Shirts Like Ralph Lauren (5 Shirts Similar To Ralph Lauren)

5 Shirts Similar To Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is one of the biggest names in the world of men’s fashion. The brand has become so iconic that it is a household name, whether you are into fashion or not. The brand is well known for its casual, preppy American style and its easy-going lifestyle from sports to family life.

However, even though Ralph Lauren is considered one of the best shirt brands for men, it is not your only option when looking to buy a new shirt.

If you are a fan of Ralph Lauren shirts (Available on Amazon) and would want something similar, here are five brands that you may consider.

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1. Lacoste Polo Shirts

Lacoste shirts (Available on Amazon) are a great alternative to Ralph Lauren polos because they are just as stylish, fit well, and are much less expensive.

Lacoste is one of the most iconic men’s polo shirt brands in the world, and for good reason. French-born and bred, the brand has long been associated with the classic preppy look and has been a staple of fashion-conscious men for decades.

So it’s little wonder that Lacoste polo shirts are so often compared to styles from another iconic American brand: Ralph Lauren. Both offer a wide range of classic polo shirts for men as well as other apparel items.


Lacoste mens Classic Pique Slim Fit Short Sleeve Polo Shirt, Appalachan Green, Large US


The fit is slim and modern.

The shirts have a slim fit that is not too long or wide. When worn with jeans or chinos, they look modern without looking too tight or loose.

The fabric is of high quality.

The fabric is comfortable and soft, but also very durable. This means you can wear your Lacoste shirts many times without seeing any wear and tear or having them lose their shape.

They are great for layering.

The shirts come in many different colors and styles, so it’s easy to find one that complements your current wardrobe and looks great when layered with other pieces of clothing like jackets or sweaters.

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2. J.Crew Shirts

The J.Crew Shirt (Available on Amazon) is a classic wardrobe staple that will never go out of style. Made from 100% cotton pique, the J.Crew polo shirts are available in a variety of colors and fits (classic, slim, and muscle).  A close comparison to the Ralph Lauren polo shirt, the J.Crew version comes at a much lower price point.

The J.Crew polo shirt is a great alternative for shoppers looking for something similar to the Ralph Lauren polo shirt without as much sticker shock and also for shoppers looking for something more affordable than the Lacoste polo shirts or any other designer polo shirt brand.


J.Crew Mercantile Men's Slim-fit Short Sleeve Stretch Tropical Printed Shirt (Medium, Sailing Lagoon Blue Multi)


The Fit

Ralph Lauren makes some pretty slim-fitting clothes these days, but their polo shirts are still cut pretty generously, which is great if you have broad shoulders or a muscular physique, but not so great if you don’t.

J.Crew has a much better fit for guys who aren’t as tall and muscular as they’d like to be. The sleeves aren’t too long, the sides aren’t too baggy, and the shoulders aren’t hanging off the sides of your body.

The Colors

Ralph Lauren’s solid-colored polos usually come in just a few colors — white, black, pink, navy blue — and sometimes include one or two brighter shades like yellow or red. J.Crew has much more variety to choose from outside the standard range of colors, including seafoam green, lilac purple, and tomato red.


Ralph Lauren has higher quality materials that will last longer than the J.Crew cotton pique fabric from which they’re made – although both companies include polyester blends in their products to increase durability over time.

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3. Brooks Brothers Polo Shirts

Brooks Brothers polo shirts (Available on Amazon) are a good alternative to Ralph Lauren shirts. The pricing and quality between the two brands are comparable. Ralph Lauren shirts are also comparable in style and color options which makes it easy to find a replacement shirt.

The Brooks Brothers polo shirt is considered to be a preppy staple in the world of fashion. They are made of high-quality cotton that is comfortable to wear while being durable enough to last many years of use. These classic polo shirts come in a wide variety of colors and patterns that can easily be matched with slacks, jeans, or khakis.


Brooks Brothers Mens Original Fit Mesh Cotton Performance Polo Shirt Solid Black (L)


Brooks Brothers polo shirts are made of 100% cotton pique. This means that the knitted fabric has raised parallel cords or fine ribbing. These polo shirts are knit tightly so they will retain their shape over time without bagging or stretching out of shape as most polo shirts do over time.

One reason why Brooks Brothers polo shirts are so popular is because of their fit. They don’t have an athletic fit which is what most companies are offering these days, but they aren’t boxy either.

The shoulders aren’t too big and they fit well around the torso without being too tight or too loose in the arms or chest area. This makes it easy to wear under a sports coat without looking out of place when you take off your jacket.

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4. Calvin Klein Polo Shirts

Calvin Klein has been a force in the fashion industry for over 50 years. While it is most known for its underwear and jeans, Calvin Klein’s polo shirts (Available on Amazon) are a good alternative to the classic Ralph Lauren polo shirt.

Ralph Lauren has built its reputation on quality and sophistication. On the other hand, Calvin Klein is very appealing to young people and is known for its excellent quality products.

Both brands offer a wide range of clothing; including polo shirts. It’s impossible to single out one brand as the best because they both make high-quality polo shirts.

However, here are t ee reasons why Calvin Klein polo shirts are a good alternative to Ralph Lauren polo shirts:


Polo shirts can be made out of many different types of fabric, such as cotton or linen. The best choice for a polo shirt depends on what you plan on doing in your shirt. For example, cotton polo shirts are great for everyday wear while linen polo shirts are better suited for warm-weather activities like golfing.


Calvin Klein Men's Liquid Touch Polo-Solid with UV-Protection, India Ink Ink, X-Large



A properly fitted polo shirt should look comfortable on your body without being too baggy or too tight. This means it should allow you to move freely while still looking neat and clean.


Polo shirts are available in a range of different designs from simple solid colors to bright, bold prints. The best design will depend on your personal taste and the type of activity you plan on doing in your shirt.

They look great

Calvin Klein polo shirts have that same preppy look that makes people love a Ralph Lauren shirt. They come in subtle colors, like white and navy blue, so they’ll match your favorite pair of khakis or jeans. They also have the same classic two-button collar and breast pocket as Ralph Lauren shirts. They’re practically indistinguishable from their more expensive counterparts.

They’re made from high-quality materials

Like Ralph Lauren shirts, Calvin Klein polo shirts are made from pure cotton fabric (except for some models that contain spandex). The pure cotton fabric is soft and comfortable to wear, so these polos can be worn all day without feeling abrasive on your skin. And unlike synthetic fabrics, cotton fabric won’t retain sweat and odor after prolonged use.

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5. Tommy Hilfiger Polo Shirts

So you want that Ralph Lauren polo shirt (Available on Amazon) but it’s just a little bit too expensive for your liking. Maybe you don’t want to shell out the money for some of their other shirts. No problem! Tommy Hilfiger has always been a great alternative for Ralph Lauren and is still making quality polo shirts today.

Similarities between Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren

Both companies make quality products that can last for years. In general, both companies offer the same types of shirts and styles. Both brands have a reputation for making very durable and quality polo shirts that are made from 100% cotton.


Tommy Hilfiger Men's Short Sleeve Polo Shirt in Classic Fit, Tommy Black Large


Differences between Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren actually offers more variety of colors and patterns than Tommy Hilfiger does, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that you will get better color options by going with Ralph Lauren.

Some people prefer the colors that Tommy Hilfiger offers because they tend to be bolder, brighter, and somewhat livelier than those offered by Ralph Lauren.

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In summary, Ralph Lauren is one of the most beloved designers in the world, and his polo shirts are an American classic. But finding Ralph Lauren polos can sometimes be hard. When you do find them, they can be expensive – especially if you’re looking for one of the limited editions.

Fortunately, there are plenty of affordable options out there when it comes to men’s polo shirts.

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