Companies Like Stitch Fix: 20 Similar Services

Are you on the hunt for something fabulous to spice up your wardrobe, just like what Stitch Fix offers? Well, let me tell you about some amazing alternatives that are sure to tickle your fashion fancy!

Remember the time you needed that perfect outfit for your best friend’s wedding but just couldn’t find the time to shop? That’s where services like Nordstrom’s Personal Styling Services and Gwynnie Bee come in, turning your fashion woes into wow moments!

And let’s not forget the trendsetters and street style aficionados – T eadbeast and Stately are your go-to for keeping your style game strong and distinctive. Imagine opening a box filled with curated fashion that speaks to your unique style, a service that brings the excitement of fashion discovery right to your doorstep.

For those who adore a blend of luxury and practicality, Nora Gardner Style Box, Menlo Club, and Curateur offer a dazzling array of choices. Picture yourself unveiling a box of carefully selected pieces that align perfectly with your lifestyle, making every day feel like a special occasion.

And for the busy bees always on the go, Daily Look and Birchbox provide quick, stylish solutions that fit seamlessly into your hectic schedule. These brands aren’t just about clothes; they’re about an experience, a journey into the world of fashion that’s tailored just for you.

Welcome to the future of personal styling, where every piece tells a story, and every box opens a new chapter in your fashion journey!

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At A Glance: Companies Like Stitch Fix

CompanyReason for being a good Stitch Fix alternative
The PS CollectiveProvides convenient and affordable styling solutions for women
LookieroUses AI technology to curate outfits that match each client’s individual style and preferences
WantableFlexible and affordable pricing plans, excellent service and attention to detail
Menlo ClubPersonalized clothing recommendations for men, keeps up with current fashion trends
Dia & Co.Wide range of clothing options for different body types, considers unique style preferences of each client
Le ToteFocuses on everyday casual wear, more affordable pricing options compared to Stitch Fix or Fabletics
T eadbeastOffers curated boxes of streetwear and urban fashion from top brands, good customer reviews
Trunk ClubPersonalized styling services for both men and women, option to receive handpicked clothing, no styling fees
Stitch Fix FreestylePersonalized online shop with extensive inventory, level of personalization and tailored approach, connect with stylist for help
Amazon Personal StylingBudget-friendly option, advanced technology and data-driven approach, virtual try on technology, customer feedback system
StylogicPersonalized outfits based on style profile and preferences, hassle-free returns and exchanges with free shipping
FableticsStylish athletic wear, personalized shopping experience t ough VIP membership program, positive customer reviews
Rent the RunwayWider selection of high-end designer items, rental service instead of buying, more sustainable and eco-friendly
BombfellPersonalized styling for men, works with a stylist to select items, offers a range of clothing options
Trendy ButlerCurated boxes of clothing for men, offers a variety of brands and styles
Prime WardrobePersonalized apparel selection t ough Amazon, convenient try-on at home, easy returns and exchanges
Adore MePersonalized lingerie and swimwear, option to become a VIP member for additional benefits and discounts
Nadine WestAffordable styling service for women, focus on trendy and fashionable clothing
KidboxPersonalized styling service for kids, offers a range of clothing sizes and styles
Bomb PetitePersonalized styling for petite women, offers a selection of clothing options specifically designed for shorter heights
Frank And OakPersonalized clothing recommendations for both men and women, sustainable and eco-friendly fashion options

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The PS Collective

The PS Collective, like Stitch Fix and other fashion companies, offers personal styling services for women. The brand’s mission is to empower women t ough their personal style by providing convenient and affordable styling solutions.

The PS Collective’s personal styling process involves filling out a style quiz to determine the customer’s preferences and needs, followed by receiving a box of clothing items hand-picked by a stylist. Customers have the option to purchase any item from the box or return them for free.

The PS Collective offers various styling packages that cater to different budgets and preferences. Customers can choose between receiving one box per month or every other month, as well as opting for more or fewer items per box.

The brand also features stylist profiles on their website, allowing customers to learn more about their assigned stylist before receiving their personalized box of clothing.

Customer reviews praise The PS Collective for excellent communication with stylists and high-quality clothing options in each box.


If you’re in need of a personal styling service for women, Lookiero offers a great option. This fashion company, based in Spain, provides personalized styling options for women all over the world.

One unique feature that sets Lookiero apart is their use of AI technology to curate outfits that match each client’s individual style and preferences.

Pricing comparison shows that Lookiero’s services are similar to those of Stitch Fix, with a styling fee of €10 and clothing items priced between €30-€140 on average.

Customer reviews rave about the high-quality clothing selections and personalized attention from their stylists.

Additionally, Lookiero offers international availability, making it accessible for clients outside of Spain. Overall, if you’re looking for a personalized and tech-savvy approach to personal styling, Lookiero may be just what you need.


You’ll love Kidbox, a fashion company that offers personalized styling services for your children and helps them look their best. With its sustainable fashion approach, you can trust that the clothes your child receives are made with eco-friendly materials.

This is perfect for parents who want to teach their children about being mindful of the environment while still looking stylish. Kidbox also offers subscription boxes, making it easy and convenient to receive new children’s clothing items every season or whenever you need them.

Their online styling service allows you to customize each box according to your child’s preferences and needs. You can even provide feedback on what worked well and what didn’t so that future boxes will be tailored specifically to your child’s style.

With Kidbox, you can ensure that your child will always have fashionable and sustainable clothing options without sacrificing convenience or quality.


Looking for a fashion company that offers personalized styling services for both men and women? Check out Wantable!

With its unique personal styling approach, Wantable aims to provide its customers with the best possible experience. They offer a wide range of styling options, including casual wear, work wear, and special occasion outfits.

Wantable’s pricing plans are flexible and affordable, with options ranging from $20 to $40 per month. Customers can choose between monthly or quarterly subscriptions and can cancel anytime without any fees.

Wantable also has a high customer satisfaction rate, with many positive customer reviews citing the company’s excellent service and attention to detail in their personalized boxes. If you’re looking for a fashion company that truly cares about your style preferences and delivers on their promises, give Wantable a try!

Menlo Club

Discover Menlo Club, a fashion company that offers personalized styling services exclusively for men. With Menlo Club, you can choose from t ee different subscription plans to receive monthly deliveries of clothing items and accessories handpicked by stylists based on your style preferences.

The brand offers various styling options for men, including casual wear, business attire, and athleisure. What sets Menlo Club apart is its personalized clothing recommendations for men. Their stylists take the time to understand your personal style and suggest items that fit your taste and needs.

They also keep up with current men’s fashion trends to ensure that you receive the latest styles in each delivery. Additionally, if you’re not satisfied with any item in your monthly box, Menlo Club allows free exchanges or returns within 30 days of receiving the package.

Joining Menlo Club means having access to a convenient and hassle-free clothing rental service for men that provides stylish options tailored to your unique tastes.

Dia & Co.

Get personalized styling services for women, including plus sizes, with Dia & Co. This fashion company offers a wide range of clothing options that cater to different body types and fashion trends. With their subscription-based service, you can receive a box of hand-picked items tailored to your personal style and preferences.

Dia & Co. understands the importance of providing plus size options for women who often struggle to find fashionable clothing in their size.

Their stylists take into consideration each client’s unique body shape and style preferences when selecting items for their boxes. Additionally, Dia & Co. offers various subscription options, allowing clients to choose how often they receive boxes and for what occasions.

If you’re looking for a reliable personal styling service that caters to diverse body types and fashion tastes, consider giving Dia & Co. a try! Check out the table below featuring some key information about this company:

Plus Size OptionsAvailable up to 5X
Styling for Different Body TypesStylists cater selections based on individual shapes
Subscription OptionsMonthly or on-demand boxes available
Fashion TrendsCurrent styles incorporated into every box
Customer ReviewsPositive reviews highlighting stylist expertise and quality clothing choices


Armoire offers a unique subscription-based clothing rental service exclusively for women, providing an environmentally-friendly and cost-effective alternative to traditional shopping.

With Armoire, you can refresh your wardrobe with the latest fashion trends without breaking the bank or contributing to fast fashion’s negative impact on the planet.

Here are some key features of Armoire that make it stand out from other fashion companies:

  • Personalized styling: Each client is paired with a personal stylist who curates a customized selection of clothing based on their style preferences.
  • Unlimited rentals: You can rent as many items as you want each month for a flat fee, allowing you to experiment with different styles and outfits without worrying about additional costs.
  • Sustainable fashion: Armoire partners with eco-conscious brands and uses sustainable practices in their operations, reducing waste and promoting ethical production.
  • Convenient delivery and returns: Your selected items are delivered straight to your door, and returns are hassle-free with free shipping both ways.

If you’re looking for a way to update your wardrobe sustainably while keeping up with the latest trends, Armoire’s clothing rental service may be just what you need.

Bespoke Post

Looking for a subscription-based service that offers curated boxes of men’s lifestyle products? Check out Bespoke Post! This company provides personalized recommendations for men’s products, including grooming supplies, home goods, and accessories.

With a monthly subscription to Bespoke Post, you’ll receive a box of hand-picked items tailored to your preferences. Bespoke Post also offers online shopping for individual items if you prefer not to subscribe.

Their website features an extensive selection of high-quality products from well-known brands and independent artisans. Whether you’re looking for a new watch or a set of whiskey glasses, Bespoke Post has something for every man looking to elevate their lifestyle with unique and stylish products.

Le Tote

You’ll love Le Tote’s subscription-based clothing rental service, which offers a rotating selection of trendy and fashionable pieces that will keep your wardrobe fresh and exciting.

With Le Tote, you’ll receive a customized box of clothing and accessories handpicked by their stylists based on your personal preferences. You can wear the items as many times as you want, and then simply return them when you’re ready for something new.

Le Tote is an excellent option for those who want to try out new styles without committing to buying full-priced items. However, like any service, there are pros and cons to consider.

One benefit of Le Tote is that they offer unlimited rentals per month, so you can keep refreshing your wardrobe as often as you’d like. On the other hand, some customers have reported issues with sizing consistency or receiving damaged items.

When comparing Le Tote to other fashion rental services such as Rent the Runway or Armoire, Le Tote stands out for its focus on everyday casual wear rather than formal occasions. It also offers more affordable pricing options compared to Stitch Fix or Fabletics.

T eadbeast

If you’re tired of wearing the same old clothes and want to elevate your fashion game, T eadbeast might be the perfect solution for you.

As a men’s subscription-based clothing service, T eadbeast offers curated boxes of streetwear and urban fashion from top brands like Stussy, Champion, and Diamond Supply Co.

The service is easy to use: simply sign up, take a style quiz to give the stylists an idea of your preferences, and wait for your box to arrive.

One of the major pros of T eadbeast is that it gives you access to high-quality streetwear brands that you may not have heard of before. The stylists work hard to curate each box based on your preferences and feedback.

However, one con is that some customers have reported receiving items they didn’t like or didn’t fit well.

To combat this issue, T eadbeast offers free returns and exchanges within 14 days of receiving your box. If you do decide to try out T eadbeast, some styling tips include pairing statement pieces with neutral basics and mixing prints and patterns for a bold look.

When comparing T eadbeast to other men’s subscription services like Trunk Club or Bombfell, keep in mind that each service has its own unique offerings and strengths.

Lastly, check out customer reviews before making a decision so you can get an idea of what others think about the service.

Trunk Club

Now that you know about T eadbeast, let’s move on to Trunk Club. This company offers personal styling services for both men and women, with the option to receive handpicked clothing delivered right to your door.

They also have brick-and-mortar locations where you can work with a stylist in person.

One unique aspect of Trunk Club is their pricing structure. While Stitch Fix charges a $20 styling fee per box, Trunk Club does not charge any fees at all.

However, their clothing tends to be higher end than Stitch Fix’s offerings, so the overall cost may be more expensive. It’s important to note that Trunk Club does offer a price-matching policy if you find an item they sent you for less elsewhere.

In terms of customer reviews, many people appreciate the personalized attention they receive from their assigned stylist and enjoy the convenience of having clothes delivered directly to them.

Additionally, Trunk Club offers styling options for special occasions and different body types t ough their partnership with Nordstrom.

Stitch Fix Freestyle

Let’s explore Stitch Fix Freestyle, a personalized online shop where you can browse and buy as many clothes as you want without having to wait for a box to be delivered. With Stitch Fix Freestyle, you have access to an extensive inventory of clothing items that are curated specifically for your style preferences.

You can filter your search by category, size, color, and price range to find the perfect pieces for your wardrobe. One of the benefits of using Stitch Fix Freestyle is the level of personalization it offers.

The platform uses data from your past purchases and feedback on previous boxes to suggest clothing items that match your style and fit preferences. Additionally, you have the option to connect with a stylist t ough chat or email if you need help selecting items or styling advice.

To maximize your experience with Stitch Fix Freestyle, make sure to provide detailed feedback on each item you receive so that the algorithm can continue to improve its recommendations over time.

Compared to traditional online shopping, Stitch Fix Freestyle offers a more tailored approach that saves time and effort in finding clothes that fit both your taste and body type.

Amazon Personal Styling

Amazon’s personal styling service offers a more budget-friendly option compared to Stitch Fix, and is available for both men and women.

With Amazon’s vast collection of clothing options and their advanced styling algorithms, the personalized clothing recommendations are tailored to your preferences and style.

The virtual try on technology allows you to see how outfits will look on you before making a purchase. In addition to the convenience of online shopping, Amazon also has customer feedback systems in place that allow users to leave reviews and ratings on individual items.

This data driven fashion choice system ensures that the recommendations provided are not only stylish but also functional and comfortable for everyday wear.

Overall, with its affordable pricing, advanced technology, and data driven approach, Amazon’s personal styling service provides an excellent alternative for those seeking personalized fashion choices without breaking the bank.


If you’re a woman looking for a personal styling service that caters to your unique preferences, Stylogic might be the perfect fit. With Stylogic, you’ll receive personalized outfits based on your style profile and preferences.

The process starts with a questionnaire designed to understand your fashion likes and dislikes, after which you’ll receive curated outfits specifically chosen for you. Stylogic offers several subscription options starting at $25 per month, making it an affordable option compared to other personal styling services.

They also offer free shipping and returns, so you can try on the clothes in the comfort of your own home without any pressure to make a purchase. Many users have praised Stylogic’s customer service and the quality of their clothing items.

While there are some negative reviews regarding sizing issues and occasional stylist mismatches, overall, Stylogic has received high marks from satisfied customers looking for personalized styling tips.


Looking for a personal styling service that focuses on men’s fashion? UrbaneBox might be the perfect fit for you! Unlike other men’s styling services, UrbaneBox offers a unique approach to curating clothing for their clients.

They don’t just rely on algorithms or quizzes to determine your personal style; instead, they have real stylists handpick every item in your box based on your preferences and feedback.

The pricing structure of UrbaneBox is straightforward. You pay a styling fee of $60 per box, which includes shipping and returns.

The actual cost of the clothing items varies depending on what you keep from the box. If you decide to keep everything, you’ll receive a 25% discount off the total cost.

UrbaneBox also offers gift subscriptions for those looking to give the service as a present.

When it comes to curating clothing for their clients, UrbaneBox features a variety of brands such as Original Penguin, Scotch & Soda, and Ben Sherman. They offer a mix of classic and trendy pieces to suit different tastes and occasions.

Returns and exchanges are hassle-free with free shipping both ways within the US.


Fabletics, known for their stylish athletic wear designed for women, offers a personalized shopping experience t ough their VIP membership program. This subscription-based service provides customers with monthly style inspiration and workout essentials tailored to their preferences.

Fabletics encourages customers to take a quiz about their fashion preferences and fitness routine in order to create a personalized profile that guides the selection of items included in each month’s shipment. The company also boasts celebrity collaborations with Kate Hudson and Demi Lovato.

Fabletics has garnered positive customer reviews for its high-quality clothing, affordable prices, and convenient subscription model. Additionally, Fabletics offers flexibility within their membership program by allowing customers to skip months or cancel at any time without penalty.

Overall, Fabletics offers a unique approach to athletic wear shopping that allows customers to feel empowered and confident in their workout attire choices.

Rent the Runway

Now that you’ve learned about Fabletics, let’s take a look at Rent the Runway. This fashion company is disrupting the industry by offering a subscription-based clothing rental service exclusively for women. Instead of buying clothes outright, customers can rent designer pieces and return them when they’re done.

Rent the Runway has several benefits over traditional clothing rental services. For one, it offers a wider selection of high-end designer items than most other rental services. Plus, renting clothes instead of buying them is more sustainable and eco-friendly, as it reduces waste and promotes circular fashion practices. With this innovative approach to fashion consumption, it’s no surprise that Rent the Runway is quickly becoming a leading force in the sharing economy.

Frank and Oak

As you explore the world of personalized fashion, Frank and Oak is a brand that stands out. They focus on sustainable clothing and effortless style. The Canadian company offers personal styling services for both men and women. This showcases their commitment to providing sustainable fashion options that are both stylish and eco-friendly.

Frank and Oak’s clothing line features casual wear as well as office attire. This versatility makes it a great option for those who want to look good while also being conscious of their impact on the environment. One thing that sets Frank and Oak apart from other personalized fashion companies is their emphasis on seasonal trends.

Their collections are updated regularly to reflect current styles. This ensures that customers always have access to the latest looks. Whether you’re looking for a new wardrobe staple or just want to keep up with the latest trends, Frank and Oak has something for everyone.

Overall, if you’re looking for a personalized fashion service that combines sustainability with Canadian style, Frank and Oak is definitely worth checking out.


Bombfell offers personalized styling services exclusively for men, catering to their unique fashion needs and preferences. The company works by having clients fill out a style profile, which includes sizing information, preferred styles, and budget.

From there, a personal stylist will handpick items from the company’s inventory and send them to the client in a ‘preview’ box. The client has 7 days to decide which items they want to keep before returning the rest. Shipping is free both ways.

Exploring Bombfell: Pros and Cons

One advantage of using this service is that it saves time and effort on shopping for clothes while still allowing customers to have control over what they receive.

Additionally, Bombfell offers high-quality clothing at reasonable prices compared to other similar services. However, some customers have complained about receiving items that do not match their style preferences or are not within their budget.

Alternatives include other personal styling services like Trunk Club or Stitch Fix Men, as well as traditional shopping methods such as going to a brick-and-mortar store or shopping online independently.

When considering cost comparison between these options, it is important to take into account factors such as convenience and quality of clothing received.

Stitch Fix Men

If you’re a guy who wants to upgrade your wardrobe without the hassle of shopping, Stitch Fix Men might be the answer. This personal styling service for men offers a convenient and easy way to get stylish clothes delivered right to your door. Here’s how it works:

  • To start, you’ll fill out a style profile that includes your preferences, sizing, and budget. Then, a stylist will curate a personalized box of clothes and accessories just for you.
  • You can try everything on at home and keep what you like (with the option to return anything you don’t). Plus, you can provide feedback on each item to help improve future boxes.
  • Stitch Fix Men offers a range of styles from casual to formalwear, as well as options for big and tall sizes. You can also choose specific items or categories (like socks or jackets) that you want in each box.
  • The cost per item varies depending on your budget and preferences, but there is a $20 styling fee per box that is applied as credit towards any items you decide to keep.

Client reviews rave about the convenience and quality of Stitch Fix Men’s service. However, if this doesn’t seem like the right fit for you, there are similar competitors such as Trunk Club and Bombfell that offer similar personal styling services for men with different pricing structures and options.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Stitch Fix charge for their personal styling services?

Stitch Fix charges a $20 styling fee per shipment, which can be applied towards any items purchased. They offer subscription options for recurring shipments and customization options for each individual’s style preferences. Additional costs may apply depending on the items selected.

What is the average cost of a subscription with Rent the Runway?

Looking for designer options? Rent the Runway offers subscription plans starting at $89/month, with rental periods of 4-16 days. Additional fees apply for accessories and shipping. Check out customer reviews before subscribing.

Can customers choose specific items they want in their Trunk Club box?

Yes, Trunk Club offers customization options for personalized styling preferences. Customers can work with a stylist to select specific items or receive a personalized box of contents based on their preferences. This makes it one of the top Trunk Club alternatives.

Does Fabletics offer personal styling services or just athletic wear?

Fabletics offers both athletic wear and personal styling services for women’s lifestyle. However, they do not offer clothing rental or subscription-based services like Trunk Club selections. You can choose to buy individual pieces from their personalized online shop.


So there you have it, a comprehensive list of companies like Stitch Fix that offer personalized styling services, clothing rental options, and subscription-based services.

Each company has its own unique approach and target audience, so take some time to explore each one and find the best fit for your individual needs.

Whether you’re looking for trendy outfits for yourself or your children, athletic wear for workouts, or stylish attire for special events, these companies have got you covered.

With expert stylists at your fingertips and the convenience of online shopping, improving your wardrobe has never been easier.

So go ahead and try out a few of these options to elevate your fashion game today!

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