Companies Like Fingerhut: Buy Now Pay Later

If you’re looking for companies like Fingerhut, there are several options available to you. These companies specialize in providing customers with a variety of products that can be purchased on credit, making it easier to buy the things you need without breaking the bank.

Whether you’re looking for home goods, electronics, clothing, or something else entirely, these companies have got you covered. HSN and QVC are two popular options that offer a range of products at competitive prices.

They both have a loyal customer base and offer convenient payment plans that allow customers to pay off their purchases over time.

Gettington is another great option that offers everything from furniture to jewelry and even pet supplies. The Shopping Channel is also worth checking out if you’re looking for unique items that can’t be found elsewhere.

And don’t forget about Littlewoods, Montgomery Ward, Ginny’s, and Country Door – all of which offer similar services that can help you get the things you want without breaking your budget. Also see: Companies Like Klarna: Point-Of-Sale Financing

Key Takeaways

  • Montgomery Ward offers a rewards program, flexible payment plans, and a wide variety of products.
  • Gettington offers flexible payment plans with high interest rates, but no annual fees or over-limit fees.
  • QVC has a wide range of products and deals, but some customers have reported quality issues and an inflexible return policy.
  • HSN doesn’t offer credit lines or financing options like Fingerhut does, and some customers have reported canceled orders or slow shipping times.


If you’re interested in online shopping, HSN offers a wide variety of products and convenient payment options to meet your needs.

HSN stands for Home Shopping Network, and it’s similar to Fingerhut in that it sells products across different categories like fashion, beauty, home goods, electronics, and more.

One major difference between HSN and Fingerhut is that HSN doesn’t offer credit lines or financing options like Fingerhut does. HSN has both its pros and cons when it comes to online shopping.

Some of the pros include free shipping on select items, flexible payment options t ough their FlexPay program, and a generous 30-day return policy. On the other hand, some customers have complained about issues with canceled orders or slow shipping times.

Additionally, some customers have compared HSN to QVC – another popular home shopping network – but note that while QVC focuses more on jewelry and beauty products, HSN’s top selling products tend to be electronics like laptops and tablets.

When considering whether or not to shop on HSN, it may be helpful to read customer reviews beforehand to get a better idea of what their experience was like.


You’ll find QVC to be a popular home shopping network, known for its focus on jewelry and beauty products. Here are some pros and cons of using QVC for your shopping needs:

Pros: QVC offers a wide range of products from multiple brands, making it easy to find what you’re looking for. They also have many deals and discounts available, which can save you money in the long run.

Cons: Some customers have reported issues with the quality of products received or delayed shipping times. Additionally, their return policy may not be as flexible as other retailers.

When it comes to payment options, QVC accepts major credit cards as well as their own credit card which offers special financing options. As for customer reviews, they can vary greatly depending on the product and individual experience.

Overall, QVC can be a great option for those looking to shop from home but it’s important to weigh the pros and cons before making any purchases.


Hey, have you heard of Gettington? It’s another home shopping retailer that offers a variety of products for your everyday needs. Similar to Fingerhut and QVC, Gettington also allows customers to purchase items on credit. However, there are both pros and cons to using their services.

Let’s take a look at the table below which outlines the payment options and credit score requirements for Gettington. One advantage is that they offer flexible payment plans with no annual fees or over-limit fees.

On the other hand, their interest rates can be high compared to other retailers. In terms of customer service, Gettington has mixed reviews with some customers praising their helpfulness while others complain about long wait times and unresponsive representatives.

When it comes to product selection, they offer a wide range of items from clothing to electronics but some customers report receiving damaged or defective merchandise. Overall, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons before deciding if Gettington is right for you.

Payment OptionsCredit Score RequirementsCustomer Service
Monthly Payments (with no annual fee)No minimum requirement statedMixed reviews
Pay in Full at checkout (with no over-limit fee)High Interest Rates (up to 29.99%)Some praise helpfulness while others complain about long wait times and unresponsiveness

The Shopping Channel

The Shopping Channel offers a wide range of products that’ll leave you feeling excited and eager to shop. From fashion, beauty, and home decor to electronics, you can find almost everything on their website or TV channel.

The advantage of shopping channels is that they offer a convenient way to shop from the comfort of your own home without having to deal with crowds or long lines at brick-and-mortar stores.

The Shopping Channel is one of the most popular shopping networks in North America, and it’s been around since 1987.

Although some people may think that shopping channels are a thing of the past due to the rise of e-commerce, they still have a bright future ahead.

Shopping channels have adapted to changing times by embracing technology and offering online shopping options for customers.

Moreover, shopping channels provide benefits over traditional retail such as product demonstrations and expert advice from hosts who showcase products in real-time.


FlexShopper is a great option for those who want to get the products they need without having to worry about upfront costs. Here are t ee reasons why you should consider FlexShopper as your go-to online leasing platform:

  1. Rent to own options – With FlexShopper, you have the flexibility to rent and then own the products you need. You can choose from a wide range of categories, including electronics, furniture, appliances, and more.
  2. Payment plans – The platform offers payment plans that allow customers to pay off their lease over time. This means that you don’t have to make one large payment upfront and can instead spread out your payments over several weeks or months.
  3. No credit check – Unlike traditional financing options, FlexShopper does not require a credit check. This makes it easier for people with poor credit scores or no credit history at all to access the products they need t ough online leasing platforms like FlexShopper.

If you’re looking for an affordable way to get the products you need without breaking the bank, then consider renting from FlexShopper today!

With its rent-to-own options, payment plans, and no credit check requirements, it’s clear that this platform is designed with your needs in mind.


If you’re on the lookout for an online shopping platform that offers flexible payment options and a wide range of products, Stoneberry is definitely worth checking out. With its user-friendly interface, shopping at Stoneberry is hassle-free and convenient.

There are several attractive deals available on the website, which makes it a popular choice among shoppers looking for affordable prices. While Stoneberry is a great option, there are other companies like Fingerhut that offer similar services.

It’s always wise to check out different platforms before making your final decision about where to shop. You can read reviews of Stoneberry alternatives to see how they compare and decide which one suits your needs best.

Additionally, if you’re interested in building up your credit score, shopping at Stoneberry or any similar company that reports payments to credit bureaus can be beneficial.

Don’t forget to also check out their catalog and discounts to find amazing deals!

Seventh Avenue

Looking for a shopping platform with unique and stylish products? Check out Seventh Avenue for all your online shopping needs!

From home decor to fashion accessories, they’ve got you covered. Their selection of products is vast and always up-to-date with the latest fashion trends.

But what really sets Seventh Avenue apart is their variety of payment options. They offer flexible payment plans that allow you to make purchases without breaking the bank.

Additionally, their customer service is top-notch, providing assistance whenever you need it. So whether you’re redecorating your home or updating your wardrobe, give Seventh Avenue a try and experience hassle-free online shopping at its best!


You’ll love Overstock for their wide range of affordable products that cater to all your shopping needs. This online retailer offers discount options, making it easier for you to shop without breaking the bank.

Whether you’re looking for furniture, home decor, or clothing, Overstock has got you covered with their extensive product selection. Customer service is also top-notch at Overstock.

Their representatives are always ready to answer any questions or concerns you may have about a product or your order status.

Plus, they offer various shipping options that fit your schedule and budget. With their payment plans, you can even spread out the cost of your purchase over time.

All in all, if you’re looking for an affordable and stress-free shopping experience, then Overstock should definitely be on your list of go-to retailers! Also see: Stores Like Walmart

Shop LC

Shop LC is a fantastic online retailer that offers a wide variety of affordable and stylish products. They’re known for their extensive collection of jewelry, including unique pieces from around the world.

You can find everything from rings and necklaces to bracelets and earrings at Shop LC. In addition to jewelry, they also offer home decor items such as t ow pillows, wall art, and decorative accents.

Shop LC has an impressive selection of kitchen gadgets that can help make cooking and entertaining easier. They also offer beauty products that are perfect for pampering yourself or giving as gifts.

If you’re looking for fashion accessories like scarves, hats, or bags, you’ll find plenty of options at Shop LC too! With so many great products available at such affordable prices, it’s no wonder why people love shopping at Shop LC.


If you’re searching for a one-stop-shop for all your retail needs, ShopHQ is the perfect destination. Here are some reasons why you should check them out:

  • Wide range of products: From jewelry to home decor, they offer an extensive selection of items that cater to different tastes and preferences.
  • Customer reviews: You can read real-life experiences from other customers before making a purchase, which can help you make informed decisions.
  • Payment options: They offer flexible payment options such as credit cards, PayPal, and even their own financing program.

However, like any other online retailer, ShopHQ also has its pros and cons.

Here are some things you might want to consider:

  • Shipping policy: They offer free shipping on certain orders but it may take longer than expected to arrive.
  • Return policy: While they have a 30-day return policy, some customers complain that the process can be cumbersome and time-consuming.

Overall, ShopHQ is a great option for those who want variety in their shopping experience. Just be sure to weigh the pros and cons before making any purchases.


Looking to revamp your wardrobe and home decor without breaking the bank? Littlewoods has got you covered! This UK-based online retailer offers a wide selection of clothing, furniture, home appliances, and electronics at affordable prices.

Whether you’re looking for stylish outfits for men, women, or kids, Littlewoods has something for everyone.

If you’re considering shopping at Littlewoods but want to explore some alternatives first, there are plenty of options out there. Some retailers that offer similar products include,, and Simply Be.

Before making your final decision on where to shop, be sure to read reviews from other customers who have purchased from these sites.

Additionally, if you’re interested in using credit to make purchases at Littlewoods or any other retailer like it, be sure to do your research on interest rates and payment terms beforehand.

Montgomery Ward

You can discover a blast from the past by exploring Montgomery Ward, an American department store that’s been around for over 140 years. Founded in 1872, it was one of the first mail-order retailers in the US and quickly became a household name.

T oughout its history, Montgomery Ward has faced many challenges but has managed to stay relevant by evolving with the times.

Today, they offer a wide range of products such as clothing, home decor, appliances, and electronics. Their current catalog offerings cater to customers who are looking for quality products at reasonable prices.

Customer reviews praise their exceptional customer service and hassle-free return policy. When compared to companies like Fingerhut, they offer more affordable options and do not require credit checks or steep interest rates.

With plans to expand their online presence and brick-and-mortar stores nationwide, Montgomery Ward is set to continue its legacy as a reliable source for all your shopping needs.


Moving on from Montgomery Ward, let’s take a look at another company that offers credit options for online shopping – Ginny’s. If you’re looking for kitchenware, clothing, shoes or furniture, then Ginny’s catalog might be the perfect place for you to find what you need.

One of the unique aspects of Ginny’s is their selection of kitchenware. From cookware sets to small appliances and even dinnerware, they offer a wide variety of options to fit any cooking style and budget.

In addition to kitchen items, Ginny’s also has a great selection of clothing and shoes for men and women. Whether you’re looking for something casual or dressy, they have something to suit your needs.

And if you’re in need of some new furniture pieces, Ginny’s has plenty of options ranging from bedroom sets to living room furniture. With flexible payment plans available, it might be worth checking out what Ginny’s has to offer!

KitchenwareCookware sets, small appliances, dinnerware
ClothingMen’s and Women’s apparel ranging from casual wear to dressy outfits
ShoesFootwear for all occasions including athletic shoes and boots
FurnitureBedroom sets, living room furniture such as sofas and chairs

Overall, Ginny’s could be a great option if you’re in need of goods across multiple categories with flexible payment plans available t ough their catalog site.

Country Door

Step into a cozy and charming world of home decor with Country Door’s catalog. This company offers a wide range of rustic decor and farmhouse style options that will make your home feel warm and inviting.

From wall art to bedding, you’ll find everything you need to create the perfect ambiance in any room. In addition to their beautiful home furnishings, Country Door also provides inspiration for DIY projects and outdoor living.

With their helpful tips and ideas, you can transform your backyard into an oasis or give your favorite space a personal touch with handmade decor.

Whether you’re looking to add a little something extra to your indoor or outdoor spaces, Country Door has got you covered.

FAQs: Companies Like Fingerhut

What is Fingerhut and why are people looking for companies like it?

Fingerhut is a well-known catalog and online retailer that offers credit accounts to its customers. People may be looking for similar companies if they have had a positive experience with Fingerhut and would like to explore other options.

Are there other retailers that offer similar payment plans to Fingerhut?

Yes, there are several other retailers that offer similar payment plans to Fingerhut. Some examples include Bluestem Brands, Midnight Velvet, and Gettington.

Are there any major differences between Fingerhut and these other companies?

While there may be some differences in the specific products and services offered, the overall concept and payment plan structure are similar among many of these retailers.

How can I compare different companies like Fingerhut to find the best option for me?

A good way to compare different companies is to research their product offerings, payment plans, and customer reviews. You can also compare interest rates and other fees associated with the credit accounts.

Can I use credit from Fingerhut at other retailers?

Fingerhut credit is typically only valid for use at Fingerhut and its affiliated companies. However, some card issuers may allow you to convert your Fingerhut credit account to a general credit card that can be used at other retailers.

Are there any risks associated with using credit accounts from companies like Fingerhut?

As with any credit account, there is a risk of accumulating debt if the account is not managed responsibly. It is important to read the terms and conditions of the credit account, including interest rates and payment schedules, before signing up.

Can I use Fingerhut or similar companies to improve my credit score?

Using credit from Fingerhut or other companies can potentially improve your credit score if payments are made on time and the account is managed responsibly. However, late payments or missed payments can have a negative impact on your credit score.

Are there any alternatives to using credit accounts from companies like Fingerhut?

Yes, there are alternatives to using credit accounts such as securing a personal loan or using a credit card with a low interest rate. It is important to research and compare all options before making a decision.


So, there you have it – a list of companies similar to Fingerhut. Whether you’re looking for affordable furniture, electronics, or clothing, these retailers offer a range of products that cater to different needs and budgets.

HSN and QVC are ideal for those who love home shopping channels, while Gettington offers great deals on electronics and appliances. The Shopping Channel is perfect if you’re located in Canada and want to buy from a local retailer.

Littlewoods, Montgomery Ward, Ginny’s, and Country Door all specialize in home goods and decor. You can choose the retailer that best fits your needs based on their product offerings and pricing.

With so many options available, finding what you need has never been easier. Happy shopping!

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