Clothes Like Sezane (7 Clothes Brands Similar To Sezane)

7 Clothes Brands Similar To Sezane

Sezane is a French brand that has a strong following among fashionistas. Its clothes are stylish and comfortable, and you can wear them both for work and for play.

The downside to Sezane is that it’s not cheap. While the pieces are beautifully made, they can be a little out of reach for the average shopper (except when they have one of their rare sales).

If you feel like you are already running out of Sezane pieces to wear, here is a list of seven similar brands that you might want to consider:

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1. Madewell

Madewell (Available on Amazon) is great for anyone looking for a Sezane alternative. If you are unfamiliar with Sezane, it is a French brand that has the most adorable clothes and accessories.

The clothes at both Sezane and Madewell are pretty cute with plenty of flounce-y tops, flowy dresses, and all-around feminine clothes that are super comfortable too (no tight jeans here).

It has everything you want from Sezane clothes…and then some! The styles are comfortable yet stylish, they’re made with sustainable materials like organic cotton or recycled denim. They’re also available in extended sizes up t ough XXL (US size 16/18). What more could you ask for?


Madewell Ribbed Spaghetti Strap Thong Bodysuit True Black SM (Women's 2-4)


Both Madewell and Sezane are clothing brands that put focus on quality rather than quantity. Their collections are small in size (relative to, say, Asos or H&M) but they are also of a higher quality. They’re made to last and will hold up much longer than fast-fashion alternatives.

Madewell and Sezane both have a certain sense of whimsy to them. You can tell that the designers behind these brands just have fun with what they do, which is reflected in the clothes themselves.

Madewell is the more affordable alternative, whereas Sezane is more expensive. So if you’re looking for something similar to Sezane but with a lower price tag, check out Madewell.

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2. Aritzia

Aritzia is an international retailer with stores all over the world. Their clothes are beautiful and high quality and their prices are much more affordable than Sezane’s.

Aritzia’s clothes tend to be quite sophisticated but still slightly quirky. For example, there are lots of wrap-style dresses that are elegant without being overly formal. That makes them perfect for accessorizing with jewelry from brands like Madewell or a more vintage-inspired belt from Ant opologie.

The secret to Aritzia’s greatness? It offers designer-esque quality at a reasonable price point. The pieces are timeless, flattering, and well-made so you’ll feel as good as you look.

Both Aritzia and Sezane are known for their stylish collections with contemporary designs and minimalistic beauty. Their clothes are made with high-quality materials, so they can be worn for many years to come if taken care of properly.

Aritzia provides us with beautiful feminine pieces that are flattering to the female body while still being comfortable enough to wear every day. They offer a range of styles from casual comfy to classy chic, so you can go from lounging at home to going out with your friends without having to change

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3. Mango

Mango is a Spanish clothing brand that offers quality clothing at an affordable price. Many have compared Mango to Zara due to their trendy, everyday pieces that are perfect for building up your wardrobe on a budget. Mango is a brand that’s been around for years and has a great reputation for quality.

Mango Is Affordable

Mango has a wide variety of price points making it easy to find something within your budget limit. One of my favorite things about Mango is that they essentially have everything you need to create a full outfit under one roof. You can get shoes, bags, clothing, accessories, etc., all without breaking the bank!

Beautiful Neutral Colors & Textures (and Versatile Pieces)

Neutral-colored items are versatile enough to be worn in different seasons and with varying styling options. At Mango, you’ll find lots of gorgeous neutral colors and textures that go well together in outfits, so you’ll get plenty of use out of your pieces.

Mango Has Styles Inspired by Sezane

Mango frequently has styles similar to those seen at Sezane but for a much more affordable price point. They even had a jacket similar to the famous Brigitte jacket from Sezane last year!

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4. Zara

While Sezane clothes are beautiful, they can be hard to find in the U.S. and can be expensive. If you love the look of Sezane but don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on clothing or travel to Paris to shop at their flagship store, Zara clothes are a great alternative.

Zara Clothes Are High-Quality

Zara has a reputation for producing high-quality clothing that is fashionable yet comfortable and easy to wear. The brand pays close attention to detail and finishes all garments with top-quality materials and fabrics, including genuine leather and silk.

Similar styles – Zara has every style under the sun, just like Sezane, so there’s definitely something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a classic trench coat or a trendy two-piece set, Zara has it all.

The fit is flattering, yet comfortable

Zara makes clothes that are not only on-trend but also timelessly stylish. I know this because I’ve worn many pieces from Zara for years before they started to look worn out or outdated. Their clothing fit is also very flattering – it accentuates the right places while still being comfortable to wear!

The fabrics feel luxurious at lower price points

The quality of Zara’s clothes often feels luxurious, like you’re getting more for your money! They also have a wide range of fabrics available so there will be something to suit everyone’s taste and style preferences.

You can find inexpensive cotton or linen shirts in classic cuts but also beautiful silk blouses with intricate details that look far more expensive than they really are

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5. Everlane

Everlane and Sezane are both brands that are committed to sustainable fashion. They have their own distinct fashion aesthetics and product offerings, but there are many Everlane clothes that can be a good alternative for Sezane clothes if you want to refresh your wardrobe with more sustainable and ethical fashion.

If you don’t know who Everlane is, then you should

They’re the first and most well-known retailer to offer high-quality clothing at a low price and with complete transparency in their supply chain. You can find clothes that are simple and clean, with no designer logos and no crazy patterns.

Beautiful design

Everlane creates simple clothing with a timeless quality, which is not dissimilar to Sezane. They also work in collaborations with different designers, which provides a unique spin on their clothing line.

Their clothes are stylish but still comfortable enough to go from day to night with little effort. Since they offer such great basics, they are perfect for anyone who wants to create their own capsule wardrobe.

And they’re not skimpy on materials either

They use 100% silk, 100% cashmere, 100% merino wool, etc. Their fabrics are sourced from ethical suppliers, so there are no cheap polyester blends or other synthetic materials that fall apart after a few washes.

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6. Reformation

Reformation is a New York-based brand that makes clothing out of sustainable materials (like deadstock fabrics) and in a responsible way (like using solar-powered factories).

Reformation makes fashion-forward women’s clothing that has a similar aesthetic to Sezane, with many of the same benefits in terms of quality manufacturing and ethical sourcing processes.

While Reformation may not be as well-known as the likes of Zara or H&M, it’s a rising star in the fast-fashion market and is definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for a stylish new wardrobe.

The clothes are made from sustainable materials.

Reformation’s clothes are made from recycled fabrics and organic cotton. This means that they are better for the environment and do not contribute to harming our planet by using natural resources like oil or gas (which most other fast fashion brands do).

Here’s why Reformation is a great Sezane clothes alternative:

Reformation has more variety.

As much as we love Sezane’s styles, sometimes you want something different. And Reformation has pretty much everything — from dresses to trousers, activewear to swimsuits, knitwear, and outerwear. So if you’re after a different look, you can find it here.

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7. Talbots

If you like Sezane but are on the hunt for other great options, Talbots has got you covered. While the two brands have slightly different aesthetics – Sezane is known for its classic Parisian style, while Talbots is known as a preppy New England brand – they both offer pieces that are classic, timeless, and versatile. And they both come in great quality!

Both companies use high-quality fabrics in their clothing; however, Talbot’s pricing is much more affordable than Sezane’s.


One thing that puts a lot of people off when shopping at Sezane is that they don’t carry plus sizes. You can find everything from petite sizing to tall sizing at Sezane, but not plus sizes above a size 14.

Talbots carries all the same sizes that Sezane does and then some, with sizes ranging from Petite 0-16 and Women’s 16W-26W/2X-3X. So no matter what your body type or size is, you should be able to find something you like at Talbots.


What makes Talbots clothes such a good Sezane alternative is that their quality is comparable to that of other luxury brands like Sezane. The fabrics used for their clothing are high quality, and so are the materials used for their shoes and accessories.

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In summary, Sezane’s clothes have an effortlessly elegant vibe. They are more unique than your average pieces, but they still have a classic feel to them.

If you’re looking for a brand that’s not only stylish but also well-made, then Sezane is the way to go. The brand has been praised for its timeless designs and emphasis on quality materials.

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