Clothes Like Duluth Trading (5 Clothes Brands Similar To Duluth Trading)

5 Clothes Brands Similar To Duluth Trading

Duluth Trading is known as a workwear retailer, and while they do have a wide range of shirts, pants, shoes, and outerwear available for men and women, there are many other brands that also provide comparable products.

Duluth Trading Co. offers a wide range of clothing pieces for men and women. They are known for their tough workwear that is built to last.

Duluth Trading sells a wide variety of clothing including shirts, pants, outerwear, footwear, accessories, etc. A lot of their clothes are designed for outdoor or industrial use and are made from durable materials.

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1. Carhartt

Carhartt is a very popular brand of work clothes and it’s no wonder why. Carhartt work clothes (Available on Amazon) are made with the highest quality materials and they can withstand the most demanding jobs.

Here are 3 reasons why Carhartt clothes are a good Duluth Trading Clothes alternative.

Carhartt Has Everything You Need

If you need Carhartt pants or shirts, there’s no need to look elsewhere. Carhartt makes pants and shirts in different colors and styles so you can find the right size and fit. If you need long sleeve shirts, short sleeve shirts, or sleeveless shirts, you can find what you’re looking for from Carhartt.

Carhartt mens Loose Fit Heavyweight Short-sleeve Pocket T-shirt (Big & Tall) henley shirts, Navy, XX-Large Tall US

They’re well-made

Carhartt work clothing is known for its toughness and durability. Carhartt has been making great quality workwear for over 100 years and t oughout the years, the company has earned an impeccable reputation for making long-lasting, hard-wearing clothes that you can count on in any situation or weather conditions.

They’re comfortable

You’ll be surprised how comfortable you’ll feel working in your Carhartt gear. The company uses premium fabrics that are prewashed and then pres unk for maximum comfort.

Your Carhartt gear will have a soft feel right out of the package and it will maintain that same soft touch even after many washes.

The company also offers a variety of styles to choose from so you can be sure to find something that fits your personal style and taste while staying comfortable at the same time.

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2. Dickies

If you’re looking for another durable clothes brand that is less expensive than Duluth Trading Company, look no further than Dickies.

Dickies (Available on Amazon) offers a wide range of apparel and footwear not just for men but also for women and children. For example, if you’re looking to outfit your family with workwear, Dickies will have something for everyone while Duluth Trading Company mainly focuses on men’s products.

Dickies Work Wear is Versatile and Rugged

Dickies Workwear is incredibly versatile. There are many different styles available for men and women to choose from. Dickies also makes workwear for all seasons, from beanie caps and hoodies to jackets and vests to shorts, jeans, and pants.

Dickies offers both dressy casual and rugged workwear that looks great on anyone. Whether you need something for working in the yard or on a construction site, or for casual weekend wear, Dickies has got you covered.

Dickies Men's Loose Fit Double Knee Twill Work Pant, Black, 36W x 32L

Dickies Workwear Is Affordable

Duluth Trading’s clothes are incredibly well made, but they can be expensive. If you need workwear fast and don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for it, then consider buying Dickies workwear instead of Duluth Trading’s clothes. You’ll get quality clothing at excellent prices when you buy Dickies workwear.

Dickies clothes are more durable

Companies that sell Duluth Trading Clothes advertise that they are tough and made to last. They also claim their clothes will outlast the competition, but Dickies clothing is just as durable and lasts longer.

In fact, Dickies have been used by millions of people in various industries such as construction, mechanics, auto shops, painting, and other active jobs. The company has been around for almost 100 years and has been the official uniform of choice for many schools, restaurants, hospitals, and other organizations.

Dickies clothes are made with heavy-duty materials that stand up to the test of time and hard work. They are a popular choice for those who work harder than most people in the U.S., but Dickies aren’t just for workers; they’re also popular with kids as well as adults who want high-quality clothing at reasonable prices.

Dickies are also very comfortable because they’re not too tight or too loose, so they can be worn with comfort all day long during any type of weather conditions depending on what you buy from them (shorts/pants/jeans).

They offer a wide range of sizes (from small to XXXL) in order to accommodate everyone’s needs.

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3. Wolverine

If you’re looking for good work boots, jeans, and shirts, Wolverine (Available on Amazon) is a great alternative to Duluth Trading Co. The two are similar in many ways. Both companies offer well-made clothing designed for hard work, and both cater to rugged men and women who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty.

But while they both make clothes that can stand up to the most grueling conditions, there are some reasons why you might prefer Wolverine over Duluth.

They’re built for durability.

Duluth Trading Co. has a number of pieces in their line that are built for hard days on the job site, but what about those days where your job takes you from the worksite to dinner?

Wolverine Men's Upland Vest, Black, S

With 1000 Mile boots and jeans you can take confidence knowing that the quality of your clothing is going to more than stand up to whatever the day t ows at you.

Wolverine’s 1000 Mile jeans give you all-day comfort with denim made from premium cotton, which makes for a soft feel for all-day wear. Plus, these jeans come reinforced with high-tenacity fibers that make them stronger than any other pair of jeans out there today.

You’ve got tough jobs to do and you need tough clothes—nothing gets it done like Wolverine’s 1000 Mile Collection jeans.

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4. Patagonia

Although Duluth Trading Company and Patagonia (Available on Amazon) are both outdoor brands, they have very different styles. While Duluth Trading Company focuses on the rugged, outdoorsy look, Patagonia focuses on high-quality clothing that can withstand any adventure.

The two brands have different designs and price points, but it’s possible to get a similar look from both of them.

They’re both outdoor brands with a unique style

Both Duluth Trading Company and Patagonia make clothes for men and women who enjoy spending time outdoors. While some other outdoor brands focus on one type of activity, these two companies have shirts and pants that are perfect for anything from camping to hiking to boating.

They even make clothes that are suitable for everyday wear so you can comfortably take your adventures outside of the wilderness as well.

Their styles are quite different though.

These two outdoor brands definitely don’t look the same. Duluth Trading Company has a more rugged style while Patagonia has a sleek, stylish look that’s easy to wear indoors or out.


When it comes to workwear, comfort is key. After all, you can’t perform your job to the best of your abilities if you feel uncomfortable in your workwear.

Fortunately, Patagonia’s clothes are extremely comfortable. The company makes clothing that is not only durable and high-quality but also breathable and soft. The company’s selection of clothes includes cotton shirts, fleece jackets, and more.

Aesthetic Appeal

Patagonia clothes aren’t just comfortable — they’re also stylish and aesthetically appealing. Many companies make workwear that is durable and comfortable but doesn’t look very nice on the wearer — not so with Patagonia!

Duluth Trading Company isn’t known for being particularly stylish (though their workwear items are certainly functional) — but Patagonia is known for making workwear that looks good on the wearer while remaining as functional as possible. And while Patagonia’s clothing is made to be practical, it’s still very attractive to look at!

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5. Kuhl

Kuhl is a great alternative to Duluth Trading. It is a fantastic outdoor adventure brand that is just as functional and stylish.

Kuhl Clothes Offer A Great Fit

How many times have you tried on clothes only to find they didn’t fit properly? It’s happened to me countless times. The worst is when the clothes are tailored for an imaginary body type. You know, the type that doesn’t exist in the real world.

Kuhl’s clothes fit real people with real bodies. They don’t tailor their clothes for imaginary body types. They design their clothes for normal people.

The Quality And Stitching Are Better Than Duluth Trading Co.

If you compare a pair of Kuhl pants to a pair of Duluth Trading Pants you will quickly notice that the quality and stitching are better with Kuhl clothes.

The Pants Are Longer Than Duluth Trading Co. Pants

We have found that many of the Kuhl Pant Styles are longer than many styles of the Duluth Trading Pants which means no tailoring to hem them up for tall guys like us!

Prices Are Reasonable For High-Quality Clothing

It’s interesting how expensive some outdoor clothing brands can be these days, but we have found that many styles in both Kuhl and Duluth Trading Co Clothing Lines have reasonable prices

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In summary, Duluth Trading Co. is a beloved American company that specializes in men’s and women’s clothing for hardworking people who love to work hard and play hard.

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