Brands Like Ruggables: Top Easy-to-Clean Rugs 2024

Exploring the world of machine washable rugs, we delve into a range of brands offering style, convenience, and durability. From Ruggable’s renowned two-part system to the eco-friendly options of HEBE.

This guide highlights the top brands that blend aesthetics with practicality. Perfect for households with pets, children, or just the everyday hustle and bustle, these brands ensure your floors stay chic and clean effortlessly.

ReaLife Washable Rugs

ReaLife is your go-to brand for machine-washable rugs

ReaLife is your go-to brand for machine-washable rugs that offer a similar convenience to what you’d find with Ruggable. Much like its competitor, ReaLife provides a range of stylish designs that cater to different tastes, allowing you to effortlessly maintain a clean and vibrant living space.

Here’s a quick comparison to help you weigh your options:

Variety of Patterns: You’ll find a diverse mix of designs to complement your decor.Thinner Material: Their rugs might not be as plush as Ruggable’s.
Ease of Cleaning: Just like Ruggable, spills and dirt don’t stand a chance.Lesser Known Brand: They don’t have quite the same brand recognition.
Affordability: Generally, you’ll find that ReaLife rugs are more budget-friendly.Size Selection: They may have fewer size options available.
Pet-Friendly: Great for your furry friends, these rugs handle pet-related incidents well.Newer to Market: Their track record isn’t as long as Ruggable’s.

When you’re on the hunt for a rug that can handle your busy lifestyle, ReaLife stands out as a solid choice, striking a balance between form, function, and affordability. Whether you’re dealing with pets, kids, or just everyday messes, ReaLife has got a rug that can take it all and wash up good as new.


Yome offers a range of machine-washable rugs that appeal to your desire for convenience and style in home furnishings. Similar to Ruggables, Yome rugs are designed with a two-piece system, featuring a detachable top layer and a nonslip bottom pad. This design allows for easy cleaning and versatility in updating your space.

Easy Cleaning: Just like Ruggables, Yome rugs can be tossed in the washer.Limited Designs: Yome’s selection may be less extensive than Ruggables.
Affordability: Yome rugs come at competitive prices, often lower than similar Ruggable products.Material Differences: The fabric of Yome rugs might feel different from Ruggables’ offerings.
Pet-Friendly: Ideal for your furry friends, Yome’s rugs are made to withstand the occasional accident.Size Options: There might be fewer size variations than what Ruggables provides.
Eco-Friendly: Yome emphasizes production sustainability, which might resonate with your environmental concerns.Brand Recognition: As a newer market entry, Yome isn’t as well-known as Ruggables.

Yome’s value proposition lies in its combination of functionality, affordability, and a nod to sustainable manufacturing. While their patterns and textures give your home a quick refresh, the aspect of lesser-known brand might factor into your decision-making.

Well Woven

Well Woven offers a wide array of affordable and attractive area rugs that are both durable and easy to clean. When you’re on the hunt for a new rug and are juggling options, knowing the perks and drawbacks is a huge help. So, let’s break it down for you:

Variety of Styles – Options for every taste, from modern to traditional.Not Machine Washable – Unlike Ruggable, cleaning involves spot or professional cleaning.
Affordability – More budget-friendly choices that won’t break the bank.Less Innovative Backing – They lack the non-slip backing Ruggable is known for.
Free Shipping & Returns – Convenient and risk-free online shopping.Durability Variance – Some rugs may not be as long-lasting as Ruggable’s.
Ease of Purchase – User-friendly website with no-hassle checkout.Limited International Shipping – Ruggable might have broader shipping options.

If you’re styling on a budget, Well Woven’s vast selection can give you the fresh look you desire. On the flip side, if having a machine-washable rug is a must-have, Ruggable could still be your best bet. Remember to weigh your options based on what’s more important to your home’s comfort and style.


If you’re on the hunt for rugs that are both stylish and practical, just like Ruggable, you might want to check out HEBE. What sets HEBE apart is its variety of machine-washable rugs that cater to your busy lifestyle, much like Ruggable does.

Machine-Washable Designs: Like Ruggable, HEBE offers ease of cleaning.Lesser-Known Brand: HEBE might not be as recognized as Ruggable yet.
Variety of Styles: You’ve got plenty of patterns and colors to choose from.Limited Availability: Their products may be less available in some regions.
Affordable Prices: HEBE rugs tend to be budget-friendly.Different Construction: The material feel and rug construction can differ from Ruggable’s.
Easy to Swap: Switching up your room’s vibe is a breeze with their rug designs.Shipping Options: There might be fewer shipping options or longer delivery times.

Just like swapping out t ow pillows, changing your rug can spruce up your space. With HEBE’s lineup, you don’t have to compromise on style or your budget to keep your home looking fresh.


Mylife Rugs is a brand you might stumble upon while looking for easy-to-clean, stylish floor coverings similar to those of Ruggable. Like Ruggable, Mylife also offers a variety of designs that come with the convenience of being machine washable and interchangeable, fitting into your dynamic home life seamlessly.

Machine Washable: Just toss it in the wash, like your favorite tee.Lesser Known: Mylife isn’t as recognizable as Ruggable yet.
Interchangeable Covers: Switch up styles on a whim.Variety: May have fewer choices compared to Ruggable’s vast collection.
Pet-Friendly: Ideal for your furry friends’ little messes.Price: Can be slightly pricier, depending on the design and size.
Non-Slip Backing: Keeps the rug securely in place.Material Feel: Some users find the material less soft than Ruggable’s.


Shacos is a brand that’s caught your attention in the world of versatile and stylish home rugs. Much like Ruggables, Shacos specializes in offering a unique selection of washable rugs that promise to blend design with practicality. It’s a great option if you’re looking for alternatives that align with Ruggables’ ease of cleaning and aesthetic flexibility.

Pros and Cons: Shacos vs Ruggables

Pros of ShacosCons of Shacos
Variety of PatternsLimited Size Options
Offers a diverse range of designs and colors, adding flair to any room.Sizes may not be as varied as Ruggables, potentially limiting choices for large spaces.
AffordabilityLess Established Brand
Generally more affordable compared to Ruggables, making it easier on your wallet.Being less recognized may impact the trust or perception of quality compared to Ruggables.
Ease of CleaningDifferent Material Quality
Similar to Ruggables, they provide easy-to-clean rugs, which are great for high traffic areas.The material quality can vary, which might affect the longevity and feel as compared to Ruggables.
Pet-Friendly OptionsMore Limited Technology
They also cater to pet owners with designs that withstand the challenges of furry friends.May not incorporate the same advanced technology in rug construction as Ruggables.


LEEVAN is a brand that you’ll find caters to your need for modern and easy-to-maintain area rugs, much like Ruggables. They offer a variety of patterns and designs that can instantly lift the aesthetic of any room in your home. Their products are known for their durability and ease of cleaning, which makes them a convenient choice for busy households.

Variety of Designs – LEEVAN features a diverse range of patterns and colors to match different home decor styles.Not Machine-Washable – Unlike Ruggables, LEEVAN rugs typically require spot cleaning or professional cleaning.
Value for Money – You’ll get stylish rugs that don’t break the bank, giving you a blend of affordability and fashion.Less Customization – There are fewer size and shape options compared to Ruggables, which might limit your choices.
Pet-Friendly Options – Many of LEEVAN’s rugs are designed to withstand the wear and tear from pets.Lightweight – Some rugs might be too light and prone to slipping if not paired with a good rug pad.
Eco-Friendly Materials – They make an effort to use materials that are less harmful to the environment.Availability – You might find that certain popular designs are sold out or not restocked as frequently.


GelPro is known for its comfort floor mats, which you might find quite handy in your kitchen or workspace. Just like Ruggables, GelPro offers a product that combines function with style. Their mats are designed to relieve discomfort from standing, and they come in various patterns and colors to match your interior.

Pros and Cons of GelPro in Comparison to Ruggables:

Ergonomic Design – GelPro mats are created to provide cushioning and support for your feet, which is great when you stand for long periods.Price Point – They tend to be pricier than some simpler rugs that don’t provide ergonomic benefits.
Variety of Styles – Like Ruggables, you can choose from a range of designs to suit your taste.Not Machine Washable – Unlike Ruggables, GelPro mats need to be spot cleaned and are not machine washable.
Long-Lasting – They’re made with high-quality materials meant to endure heavy use.Limited Use – They are primarily intended for standing areas, so they’re not as versatile as Ruggables which can be used in many different locations in your home.
Non-Slip Bottom – A slip-resistant base keeps the mat in place, eliminating the safety concerns you may have with regular rugs.Not as Pet-Friendly – If you have pets, GelPro mats are not as easily cleaned of pet hair or accidents.
Made in the USA – For those who prioritize domestic production, they’ll appreciate that GelPro products are manufactured in America.Size Selection – There’s less variety in sizes compared to Ruggables, which could be a downside depending on your space requirements.

Choose GelPro if you’re looking for a mat that prioritizes your comfort and want a product that’s built to last. But if you need something that’s easy to clean and comes in a broader range of sizes, you might want to stick with Ruggables.

Tumble Rugs

Tumble Rugs offer a similar concept to Ruggables with their range of washable rugs. They aim to make your life a breeze when it comes to keeping your home looking fresh and clean. Just like Ruggables, you can detach the top layer of your Tumble rug and toss it in the washer, making it easy for you to tackle spills and dirt.

Now, let’s weigh Tumble Rugs against Ruggables to see how they stack up:

Pros of Tumble RugsCons of Tumble Rugs
Easy-to-clean design like a Ruggable, wash in your home machine.Selection might be less broad than Ruggables.
Cushioned pad included for extra comfort underfoot.Prices may be higher compared to some Ruggable options.
Free shipping and returns within the U.S. on all rugs.Returns must be within 30 days, which could be shorter than other brands.
Designs are often contemporary and stylish, suitable for various decors.May not have as many size options as Ruggables.
Unique feature: a non-slip backing without needing a separate pad.Not as widely known as Ruggables, so fewer reviews to gauge experiences.


Revival makes washable rugs that are designed to combine style with easy cleaning, much like Ruggables. You can swap out covers for a new look or toss them in the wash for a quick refresh after spills or pet accidents. Imagine the effortlessness of maintaining a chic living space while side-stepping the dread of permanent stains.

Ease of Cleaning: Like Ruggables, you can simply t ow Revival rugs in the wash.Variety: Might have fewer patterns and sizes compared to Ruggables.
Style Options: Offers a selection of designs to match your décor preferences.Price Point: May be pricier, affecting your budget allocation.
Eco-friendly: They often use sustainable materials, good for your eco-conscious mind.Availability: Could have less stock or longer shipping times.
Innovative Designs: Stays current with trends, keeping your space up-to-date.Texture: Some rugs might not be as soft, impacting comfort.

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