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Clothes Like Toast (5 Clothes Brands Similar To Toast)

Toast is a UK-based clothing company known for its natural fabrics and timeless pieces. If you love Toast but want more affordable options, brands like & Other Stories and Muji offer similar styles at accessible prices. Plumo, Arket, and COS are also great alternatives to Toast, providing quality, well-made clothing for everyday wear.

5 Clothes Brands Similar To Toast

Toast is one of the few clothing brands that make us want to buy up everything. This UK-based company creates beautiful and timeless pieces from natural fabrics that are made to last.

With a focus on creating clothing for your everyday life, Toast makes soft and comfortable pieces like dresses, trousers, and knits that you’ll want to wear every day.

If you love Toast but don’t have the budget for designer prices, here are 5 brands that have similar styles to Toast. The good news is that these brands are available in much more accessible price ranges.

1. & Other Stories

When it comes to effortlessly chic, Scandi-style fashion, no brand is quite as beloved as & Other Stories. The high-street favorite has become a go-to destination for fashion fanatics who desire timeless pieces that are equal parts affordable and stylish.

& Other Stories is a hip online clothing store that carries a miscellaneous line of on-trend pieces. You’ll find plenty of women’s shoes and dresses, as well as office-ready pieces.

And Other Stories is a great Toast alternative because it has nearly identical aesthetics at lower price points and more sizes. And Other Stories’ clothes have a similar fit and aesthetic as Toast’s and all of their clothes are machine washable (which isn’t always the case with Toast clothes).

The label’s pieces are on-trend and affordable, while still being high quality. The brand prides itself on having “stories” behind every piece of clothing, which really sets them apart from other brands. In addition to apparel, they also offer shoes, accessories, and beauty products – all of which are just as chic as their clothes!

2. Muji

People who love minimalist designs and good-quality clothing will love Muji clothes. Muji is known for its minimalist designs and simple packaging. You’ll rarely see something from Muji that has too much going on.

Simplicity isn’t just their design philosophy – it also extends to their pricing strategy. Muji products aren’t exactly cheap but they don’t cost an arm and a leg either. They are reasonably priced, which makes them more appealing to consumers who want good quality products at a reasonable price.


When it comes to the quality of their clothing, Muji tops the list. They have a wide range of clothing made from different materials like organic cotton, linen, and wool. The brand also has organic underwear made using GOTS certified organic cotton. The textiles are made using environmentally friendly substances that are not harmful to your body.


Muji clothes have a simple yet elegant style that makes them perfect for any occasion. Since their clothing is simple and versatile, you can mix and match it with your other garments to create different looks that suit different occasions. You can wear them during the day or evening depending on what kind of activities you want to do or where you want to go to.

Another reason why Muji clothes are so popular is that they are easy to clean and maintain. This is one of the main reasons why it has become so popular with people who want to look fashionable but don’t want to put too much effort into it.

3. Plumo

Toast’s purpose is to make everyday clothes that are made for beautiful living. This focus on women and the clothes they wear is reflected in Plumo’s products too, with a range of clothing that is tailored for female bodies.

Plumo Clothes offers a huge variety of designer clothes, shoes, accessories, and more at great prices. Plumo Clothes has a wide selection of clothing that includes plus-size clothing and designer dresses.


Toast is known for its quality craftsmanship but so is Plumo Clothes! Choose from a wide range of stylish clothing including dresses, knitwear, and jackets made from fine fabrics including wool and silk.

It’s great for women who love dressing up for work

Plumo is a good alternative for Toast because it’s a brand that champions the working woman. The ex-Toast fans I know, love Plumo because it makes them feel confident and smart when they go to work. They are well-made and easy to wear.

They’re both ethical businesses

Toast isn’t just focused on making great clothes – they also care about where these clothes come from and how they are made.

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4. Arket

The clothes in Arket Clothes’ collection are well-made and versatile, so they can be worn again and again without looking out of place. You can find everything from basic wardrobe items to more special, statement ones.

Arket Clothes has a large selection of high-quality clothing that can be worn as is or mixed with other pieces from your closet for a unique look.

Here are 3 reasons why Arket clothes are good Toast clothes alternative:

The style of Arket clothing is very similar to Toast.

Both brands have a minimalist and simple style that is comfortable and stylish. You can find all the basics you need, from tees to jeans to dresses to shoes.

The quality of Arket clothing is also very good.

The materials are comfortable and the clothes will last a long time if you take care of them properly. Since Arket is owned by H&M, they have access to the same factories so you can expect similar quality as most H&M clothes but at slightly higher prices.

Arket Clothes Are Also Made From Natural Materials

The natural materials used by Arket include organic cotton, linen, wool, silk, and leather — products that are responsibly sourced and produced with respect for the environment and people’s working conditions.

Arket Clothes Are Also Well-Made And Stylish

As well as being made from natural materials and manufactured sustainably, the clothes at Arket are also stylish and well-made. They have an understated elegance that makes them versatile wardrobe staples you’ll want to wear again and again.

5. COS

The reason why COS clothes are such a good Toast Clothes alternative is that they offer so much more than just cheap prices. They also offer a wide selection of items that are made with high-quality materials, which makes them stand out from other brands.

Both COS and Toast place emphasis on using high-quality fabrics and materials in their clothing. COS often uses natural fibers like linen and wool, while Toast specializes in organic cotton. Both companies also make an effort to use environmentally friendly dyes.

The first thing that I like about COS is the aesthetic. The clothing line is clean, minimal, and well-made. Their clothes have a very distinct look to them and it’s easy to quickly identify an article of clothing as COS.

Another thing that you will like about COS is the timelessness of its styles. Many of the pieces in their collection can be worn year after year without looking dated or out of style.

In summary, The key to Toast’s success is that they create the type of clothes that women want to wear. They call their styles “relaxed and unstudied” but they manage to be relaxed and unstudied while still looking polished and put together.

That’s why Toast has such a rabid following. They make clothes women can wear all day long, whether they are at home, running errands, or out for a night on the town.

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