Pants Like Kuhl (7 Pants Similar To Kuhl)

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7 Pants Similar To Kuhl

The Kuhl brand makes high-quality, durable clothes that can withstand the elements on your next adventure. Whether you’re looking for hiking pants, outdoor shorts, or a new pair of jeans, Kuhl has you covered.

The company has consistently stayed true to its roots, focusing on style and comfort rather than trends. The result is a brand that offers casual clothing for men and women who are active outdoorsmen or interested in being one!

Kuhl pants are great for hiking, skiing, or any other outdoor activity. They come in many different styles including convertible pants which convert into shorts with zippers up each leg; convertible cargo pants which also have zippers up each leg but they also have pockets on the thighs; and regular hiking pants which do not have any zippers or pockets.

The company makes both stretchy synthetic material as well as cotton-spandex blends for their pants so you can choose what works best for you!

If you’re looking for some good alternatives to Kuhl then here are five options that may be right up your alley:

1. Eddie Bauer Men’s Guide Pro Pants

The Eddie Bauer Men’s Guide Pro Pants (Available on Amazon) are a good alternative to the Kuhl pants because they have similar styling, they are comfortable to wear, and they offer similar features.

In terms of style, the Eddie Bauer Men’s Guide Pro Pants have a simple yet effective design. These pants are made from high-quality fabric that is lightweight and stretchable. The fabric is also water-resistant so you will not have to worry about getting wet or cold when you wear these pants.

They’re made of the same material, but have a little bit more stretch to them, which can be helpful for some activities. They also have a little bit more of a jeans-style to them, with pockets on the back and sides instead of just the front.


Eddie Bauer Men's Guide Pro Pants, Dark Smoke, 32/30


The main difference is that Eddie Bauer pants are made of stretchy material with a cotton exterior, which means they’re more comfortable for everyday wear. If you’re looking for something that’s got more stretch and feels like jeans, these might be your best bet!

The comfort level of these pants is high as well. They are made from 100% cotton with a stretchable waistband. This means that your waist will be comfortable and your legs will remain warm even on the coldest days.

These pants also offer many other features as well including two deep front pockets, two side pockets, and an elastic band at the ankle for extra support. There is also an adjustable drawcord for cinching the waistband to fit your needs better.

The Eddie Bauer Men’s Guide Pro Pants are a great choice if you’re looking for an alternative to the Kuhl pants but want something with more style and comfort than what they offer.

2. prAna Men’s Brion Pants

The prAna Men’s Brion Pant (Available on Amazon) is a fashionable choice for men who want a durable pair of pants that offers both comfort and utility. It’s excellent Kuhl pants alternative with its wrinkle-resistant, quick-drying, and stretchy fabric.

The pants are made of 98% organic cotton and 2% Spandex canvas that provides the wearer with great breathability and natural movement. They come in two different color options: black or khaki.

The men’s Brion pant features a five-pocket design with button closure and zip fly. The right rear pocket has a stash pocket that’s ideal for storing small items like coins, keys, and more.


prAna Men's Standard Brion Pant 32" Inseam, Nomad, 42W x 32L


It also has belt loops so you can wear your favorite belt in addition to these stylish pants. With its straight leg fit, this product is perfect for everyday wear or even going out on the town thanks to its casual yet sophisticated look!

The prAna Men’s Brion Pant is an excellent alternative to Kuhl pants because it offers a versatile style that can be worn with both dress shoes (they have reinforced heel cuffs!) and sneakers/boots (they have built-in gaiters).

If you’re in need of a pair of casual cargo pants that look like Kuhl pants, the Brion is exactly what you’re looking for.

These men’s cargo pants have the same low-rise fit as basic Kuhl trousers, which means they’ll look good with your favorite pair of hiking boots. And because there are so many color options available (including black, grey, red, slate, and khaki), it’s easy to find the style that works best for you.

3. ATG by Wrangler Men’s Reinforced Utility Pants

Kuhl pants are a popular choice for those who enjoy the great outdoors. They’re comfortable, flexible, and durable. But they can be quite expensive. Consumers looking for an alternative to Kuhl pants may want to consider ATG by Wrangler Men’s Reinforced Utility Pants (Available on Amazon).


Let’s start with the fabric. These ATG pants are made of 100 percent cotton ripstop fabric. The material is sturdy and holds up well in all kinds of weather conditions, making it ideal for outdoor activities like camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, and more.

And because they’re made from cotton, they’re breathable and comfortable even on hot days or when you’re doing strenuous work in them (like carrying heavy loads).


ATG by Wrangler Men's Reinforced Utility Pant, sea turtle, 32W x 32L



The fit is another major selling point for these reinforced utility pants from Wrangler. They come in sizes from small through 4xl so you should be able to find one that fits your body type comfortably without having to do much extra tailoring if any at all!

Plus there’s an adjustable waistband with a drawstring closure so you can loosen or tighten them as needed throughout the day without feeling restricted by your clothing while working outside on a job site.

They’re Practical

People love Kuhl pants for their functionality. They’re great to wear if you want to be comfortable and look good at the same time. The ATG by Wrangler Men’s Reinforced Utility Pants is a comparable alternative. The ATG pants have plenty of pockets, including two Velcro cargo pockets on each leg.

There’s a small pocket on the right side of the waistband, which makes it easy to keep your wallet within reach. And, just like Kuhl pants, they have belt loops so you can secure your trousers with a nice belt.

They’re Durable

Kuhl pants are made with heavy-duty materials that ensure they’ll last a long time. Well, the ATG by Wrangler Men’s Reinforced Utility Pants are just as well-made and durable—and they’re even offered in different fabric weights.

From light-weight cotton twill to durable duck canvas, there’s an option for every occasion and every season. Plus, these pants are reinforced in all the right places: knees, seat, and crotch for added durability where you need it most.

4. Propper Lithos Men’s Pants

If you’re looking for an alternative to pricey Kuhl pants, Propper Lithos Men’s Pants (Available on Amazon) might be the perfect fit. These pants are a great choice for someone who needs durable, comfortable pants that move with you.

They come in a variety of colors and patterns, so it’s easy to find something that suits your tastes. Here are some other reasons why Propper Lithos pants might be just what you need:

The fabric is much more durable than other brands’ fabrics

Propper Lithos Men’s Pants aren’t made out of cheap materials that will start to fall apart after only a few uses. The Propper Lithos Men’s Pants are made out of high-quality materials that will last for quite a long time after being purchased.


Propper Lithos Men's Pant, Dusk, 34X34


There are several pockets for storage

These pants have six pockets in total, two front, two back, and two cargo pockets on the thighs. This allows you to carry your wallet, keys, and whatever else you may need with ease, so there’s no need to carry around an extra bag or case while wearing these pants.

They Are Available In A Range Of Sizes

Kuhl pants come in all different shapes and sizes. Thus, even though the brand is popular all over the world, some people just can’t find a pair of Kuhl pants that fit them properly. Fortunately, Propper Lithos Men’s Pants are available in a wide range of sizes. Because of this, most people shouldn’t have any problems finding a pair that fits them perfectly.

Comfortable Fit

The Propper Lithos Men’s Pants have a very comfortable fit that is both stylish and functional. These trousers have an athletic fit with a straight leg, but they are not too tight so they won’t restrict movement while hiking or climbing hills.

Easy Cleaning

The Propper Lithos Men’s Pants are machine washable, which means they can be easily cleaned after rough days outdoors or if you’re traveling on a limited time frame (i.e., camping trip). The fabric blend of these pants also means that any dirt or debris will come off with just soap and water – no need to worry about stains!

5. FREE SOLDIER Men’s Outdoor Cargo Hiking Pants

There are many men who like hiking and outdoor activities. They need to wear the right kind of clothes for those activities. So, here are some reasons why the FREE SOLDIER Men’s Outdoor Cargo Hiking Pants (Available on Amazon) is a good Kuhl pants alternative.

First, these FREE SOLDIER men’s pants are made out of high-quality material with a special treatment on the fabric that makes it waterproof and stain-resistant.


FREE SOLDIER Men's Outdoor Tactical Pants Ripstop Military Combat EDC Cargo Pants Lightweight Hiking Work Pants (Black, 34W x 30L)


This makes them durable and able to withstand long periods of use outdoors in the wilderness, without losing their functionality.

Secondly, these pants have the same great features as Kuhl pants do, including pockets for storing things like keys and wallets, as well as a belt loop that allows you to adjust them according to your waist size.

Thirdly, they come with an elastic waistband so that when you’re done wearing them all day long on your hike or camping trip; you can easily take them off without having any problems!

6. TBMPOY Men’s Outdoor Quick-Dry Lightweight Waterproof Hiking Mountain Pants

If you’re in the market for a new set of hiking pants, you don’t have to stick to the big-name brands like Kuhl and North Face. There are great alternative options that offer good performance at a much lower price point.

One example of this is TBMPOY’s Men’s Outdoor Quick-Dry Lightweight Waterproof Hiking Mountain Pants (Available on Amazon) – a versatile and durable option that’s perfect for warm or cold climates.

The first thing you’ll notice about these pants is how lightweight they are. They’re made from 100% polyester fabric, so they’re not exactly soft, but they are very breathable and moisture-wicking, which means they’ll keep you cool on hot days.


TBMPOY Men's Outdoor Lightweight Windproof Belted Quick-Dry Hiking Pants(03thin Sage Green,us M)


The fabric also dries quickly if it gets wet, so there’s no need to worry about being uncomfortable if you get caught in a rainstorm.

Another great feature is that these pants have lots of pockets—nine in total (including two zipper-secured back pockets)! This means you can easily store your keys and phone without having to worry about dropping them while trekking through rough terrain.

These pants can block up to 95% of the sun’s harmful rays (UVA/UVB), which will help prevent sunburns as well as premature aging and skin cancer—great if you spend time outdoors frequently.

7. 5.11 Tactical Men’s Apex Cargo Work Pants

Looking for a Kuhl pants alternative? The 5.11 Tactical Men’s Apex Cargo Work Pants (Available on Amazon) may be your best choice. They’re just as stylish, have a great fit, and are extremely comfortable.

These cargo work pants have the same style as Kuhl pants

Kuhl pants have an urban look with their slim fit and low rise. So do these cargo work pants by 5.11 Tactical. They both have a slim fit through the thigh, hip, and knee with a low rise that is made to sit below the waistline.

The 5.11 Tactical Men’s Apex Cargo Work Pants also have a button closure, functional front pockets, and rear welt pockets for your wallet or keys.


5.11 Tactical Men's Apex Cargo Pant, Water Repellant, Flex-Tac Mechanical Stretch, Style 74488


The cargo work pants are as comfortable as Kuhl pants

The 5.11 Tactical Men’s Apex Cargo Work Pants are made with 100% cotton for maximum comfort and breathability in warm weather, which makes them perfect for outdoor work or play in the spring, summer, or fall seasons.

They also feature a gusseted crotch for enhanced range of motion and articulated knees so you can move without restriction in any direction at any time. This is important when working on job sites that require bending, squatting, or crawling on the ground.

In summary, Kuhl pants are a favorite for hikers, travelers, and anyone else who needs a durable pair of pants that can handle the rigors of the great outdoors or just a long day. They’re sturdy and well-made, but they’re also stylish enough to wear while traveling or running errands on the weekend.

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