you with unmatched comfort. Relax your back and neck, arms, and legs. The clamshell design allows you to adjust the angle of the seat to a more comfortable posture for hours of gaming or working. You’ll feel relaxed as it has a massage feature and arm and lumbar supports.

The headrest also can be adjusted and tilted downward for additional comfort. It also comes with a removable footrest for more comfort while reading or taking a nap comfortably. The ergonomic design helps alleviate back pain from all angles, while the reclining back angle enhances support and promotes blood circulation.

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Homall Executive Chair

Are you looking for high quality, best gaming chair under 100 bucks and that too within your budget? If so Homall Gaming Chair is the perfect choice for you. It offers the maximum level of comfort with its reclining backrest, suppressible footrest, adjustable height, 360-degree swivel, and running smoothly. Whether you want to play video games or need a comfortable seat while working on your PC this chair is suitable for all purposes.

Do you want to treat yourself to a chair that is truly comfortable? The Gaming Chair adopts ergonomic design, it can make your body fit the seat to the greatest extent. It has good back support and is easy to adjust in height as well as sliding forward/backward. With thickly padded armrest, lumbar support cushion, headrest and a high density big soft sponge, it has comfortable feeling when you lie down, working or reading. It has strong stability even when you move, lean forward or lean backward, you feel safe.

The ergonomics of the chair’s design make it easy to support your back and neck while improving arm support to help relax your muscles. The Homall Ergonomic office chair with Mesh back is ideal for any home office and perfect for a regular desk or computer gaming chair…


Executive Swivel Chair Adjustable Rolling Task Chair

Homall Gaming Chair Computer Office Chair Ergonomic Desk Chair with Footrest Racing Executive Swivel Chair Adjustable Rolling Task Chair (Black)
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The ergonomic chair features a suspended seat with thick padding to keep the body moving freely. A padded headrest and lumbar cushion are also built in to support your neck and back. Built for extra comfort, this gaming chair computer desk chair is adjustable to relieve body pains for a truly relaxing experience.

With an ergonomic design, it can make your body fit the seat to the greatest extent, and achieve the effect of relaxing the whole body. If you have long working hours every day, you need a comfortable desk chair to prevent fatigue and lower back pain.

The seat is fully adjustable, as the height of the backrest, the tilt angle of the seat, the height of the armrest, and so on. It will help you maintain good posture when sitting for long periods and keep your body fit.


er Comments:

  • Very well designed love the leg rest feature, the recliner work well.
  • Great chair with lumbar support, leg rest, and neck pillow.
  • The most comfortable chair I’ve ever own very well built and comfortable as hell I can fall asleep on this guy my wife loves she works from home and is very comfortable with her.
  • I love the different adjustments of the angles on the chair’s back. It makes me feel relaxed at work. Among so many gaming chairs.
  • I specifically chose this one with a footrest. I often take a quick nap during my lunch hour. With the backward movement and footrest, it is very comfortable for me to take a quick nap.

Adopting high-quality plastic and steel, the Homall gaming chair is made durable with double solid welding. A variety of colors are available for the chair back and seat base. Resilient sponges and flexible fabric are used for seat cushions, which can effectively reduce body pressure and keep you comfortable for a long time.

The back of the chair provides multi-point support, matched with the lumbar and headrests, which perfectly fits your spine. The retractable footrest can be adjusted at will. This gamer’s armchair is also a good desk chair. With ergonomics in mind, the chair is designed for you.

Whether playing games, working at the desk or watching your favorite shows, you’ll be comfortable and supported by the multi-function backrest. The combination of the high-density sponge and PU leather will provide you with the extra comfort that you have always wanted, relieve your tiredness after an exhausting day. Keep yourself healthy all day long

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Homall Executive Chair

The VON RACER provides the ultimate in style and function for a sleek, highly advanced, ergonomic gaming chair. The innovative electrical activation massage system inside the lumbar cushion effectively works to relax your back as you sit, even when you are playing on your computer for hours on end. The retractable padded footrest allows for better circulation while reducing stress from standing to sitting and vice versa. An adjustable armrest with a 180°Free-movement design adds comfort and convenience.

The ergonomic adjustable office chair with massage will cure the tiredness and pain arising from a hard working day. With the ergonomic design with multi-adjustable armrests, back, seat and height, you will find it a decent office chair to have a more comfortable working or gaming time. The executive leather chair with retractable footrest works well for study, work or even watching TV as it has a decent swivel base and tilt-lock mechanism.

You can use the VON RACER like a regular office chair or simply plug in the power and select one of the three pre-programmed micro-massage modes to deliver soothing vibrations to your neck, shoulders, and back…


High Back Racing PC Computer Desk Office Chair Swivel Ergonomic Executive Leather Chair with Footrest

VON RACER Massage Gaming Chair - High Back Racing PC Computer Desk Office Chair Swivel Ergonomic Executive Leather Chair with Footrest and Adjustable Armrests, Gray/Black
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This gaming chair by VON RACER Massage Gaming Chair offers excellent lumbar support, which is really important for long hours of sitting. The black mesh design gives this chair an edgy, modern look, and the PU leather adds some elegance to it. It is made to be both ergonomic and comfortable for the end-user.

If you’ve been searching for that perfect gaming chair, office chair or ergonomic desk chair then look no further. VON RACER’s Massage Gaming Chair is the ultimate in gamer chairs with plenty of extra features. This is their most popular selling computer gaming chair due to it’s various levels of comfort and it’s affordable price.

The heart of the chair’s design is in the massager that sits inside the lumbar cushion of the chair itself. It features four sets of small powerful motors that vibrate to soothe your lower back and groins. Decrease muscle tension in your upper back and shoulders with its adjustable armrests…


er Comments:

  • It’s adjustable and great for working at home for long hours or gaming comfortably.
  • The reclining function is nice – just push the chair back a bit and then lock it in place with a handle under the seat.
  • This chair is one of the best quality chairs I have bought for myself.
  • The chair is very comfortable as you are able to recline it almost all the way back 180 degrees as well as there is an extendable leg rest so you can lay all the way down whenever you need to adjust yourself.
  • I would recommend this chair for those that need a comfortable chair that does a lot of desk work.
  • The neck pillow and the lumbar pillow are great, the rest of the chair is firm, absolutely the best chair for sitting at your desk and working there is! 
  • I needed a chair with great support since I work from home and game after that, I needed a chair that was comfortable.
  • When I used the chair to do some desktop work, I could sit on it and not feel stressed out after a few hours of sitting.
  • Not only that, but it has a feature where it leans back to lessen the stress on your back.

The VON RACER gaming chair is one of the best computer chairs on Amazon. Ideal for playing games, watching movies, or just keeping up with your favorite TV shows, this recliner has all the features you crave in an elegant ergonomic package. Its flat wide seat offers additional space for relaxed seating while the premium PU leather and super soft padding ensure superb stability and comfort.

Built using premium materials, the Von Racer Spirit Massage Chair is designed for long hours of comfort in front of the computer. Featuring 5-ways adjustable headrest, adjustable lumbar support, height-adjustable backrest, this chair provides ultimate comfort in a stylish package.

The soft armrest is comfortable to hold & body-friendly, which can effectively even out your muscle pressure and improve your working efficiency. Featuring a high back ergonomic design, it offers good support for both the lower and upper body without slouching forward. Furnished with a strong steel frame & thickened base, you would find it very stable and reliable when seating. The height can be adjusted by the handle on each side of the chair seat.

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In summary, the main benefit you get from an executive office chair is the increased support it provides for your back and spine. This will help reduce any back pain you might be experiencing when sitting in a less supportive office chair. It also features ample padding to let you sit comfortably for longer periods of time without feeling fatigued.

A comfortable office chair is not just a wish for comfort, it is a necessity. Your office chair should be sleek and stylish to impress visitors but it also has to be comfortable. With an executive office chair, you can be assured that functionality and style go hand-in-hand on your path to success.

Last but not least, with its sophisticated yet professional design, this will also improve the aesthetics of your work area while adding a touch of class.

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