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Why is ASOS a Good Brand?

ASOS is one of the biggest online fashion brands today. It specializes in the distribution of a wide range of fashion items and cosmetics and operates worldwide. But what makes this brand so successful and beloved? Read on to find out…

What Makes ASOS a Good Brand?

Following are some key factors that make ASOS a good brand:



ASOS was first launched in June 2000 in Great Britain by Nick Robertson. The name of the brand is a derivative for “As Seen On Screen”.

The original idea of the brand was based on the idea of a company known as Entertainment Marketing, which was also established by Nick Robertson. Furthermore, the idea of ASOS was also given by fashion, films, and television.

It was when Nick read about an episode of TV sitcom ‘Friends’ by NBC that had more than four thousand calls asking about a lamp featured in that episode. That’s where he saw the potential of an online site ASOS to take off.

Today, ASOS is one of the most popular clothing and accessories online brands. It delivers its wide range of products to nearly 200 countries around the world. The brand has a good reputation and it is loved by millions of consumers.

Massive Brand Assortment

The massive brand assortment is the leading trump card of ASOS. It spreads across numerous categories, including plus size, tall, petite, and maternity lines.

At the same time, the brand also focuses on niches, such as premium, reworked vintage, and wedding sectors, which help it expand its consumer reach and appeal to a wider demographic.


Focus on the Latest Trends

ASOS focuses on the latest trends in the fashion industry. As such, it strives to continually offer its consumers new products. Apart from this, the brand also times the launch of its trends, which solidifies its spot as a fast-fashion trend authority.


Catering to Different Price-Points

Price is another key factor that helps pushes ASOS forward. Instead of focusing on being the cheapest in the industry, the brand offers a wide variety of branded goods at different price-points.

This strategy is more in line with traditional catalog retailers and it helps ASOS set itself apart from other online fashion brands.


Exclusive Trend-Leading Products

Apart from offering branded goods, ASOS also focuses on providing exclusive, stand-out products that cannot be found anywhere else. These exclusives drive specific trends in the fashion industry.


Solid Strategical Discounting System

While many retailers struggle when it comes to discounting, ASOS has a solid strategical discounting system in place. It has a dedicated ‘outlet’ section on its website which allows sale shoppers to know exactly where to go if they are looking for a bargain.

Where To Buy ASOS Products?

You can view all of the current ASOS products available from their website.

From the ASOS online shopping portal, you will be able to select from a large range of men’s and women’s products divided into categories such as clothing, shoes, accessories, gifts, sneakers, face, and body.

You will also be able to search for products by ASOS brands or other popular brands as well.

The Bottom Line

Succeeding within the fashion retail industry is a tremendous feat and this British brand proves to be a successful online player as it continues to dominate the market.

ASOS is viewed both as a highly convenient and attractive retailer to the consumer and its ability to grow in an increasingly crowded marketplace is very impressive.

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