Shirts Like State and Liberty (7 Shirts Similar To State and Liberty)

7 Shirts Similar To State and Liberty

If you’re looking for a dress shirt and appreciate the athletic fit, you’ve probably come across State and Liberty. They offer shirts with a nice pattern, great collar roll, and a fit that is more tailored than most brands.

Their shirts are designed to be comfortable, stylish and high-quality. And they come in a variety of colors and styles. If you’re looking for something that’s going to fit into your wardrobe without any issues, State and Liberty is a great option.

Lucky for you, there are plenty of other companies out there that offer similar styles of shirts. Below are seven excellent State and Liberty alternatives…

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1. Mizzen+Main Shirts

Mizzen+Main is a great option if you want something more traditional with a modern spin. Their shirts come in various fabrics like poplin, twill weave cotton, and seersucker that give off an upscale vibe while still being breathable enough for everyday wear.

Both Mizzen+Main and State and Liberty shirts are made in the USA. Both companies pride themselves on keeping their manufacturing local and supporting small businesses in America.

Unlike most performance dress shirts, you can wash your Mizzen+Main as much as you want without ruining it. You can even send it to the dry cleaners.

Their Fabric Is Not Traditional Dress Shirt Material.

Their dress shirts are not your typical dress shirt material. They are actually made out of a performance fabric called the four-way stretch performance a woven fabric that makes them extremely comfortable and breathable. State and Liberty’s shirts are made out of traditional dress shirt material.

What Makes Mizzen+Main So Comfortable?

Mizzen + Main shirts are made of performance fabric which means they’re super comfortable and breathable.

The first thing you’ll notice about this brand is that it has a unique fabric blend of micro-polyester and spandex which makes them more flexible than other cotton shirts this may sound strange but it’s true!

The material stretches without losing its shape, making it comfortable enough to wear all day long without feeling any discomfort from tightness around your chest area when bending over or sitting down just like traditional dress shirts do at times.

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2. J.Ver Shirts

J.Ver Shirts (Available on Amazon) is a good alternative to State and Liberty shirts if you are looking for quality fitted shirts at an affordable price. There are t ee main reasons why J. Ver Shirts are a good alternative to State and Liberty:

J.Ver shirts are made from similar fabrics as State and Liberty shirts

State and Liberty shirts are made from premium cotton, so their fabric is soft and breathable. The problem is that the fabric does not stretch. Despite the fact that it’s lightweight, it’s still too restricting for activewear.

J.Ver shirts have a similar feel to State and Liberty shirts in terms of softness and breathability. But unlike some other alternatives, our shirts have 4-way stretch fabrics that make them more comfortable to wear during your workouts!

J.Ver Men's Casual Long Sleeve Stretch Dress Shirt Wrinkle-Free Regular Fit Button Down Shirts

J.Ver Shirts Run Longer Than Other Brands

I had to get used to the length of this shirt because it hangs lower than what I’m used to wearing. But now that I’ve gotten used to it, I really like having a longer length. After all, being tall is one of the advantages of wearing a slim-fit shirt in the first place.

J.Ver Makes Quality Dress Shirts

The fabric is 100% Egyptian cotton and feels really nice on my skin. It’s also very breathable, which makes it perfect for warm weather or stuffy offices. This shirt has been t ough many washes without s inking or wrinkling excessively.

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3. Calvin Klein Shirts

Calvin Klein shirts (Available on Amazon) are made from high-quality fabrics and come in a variety of sizes and styles. These shirts have been designed specifically with the customer in mind, so they’re comfortable and easy to wear.

Calvin Klein is all about keeping things basic. They are known for their simplicity and focus on quality, which is why I think they make a perfect State & Liberty shirt alternative.

Design and Style

Calvin Klein designs are generally tailored to fit with a standard collar. The design of each shirt is usually with vertical stripes or a solid pattern. Their shirts come in 3 different fits: slim fit, regular fit, and tailored fit. The difference between these 3 fits is that the tailored fit is the most fitted, while the regular fit is roomier than the slim fit.

Calvin Klein Men's Dress Shirt Slim Fit Non Iron Herringbone, White, 15.5" Neck 32"-33" Sleeve (Medium), Point Collar

State and Liberty shirts have a modern athletic cut for those who enjoy wearing well-fitting clothes but still want to move freely in what they wear. They also use high-quality Italian stretch cotton fabric which allows them to make dress shirts that truly stretch and are more comfortable than your typical dress shirt.

They’re well made.

Calvin Klein men’s dress shirts are crafted from 100% cotton and have double-stitched seams, so you can be sure they’ll last t ough years of use. You won’t have to worry about them s inking in the wash, either — they’re pres unk!

They’re stylish.

Calvin Klein shirts come in a variety of styles, so you can choose the one that best suits your tastes. You can find a long sleeve or short-sleeve options in many different colors and patterns, including solid color and striped designs (and even plaid!). The classic fit is perfect for any occasion; whether it’s work or play!

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4. Kenneth Cole Shirts

Kenneth Cole shirts (Available on Amazon) may not be as popular as State and Liberty, but they offer many of the same benefits. Kenneth Cole shirts are some of the best-fitting shirts you can find. They’re similar to State and Liberty but are a bit more form-fitted, so if you like a tighter fit, these might be for you.

Here are t ee reasons why Kenneth Cole Shirts make a great alternative to the State and Liberty button up shirt:


The Kenneth Cole Reaction design is made with 100% cotton fabric. It’s lighter than our own dress shirts, but it still stands up well to repeated wearing and washing.

Unlisted by Kenneth Cole mens Unlisted Solid Dress Shirt, White, 15 -15.5 Neck 34 -35 Sleeve US


The fabric is 100% cotton so it breathes really well and feels great against your skin. The model comes in both regular fit and slim fit sizes so you can be sure you’re getting a shirt that fits you well without being too tight or too loose.

Kenneth Cole Shirts Are Stylish

If you love wearing stylish clothes that make you look good, then you’ll love wearing Kenneth Cole shirts. Most of their dress shirts are made with a slim-fit design, which means they fit really well on your body and give you a trimmer profile than most other brands of dress shirts do. They also use high-quality fabrics that look and feel great on your body.

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5. IZOD Shirts

IZOD shirts (Available on Amazon) are the perfect alternative to State and Liberty shirts. They feature a similar fit, high-quality fabric, and stylish designs that will make you look like a million bucks.

If you like how State and Liberty clothing feels, then you will love the way these IZOD men’s shirts perform.

Color combinations are easily interchangeable

Shirt color options for State and Liberty are currently limited. The only colors available for the body of the shirt are white or blue.

IZOD Men's Advantage Performance Plaid Long Sleeve Stretch Button Down Shirt, Blue Revival, X-Large

IZOD’s shirts have different fabric options that allow for more color combinations than State and Liberty’s shirts. You can choose between a different collar, placket, cuff, and pocket styles to make your perfect-looking shirt.

State and Liberty’s shirts only come in 2 sleeve lengths: The sleeve length of State and Liberty’s shirts are limited to only two sizes- regular or long. IZOD Shirts offer multiple sleeve lengths that are tailored specifically to your body type. This will help ensure that you don’t get too much or too little sleeve length on your new shirt!

The performance fabric is a great option for guys who sweat t ough their dress shirts

Many of you guys sweat t ough your dress shirts. That’s one of the reasons why Izod created our athletic-fit dress shirts and focuses on moisture-wicking fabrics like cotton/polyester blends and wrinkle-free 100% cotton fabric, but if you need something even better, try the IZOD performance dress shirt, which is designed specifically for active lifestyles.

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6. Alex Vando Shirts

Alex Vando Shirts (Available on Amazon) is a good alternative to State and Liberty clothing. It sells slim-fit shirts for men that are very similar in quality and price to those sold by State and Liberty.

They are made of 100% cotton, and they have a great stretch to them. You can wear them while working out, or even just when you’re doing daily activities, like running errands or going to the park.

They come in many different colors and styles, so there is an Alex Vando shirt for every man. Some of their most popular colors include black, white, navy blue, light blue, and grey. These colors work well with almost any type of pants or shorts you may have in your wardrobe!

Alex Vando Mens Dress Shirts Regular Fit Long Sleeve Men Button Down Shirt,Black,Medium

The fit is slim without being too tight around the chest or arms like some other brands can be. The fabric feels soft against the skin but has enough support so that it doesn’t feel flimsy or cheap when worn all day long – which makes them perfect for those who need something lightweight during warmer months because they’ll breathe easier too!


State and Liberty make high-quality shirts that have a slim-fit design. They are machine washable and have a wrinkle-free fabric. They also come with extra stitching on the collar, cuffs, and shoulders.

Alex Vando shirts also have all these features. Their shirts are made with a wrinkle-free material that eliminates the need for ironing or dry-cleaning the shirt.

The fabric is also breathable and stretchy, making the shirt comfortable to wear all day long. In addition, their shirts come with an extra layer of stitching on the collar, cuffs, and shoulders to make them more durable than other shirts on the market.

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7. Vineyard Vines Shirts

Oftentimes, when looking for a good alternative to a product, the most obvious choice is almost always the best. The same is true for finding a good alternative to State and Liberty shirts.

Vineyard Vines shirts (Available on Amazon) are arguably one of the best alternatives to State and Liberty clothing and here’s why…

They Have A Variety Of Different Styles

The first reason is that they have a very diverse selection of different styles. For example, if you were looking for something that had stripes and was blue and white, you would be able to find them on the web.

However, if you want something that is more unique, perhaps with some type of animal print such as pique fabric in a giraffe pattern, which is what State and Liberty offer, this is available as well.

vineyard vines Men's Classic Fit Solid Shirt in Stretch Cotton, Jake Blue, Medium

You can go to the website for Vineyard Vines, and simply click on whatever category you want to view such as men’s shirts or women’s clothing, where you will see hundreds of different T-shirts that they have available including their polo shirts which are very popular among men

Vineyard Vines Shirts Use High-Quality Fabrics

The fabrics that Vineyard Vines uses are very soft and comfortable to wear. A lot of casual shirts use materials that are not soft at all and can be a bit scratchy. These shirts feel great on your skin and the colors will not fade any time soon. They also keep their shape very well and do not s ink after multiple washes.

The patterns on Vineyard Vines shirts are also very appealing and come in various colors as well. You can find many different designs, including your favorite colors and styles so that you can match your clothing with any outfit that you might be wearing.

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In summary, State & Liberty’s dress shirts are designed to be slim fit with a modern look without compromising on style or comfort.

They use extra-long tails to ensure they stay tucked in while you’re moving around. In addition, their dress shirts feature side gussets, which are a design element used in the manufacturing of higher-end polo shirts and golf shirts that helps reduce the amount of fabric around your waistline, keeping the shirt slim and trim while you’re wearing it.

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