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Is Nuwave Air Fryer Good Brand? Our Rating = 82/100

Ever wondered if the Nuwave Air Fryer is a good brand to invest in? You’re in the right place! We’re diving deep into this brand, scrutinizing everything from cooking performance and energy efficiency, to customer satisfaction and warranty policies.

We’ll also compare Nuwave with its competitors. By the end of this article, you’ll have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Let’s get started!

Nuwave Brio Air Fryer Oven, 15.5Qt X-Large Family Size, SS Rotisserie Basket &Skewer-Kit, Reversible Ultra Non-Stick Grill/Griddle Plate, Powerful 1800W, Integrated Smart Thermometer,Black

Key Takeaways

  • NuWave Air Fryer offers various cooking modes such as roasting, grilling, and baking, providing versatility in the kitchen.
  • The air fryer is easy to clean and maintain due to its non-stick materials and dishwasher compatibility, making it more convenient than traditional ovens.
  • The brand provides a 1-year limited warranty and comprehensive customer support, including online, phone, and email assistance, ensuring reliability and peace of mind.
  • Customers have expressed satisfaction with the high-quality performance, innovative design, and responsive customer service of NuWave Air Fryer.

Our Nuwave Air Fryer Brand Rating = 82/100

CriteriaRating (out of 10)Description
Cooking capacity/size8The Nuwave Air Fryer offers a decent cooking capacity that can handle meals for small to medium-sized families. The available sizes provide flexibility for different cooking needs.
Cooking time/speed9The Nuwave Air Fryer excels in cooking time and speed. Its advanced technology ensures quick and even cooking, reducing the overall cooking time for most recipes.
Energy efficiency9The Nuwave Air Fryer is highly energy-efficient, as it uses rapid air technology to circulate hot air, reducing the need for excessive oil and cooking time. It helps in conserving energy without compromising on the cooking quality.
Temperature control8The Nuwave Air Fryer provides precise temperature control, allowing users to set the desired cooking temperature accurately. However, some models might have slight temperature variations.
Preset programs/settings9The Nuwave Air Fryer comes with a variety of preset programs and settings, making it convenient to cook various dishes with just a touch of a button. This feature simplifies the cooking process and enhances versatility.
Ease of cleaning7Cleaning the Nuwave Air Fryer is relatively easy, thanks to its non-stick coating and dishwasher-safe parts. However, some users might find it challenging to clean the small crevices and corners.
Safety features9The Nuwave Air Fryer is equipped with multiple safety features such as auto shut-off, cool-touch housing, and a secure locking system. These features reduce the risk of accidents and ensure safe usage.
Brand reputation8Nuwave is a reputable brand known for its innovative kitchen appliances, including air fryers. It has gained a solid reputation for providing high-quality products with excellent customer service.
Price7The Nuwave Air Fryer is competitively priced compared to other high-end air fryer brands. While it offers great value for money, some users might find it slightly expensive compared to budget-friendly options.
Customer reviews/ratings8Overall, the Nuwave Air Fryer has received positive customer reviews and ratings. Users appreciate its cooking performance, versatility, and energy efficiency. However, some have mentioned minor durability concerns over extended use.

Nuwave Air Fryer Cooking Performance

You’ll be impressed with the Nuwave Air Fryer’s cooking performance, as it consistently delivers crispy and evenly cooked food.

Its temperature accuracy is top-notch, allowing you to cook your meals at the exact temperature you want, resulting in perfectly cooked food every single time.

Moreover, the Nuwave Air Fryer is known for its cooking speed. Whether you’re preparing fries, chicken, or vegetables, it cooks faster than a conventional oven, saving you valuable time in the kitchen.

Here’s a quick comparison of Nuwave Air Fryer’s temperature accuracy and cooking speed against a conventional oven:

FeatureNuwave Air FryerConventional Oven
Temperature AccuracyExcellentGood
Cooking SpeedFastModerate

These features make the Nuwave Air Fryer a great addition to your kitchen. The combination of accurate temperature control and fast cooking speed ensures that your dishes come out perfectly every time.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that the air fryer is easy to clean, which is another added advantage.

Nuwave Air Fryer a great addition to your kitchen

So to answer your question, yes, the Nuwave Air Fryer is a good brand that offers superior cooking performance. You won’t regret investing in one, trust me.

Energy Efficiency and Power Consumption

It’s worth noting that this appliance is highly energy-efficient and consumes less power compared to traditional cooking methods. With the Nuwave air fryer, you’ll enjoy the benefits of energy savings without compromising on your cooking performance.

This air fryer has been designed with power usage in mind. It uses less wattage than traditional ovens while still providing the same high-quality results. This means you can cook your favorite meals more frequently without worrying about a spike in your electricity bill.

Here’s a quick comparison to give you a clearer picture:

Cooking ApplianceAverage Power UsageCooking Time
Traditional Oven3000 Watts1 Hour
Electric Stove1500 Watts1 Hour
Nuwave Air Fryer1300 Watts30 Minutes

As you can see, the Nuwave air fryer uses less power and cooks faster than traditional cooking appliances, thus saving you both time and money.

So, when you opt for a Nuwave air fryer, you’re not just getting a handy kitchen appliance, you’re also investing in a cost-effective and energy-efficient cooking solution. This is one of the many reasons why Nuwave is considered a good brand in the field of air fryers.

Capacity Options and Size Variations

When it comes to capacity and size variations, there’s a suitable option for everyone’s needs. NuWave Air Fryer comes in different sizes, meaning you can select the one that fits your cooking needs and kitchen space.

Your storage convenience is a top priority. Whether you’re cooking for a large family or just for yourself, there’s a size that suits you.

NuWave Air Fryer comes in different sizes, meaning you can select the one that fits your cooking needs and kitchen space.

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Here’s a quick look at NuWave Air Fryer’s capacity options:

NuWave Brio 3 Qt3 Quarts
NuWave Brio 6 Qt6 Quarts
NuWave Brio 10 Qt10 Quarts
NuWave Brio 14 Qt14 Quarts
NuWave Brio 15 Qt15 Quarts

Design aesthetics are also a vital part of NuWave Air Fryer’s appeal. The sleek and modern design of these air fryers adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen. They’re not just functional, but also pleasing to the eye.

The brand offers a range of sizes, allowing you to find the perfect balance between capacity and storage convenience.

And with its stylish design, NuWave Air Fryer becomes not just an appliance, but a part of your kitchen’s charm. You can count on this brand to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Build Quality and Durability

Rest assured, the build quality and durability of these appliances won’t disappoint you at all. NuWave air fryers are constructed with high-grade materials, ensuring their stability and longevity.

They are designed with a keen eye for material resistance, which means they can withstand the rigors of everyday use without showing signs of wear and tear.

NuWave air fryers are constructed with high-grade materials, ensuring their stability and longevity.

Let’s take a look at some key aspects of NuWave air fryers in the table below:

MaterialHigh-grade, heat resistant plastic and coated metal
DurabilitySolid construction ensures long-lasting use
Component LifespanEngineered to last, with components designed for long-term use
Material ResistanceAble to withstand the rigors of everyday use
MaintenanceEasy to clean, parts are dishwasher safe

Note that these air fryers are not just designed to last, but they also require minimal maintenance. The components are easy to clean and are dishwasher safe, which makes your life a lot easier.

This also extends the component lifespan, ensuring your air fryer remains a reliable kitchen companion for years to come. So, if you’re looking for a durable and high-quality air fryer, NuWave certainly fits the bill.

Safety Features and Precautions

You’ll also appreciate the safety features and precautions built into these appliances. NuWave Air Fryers come equipped with a Child Lock Feature and Overheating Protection.

These features ensure that your cooking experience is not only efficient and enjoyable, but also safe.

To give you a clearer understanding of the safety features, here’s a table detailing their functionalities:

Safety FeatureDescriptionImportance
Child LockPrevents unintended operation, especially by childrenKeeps your home and children safe
Overheating ProtectionAutomatically shuts off the appliance when it overheatsPrevents potential fire hazards
Cool Touch HandleAllows safe handling during and after cookingPrevents burns
Auto-off TimerTurns off the air fryer when the set time is upPrevents overcooking and potential fire hazards

These features make NuWave Air Fryers a reliable choice for families or anyone concerned about kitchen safety.

The Child Lock Feature ensures that curious little hands can’t accidentally operate the machine, while Overheating Protection provides peace of mind, knowing your appliance won’t pose a fire risk.

The Cool Touch Handle and Auto-off Timer further enhance the overall safety and convenience of your cooking experience. So, when it comes to the balance between safety and cooking convenience, NuWave definitely checks all the boxes.

User-Friendly Controls and Settings

Switching gears, let’s dive into the user-friendly controls and settings that make cooking a breeze. The NuWave air fryer is a remarkable brand, known for its easy-to-understand and easy-to-use digital interface.

This makes it a cinch for even the most technophobic among us to whip up a delicious meal.

The NuWave air fryer is a remarkable brand, known for its easy-to-understand and easy-to-use digital interface.

Now, let’s look at some of the key features of this digital interface:

Touch Screen DisplayThe NuWave air fryer comes with a large and responsive touch screen display. This allows you to easily adjust the temperature and time settings.
Pre-set FunctionsIt offers several pre-set functions for popular dishes like fries, chicken, steak, and fish. Just select the desired option and let the air fryer do the rest.
Adjustable SettingsWant to experiment? The NuWave air fryer allows you to manually adjust the cooking temperature and time for a personalized cooking experience.

With these features at your fingertips, the NuWave air fryer makes cooking simple and enjoyable. You’re not just buying an air fryer, you’re investing in a lifestyle of easy and healthy cooking.

Versatility and Cooking Modes

Beyond just frying, your kitchen gadget offers a variety of cooking modes, making it an incredibly versatile tool for your culinary adventures.

The NuWave Air Fryer, in particular, is designed to make your cooking experience a breeze with its multiple functionalities. This air fryer allows you to roast, grill, bake, and even dehydrate your food, all in one compact unit.

The NuWave Air Fryer is praised for its temperature control and cooking speed. It has a wide range of temperature settings, from 100°F to 400°F, allowing you to cook a variety of dishes. Plus, the speed at which this air fryer cooks is truly impressive.

Here is a quick overview of what you can expect:

Cooking ModeTemperature RangeCooking Speed
Roasting100°F to 400°FFast
Grilling100°F to 400°FFast
Baking100°F to 400°FFast

Without a doubt, the versatility and cooking modes of the NuWave Air Fryer make it stand out among other brands. It’s not just an air fryer—it’s a multi-purpose cooking device that brings convenience and quality to your kitchen.

With the NuWave Air Fryer, you’re not just buying an appliance, you’re investing in an easier, healthier, and faster way to cook.

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning and maintaining your kitchen gadget is a breeze, and the NuWave air fryer is no different. With its non-stick materials and dishwasher compatibility, NuWave has made sure that you won’t need to spend hours scrubbing away at stubborn food residues.

Here’s a quick comparison of the cleaning features of the NuWave air fryer and a traditional oven:

FeatureNuWave Air FryerTraditional Oven
Non-stick materialsYesNo
Dishwasher compatibilityYesNo
Easy to disassembleYesNo
Less oil residueYesNo

As you can see, the NuWave air fryer clearly outshines the traditional oven when it comes to easy cleaning and maintenance. The non-stick materials make it easy to wipe clean, and the parts are all dishwasher safe.

This means you can simply pop them in the dishwasher after use, saving you time and effort. Furthermore, its easy-to-disassemble nature makes it convenient to clean every part thoroughly.

It’s clear that NuWave has designed their air fryer with ease of cleaning in mind. So, with this brand, you’re not just getting a versatile cooking gadget, but also one that’s hassle-free to maintain.

Warranty, Customer Support & Return Policy

When it comes to warranty, customer support, and return policy, it’s important to know you’re covered. NuWave, as a brand, takes this seriously and provides a comprehensive package to ensure your peace of mind.

NuWave offers a 1-year limited warranty on their air fryers, but you have the option to extend this coverage. An extended warranty is available to give you an added layer of protection, ensuring your air fryer lasts for years to come. This is especially beneficial if you’re a heavy user.

The company also has a robust customer support system that is always ready to assist you. Here are t ee things they offer:

  1. Comprehensive online support: Detailed FAQs, manuals, and troubleshooting guides are available on their website.
  2. Phone and email support: You can contact their friendly customer service team for any issues or queries.
  3. Replacement parts: If parts of your air fryer need to be replaced, NuWave makes it easy by offering replacement parts for purchase.

Reliability is key when you invest in a kitchen appliance. NuWave’s warranty, customer support, and return policy are designed to provide you with that reliability, ensuring you get the most out of your air fryer.

Customer Satisfaction and Reviews

Looking at customer reviews and satisfaction, it’s clear that you’re in good hands with this company. Many NuWave Air Fryer users are very happy with their purchase. The majority of the feedback is positive, especially regarding the high-quality performance and the innovative design of the appliance.

Price Value: Many customers find that the price of the NuWave Air Fryer is well worth the value it offers. It’s not the cheapest on the market, but it’s certainly not the most expensive either. You’re getting a premium product without the premium price tag.

Innovative Design: Users appreciate the sleek, modern design of the NuWave Air Fryer. Not only does it look good on your kitchen countertop, but it’s also designed for easy use and convenience.

Customer Service: The company’s customer service also gets high marks. If any issues arise, customers have found that the support team is responsive and helpful.

Nuwave Air Fryer Competitor Alternatives

Despite its popularity, there are also other alternatives to consider against this company’s product. Brands like Phillips, Cosori, and Instant Vortex offer similar air fryers that are worth checking out.

To help you, here’s a simple price comparison and a glimpse of their innovative features:

BrandPrice RangeInnovative Feature
Nuwave$90 – $130Digital temperature control
Phillips$200 – $300Unique TurboStar Technology
Cosori$90 – $120Pre-set cooking options
Instant Vortex$100 – $150EvenCrisp Technology

Each brand offers a unique touch to the air frying experience. Phillips, although on the pricier side, is known for its TurboStar Technology which allows for even cooking without the need for turning.

Cosori, similar in price to Nuwave, offers pre-set cooking options for ease of use. Instant Vortex, while slightly more expensive, boasts its EvenCrisp Technology for that perfect ‘crisp’ every time.

Remember, the best choice for you depends on your budget, cooking style, and specific needs. While Nuwave is a good brand, don’t limit your options. Explore and you might find another brand that better suits your needs.

Final Thoughts

So, you’ve got a lot to consider before making your final decision. Evaluating the nuances of various air fryers can be a daunting task, but remember that the main goal is to find a product that suits your needs and lifestyle best.

If health benefits are high on your list of priorities, then the NuWave Air Fryer might be a great choice for you. This handy appliance reduces fat content by up to 75%, allowing you to enjoy your favorite fried foods guilt-free.

Its advanced technology ensures that food is cooked evenly and quickly, retaining essential nutrients and flavors.

In terms of price comparison, NuWave offers a range of models at various price points, making it accessible to different budgets.

While there might be cheaper alternatives on the market, remember that investing in a reliable brand like NuWave could save you money in the long run by avoiding frequent replacements or repairs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What materials is the Nuwave Air Fryer made of and are they safe for food preparation?

The Nuwave air fryer is made of durable, food-safe materials, ensuring Nuwave durability. It adheres to safety standards for food preparation, so you can cook with confidence knowing your food is safe.

How does Nuwave Air Fryer fare in terms of noise levels during operation?

The Nuwave Air Fryer’s sound quality is impressive, producing minimal noise during operation. Its adjustment controls also allow for a quieter frying experience, making it an ideal choice for a peaceful cooking environment.

Where are Nuwave Air Fryers manufactured?

NuWave air fryers are manufactured in China. The production process follows stringent quality control measures. Therefore, despite being made overseas, they maintain high-quality standards and reliable performance.

How does Nuwave Air Fryer contribute to a healthier lifestyle?

With its cooking efficiency, the Nuwave Air Fryer helps you maintain a healthier lifestyle. It uses less oil than traditional frying methods and the Air Fryer recipes are often lower in fat and calories.

Are there any unique features or technologies that Nuwave Air Fryer uses that sets it apart from other air fryers?

Yes, Nuwave Air Fryer stands out with its Digital Interface Advantages, offering precise temperature control. It also leads in Fryer Capacity Comparison, accommodating more food than many other brands. So, it’s a great choice.


In conclusion, you’ll find the Nuwave Air Fryer to be a top-notch brand. It’s energy efficient, offers various sizes, and is built to last.

You’ll appreciate its safety features and customer support. There may be other brands out there, but many customers are satisfied with their Nuwave.

It’s definitely worth considering in your hunt for the perfect air fryer.