Is The Levoit Air Purifier Good For Cats (And Litter Box Odors)

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The Levoit Air Purifier is one of the most popular air purifiers on our site and we already know it is a great all-round air purifier for most of your home or office needs. So in this article let’s zero right in on one aspect only and see what cat owners think of this air purifier machine… Does the Levoit Air Purifier help with cats?

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Discover How The Levoit Air Purifier Performs With Cat Odor, Dander, And Litter Box Smells!


LEVOIT H13 True HEPA Filter Air Purifiers for Pets


LEVOIT H13 True HEPA Filter Air Purifiers for Allergies and Pets, Smokers, Smoke, Dust, Mold, and Pollen, Cleaner for Bedroom, Large Room with Optional Night Light, LV-H132

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Here Is What Consumers Said About The LEVOIT Air Purifier for Cats:


I Have Three Cats And This Makes All The Difference In The World In The Smell Of The Room And Level Of Dust!


Love this product! I have two cats that tend to wander in and sleep with us. I bet there is dander and cat hair everywhere. I also have allergies with watery eyes and scratchy throat with cough. I have never slept well either. With this little unit—I feel great in the am. I wake up easier and feel alert and smell cleaner air. My eyes are not irritated and I even look better.


She No Longer Smells The Litter Box In Her Room…


  • I bought this for my daughter to use. She had recently moved and was having to keep the cat’s litter box in her bedroom, and even with cleaning it every day she was having issues with smell. I sent this to her and she claims it works miracles. 


This Is An Excellent Purifier For Those Who Are Affected By Cat Dander…


  • I have several cats so there is so much hair in the air in addition to their dander. This machine has solved my breathing problems during the night (I use it in my bedroom). 


I Use This Filtration System In My Office Where The Cat Litter Box Is Kept…


  • When this filter is running, I do not smell the litter box (clean or dirty). The litter is dusty and I found the cats to be dustier in general before using this air purifier.


Can’t Even Tell We Have Two Cats And Their Cat Box Is In The Living Room Closet…


  • Within an hour of turning it on we could feel a difference, I barely cough from my asthma when I’m home.


Cat Dander, Litter Box, Cigarette Smoke Smells – All Gone With This Unit…


  • I am very impressed with this device. Located in a house with two cats and smokers, this has been clearing away the stale smell of cigarette smoke and the smell from the cat dander.


Good Design. Eliminates Kitty Litter Odor…


  • If I put the fan on high, it does a pretty good job of eliminating the odor of the kitty litter box. The kitty litter is in a large bathroom. I placed the purifier away from the walls and near the kitty litter. My cats seem to like it.


 The Room No Longer Smells Like Cat Pee…


  • This purifier actually helped so much that I forgot to change the pee pad in the litter box for some time (due to lack of smell warning), which resulted in it being over-saturated. It didn’t smell like cat pee in the room at the slightest, up until I was changing it out.


Allergies To My Cat Have Drastically Improved…


  • I have developed allergies to the cat that I’ve had for years and needed a solution at home to help eliminate some of the hair, dander, and small allergens in the air. I could not be more pleased with this air purifier. I was breathing better within two days of using it


LEVOIT H13 True HEPA Filter Air Purifiers for Allergies and Pets, Smokers, Smoke, Dust, Mold, and Pollen, Cleaner for Bedroom, Large Room with Optional Night Light, LV-H132

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This Filter Has Done A Fantastic Job Of Removing Cat Dander From The Air!


My girlfriend is seriously allergic to my cat. Before I bought this she would rely on taking allergy medicines. So I bought this, and began running it daily in the room where we would sit. I noticed the air felt nicer to breathe and didn’t smell as musty- and she has been able to sit in that same room for hours on end without reacting at all.


 Doctor Told Us We Had To Get Rid Of The Cats…


  • This has helped my boyfriend’s coughing drastically, and he is using his inhaler back to normal. I’m pretty amazed. I’m going to buy another one for his office space where he spends most of his time and I think this has changed my life. I love my cats and I love my boyfriend so I refuse to get rid of either. So this has absolutely worked for us.


This Thing Kills Animal Funk…


  • We live in a small condo with two senior cats that live primarily in the bedroom and master bath (litter box land). The bedroom gets a little catty after a while in the winter when we can’t have the windows open.


Great for Freshening Litter Box Spaces…


  • 1 dog. 3 cats. An old house. I am positively thrilled with the difference this has made in our lives.


After Just A Day, The Levoit Air Purifier Has Made A Huge Difference…


  • We bought this for our office because that is where we keep our cat’s litter box. We had been having problems in that room with litter box odors and that gross feeling of inhaling the dust from the litter and read that an air purifier might help with those problems. It actually smells fresh in our office again and we don’t feel the need to constantly have our windows open.


It Also Collects Cat Dander Which Is Great…


  • I bought this and after about a week of leaving it running the smell is gone! I leave it on the number 2 fan setting almost all the time and it provides a nice white noise that isn’t very noticeable unless you are trying to hear it!


I Have 5 Cats And 2 Dogs…


  • I love this thing! On the first day, I could tell a difference!  The smell is pretty much gone and I feel like my allergies are not as bad!


I Have 4 Cats And Hardwood Floors So My Allergies Were Crazy…


  • This thing is small but works like it’s huge!! I just replaced my filter after 1 month. Within a few weeks, I noticed much less cat hair and breathing much better.


This Completely Eliminates Any Bad Smells And Leaves Me With Fresh Clean Air…


  • I absolutely LOVE this purifier. It was the best thing I could have done. I live in an apartment with my two cats and I love them but man I hate the smell of cat pee and whatever.


LEVOIT H13 True HEPA Filter Air Purifiers for Allergies and Pets, Smokers, Smoke, Dust, Mold, and Pollen, Cleaner for Bedroom, Large Room with Optional Night Light, LV-H132

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The Difference In Air Quality Is Astounding!


I never believed in air purifiers until now. I have two cats and am slightly allergic to cats. I noticed I was getting a little stuffy and nothing in my environment had changed. My allergist suggested getting an air purifier do I bought two, one for the bedroom and the other for the living area. The Levoit is compact and very efficient


 It Removes Pet Dander From The Air …


  • I’ve been sleeping much better since I purchased this product. It takes the pet dander out of the air (I have 1 cat) and removes any bad odor out of the air.


I Bought This Because I Live In A 700 Sq Foot House With 4 Dogs, A Cat, 3 Ferrets, And 8 Rats…


  • My boyfriend takes allergy pills because he didn’t grow up with animals but last week was really hard on him. I could hear him struggling to breathe at night. So I went through and looked every purifying agent out there and finally bought this. Since then, ZERO wheezing!


It Doesn’t Disappoint Me As An Allergic Cat Owner…


  • I am allergic to cats but I have 3 cats lol. I never really had a good night’s sleep without allergy medications, before I bought this air purifier! I was skeptical in the beginning because this is the first air purifier I’ve got. The seems decent and it looks sleek, so I gave it a try. Man, it saves me!


 Helped With Animal Allergies…


  • Purchased this after my allergist recommended I put an air purifier in my bedroom because of my severe cat allergies. I have a cat who basically lives in my room who I’m allergic to (sneezing, itchy eyes, etc). I obviously had no thoughts of giving up my cat so this was worth a try to relieve some suffering. I’ve been using this for about a month on the medium setting and I can tell it’s been working because my air quality seems a lot cleaner and I am not sneezing as frequently.


The Pet Odor Has Been Erased…


  • My small beach home smelled like a kennel due to 3 cats and 2 dogs. The aroma hit you when you walked in the front door. What a wonderful change within days of using the Air Purifier- the odor has been erased! Amazing!!


Huge Difference During Allergy Season…


  • I was skeptical at first because… who needs an “air purifier?” But I can honestly say I feel a huge difference during allergy season and I don’t have to worry about my cat or dog leaving an odor around the house.


Got Rid Of Cat Poop Smell Within Hours It’s A Miracle…


  • This is the best thing I’ve bought from Amazon! I have two cats, and no matter how much I tried to keep the house clean and ventilated, it always smelled like cat poop; I had to keep the windows slightly open all the time, even in winter or pollen seasons. I finally decided to get an air purifier, got this one because of the great, and within hours the odor was gone!


It Makes A Difference For That Musty And Cat Litter Smell…


  • I mainly got it because no matter how often I clean the litter box, when you enter my apartment, the first thing you smelled was the cat litter. Within a couple of days of having it on the level 2 setting (I think 3 is a little too loud), the smell is gone and it also took care of the musty smell as well.


LEVOIT H13 True HEPA Filter Air Purifiers for Allergies and Pets, Smokers, Smoke, Dust, Mold, and Pollen, Cleaner for Bedroom, Large Room with Optional Night Light, LV-H132

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In summary, I could list many, many more examples of cat owners making statements about how well this air purifier performs with cat odors. Literally, hundreds of people have verified how good the Levoit Air Purifier is for cats.

Needless to say, because it performs wonderfully with cat odors it also is an outstanding air purifier for all pet odors including dogs, ferrets, birds, and more.

This is a compact and portable size that you can easily move from room to room however many people take advantage of the Levoit Air Purifier 2 Pack.

LEVOIT Air Purifier for Home Smokers Allergies and Pets Hair, True HEPA Filter, Quiet in Bedroom, Filtration System Cleaner Eliminators, Odor Smoke Dust Mold, Night Light, LV-H132,2PACK

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If you want a Levoit air purifier that is designed for larger spaces you might prefer the Levoit Air Purifier


LEVOIT Air Purifier for Home Large Room with H13 True HEPA Filter, Air Cleaner for Allergies and Pets, Smokers,Mold,Pollen,Dust,Pollutants,Quiet Odor Eliminators for Bedroom, Smart Auto Mode, LV-H133

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Finally, no matter what size air purifier you choose from the above options if you are a cat owner you can’t go wrong with a Levoit!

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