15 Ways An Air Purifier Can Help Improve Air Quality In Your Home

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The quality of air in our home directly impacts the quality of living. Odors can range from being annoying to outright harmful and almost everything we do adds to the build-up of pollutants in our home.

Benefits of air purifier

If you have pets, if you cook, if you smoke or have close neighbors or someone else living in the house that does, if you have mold, if you live in an area where you get forest fires, if you are surrounded by flowers or have plants inside, if you suffer from allergies, and so on… You may benefit greatly by using an air purifier.

As the aptly named air purifier infers it is designed to purify (clean the yuck from) your air. So let’s take a look at 15 ways an air purifier can help you with problems in your home, office, apartment, RVs, or even if you travel and have to stay in hotels.

Now let’s look at 15 ways an air purifier can help…

An Air Purifier Can Help With Smoke!


One of the main reasons people buy an air purifier is to combat all sorts of smoke-related issues such as:

Smoke From Wild Fires

If you live in an area that is prone to seasonal forest fires you already know the difficulty of trying to cope with thick smoke that no matter what you try to do gets inside your house.

This is when an air purifier certainly can assist. Every room you have the air purifier running will have much fresher air than the others. You could set up safe havens in your bedroom and living area so that you can breathe much easier while the smoke that sometimes lasts for weeks on end persists outside.


Second-Hand Cigarette Smoke

Yuck!! Do you live in an apartment complex surrounded by smoking neighbors? Perhaps your home has smokers on either side? Or worse still you have family members who smoke.

You know what it is like with the smoke wafting into your home and not only does the smell trigger your allergies it settles on your clothes and furniture.

Second-hand smoke doesn’t stand a chance when faced with an air purifier.


You Are A Cigar or Cigarette Smoker

If you have a smoking room or dedicated smoking areas such as the garage, man cave, or rec room an air purifier will help remove the smoke and smoke smell from that area.

Better yet it will also help your family members because when you walk out of that room you, your clothes, your hair will all reak of smoke unless you are using an air purifier to alleviate that door.


You Smoke Weed Or Have Weed Smoking Friends or Neighbors

This is actually a huge issue for many people in the same way cigarette smoke affects people with breathing and allergy issues.

If you live in an apartment complex, dorm, or any other area where the smell of weed smoke wafts into your living area an air purifier can certainly help.

An air purifier will also help you are the one doing the smoking. It will stop you from annoying your neighbors with smoke which will, in turn, stop them from annoying you about your smoking habit.

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Not As Good A Cook As You Thought You Were?

If you tend to overcook things and smoke up the kitchen an air purifier will quickly help you remove the smoke and hopefully avoid the smoke detector alarm.

An air purifier also helps to remove those unwanted cooking odors especially if you use exotic spices and curries to cook with. Any stale cooking odor smells horrible!

An Air Purifier Can Help With Pets!

As much as we love our furry friends if they are inside pets no matter what type of pet or breed… they all have one thing in common – they can stink, leave dander, pet hair and pet fur everywhere, create dust, cause allergies, have allergies themselves, and yes they even fart with a stench that totally takes your breath away.


Pet Odors

All sorts of pet odors can be taken care of with an air purifier. In fact, many people say that after using air purifiers guests (even allergy suffers) wouldn’t even know they have pets.

Weird and not-so-wonderful smells from dogs, cats, ferrets, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, and birds have been successfully eliminated by air purifiers.


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Are You Allergic To Pets?

Many pet owners are actually allergic to their pets or have family members or visiting guests who are. With the removal of pet dander, pet hair, and pet smells the triggers for the allergies are removed.

You still might not be able to snuggle your face into your pet without having a reaction but at least you will be able to walk around your house allergy-free.


Does Your Pet Have Allergies?

Something a lot of people don’t realize is that your pet might be suffering from the same allergies you are. An air purifier will help remove unwanted dust and pollen from the air providing your pet the same allergy relief you will receive.


Pet Hair And Fur

Have you ever sat on your chair as the sun rays streamed into you room only to see the air filled with pet hair? Yeah… scary I know especially when you consider your breathing that stuff in all day long and if you have allergies it is sitting on you and your clothes as well.

I can’t get over the number of comments I see people make after running an air purifier who now says when they see that sunbeam shine into their room there is no trace of pet hair to be seen.


The Big One… The Cat Litter Box

If you don’t own cats than you have no idea how bad this lingering odor can be or how bad the dust is from these kitty litter boxes.

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One of the best uses of an air purifier for cat owners is to place one in the room where you have your litter box and sometimes really close to it.

This alleviates the odor and dust problems to no end and not only leaves that room smelling much better it stops the smell from escaping into the other rooms of your home.

An Air Purifier Can Help With Allergies!

We have already briefly touched on allergies for both pet owners and the pet however let’s look into it a bit further and see how an air purifier can benefit allergy sufferers.



Anyone who suffers from allergies caused by pollen hates spring. Instead of it being a great time of renewal and enjoying the beauty of flowers blossoming you are left with stuffy noses, itching eyes, headaches, and feeling miserable.

An air purifier can get rid of those symptoms while you are indoors at least. So you can at least have some protection in your office and home space.



An air purifier can help you with unwanted fumes that cause you issues such as gas from heaters, and dare I see gas from toilets or any other fumes.



I certainly do not want to promote air purifiers as being a cure for eczema however many eczema sufferers have reported they do help.

I’m guessing the removal of pollutants and if the house has pets the removal of things like pet hair must help the condition.


Stuffy Noses

Air purifiers have a lot of positive reports from people who used to suffer from stuffy or blocked noses that usually lead to headaches as well.

The air purifiers seem to be very good at removing whatever it is in the air that is causing these things.

As a result, on of the most popular places for an air purifier is in the bedroom with people reporting they are getting better sleep and no longer waking up with a stuffy nose, sore throat, or sinus-related issues.

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It is amazing how many allergies are caused by dust and with the number of droughts and dry spells we are having you would be surprised at how far dust actually travels with the wind from other areas bring with them pollutants our sensitive noses are not used to.

Just look at there amount of dust that settles on your furniture and how much dusting you have to regularly do.

After running air purifiers in their homes people have reported that they no longer see dust accumulating as much on their furniture and dusting is now a weekly or twice weekly chore as opposed to the previous daily chore.

Of course, with less dust settling on items within your home means there is also less dust you are breathing in.

Can An Air Purifier Help With Mold & Mildew?

It most certainly can help. It will not get rid of mold or stop the issue causing the mold however it can certainly alleviate the odor it creates and nullify the conditions that mold spores need to spread. So it will help you fight it while uncovering and fixing the major cause.

Many people who suffer from allergies and mold-related issues have reported relief from their symptoms after using an air purifier.

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An air purifier is also great when moving into a new building or home that has musty smells leftover from previous tenants, their pets, and stale air.

Where Can You Use An Air Purifier?

Well… the short answer is pretty much anywhere you need to. Air purifiers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes so sometimes the hardest issue is choosing the right size for your home.

Many like using one air purifier designed for large spaces while many others prefer a more portable option that they can move from room to room or take with them when they travel.

It is best to think of them as a room-by-room option and get one that has a larger capacity than you think you need. Many people by 2 or more and place them throughout the house with the living room and bedroom being popular choices.

Strategically placing an air purifier in the right area can help clean the air for multiple rooms. For example in your living room that is opened to the kitchen/dining area.

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That being said air purifiers are used in just about any room and building you can think of including bathrooms, living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, basement, garages, gyms, workshops, nursery or baby room, small and large rooms, offices, dorm rooms, apartments, RVs, and especially any room you have as a dedicated smoking room or kitty litter room.

In summary, there are many effective ways you can use an air purifier in your home, office, or apartment.

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