Backpacks Like Brevite (7 Camera Backpacks Similar To Brevite)

7 Backpacks Similar To Brevite

The Brevite Roam Pack is a pack for the minimalist photographer. The Roam has one spacious and softly-lined main compartment for camera gear and one roomy front pocket with an organizer insert.
The Brevite Ruckpack was designed as a photo backpack that doesn’t look like one, so you can wear it with confidence when you’re out on a shoot or just running errands.
The back panel of the pack is breathable and padded to keep you comfortable on long treks, and the shoulder straps are also breathable, adjustable, and padded. It has room for most DSLRs and lenses, along with your other gear and accessories. There are also lots of pockets where you can store smaller items like memory cards, batteries, and more. Brevite (Available on Amazon) is one of the best camera backpacks you will find however if you want to find something similar from other brands here are 10 backpacks like Brevite that are worth checking out: < />

1. Besnfoto

Besnfoto camera backpack (Available on Amazon) is very similar to Brevite. It has similar features, but they are not identical. Besnfoto bags are made of high-quality material with extra padding. They also have a modular internal system you can rearrange to fit your gear. The camera backpack from Besnfoto is a unique bag made for professional photographers. It has the capacity to hold a lot of equipment, but also looks like a regular everyday backpack. The bag is made of durable waterproof material and can be used in all weather conditions. The entire back opens up and gives you full access to all your camera equipment which makes it much easier to get what you need quickly.

Besnfoto Camera Bag Backpack Waterproof Medium for DSLR/SLR Mirrorless Camera Photo Bag Women with Laptop Compartment for Hiking Traveling with Rain Cover

While Brevite’s Roam camera bag is a great minimalist option, the Besnfoto Camera Bag Backpack may be a better fit for those with more gear. Besides being able to fit an impressively large amount of gear, this camera backpack has a design that’s well-suited for hiking and other outdoor activities. However, if you just want a backpack to carry your photography gear around town in, Brevite’s option is the way to go. It has a sleeker design that’s less conspicuous and much easier to carry around. Still, if there’s even the slightest chance you may want to take your camera on your next outdoor adventure, the Besnfoto will be able to handle it with ease. < />

2. Zecti

Zecti Camera Bag Backpack (Available on Amazon) is a great camera backpack for outdoor photography. It is made of water-resistant and scratch-resistant nylon, so you don’t need to worry about your camera and accessories getting wet or dirty during outdoor activities. The Brevite Rucksack is very similar to the Zecti Camera Bag Backpack. Both are made for photographers and come with a removable padded insert to protect your camera equipment. The Brevite comes in one size, but the Zecti comes in t ee sizes.

Zecti Camera Backpack, DSLR/SLR Mirrorless Photography Camera Bag with Waterproof, Fits up to 14 Inch Laptop, Camera Case Compatible for Sony Canon Nikon Camera and Lens Tripod Accessories

The Brevite has a wider shoulder strap, but the Zecti’s shoulder strap is adjustable in length. The Brevite features a laptop compartment while the Zecti has a tablet compartment. The removable padded insert of the Zecti is designed specifically to fit DSLR or mirrorless cameras and lenses. Because of its various sizes, you can carry either just your camera or your camera plus extra lenses, flashes, and accessories with ease. The Zecti Backpack also features an adjustable strap that allows you to carry it as a backpack or as a crossbody bag. This versatility means that no matter what kind of adventure you’re on, you can safely bring your camera with you. The material of the Zecti Backpack is Water Resistant Nylon which makes it easy to clean and protects it from wear and tear. The strong metal zippers mean it’s built to last for years to come. < />


The PGYTECH Camera Bag Backpack (Available on AMazon) is similar to Brevite because it has two main compartments. One on the top where you can store your personal belongings, and one on the bottom for your camera gear. There are also two side pockets where I like to put my water bottle and tripod. The bag has a lot of padding including on the inside of the back of the bag and on the straps, which makes it very comfortable to wear. It also has an adjustable chest strap so you have more control over how tight or loose your straps are. The bag is water repellent and made from durable nylon material.

PGYTECH OneMo Camera Backpack 25L with Shoulder Bag for DJI Air 2S, DJI FPV, Sony, Canon, Nikon, Drone, DJI Mavic Mini 2/Air 2, OSMO Action/Pocket, DSLR/SLR Mirrorless, Camera Tripod

There are areas of the bag that allows easy access to your camera, lenses, and accessories. The backpack strap is padded and its overall design allows you to carry it comfortably. The PGYTECH Camera Bag Backpack has a different way of opening its main compartment. Instead of zippers, it uses a roll-top system, much like Brevite’s bags. It also has a side opening for quick access to your camera or lenses. It has attachment rings for your tripod as well as external pockets for other quick-access items like memory cards, batteries, and more. < />


The TARION Camera Bag Backpack (Available on Amazon) is similar to Brevite in the sense that both are camera bags that provide professional protection against impact and weather. TARION has a well-established reputation for hard-wearing, durable, and stylish camera bags. Their latest venture, the TARION Camera Bag Backpack, is a lightweight and ergonomic backpack designed to hold DSLR cameras and lenses.

TARION Pro Camera Backpack Large Camera Bag with Laptop Compartment Tripod Holder Waterproof Raincover Outdoor Photography Hiking Travel Professional DSLR Camera Bag Backpack for Men Women Side Access

The main difference between Brevite and TARION is in design aesthetic. Brevite’s Ruckpack features a rugged, heritage style while TARION’s bag has a modern look. Both are built for photographers. Both are modular, you can remove the interior and make them into normal backpacks. And both have a laptop or iPad compartment. The main thing photographers love about the TARION Camera Bag Backpack is its ability to hold more than just cameras and lenses. It also has room for personal items like your wallet, keys, phone, and other things you may need during an average day at work. < />


The BAGSMART Camera Bag Backpack (Available on Amazon) has many similarities to the Brevite Rucksack. Both have a stylish, minimalistic design and also serve as laptop bags. They both have pockets for your phone, wallet, water bottle, and other essentials, making them ideal bags for travel, work, or school. Both bags have a zipper pocket in the front which gives easy access to small items such as keys or sunglasses. They both come in black and are made from water-resistant nylon fabric that is durable enough to stand up against everyday wear and tear. The straps on both bags are adjustable so they can fit anyone’s shoulders perfectly.

BAGSMART Camera Backpack, DSLR SLR Camera Bag Fits up to 13.3 Inch Laptop Water Resistant with Rain Cover, Tripod Holder for Women and Men, Black

This bag is made from water-resistant nylon with a waterproof bottom and features thick padding t oughout the interior and exterior of the bag. It has two dedicated areas for your camera gear–one at the top of the bag with a removable insert and one in the lower compartment with a customizable insert. There are also t ee exterior pockets, one on each side and one in front, which are perfect for storing quick-access items like your phone or sunglasses. The top compartment is designed to hold a DSLR camera body with lenses attached. The bottom compartment can hold an additional t ee or four lenses as well as any other accessories you may have such as chargers, batteries, memory cards, etc. There are also two small pockets on either side of this compartment that are just large enough for storing SD cards or other small items like a lens cloth or pen drive. < />


The MOSISO Camera Bag Backpack (Available on Amazon) is similar to the Brevite Bags because they are both waterproof, have a lot of space for equipment, and have an exterior that does not give away what is inside. The MOSISO Camera Bag Backpack main feature is its durability. It is made out of waterproof nylon which makes it quite durable and resistant to water damage. The straps are reinforced with padding and are also adjustable so that they can fit almost any body type.

MOSISO Camera Backpack,DSLR/SLR/Mirrorless Photography Waterproof 17.3 inch Camera Bag Case with Front Hardshell&Laptop Compartment&Tripod Holder&Rain Cover Compatible with Canon/Nikon/Sony,Space Gray

The second feature of the bag is the amount of storage space it has. This bag has a 3-way compartment which allows for 2 DSLR cameras, 3 lenses, and other accessories such as batteries, chargers, memory cards, and cables to be stored inside at one time. The camera compartment can also be removed if you need more room for something else; this compartment has an additional box inside for smaller items such as SD cards. The last feature on the list is something that makes this bag special: it looks like any ordinary backpack! There’s no way anyone would know what’s inside unless they opened up your bag or saw you using your equipment. This means less chance of theft from strangers who might see your expensive gear t ough clear plastic window panels as some other brands do with their bags. < />

What Are Some Alternatives to Brevite Camera Backpacks?

If you’re looking for excellent alternatives to Bronson Mfg camera backpacks, there are a few options to consider. Peak Design, Lowepro, and Manfrotto all offer high-quality camera backpacks that provide similar functionality and durability. Consider these brands when searching for a new camera backpack.


The JAEP Camera Bag Backpack (Available on Amazon) is similar to Brevite in the sense that both are designed with the photographer on the go in mind. Both bags have a clean, modern aesthetic and feature functional pockets with a stylish look. The JAEP Camera Bag Backpack has a minimalist design featuring one main compartment and four exterior pockets.

JAEP Camera Backpack - Weather Resistant 16 Ounces Waxed Memory Canvas – DSLR SLR Backpacks with 15.6” laptop sleeve compartment and Tripod Holder for Photographers -Vintage leather Style for Men and Women (Khaki)

The main compartment has a removable insert that allows you to customize it to your liking. It’s perfect for daily use and can hold all of your essentials. It also features an additional compartment that is waterproof, making it perfect for your camera gear! The JAEP Camera Bag Backpack has 2 main areas. One side features customizable pockets for your lenses, flashes, and other accessories. The other side of the bag has a padded sleeve for your iPad or laptop as well as a large storage area for your clothes, snacks, and extra gear. < /> In summary, The Brevite backpack is the perfect pack for your everyday photo and video gear. The pack is made with a combination of waxed canvas and leather, providing it with a rugged look that can take you from the office to the outdoors. It’s also made with camera gear in mind, so all your gear will be protected. You may also be interested in… Dash Cams, Projector, Binoculars, and Backpacks Like Nomatic

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