Is Xtratuf A Good Brand? (Extra Tough Fishing Boots & Deck Shoes)

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What Is The Xtratuf Brand Known For?

XTRATUF, is the world’s leading manufacturer and innovator of insulated fishing boots and deck shoes. The Xtratuf boot has been synonymous with quality craftsmanship and outdoor performance.

Designed to endure the harshest conditions, these insulated boots are not only waterproof but warm, comfortable, lightweight, and flexible, the Xtratuf offers the ultimate performance for today’s outdoor enthusiasts. It’s true that once you wear them, you’ll never go back.

XTRATUF is in a league of its own in the fishing footwear arena. With over 50 years in development, these original, innovative polyurethane-coated neoprene boots are built with the same high standards today as they were when invented. If you’re serious about fishing, nothing else will do.

XTRATUF’s adventure-ready fishing boots and shoes protect you and your feet (whatever your pursuit) in slippery, soggy, and slimy environments. Each pair is crafted with leather uppers, XTRATUF Arctic Grip rubber bottoms, and molded EVA midsoles to give you the grip and support to tackle wet fishing grounds.

Below I have listed some of Xtratuf’s most popular products so you can see how good this brand is…

XTRATUF Legacy Series 15″ Men’s Fishing Boots

Want the best for your feet when fishing? The Xtratuf Legacy Series is designed to give you support and flexibility when enjoying your favorite outdoor sports. Boasting the exclusive Amphibio-Traction outsole, it sports a luxurious shearling collar and a removable insole to keep your feet warm and comfortable from sunup to sundown.

With the XTRATUF Legacy Series you don’t have to sacrifice comfort and performance just because you’re standing in water all day. This slip-resistant deck boot, with its non-marking neoprene top and drainage holes on the sides, will keep your feet dry and comfortable for any fishing expedition.

The Legacy Series is made with the same dedication to the durability that gave fishermen around the globe the confidence to wear XTRATUF brand boots for generations…

XTRATUF Legacy Series 15″ Neoprene Men’s Fishing Boots

XTRATUF Legacy Series 15" Neoprene Men's Fishing Boots with Side Gusset, Copper & Tan (22279G)

The new XTRATUF Legacy Series Neoprene boots were inspired by the current working generation of fishermen. It’s a new boot that embodies what we continue to do best – make dependable and durable, easy to get on and off boots, and extrude proprietary resins and rubber compounds to craft boots characterized by flexibility and comfort under extreme conditions.

  • With their rugged design, 8mm neoprene shafts, and rugged outsole made to capture and support you and your footing on slippery docks.
  • When you think of Xtratuf boots, you think of all rubber waders and work boots that can be worn in most environments.
  • Whether you’re walking through mud with a fishing pole in your hands, heading out to the garden for a little weeding or raking, or even doing some remodeling around the house, the XTRATUF Legacy Series is what you need.
  • These all-purpose boots hold up to whatever you throw at them and can last for years and years with good care.
  • Get a pair for yourself and see what makes the XTRATUF brand so great.
  • Traditional and timeless, the iconic Xtratuf legacy series offers comfort and durability to stand up to the elements and last a lifetime.
  • The world’s trusted name in the boat and fishing footwear, they’re here to keep you and your feet comfortable and dry on and off the water.
  • The XTRATUF Legacy Series boot can be worn in a variety of conditions, from wading in a stream to fishing off the side of a boat, on the beach, on gravel roads, on grassy fields, or wherever else your heart leads you.

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XTRATUF Legacy Series 6″ Men’s Fishing Shoes

These 6″ neoprene low-cut booties deliver unbeatable durability and comfort for any species you hunt while keeping you warm and dry. Featuring a non-slip pull strap for quick on/off, gripper soles that won’t mark floors, and a cushioned heel, the Legacy Series is just what you’ve been looking for in a boot that can take a beating.

Inspired by the rugged durability of the Classic XTRATUFs, they’ve built a new footwear collection that pairs rugged performance with style. The Legacy Series shoes feature the same rugged outsole as our Classic footwear, combined with innovative features including 100% waterproof construction and long-lasting durability.

Whether you use it for work or pleasure, the XTRATUF Legacy Series Footwear collection provides comfort and protection whenever you go to work or play outside…

XTRATUF Legacy Series 6″ Neoprene Low Cut Men’s Fishing Shoes

XTRATUF Legacy Series 6" Neoprene Low Cut Men's Fishing Shoes, Copper (22170G), 10

These super-tough yet flexible fishing boots are guaranteed for the life of the boot to provide watertight seal against rugged terrain, wet conditions and any other elements you may encounter.

  • Enjoy your time on or off the water decked out in these comfortable fishing boots.
  • Cozy up in the highest quality rubber boots on earth, now with a softer feel and a more attractive design.
  • The removable cushioned insole offers maximum comfort.
  • Tested and proven in the extreme conditions of Alaska and the Great Lakes, XTRATUF footwear is built to last.
  • The LF6 is made from a non-wearing neoprene upper material that has been redesigned with a wide opening around the toe box for greater comfort.
  • The new “easy-fit” cuff has been redesigned as open as can be, providing quick slip-on and off ability.
  • A new slimmer fit toe box makes more room for the toes, which helps reduce fatigue.
  • The sole of each XTRATUF boot contains a nonmarking carbon rubber compound that provides traction on wet surfaces.
  • Neoprene combined with a sole that can be worn in fresh or saltwater, a rubber toe cap, and a steel shank plate makes these Xtratuf Men’s Legacy Series shoes a must-have for fishing enthusiasts.

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XTRATUF Elite Series 12″ Men’s Fishing Boots

Explore the depths of the ice-covered lake with XTRATUF Elite Series 12” Insulated Neoprene Men’s Fishing Boots. Our most popular fishing boot is waterproof, breathable, comfortable, lightweight, and warm for all your ice-loving expeditions out on the rink. A high traction outsole allows you to move confidently. Enjoy hunkering down in our cushioned extended collar that will keep snowflakes from falling into your chest.

XTRATUF footwear is recognized for providing maximum comfort, durability and warmth in the harshest environments. The patented neoprene technology delivers unbeatable insulation from the coldest waters, while keeping feet comfortable and dry.

Even with the extreme cold, our boot still has an adjustable lacing system that provides a fitting that will last through your entire day on the rink…

XTRATUF Elite Series 12″ Neoprene Insulated Men’s Fishing Boots

XTRATUF Elite Series 12" Neoprene Insulated Men’s Fishing Boots, Chocolate & Tan , 7 , (22612)

The Elite Series Insulated Men’s Fishing Boots keep feet warm and dry even in the thick of winter fishing, with a special 3M Thinsulate lining to retain body heat and a water-resistant, breathable membrane to keep out moisture.

  • These boots feature a flexible molded rubber TPU mid-sole for comfort and stability on any terrain.
  • Designed for the toughest fishing conditions, the XTRATUF Elite Series 12″ Boot is built for everyday hard work and serious fishermen.
  • Featuring a classic neoprene foot and shaft design with a suede upper, this boot provides excellent warmth, breathability, and durability in the most demanding conditions.
  • The added protection from our aluminum composite toe cap will keep your feet protected from sharp objects that can cause painful accidents.
  • The rugged design is lightweight and durable for long days on the job. Water repellent, fast-drying, and coated with a large quantity of neoprene to keep you warm and dry while on the water.

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XTRATUF Salmon Sisters Series 15″ Women’s Fishing Boots

The Xtratuf Salmon Sisters Legacy Series 15″ Fish Print-Lined Boot is designed with women in mind. When catching the big one, you want to be covered head to toe to keep out the water and cold. These non-marking fishing boots can stand up to bumpy roads and rough terrain and will keep you comfortable all day long.

Designed for the woman who’s not afraid to push the limits, push the envelope and live life boldly…the XTRATUF Salmon Sisters Legacy Series of fishing boots is where adventure begins. Shoes feature a 15” sporty sport-style and comfort and quality you need and expect from the Original Boot Company.

Whether you’re heading out on a boat or driving your rig, we know that the longer you’re out there, the better your chances of catching that prized fish…

XTRATUF Salmon Sisters Legacy Series 15″ Fish Print-Lined Neoprene Women’s Fishing Boots

XTRATUF Salmon Sisters Legacy Series 15" Fish Print-Lined Neoprene Women’s Fishing Boots, Copper & Tan (22390)

The XTRATUF Legacy Series Salmon Sisters Neoprene boots are our flagship product. The ultimate in comfort, durability and outdoor performance, the Salmon Sisters are built tough to take on even the toughest hiking trails. Featuring easy on/off side zipper closures, these boots are perfect for fly fishing in our fish-inspired prints.

  • Bang these boots together, they make a thunderous clap, rugged for work or rugged for play.
  • They are waterproof hunting boots waterproof for summer wear.
  • These Salmon Sisters Legacy Series boots are not only ready for fishing in every way but they’re also designed with your heart in mind.
  • Every time you don them, you’ll get a warm memory of the woman whose impact will last forever.
  • XTRATUF Legacy Series Salmon Sisters Boots are a classic boat shoe/boots crossover – a subtle yet noticeable fish print liner is complemented with a cushioned footbed and a 100% waterproof neoprene upper for unmatched comfort on land or on the water.

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XTRATUF Men’s Deck Shoes

XTRATUF Nubuck Sharkbytes is the original, multi-purpose footwear of choice for fishing, boating, hunting, gardening, landscaping, police work and so much more. And now their most popular fishermen’s boot has changed yet again. The Nubuck Sharkbytes has been redesigned with a wider toe box that provides a generous fit while the uppers have been tightened to provide a better fit without sacrificing all-day comfort.

XTRATUF Men’s Nubuck Leather Deck Shoes are the perfect boat shoe, with features like durability, traction, and warmth. XTRATUF is known for being fashionable, comfortable, and dependable. If you have to be out in all weather conditions, these shoes are the best option for keeping your feet warm and protected.

Light and ready for anything, these nubuck leather deck shoes feature XTRATUF waterproof construction, extra thick non-marking soles, and an adjustable hook and loop strap…

XTRATUF Sharkbyte Men’s Nubuck Leather Deck Shoes

XTRATUF Sharkbyte Men’s Nubuck Leather Deck Shoes, Chocolate (22501), 7, Men's

Constructed from a nubuck leather and a neoprene upper, these men’s shoes are not only weatherproof but also double as comfortable, quick-drying rain boots. Made with a waterproof seal which keeps out moisture, these XTRATUFs will be your favorite new fishing companion. Plus, their signature design—a red chain link upper on a yellow base—makes this style as unique as it is functional.

  • XTRATUF has a history of success in the fishing market, and these Nubuck Leather Deck Shoes are no exception.
  • High-quality workmanship is evident in this lace-up, nubuck leather shoe with wet traction soles and XTRATUF footbeds for all-day comfort.
  • The Sharkbyte also has a PVC Armor that creates both a hard bottom and soft upper to prevent damage from both the fish and the harsh reality of your work environment.
  • These boat shoes are built to keep you comfortable and safe while fishing in harsh weather.
  • They’re constructed from rugged nubuck leather with water-shedding characteristics to make them look like sharkskin-effect footwear—complete with matching eyelets.
  • So whether you’re making your way across the deck of a fishing boat or doing yard work at home, you’ll be ready to tackle any challenge that life throws your way.
  • Achieve impressive traction on a variety of wet or slippery surfaces. Ideal for fishing, boating, or walking near the water, the Sharkbyte combines a lightweight nylon hull with a non-slip tread design and the durability only premium nubuck leather can offer.

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XTRATUF Men’s Deck Boots

Built for performance, fun, and protection from the elements, the XTRATUF Performance Series 6″ Men’s Full Rubber Ankle Deck Boots are made from 100% vulcanized rubber. Featuring a hidden neoprene sock, a waterproof membrane, and a self-cleaning lug outsole for a steady grip on wet or dry surfaces.

The XTRATUF Performance Series 6″ Men’s Full Rubber Wading Boot has a shock absorbing anti-fatigue footbed, and is the only boot designed to walk on ice and snow without sinking in.

Plus, your new XTRATUFs have high-impact resistance and you can wear them in any weather conditions including rain, sleet, snow, and burnished metal surfaces. These XTRATUF boots were designed by a man who knew what you need in a rugged situation…

XTRATUF Performance Series 6″ Men’s Full Rubber Ankle Deck Boots

XTRATUF Performance Series 6" Men’s Full Rubber Ankle Deck Boots, Navy & Red (22733)

The XTRATUF Performance Series Rubber Ankle Deck Boots. Not just for boatmen. The icons of winter: high flotation soles, warm uppers, and toasty liners. They’re cut to fit well under work gear or safety wear and provide comfort and warmth that is unsurpassed in an all-rubber boot.

  • These XTRATUF brand boots are full rubber ankle deck boots.
  • They are the ultimate in cold-weather fishing footwear for men, providing both style and warmth.
  • Versatile, durable, and practically waterproof, these one-piece side-zip performance boots are ideal for physical activity in cold wet environments.
  • Recognized worldwide as the boots worn by the “Tough guys on the ice”, these multi-purpose boots are made with a full-rubber shell and durable shell bottom.
  • The thermal insulation system maintains warmth in cold weather and the patented webbing system allows for quick removal of waders.
  • Whether you’re fishing, riding your ATV, or checking sonar lines, you want to get to the fun faster.
  • The Performance Series 6″ Men’s Full Rubber Ankle Deck Boot from XTRATUF keeps feet comfortable and protected from mother nature’s unpredictable elements.
  • No matter what stand you have been in for the last 8 hours, whether it is a Frosty Frog on a flatlander, a 100′ notch in a North Dakota creek, a floating drift boat in Alaska, or 15 miles out in the middle of nowhere on an exercise that will never be talked about again this XTRATUF boot.

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In summary, wherever you fish in the world, you can depend on XTRATUF boots to keep you safe and comfortable. Most importantly, it’s the durability, quality, and unconditional guarantee that have made XTRATUF a staple in sporting goods stores for decades–and why people keep coming back for more.

The unique tread pattern on the bottom of the boots increases traction and reduces the risk of slips and falls. This creates a safer surface for people working in tough environments, as well as those just spending time outside.

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