Clothes Like Matilda Jane (7 Clothing Brands Similar To Matilda Jane)

7 Clothing Brands Similar To Matilda Jane

Matilda Jane Clothing is a company that sells cute and quirky clothing for women, girls, and babies. The clothing has a vintage feel with lots of bold colors and patterns.

Matilda Jane is one of the most popular clothing brands in America. They are known for their vintage style, whimsical patterns, and excellent quality.

Although you may be familiar with the brand, there are so many other similar clothing brands that you have probably never heard of or tried before.

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1. Hanna Andersson

Hanna Andersson (Available on Amazon) has items for all age ranges, from newborns to adults. They have the most wonderful mix of prints and patterns and their clothes wash wonderfully!

Hanna Andersson is one of the best alternatives to Matilda Jane. In fact, many moms have found that Hanna Andersson’s clothes look almost identical to Matilda Jane’s outfits. Hanna Andersson is so close to MJ that they’re often compared side-by-side by parents who want to know which brand is better!

Both Matilda Jane and Hanna Andersson have unique styles and designs, but Hanna Andersson provides much more affordable pricing. This means that you can still get cute designs as well as quality, without having to spend a fortune to do so.


Moon and Back by Hanna Andersson Baby Girl's Organic Play Dress with Diaper Cover Dress, Medium Pink, 3-6 months


Matilda Jane has a certain style when it comes to their clothes, but that doesn’t mean Hanna Andersson isn’t a good alternative.

Both companies provide beautiful collections featuring organic cotton clothing with fun patterns and comfortable fits, making them both great choices for anyone who wants to dress their children in clothing that is safe for the environment and comfortable for them to wear.

Like Matilda Jane, Hanna Andersson is known for making high-quality children’s clothing using superior fabrics. They both use natural fabrics like cotton and linen as well as organic cotton and recycled polyester blends. Their clothes are made to last t ough multiple washes without s inking or fading.

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2. LulaRoe

LulaRoe (Available on Amazon) pretty much checks off all of the boxes when it comes to being an awesome Matilda Jane alternative. In fact, many people who are loyal to Matilda Jane often find themselves falling in love with LulaRoe as well.

LulaRoe creates and sells comfortable, affordable, high-quality clothing that inspires women of all shapes, sizes, and ages to feel confident and beautiful.

LulaRoe is a great alternative to Matilda Jane because it is made from organic cotton that is grown without the use of pesticides or chemicals. It is free from harmful chemicals like parabens, phthalates, and dioxins, making it safe for children to wear as well as adults.


Lularoe Random/Mystery Leggings (Tall & Curvy (12-18))


LulaRoe clothes generally have a soft material with a great stretch for comfort. Their clothing line is designed for women of all ages and body types.

Fun, Unique Patterns

LuLaRoe offers a wide variety of patterns for their leggings, dresses, skirts, tops, and more. You are sure to find something that fits your unique style! Whether you prefer solid colors or bold prints, LuLaRoe has an option for you.

A Variety of Styles and Sizes

Matilda Jane is known for her fun, flowy style. However, if you were looking for a more structured look with a little less flow, LuLaRoe may be the right choice for you. LuLaRoe has a large selection of basic tees and tanks in addition to their leggings, skirts, and dresses. There is truly something for everyone!

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3. Zara

Zara (Available on Amazon) is one of the best alternatives to Matilda Jane available today. This popular clothing store offers a wide range of options and excellent prices to go along with them. There are also a lot of cute designs to choose from if you’re looking for something different as well as traditional styles.

Zara is a pretty popular store for adults, but their kids’ clothing is also super cute! Their style is a bit more modern than Matilda Jane’s, but they offer many of the same cute pieces for kids.

Zara is a global juggernaut in the fashion industry and offers a wide variety of clothing, including kid’s clothes. It’s become so popular that it’s even started to edge out traditional retailers like Gap Kids, Gymboree, and Old Navy.


KEEP CALM and let ZARA Handle It | Funny Name Gift - T-Shirt


Zara offers all the same great styles, but at a fraction of the cost. Zara’s kid’s clothes and accessories are made from high-quality materials and are available in a wide range of sizes for children ages two to 14.

Zara is the perfect Matilda Jane alternative because the clothing quality is amazing, the price is right, and you can actually find it in stores.

Quality of Clothing

Matilda Jane’s clothes are super cute, but I don’t know if they’re worth the price. They seem like they would hold up well, but I’ve never been able to justify splurging on them for my daughter. However, Zara’s prices are low enough that you can buy an outfit for your daughter for less than what you’d pay for one piece of Matilda Jane clothing. And their clothes are of great quality!

You can get beautiful dresses and adorable little tops for your daughter at Zara for about half the price of Matilda Jane clothing — and sometimes less than half! You can even find some cute shoes at Zara to go with your little girl’s outfits.

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4. The Children’s Place (TCP)

Matilda Jane clothing is a popular brand among families with young girls and toddlers. Many parents love the unique styles and fabrics that the brand offers.

Unfortunately, Matilda Jane’s clothes are expensive. Parents who are looking for a good alternative to Matilda Jane clothing can find good deals at The Children’s Place. Here are t ee reasons why The Children’s Place (Available on Amazon) is a good Matilda Jane clothes alternative

The Children’s Place offers similar styles and fabric patterns as Matilda Jane Clothing

Many of the clothes at The Children’s Place have similar styles and fabric prints as Matilda Jane Clothing. The company also offers many different color combinations, patterns, and styles that are suitable for both girls and boys.

Parents who are looking to save money on their children’s clothing can find similar items at The Children’s Place without having to pay the high prices associated with Matilda Jane’s clothes.


The Children's Place baby girls The Children's Place and Toddler Graphic T-shirt T Shirt, Family, 5T US


It is also easy to find cute accessories such as bows, socks, hats, etc. that are comparable to the accessories offered by Matilda Jane Clothing using the same quality fabrics.

Fun prints and patterns just like Matilda Jane

Matilda Jane is known for its fun patterns and prints on its clothes. You can find similar prints on styles at The Children’s Place as well! Shop fun striped leggings or floral dresses just like the ones from Matilda Jane’s clothing.

The Children’s Place has come out with their Spring/Summer collection and it is absolutely adorable! They have a ton of dresses, skirts, shorts, tops, shirts, and more in their new collection.

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5.  Crazy 8

If you are a mom, chances are you know about Matilda Jane Clothing. If you are looking for something similar to Matilda Jane’s clothes, but that won’t break the bank, Crazy 8 (Available on Amazon) is a good alternative.

Crazy 8 is another popular store with cute clothes for kids that look similar to Matilda Jane. You can often find good deals at Crazy 8 during their frequent sales and clearance events.

Good quality

The material used in their clothes doesn’t wrinkle as easily as some other brands do after washing multiple times so it looks new longer than other brands might last before needing to be replaced due to wear and tear from repeated washings!


Crazy 8 Boys' Little Short Sleeve Crewneck Graphic Tee, Wax Yellow Moto Sketches, M


They offer quality clothes at an affordable price. They have lots of cute styles to choose from, in sizes 0-14 for girls and 0-20 for boys. They also sell baby clothes, shoes, and accessories like sunglasses, bathing suits, hats, and more!

Crazy 8 carries many unique items

Matilda Jane has some really cute items that I love, but sometimes it’s hard to find just what you’re looking for due to the limited selection. Crazy 8 carries very unique and fashionable pieces that go beyond your typical department store clothing line. At Crazy 8 you can find items like sequin skirts, ruffle pants, and even dresses with pockets! All of which are very trendy and fun!

Both Stores Are Great For Children Of All Ages

One of the things that I love about Matilda Jane and Crazy 8 is that they both have clothing for babies, toddlers, and big kids. If you have more than one child, then it’s easy to shop for all of them in one place! This makes it easy to get everything on your list in one trip.

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6. Justice

Justice (Available on Amazon) has clothing styles just like Matilda Jane, but they also have other fun items such as jewelry, accessories, and more! On top of that – their prices tend to be lower than Matilda Jane items too!

While the clothing lines are very different — Matilda Jane targets girls who want to look like little girls, while Justice targets girls who want to look more grown-up — there are similarities between the two lines that make Justice a good alternative to Matilda Jane:


Justice Girls Glitter Sport Hoodie Sweatshirt, Blue, 6


Justice Clothes Are Similar To Matilda Jane’s Designs

One of the main reasons why Justice is a great alternative to Matilda Jane is because their style is so similar. While the clothes don’t have the same patterns or details, they do have a lot of similar features. They both feature fun patterns and bright colors.

Justice also has elastic waistbands on their skirts, which make it easy for kids to get dressed by themselves. Both brands are also very versatile in terms of how they can be worn.

Wide Selection

Justice has a selection of clothes that’s as large or larger as the selection of clothes offered by Matilda Jane. This is because Justice has been around longer and sells its clothes in retail stores while most of the clothes sold by Matilda Jane are available online only.

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Gymboree is a great Matilda Jane alternative for moms who want their kids to have fun while they stay active.

In addition to looking great in the classroom and on the playground, Gymboree clothes (Available on Amazon) provide kids with flexibility and movement at school or at home. Bright colors and magical details make it easy for moms to create chic outfits for boys and girls of all ages.


If your child doesn’t fit into traditional sizing options, Gymboree can help as they offer sizes from 0-12 months all the way up to sizes 12 and 14 in their girls’ clothing line.


Gymboree Girls' Big Multi Organza Stripe Dress, 5


In addition to regular sizes, they have a line of clothing designed for petite and slim children and another line designed for plus-size children. You’ll definitely find something that fits your child here!

Cute prints and styles

Gymboree has some of the cutest prints and styles around. They cater to both boys and girls, and they have everything from newborn sizes all the way up to sizes ten or twelve. You can purchase complete outfits or pieces that can be mixed and matched.

Quality Clothing

Matilda Jane offers high-quality clothing for children. Gymboree also offers high-quality clothing for children. Both companies have been in business for decades and have proven that they make quality clothing that lasts t ough to the next generation.

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In summary, Matilda Jane Clothing is the perfect clothing brand for little girls who are just as sweet and girly as their moms. It’s no wonder why so many moms love Matilda Jane for their little girls.

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